Easy Volcano Eruption Experiment for Kids (3 Methods & Beautiful Results)

Are you looking for an easy fun and intellectual science experiment for your kid’s science fair!? If yes, then you are on the right page where you will get three easy simple and super fun experiments that works better as a science project. What’s that!? It’s a ‘Volcano making’ at home with your kids.

After watching a documentary on television regarding volcanoes, aroused an interest to create fake volcanoes. Immediately I shared my idea with my girls of 5 and 7 years old. They were very excited by listening the name itself. That is how I started experimenting this super fun activity at home.

Suitable For

Volcano making can be a lot of fun for a summer family project. This fizzy science experiment gives young children an exciting and learning experience as they watch and learn about incredible geological formations while experimenting volcano. This is a perfect activity for  3-4 year olds5-6 year olds and up. Even preschoolers can enjoy the activity by watching.

Method-1: Making Volcano using Baking Soda and Vinegar
Thinks we need

You will need few simple things that you can find in your home or stores easily. The supplies required to mimic the lava that of a real volcano are listed below:

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Add baking soda volcano

1) Take a ready-made Volcano or you can make it at home using plastic bottles. Fill the volcano with white marble stones to give it a colorful look as well as kids can get better view on the white background.

2) You can also decorate around the volcano with some kid’s toys to make it more attractive and catchy. Adding kid’s toys to the volcano also grabs kid’s attention as toys are never boring for any kids or even adults. J

3) Find some private space since the volcano eruption makes a mess. As we are using ready-made volcano plate, hopefully the mess is only inside the plate.

4) Do some preparations or trials before you start the actual experiment in order to learn proper amounts of ingredients that decide how big your volcano should be!

5) Now my elder daughter Prithika added required amount of baking soda (one of the magical ingredients) into the volcano. She is always interested in adding ingredients. In one way, it helps her to learn more about mixing and measurement concepts.

6) Seeing her sister, my younger one Tisha (5 years old) also excited and got ready to add ingredients to the volcano. She added few drops of food colouring. 1-2 drops of food colour gives nice colourful effect to our volcano.
Add food color to baking soda

7) Then add a few ml of dish wash soap to the volcano carefully.
Adding soap liquid volcano

8) Now for the eruption, add another magical ingredient i.e. vinegar to the volcano.
Add vinegar to volcano

Kids started clapping and shouting by seeing the amazing volcano that is fizzing and frothing out of the volcano set up. This amazing and wonderful volcano is resulted with the reaction of baking soda and vinegar.
volcano using baking soda


If you want the larger eruptions, increase the amounts of baking soda and vinegar. That’s it so simple and fun included. Kids will enjoy to take on a sense of pride for their achievement.
Erupting volcano go science girls

Now let us jump into the second method of making homemade volcano which is as simple as first method.

Method 2 Volcano in the bowls using same ingredients
Erupting-volcano experiment for kids

Making homemade volcano is a fun science activity for kids. All you need is to provide enough space for volcano to erupt. So you can create volcano using anything from the kitchen but it should be wide enough. Here we are going to create volcano using wide enough bowls and the same magical ingredients.
what we need

  • Baking soda
  • Soap liquid
  • Food colour
  • Vinegar
  • Bowls (make sure the bowls are neatly washed as the volcano is not formed if there are any other chemical substances which may get react and form other reactions)

adding soap liquid and baking soda to bowl

1) Take four bowls and arrange them neatly on the work table or work place. It is suggested to take the bowls in a wide and big plate so that the eruption will flow or spread wide area and be within the plate.

2) Add different food colours to four different bowls so that it gives different coloured volcanoes. My daughters are excited to add their favorite colours. In fact this is their most favorite step in every activity we does (if there are chances to add any colours while experimenting).

3) Now add dish soap liquid in required amounts to each of the bowls. Be careful while adding dish soap liquid especially with the kids. Ask your kids to wash their hands properly if the dish soap is touched to their hands. If not it may go into their eyes when they rub mistakenly.
getting volcano

4) Finally add vinegar to get the volcano eruption in the bowls. As my kids already knew about the vinegar’s reaction in this experiment, they were very excited to add vinegar. My elder one took the chance adding vinegar to the bowl. You can see the colourful volcano after vinegar is added. This is due to the reaction between baking soda and vinegar.
Erupting volcano

Kids were fascinated watching the mimic done by vinegar in the last resulting in amazing and colourful volcano in all the four bowls.
colorful volcano

This is the simple and easiest way to attract or fascinate the people at the science fair.

Method 3 Creating Volcano experiment with Lemon

Make lemon volcanoes (ideal experiment) along with your kids using kitchen ingredients. The end result is wonderful that leaves a surprise on kid’s face. This is another easiest method to create colorful volcano using lemons. Let us see how we can amaze children using lemon.

