Book Review of Ada Twist, Scientist

Book review of ada twist scientist
Product Reviewed:
Ada Twist, Scientist

Author: Andrea Beaty and David Roberts(Illustrator).

Reading level: 5 – 7 years olds

Star Rating: 4.0 / 5 stars

The Strength: Awesome fiction story, well narrated, written and illustrated with beautiful pictures with the portrait of the main character as female who is very curious about everything around her and questioning it.

Our Opinion: A wonderful picture book for the kids to bring out the scientists in themselves.

Its been 4 months since I heard about this book and wanted to present one for my daughter. Coincidentally, one of my neighbor had bought it for her daughter and lent me once she had completed it.

The same day I started reading it for my daughter and both of us were more curious and interested in going through each chapter and finally we finished it so soon and I must say it was “Awesome”. from then on I was wishing to write a review of Ada Twist, Scientist and here it goes.

Ada Twist Scientist

Our review of Ada Twist, Scientist

What if a little girl starts to find answers for her “why” and “how” questions, is all about Ada Twist, Scientist. Sounds familiar? An awesome fiction story with the simple line of what if a kid starts to find answer for all her “why” questions through her endless curiosity for science.

The heart of the story, main character, “Ada” is portrayed young, black, school going female, who is endlessly curious, and firm to find out the “why” of everything around her, she just can’t help questioning and conducting experiments to test her theories for, Why are there pointy things stuck to a rose? Why are there hairs growing inside your nose? and so on. When her house fills with a horrific, toe-curling smell, Ada gets read to find the source. But unfortunately her experiments lead to increase the stink and get her into trouble. She finds the solution or not, but her way of approach for the problem, her thinking, testing, questioning and eliminating is all about the book.

But her parents fail to understand her curiosity and send Ada to the Thinking chair for the mess she had created. Distressed Ada, keeps thinking as much possible and makes it an even bigger mess. Finally, the parents get to understand that their daughter is not naughty, but much curious in finding solutions for all the questions around her.

The best part is when Ada’s parents understands her daughter and starts encouraging her by helping her find solutions for the everything she questions.

This book is indeed a book for parents to get to know the curiosity in their kids and to encourage them when they question on something. at the same time helps kids to understand that not everything will turn out perfectly in at the first try.

Let me discuss some of the things which could have been better in the book

We observed that the writer seems to accomplish so many things in the book at the same time. I think, because of this, the intended meaning gets carried away by “progressive” paragraphs with different messages.

The stress on being a troublemaker seems that kids can only become scientists if they become troublemakers.

Though the writer’s intention is to celebrate black girls’ achievements, the writing does at times provides more positive thoughts towards the two white boys while suppressing the goodness in Ada.

The book is too wordy for anyone below 5 years of age. For preschoolers, I would say, Parents should read out to them. 

My daughter’s view:

Cool Book to learn science. 

Ada Twist Scientist Book Reivew
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