Coloring Activity – Girl as a Scientist

Perception & Association is two important words for growing kids. Kid’s associate themselves with the things that are surrounded by them, the society, the parents and the things that they do in their childhood. This association is what builds a belief system for kids. 

This activity is one of my favorite one which will help the building blocks of your little girl to associate herself as a science girl. 

Colouring Activity For Kids
On a Saturday evening, my kids were set out to have some coloring fun. I was looking for suitable coloring page online and I stumbled upon two such pages.  They looked great and exactly what I wanted my little ones to look up to. 

In both the coloring pages, the main character is a girl and she is doing science experiments. Yay !  We started with the first one.  My younger daughter (4 year old) jump started the coloring work.  
Started doing colouring

As usual, I never provided any guidance on the color and let her come up with her own creativity.  Meanwhile, My elder daughter also started coloring her own print out. 

I must say, she did a brilliant work! 

Colouring activity

Coluring Activity For Little Scientists

Now it is time for our next one. I saved the best for the last. 

I stumbled upon this page Ariel as a scientist (from The Little Mermaid) working in the laboratory. It looks awesome to see her in princess dress but with safety goggles.

Yes, it is a coloring page best suitable for little kids enthusiastic about science to color.

Ariel as a Scientist colouring in page

The kids were excited to see a princess in a scientist outfit. I believe that’s a thought provoking thinking to make princesses to be interested in science. 

Girl colouring in Ariel (from The Little Mermaid) as a Scientist picture

Ariel as a Scientist colouring in - encouraging girls in STEM

This picture was created by NathanLee James. The image is given in black and white for letting the kids color and have fun. 

You can find the actual image here. Right-click on the image and choose “view image” to print it from the top drop-down menu. You can do it that way as I did and let your kids color the image based on their creativity.

Coloring is a great activity for kids as well as for adults.  When they color such images they will start thinking to become one. Best way to nurture girl children to aim high. My girls learned that they can be pretty as well as be a science girl. It is a wonderful association to build upon among the kids. 

So I decided to discuss the topic further and built up a bed time story. In that, I portrayed that Ariel is a scientist and how she rescued a village got attacked by aliens with her smart science innovations. 

I am sure, the story should have struck some cords. Because, we saw our girls trying to get a lab coat for their barbies after this activity. Quite a remarkable change, isn’t it?

You can select several images and provide to your kids to color them as part of STEM activity. These images inspire girls to become scientist, astronauts, and much more.  Always choose based on your kid’s best interest. 

Both my elder one 5+ years and younger one 3+ years colored per their imagination.

I taught them color combinations and also inspired them to learn science by carrying our experiments just like Ariel doing in the drawing.

Go coloring!!

Kids colouring activity

Ariel as a scientist colouring in page encouraging girls in STEM

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