Materials required
Things we need

All you need are:

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Adding food color baking powder

1) Take a medium sized lemon and cut into 3/4th using butter or cutting knife.

2) Squeeze out the seeds and some lemon juice (leaving some juice) with the help of spoon or fork.

3) Add few drops of food colour to the inside of the lemon. Choose some bright colours to see bright and colourful lemon volcanoes. We used red orange and yellow food colours to get orange-red lava! Kids enjoyed watching bright display of volcanoes.  

4) Put some baking soda on top of the lemon to see the amazing results.

5) Use spoon or fork to let the baking soda inside the lemon.

As soon as you add the baking soda to the lemon, there happens a chemical reaction again between the lemons (acidic in nature) and the baking soda (base). This chemical reaction leaves a gas known as carbon dioxide which is responsible for the frothing and fizzing of the eruption coming out of the lemon.

My kids felt this as very simple and easy activity to create colorful volcano and they are very much attracted to lemon volcanoes. They have done this activity thrice to satisfy their excitement. J
Lemon volcano

Science behind the colorful volcano eruption

A volcano is a typically conical mountain or hill that has lava coming out from a magma chamber under the surface of the ground. The materials include in the volcano are lava, gaseous sulfur compounds, steam, heat, broken rock pieces and ash. The volcano erupts and explodes all these materials out when there are right conditions like high temperature and pressure.

However, in our home experiment of creating fake volcano gives an idea of how a volcano looks like when the lava erupts. This is a simple classic science experiment works based on a chemical reaction and showing physical volcano eruption. The chemical reaction is nothing but a reaction between the baking soda and vinegar results in the release of a gas called carbon dioxide. Carbon dioxide is the same gas which is used in sodas for the purpose of carbonation. You can observe the same reaction what you see when the soda bottle is shaken up and remove the bottle cap. The pressure created while shaking make the gas molecules to spread out as there is no enough space to spread, it comes out of the bottle when the cap is opened. In the same way, the carbon dioxide released (because of the chemical reaction between baking soda and vinegar) builds up enough pressure inside the volcano finally results in the eruption in order to exit the bubbles.

In other words, the chemical reaction between baking soda and vinegar is said to be an ‘Acid-Base Reaction’. Because the chemical reaction is happening between the acetic acid (vinegar) and a base (sodium bicarbonate). The acetic acid (a weak acid) reacts with and neutralizes the base (sodium bicarbonate). The gas released during the reaction is the carbon dioxide. Carbon dioxide is the main culprit for the fizzing and bubbling of the wonderful ‘eruption’.

Obviously it not the real volcano but it is a cool thing to watch and learn about volcanoes visually.

This project takes not more than 30 minutes to complete. I could say that it is a classic science experiment because kids will get to learn chemical reactions and observe what is happening when a volcano erupts. Sounds cool right!!? Did you know the carbon dioxide gas released during the experiment is also present or produced during real volcanoes!! Hope you all enjoyed to learn about colorful fake volcanoes in three different methods. Happy experiment!!

Please Note ...
This is an easy activity that kids can make on their own but still parents have to keep an eye on their kids while performing the activity.  The baking soda, vinegar and food coloring are completely safe for children to touch and experiment. However, just be aware that the experiment results (the lava) are not edible. Please be mindful that toddlers are attracted to colorful things and they may try to taste them. We always suggest to have parental supervision while trying science experiments. Learn more about it here

Different Erupting volcanoes

Some Q&A for your interaction with kids

How does a volcano experiment work?

In our experiment, baking soda and vinegar are the magic ingredients to create a volcano at home. When the baking is combined with the vinegar, there happens a chemical reaction producing a gas called carbon dioxide which causes a volcano to erupt (looks similar to the real volcano eruption). The carbon dioxide gas creates pressure to throw out the gas bubbles inside the volcano thus exit the volcano like real ones.

How much baking soda and vinegar do you need to make a volcano?

We always have to be very careful while adding ingredients in right amounts in order to get our wonderful results. We may not get our desired results if we miss to add right amounts of ingredients. In our experiment, we require 2 table spoons of baking soda to mix in 1/4th cup of vinegar to erupt a beautiful volcano at home.

How do you make a glowing volcano?

Take your chemical volcano project to the next level and make it more exciting by creating glowing volcano. For a glowing lava, use tonic water instead of vinegar and a black light. You can also use both the ingredients i.e. take equal quantities of vinegar and tonic water to make erupting glowing volcano under a black light. Tonic water consists of fluorescent compound called quinine, which is responsible for glowing volcano eruption. The other way to create glowing volcano is to wrap the volcano around the tonic water bottle and just drop the Mentos candies into the bottle. You can see the amazing glowing volcano at home. One more method to see colorful glowing volcano is to mix the chlorophyll with vinegar. The chlorophyll when expose to ultra violet light, starts glowing in red. Hence, you can see the red glowing volcano.

What is the purpose of the baking soda and vinegar experiment?

You see a lot of bubbling and foaming while erupting volcano. Formation of bubbles and foam is due to the combination of baking soda and vinegar. When the baking soda (a base, sodium bicarbonate) is mixed with the vinegar solution (an acid), there happens a chemical reaction releasing a gas known as carbon dioxide. The carbon dioxide is unstable and fills the volcano with a lot of bubbles. Due to the pressure builds up in the volcano due to carbon dioxide gas, the gas bubbles gets exit the volcano like a real volcano eruption.

Baking soda and vinegar volcano explanation? or What causes the vinegar and baking soda to react?

Both the ingredients are responsible for the chemical reaction because baking soda is a base (called sodium bicarbonate) reacts with the vinegar, an acid producing carbon dioxide.

Is using baking soda OK for kids?

According to the studies, using baking soda is completely safe since it is mild and unscented for kids. Baking soda has both the alkaline and antiseptic properties that soothes the acidic nature of skin and protects it from infections. It tastes bitter so kids obviously would not like to put in their mouth. However, it is always good to take extra care while using baking soda very often.

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Family Tree Template For Kids (15+ Designs Showing 3 & 4 Generations )

Family Tree Template For Middle School

Are you looking for family tree templates for kids? You are in the right place.

“Being a family means you are a part of something very wonderful. It means you will love and be loved for the rest of your life.” –Lisa Weed

“Family is not an important thing. It’s everything.” –Michael J. Fox

“The memories we make with our family is everything.” –Candace Cameron Bure

Are you wondering seeing all the sweet and cute family quotes!? Hope you couldn’t catch my point. J Today, we are going to learn about family and family tree. Excited!! Who doesn’t love family!!? “In time of test, family is best.” –Burmese Proverb Hahhaha…I won’t bore you with more quotations. Let us get into the topic and teach or educate our children about the importance of family tree in a fun way.

Kids learning about their family history through family tree helps them develop a better sense of who they are and why they look and act the way one’s ancestors do. In addition, creating a family tree is an art and one of the productive activities that kids can do in different ways while learning about their family history.

Family Tree Blank Template For Teachers


Family Tree Photo Template



What is a family tree?

A family tree is a diagram representing family lineage or genealogical data in several formats. It is developed for the purpose of recording or documenting a family history and tracking it in an easy way. Simply, a family tree is a root chart of a family showing relations between people in several generations of a family. The people may include parents, grandparents, and great grandparents.

Different types of family tree
Family Tree Templates For School Projects

Family tree representations can come in a variety of formats for ex; it could be a simple diagram or a complex one. The main purpose is to record family lineage. It can be a fun, easy, and quick project or it can be more long-stretched depending on the amount of research required to document a family history.

Family Tree Drawing Template


However, young children always prefer the easy family trees whereas the older kids will have more fun filling out more extended and complicated family tree charts. We have compiled a great and awesome list of easy and fun printable family trees for young kids, larger printable family trees for older children, and more complicated family tree charts for kids who love a challenge. J Browse and explore our most popular family tree templates that help you to quickly organize your family information.
Family Tree Template Aunts Uncles Cousins


The green family tree for kids to color

The drawing of green family tree is pretty ideal for younger kids while tracing their family information. It is very simple to create. All you need to take print out the picture or simply ask your kids to draw a tree on a white paper and color it in green. You can see in the picture uploaded. Now ask your kids to write the names of your family members inside the empty spaces or just paste the pictures of them.

Simple Family Tree Template


Easy printable family tree chart with clouds

This is another simple and easy family tree chart. Just simply draw the stem and branches of the tree without leaves. Also ask your kid to draw some clouds on the branches instead of leaves. That’s it, you are done!! Kids can paint the clouds in light green color in which they can write their family ancestors names or paste pictures.

Family Tree Template With Siblings


A family tree with faces

This tree representation is also ideal for kids who are genealogy beginners. It is an easy way to include parents along with their children.

Family Tree Template With Photo


3 Generation Family Tree Chart for the Older Child

This ancestry tree is an encouraging activity for your child to include his/her family lineage. You can also extend this to a 4 generation family tree chart but it requires a little research tracing his / her roots back to his / her great-grandparents.

Family Tree Template For Middle School


Maple tree family chart

This is quite a usual and attractive family tree representation template for kids. There is a lot of room to be creative with family photos and names. Simply find some photos of family members and glue them in.

Family Tree Template Starting With Grandparents


Butterfly tree family history format

This is the kid’s favorite family tree representation as it includes butterflies. Butterflies always make anything or place beautiful and colorful. The same way our family tree with butterflies look more attractive and colorful. Kids get excited to paint the butterflies and paste pictures of their family ancestors.

Family Tree Template Fillable


3 Generation Family trees

We have included a lot of funny and interesting 3 generation family trees using different shapes that include apples, hearts, bunnies and butterflies. The entire illustration is such a cute and adorable representation that attracts your kids instantly. The tree at the background looks cool and suggestive in context of the family tree.
Family Tree For Kids Template


4 Generation family trees

These are for those children who are really interested in their family background. These templates are handy while researching about their family across 4-5 generations. With a nice and elegant bright colors at the background makes them a decent look.

Extended Family Tree Template


We have learned different types of family tree representations. But not sure where to begin!? Here are few important and simple steps to follow to create beautiful family lineage trees.
Butterfly Family Tree Template


  • Gather information what you already know about your family
  • Talk to your relatives
  • Focus your search
  • Put it on paper or document the information
  • Search the Internet
  • Discover your local Family History Center
  • Explore specific websites
  • Organize your new information
  • Share your research
  • Plan your next step

Colorful Family Tree Template For Kids


Important Information that is Often Included in a Family Tree Chart

A family tree includes a critical information about a family which include individual names, relationships between different family members, marriage and death dates and their age at the time of death are documented.
Family Tree Chart Template


You don’t have to create an exaggerated or complicated family tree for the kids. A simple diagram will also work wonders to help them make the family tree filled with right connections. However, the more information or research on the family history including photos, will help them remember who this person was and why they are part of the family.

All our free Family Tree Templates and formats come up with cute and interesting cartoon tress to make the project more fun and exciting for the little students. Also all the family tree templates are free to customize and download in a format type preference.

Interlocking Crystal Hearts : Grow Your Own Crystals

Crystal Heart go science girls

Are you a person who likes holiday themed science and STEM activities!? If so, this is a perfect activity for you and your kids to try. Make your children say ‘woww’ by growing beautiful heart crystals at home. This fun science and craft activity also works as a great science activity to bust the holiday boredom of your kids.

Crystal Heart go science girls

Growing crystal hearts at home is a simple science experiment for kids that require easily available supplies in the market. I promise you all that growing heart crystals at home will never fail to impress your kids.

My girls have done this cool science activity 4-5 times whenever they find their free time. Also they explore few science concepts every time they does this activity. This is a perfect activity for kids of 7 years old and to younger ones it is bit difficult to understand the science behind it.

Are you ready with your kids to show them little science activity that yields some fascinating and crafty Valentine’s Day decorations? Yes!! Then get into our topic and learn how to make interlocking crystal hearts using common household supplies.

Growing Interlocking Crystal Hearts

My little ones always love crafty experiments!! If there is something we can learn science along with craft!?? Super exciting and much more fascinating right!? This experiment is the one satisfied my wish to show my kids a satisfying and quiet easy activity that improves their craft science concept. The lovely crystals may look like sugary candy but they are not safe for consumption instead very much useful to make crystal ornaments during this festive season.

Magic ingredients you need to grow heart crystals

This is a fantastic craft experiment to do with children which requires a very few ingredients. I have listed the supplies you need to grow your own interlocked heart crystals.

  • Borax powder (a common household ingredient is the magical and main ingredient to do this craft)
  • Pipe cleaners
  • Boiling Water
  • Cutter

[*Product links are affiliate links. Your support is highly appreciated]What we Need


1) Firstly, shape the pipe cleaners into hearts. Cut the pipe cleaner (should be in good length) into half. Bring the two ends of the half together and twist in the shape of a heart. Use the other half to make another heart and combine the two hearts using a thread or glue. You can make interlocked hearts by making loops from pipe cleaners.

Different interloking shapes

2) In the same way, ask your child to make three circles. This is very easy to make interlocked circles.

3) Girls go crazy on jewelry and ornaments. Hence, my daughters used this activity to make their own crystal ornaments. Hence, I helped them by tying a long piece of ribbon at the end of interlocked heart shapes.

Interlocking Borax crystal hearts

4) It is always suggested to kids to put on the safety glasses while working with the chemicals which is a good habit. My two kids love to wear glasses whenever they get a chance which also give them a ‘real scientist look’.

Add Borax powder into glass

5) Keep the boiling water ready and start dropping borax powder slowly (can measure a spoonful for each turn you put in the water). Keep stirring while adding borax powder until it dissolves. The ideal measurement of borax and water mixture is 3 table spoons of borax for a 250ml water.

Add boiling water into glass

6) Now it is the time to immerse your interlocked hearts and leave it for next 24 hours to grow wonderful crystals.

Soak the interlocking shapes to borax water

7) During our first trial to grow heart crystals, unknowingly we dropped the pipe cleaners into the borax and water suspension touching the bottom. So we haven’t got any crystals. It was disgusting and a big failure. So make sure your hearts or any shapes are not touching the sides or bottom of the jar.

Shapes in Borax water

8) What to do in order to hold your hearts not to touch the sides or bottom of the jar? Tie them to a pencil or any horizontal stick types using a ribbon or a fish wire and slowly drop into the jar so that the pencil settles on the top of the jar edges. You can see this in the figures (to get an idea) we have attached.

9) Keep the jars in the safe place and let it settle for next 24 hours or overnight. Kids got fascinated by observing the progress through the sides of the transparent glass jar in front of their eyes.

It is like a punishment for me to make them sleep the night whenever we make crystals. 🙂 Finally I made them sleep by listening them some science behind the formation of crystals. Let me tell you also.

Next day morning, after woke up the first thing they did was looking for crystals on their hearts. Yes they did it! Finally very big crystals are arrived in our jar. My kids were very happy and excited to see them making their eyes big. Fantastic right!! J Once the growth of crystals is stopped you can remove from the jar and clean it with fresh water to join it in your ornaments collection. Now as I promised you I will tell you the science behind it.

Borax crystal heart

Interlocking crystal heart experiment for kids

Oh! I didn’t mention about the failure part of our experiment. For some reason, the crystals formed on two of our interlocking models didn’t look good. Failure is part of science experiments.. I think my girls learned it the right way. They took the result positively and started exploring with different shapes for the next experiment.

Failure crystal shapes

Science behind Borax crystals formation

Mixture of water and borax powder forms a super saturated solution. When the water is hot water molecules repel each other and move far away from each other. This creates more space for water molecules to hold more borax. As soon as the water gets cool, the water molecules again come closer and cannot hold the borax as much as they could when it is hot. Hence the borax powder gets dissolved as much as it can when the water is hot. This process is termed as ‘Super saturation’. The extra borax gets settled at the bottom of the glass jar when the water gets cool or else stick to the pipe cleaners forming crystals after few hours.

Crystals are hard to touch and could see with our naked eyes. Kids get more fascinated seeing them under a microscope or any magnifying glass.

Finally I could say these crystal heart experiment is the perfect combination of learning and creativity.

Why do crystals form with borax?

Hot water holds more borax molecules as the water molecules move farther apart and makes more room for the borax molecules to dissolve in the water. When the water gets cool and evaporates, or when there is no solution to dissolve, the excess borax molecules form a hard substance with flat sides called ‘crystals’. These crystals build on one another and may be small or big but all follow the repeated pattern based on it’s unique shape. When the gets cool, the water molecules move closer together and provides very less room for the dissolved molecules to hold on to water molecules. Hence, crystals grow faster in warmer temperatures than colder ones.

Can you make borax crystals in a plastic container?

Yes, you can grow borax crystals in a plastic container but it is not suggestible. As we are using hot water, the plastic cant withhold to the hot water temperature. If you still would like to grow borax crystals in a plastic container then make sure the plastic container should not melt or deform to the heat of boiling water. In case, your crystals get fused in the container, deal them gently to separate.

How do you make borax crystals to grow faster?

Growing crystals at home is much faster science experiment to fascinate your kids. To grow borax crystals faster, make sure you use heat safe container and hot boiling water. Basically you need to make a saturated solution and let it cool or evaporate to form molecular structures called crystals. Growing crystals using traditional methods takes several hours to form but there is a possibility to limit the time to two-three hours using different techniques. Borax crystals that are formed in less time are less resilient and finer.

Are borax crystals safe to touch?

Borax is not at all safe to touch. It causes burns when you are exposed very often. It even effect your airways while using it since it mixes with the air and when the air goes in to your respiratory tract, you may feel trouble breathing. It is a mild irritant but could be toxic when the kids touches and keeps in the mouth. It is not harmful when you use it in lesser quantities but extra doses of usage can cause the above mentioned issues.

Will borax crystals dissolve?

Yes, borax crystals dissolve in hot water. This is because hot water molecules repel each other and allows borax molecules to dissolve much faster and dissolves easily.

How to preserve borax crystals?

Borax is a mineral found naturally in our nature generally used for cleaning purpose because of its unique properties. Since the borax crystals are homemade and created in the water based solution, we need to protect or preserve them from moisture and humidity. You can keep them in another plastic or coat with an acrylic to protect the crystals not only from humidity but also from being shattered. Be sure to wash the crystals with the fresh water or let them dry completely before they go in to the container.

Some of interesting facts about borax crystals.

1) The first Borax came from the dry lake deposits in Tibet, China.
2) Borax is actually a salt naming Sodium Tetraborate (naturally occurring white mineral).
3) Borax is classified as sedimentary rock.
4) The process of crystals formation is known as crystallization.
5) The key fact in growing borax crystals is boiling water because hot water holds and dissolves more borax than cold water.
6) Borax crystals look so amazing and pretty when made into beautiful ornaments, decorative pieces and much more.

How long do borax crystals take to grow?

The rate borax crystals growth depends on three factors mainly i.e. supply of elements, mechanism of element transport, and degree of saturation point. However we need to wait overnight or 24 hrs to grow borax crystals in our home. As fast as the saturated solution gets cool, the crystals start growing and cling to the pipe cleaners (the arrangement made in the glass jar to grow crystals). If you are using a plastic container, you need to have lot of patience to see the beautiful borax crystals in your jars.

Interlocking crystal experiment for kids
Interlocking Borax Crystal Hearts
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Sherry Johnson : A Bold Journey of Pain, Endurance, and Hardships

Pain and hardships are a constant part and parcel of our lives. However, there are but few people out there who have endured hardship and suffering to such a degree as that of Sherry Johnson. An American woman striving hard with the Florida state senator, Lauren Book, Sherry Johnson set out to abolish child marriage in the state of Florida, USA. The 58-year old, being a child marriage survivor herself, turned her movement into her life’s mission to protect every child from marriage before they reached the appropriate age of 17.

As she went further with her movement, she did win her case and ensured that no child had to ever marry before the age of 17. She also won numerous other accolades for her further achievements. However, all these achievements are set way far into the future. The story of Sherry Johnson begins all the way back from when she was merely a child. In order to understand her life, moreover, in order to learn from it, we need to go back to her life. Back when she was just born.

All About Sherry Johnson

Birth and Childhood

Sherry Johnson was born on the 11th of September 1960. She lived out her childhood days in the city of Tampa, Florida, with her family consisting of herself, her mother, and mother’s husband. Like every other family, the Johnson family also had to face problems, particularly financial problems. Sherry’s mother was the only earning member of their family and her income wasn’t nearly as much as they required to sustain themselves. As a result, the family lived in the parsonage of their Pentecostal church. Moreover, Sherry was often relegated to ask the church’s bishop for lunch money.

It was on the occasion of one such incident that the church bishop assaulted little Sherry. The girl merely at the age of 8 when the bishop summoned her to his chambers and sexually assaulted her. Being a little girl, Sherry had no idea about what she had just endured. She was clueless about what she had gone through. Moreover, she had even informed her mother of the incident. However, the lady brushed off the concerns of her daughter, presuming them to lies spread around by her. As a result, this became a regular practice for the little girl. Even the church deacon and her mother’s husband didn’t spare her and began assaulting her.

A Mother At The Age of 10

Two years later, when Sherry was at the age of 10, there was a blood vaccination program conducted at her school. It was here that Sherry learned about her pregnancy. However, by that time, she was already 7 months into her gestation period. Slowly but surely, the dots were connected and it was found out that the church deacon, Alfonsa Tolbert, was the father of the child.

Even during this time, Sherry’s mother refused to acknowledge her claims to support the statements that she had made regarding the church deacon. As she lay within the halls of the Jackson Memorial Hospital in Miami, she felt completely alone for even her mother had abandoned her and declined from supporting her during her childbirth. On the contrary, the lady kept on supporting the 20-year old deacon and went to work on protecting him from any criminal charges that he might face.   

A Wife At the Age of 11

After she delivered her first baby, the Child Welfare Services began to grow suspicious and investigate her family as well as the church. However, when news of this spread to the Johnson family, Sherry’s mom was the first one to panic. She set out to get Sherry and Alfonso, a man who was 9 years older than her, married to each other.

Johnson was completely terrified during this time. She was merely a child of 11 years old. At her age, she was supposed to be playing with dolls and using her imagination to shape up their lives. However, she didn’t have the luxury of participating in such aspects. This is because she had a real doll in her life – a daughter for whom she had to make decisions and face the consequences. She had no idea how to be a wife.

Today, almost all countries have strictly implemented the age of marriage to be 18 years old in Florida. The rule was the same in those days too. However, like a lot of laws at that time, this marriage law was also riddled with loopholes. During the time, children of any age were eligible to marry with the permission of the county judge, if there was any pregnancy involved.

When the family visited the first Government clerk for obtaining a marriage license, he promptly refused to grant one to her owing to her age. Sherry was relieved by this decision. She assumed that she wouldn’t have to be involved in a marriage that was one-sided at the best and completely against her will at the worst. However, this relief was completely short-lived.

When the first Government clerk refused to provide Sherry with a marriage license, the family drove up to another county and towards another judge. And to Johnson’s horror, this judge wholeheartedly agreed to grant the wedding license to the family. Sherry has often referred to this incident as one in which instead of handcuffing her rapist, the perpetrator of a crime, she was the one who was forcefully handcuffed into the restraints of her wedding dress.

A Child Raising Her Own Children

Post marriage, Sandy’s rapist and husband moved into the Johnson family along with her mother and her mother’s husband. In spite of being a husband and a father, Alfonsa, remained quite absent from their lives when required. He was never there for her. As a result, Sandy was forced to stay at home and take care of her child while she simultaneously learned how to be the perfect wife, a role which had been unwillingly bestowed upon her. In fact, this even hindered her road towards finishing even elementary school.

By the time she turned 17, Sherry had birthed 6 children. As she had no prior job experience to fall upon, she couldn’t even get hold of a job which could adequately pay her and help her in meeting her family’s needs. With the help of a housing authority, she soon moved out with her children. In the same year, she consulted with the Legal Aid Society who served her with a lawyer who understood her circumstances. The society also provided her with a mere financial aid of $75 to pay for her attorney for her divorce.

When Sherry turned 19, she met another man who was 18 years her senior. She married him and they had three children between them. The couple was married for over 26 years before they separated in the year 2002. Despite all her struggles that she has gone through in her lifetime, Sherry has regretted having her kids. She knows that she is a constant source of inspiration for her kids. Moreover, she knows that she has provided her children with the best of resources that she could have as a parent, under the circumstances.


A Driving Force To Eradicate Forced Child Marriage

  1. Her Period of Dormancy – For a while, Sherry lay dormant and voiceless in the shadows. However, she soon realized that she wasn’t the only victim of child marriages. There were multitudes of children who still faced the same problems every year. And she knew that it wasn’t enough for her to fight her own battles. She had to create a world where child marriage was banned. It was here that she started to lobby the Florida state legislature to make justifiable amends which could be successful in countering the act of child marriages.
  2. Connecting All Victims – The first project that Sherry undertook in her attempts to render child marriages illegal was to bring together all such victims together. She started an email and a hotline that was capable of countering the emptiness and hopelessness that the children feel when they are forcefully sent off to be married while they are still in their youth. This served as the means by which all such victims could come together with their woes and speak as well as seek help from others who have gone through the same problems. This simple gesture of knowing that there was someone who had gone through the same problems fuels the desire for someone to keep going on through their problems.
  3. The Birth of SB 140 – While facilitating the creation of laws to protect the rights of young children in marriage, Sherry faced innumerous rejections from the lawmakers. Being the steely-souled woman, she refused to give up. Even when they completely discarded her story, she kept on coming back to get the bill approved. However, the bigger problem was that the lawmakers refused to believe that their law was so imperfect in nature. However, it wasn’t long before someone actually verified Sherry’s accusations. And it here that her ideas began to be widely accepted by the lawmakers. This eventually gave birth to the Senate Bill 140, the law which protected child marriages while providing 17-year olds the right to marry in certain select conditions.
  4. The Passing of SB 140 – It was in 2013 when the Senate Bill was unanimously passed in the Florida senate. However, beyond this point, Sherry had to undergo a multitude of hurdles that were earlier not prevalent. The most prominent of these hurdles was the constant denial of the Bill whenever it reached the Senate. Almost every time, the bill would fizzle out whenever the Bill reached the senate. It was finally on the 23rd of March 2018 that the Senate finally passed the SB 140. The Governor who passed the legislation was Rick Scott.


Books By Sherry Johnson

To accentuate her efforts in helping prevent child marriages from happening any further, Sherry Johnson also wrote a book. The book was titled Forgiving The Unforgivable : Purple in a Darker Color. In the book, Sherry reveals everything relating to her traumatic childhood in detail. She completely opens herself up and reveals everything to the world that she had endured. Everything relating to her sexual assaults before the age of 10 and her forceful marriage life at the age of 11 is mentioned as well.

As she nears towards the end of the book, Sherry tells how she converted her childhood trauma overcame it to become a highly successful businessman and mother. When she launched the book in 2013, the idea was to use the book as a means by which she could further her cause to help children from being sent off to marry at a youthful period of their lives. However, she also wants such people to read this book who have suffered gravely at an early age in their lives and need to forgive people who have abused them.


Future Plans of Sherry Johnson

Even though the SB 140 has been passed, Sherry Johnson isn’t content. She feels that she has not yet accomplished her goals. In fact, for her future, she plans to work other non-profit organizations such as the AHA Foundation and go towards the ends of the nation to battle with child marriage cases. She believes that it is her life’s purpose to completely vanquish child marriage from the face of this earth and that there should be no child on this earth who is married. She wants lawmakers from all over the world to understand that they are the ones who are in charge of guarding the rights of children. Moreover, she also says that such lawmakers should work with the communities to spread awareness about child marriage.


Sherry Johnson’s story is one of the battles, hardships, and inspiration. In fact, she has been a constant inspiration to people from all the world owing to the problems that she faced and overcame. It wouldn’t be untrue to call her a beacon of light for children all over the world who are married forcefully without a say in the matter.

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Sandy Lerner – The Ousted Co-Founder Who Empowered a Complete Market

Sandy Lerner

Sandy Lerner

Known all around the world as the co-founder of Cisco Systems, Inc., Sandy Lerner is an American businesswoman and philanthropist who started the company with her ex-husband Leonard Bosack. It all began in the early 1980s when both Sandy and Leonard began working from the confinements of their computer labs, offices, and living room to create the first router to connect the entire computer system present within their school.

However, just during their first decade when Cisco was starting to boom all around the world, Sandy was fired from her own company, the one for which she and her husband had toiled hard for. With time, both of them soon sold all of their founder’s stock and began to pursue their interests. In an even more saddening turn of events, it was reported that by the time that they left the company, they were separated as well.

After being fired from Cisco Systems, Inc., Sandy went on to work on various philanthropic and writing projects. Fast forward to 2011, she released a sequel to Jane Austen’s Pride and Prejudice titled Second Impressions, under her pseudonym Ava Farmer. In August 2017 she released a book named Caticons, a book on the art imitating cats.

However, all these incidents take place a bit too deep into the future. Let us go back to where it all began.

Sandy LernerImage Credit: chawtonhouse.org

About Sandy Lerner 

Birth and Early Life

Sandy Lerner was born in 1955 as a native of northern California. Merely a youngling at the age of 4, she witnessed the divorce of her parents. As a result, her childhood was spent divided between the homes of her two aunts. However, this time boosted her entrepreneurial spirit. Located in California Sierras and Beverly Hills, her aunt’s homes significantly impacted her entrepreneurial attitude, albeit in a subtle manner. However, the most noteworthy transformation in her entrepreneurial being was brought forward during her time at the Clipper Gap ranch.

It is known that when Sandy was at the Clipper Gap ranch, she bought her first steer and sold it for a hefty profit after a couple of years. With her profits, she went on to buy two more heads of cattle. As time went on, she continued with these activities. And when it was time for her to leave for college, it was found that she had livestock comprising of more than 30 heads of cattle. This livestock supplemented her need for an income stream that paid her college tuition.



Higher education was a breezy affair for a young Sandy Lerner. Here is how her education timeline went.

  1. Bachelor’s Degree in Political Science in 1975 – Sandy received her Bachelor’s Degree in Political Science in 1975 from California State University. After her education in Political Science, Sandy considered her field of academia as a career. Her passion for this field was fueled by her fascination with comparative political studies. However, she soon realized that there was too little financial gain in this field.


  1. Master’s Degree in Econometrics in 1977 – When Sandy learned about the lack of financial opportunities in the field of academia, she went and received her Master’s Degree in Econometrics from the Claremont Graduate School in 1977. During this, she discovered her computer lab and found her interests in the field of computer science. Her frequent visits to the computer lab elevated her to the position of a manager. With the help of her newly found status, she began to employ the abilities of computers to perform quantitative data analysis required for her degree.


  1. Master’s Degree in Statistics and Computer Science in 1981 – Taking her newly found passion in Statistics and Computer Science in 1981, Sandy went on to Stanford University to earn her Master Degree. And it was here that she met her husband-to-be.


The Beginnings of Cisco

At Stanford University, Sandy soon got a job as the Director of Computer Facilities. While working here, she met her then-partner, Leonard Bosack, with whom she would be soon married to. Leonard and Sandy’s offices were a mere 500 yards apart. However, their computer worked independently to one another without any link to each other. In those days, if one wanted to share software and databases to other systems, they had to resort to time-consuming disk transfers.

 In their strive to share software and databases efficiently, they started to look for solutions that could connect their computer systems. They soon found one with the help of the router designed by Leonard Bosack. The couple was well aware of the fact that their computers were designed by the same corporate legend and that they ran the same operating systems. However, neither of these systems were connected to a network.

To remedy this, Lerner, Bosack, and a group of students and faculty members devised the first router which was capable of connecting the computer systems of the offices. As they gradually began to link the computer systems, they went on to link the entire computer systems that were spread across the entire school. And it was this that powered their ambition to set up Cisco Systems, Inc.

The company began when the couple faced problems in accessing the software present on each other’s computers. However, it has also been rumored that the main objective behind Sandy Lerner and Leonard Bosack connecting their systems, was to send romantic letters to each other.

Sandy Lerner’s Career At Cisco

Role: As their technology boomed, contracts began to flow in rapidly. More and more clients wanted them to link their systems with the router technology. Therefore, it was natural that Lerner and Bosack quitted their jobs and pursued on serving their clients with their technology on a full-time basis. It was during this brief period at Cisco that Sandy presided as the Vice President for Customer Services.

Moulding The Tech Giant – Building Cisco up to the tech giant that it is today was not an easy task. Initially, they were burdened with the task of keeping the business afloat. They even hired friends and neighbors by providing them deferred salaries and stock options. Furthermore, they mortgaged their homes and went deep into credit card debt to keep their business going. Their efforts were rewarded with results when the company began to land a contract worth more than $200,000.

External Funding – It was after 3 years of bootstrapping that the couple finally received external funding from a venture capitalist named Donald Valentine. And it was this step that marked their final days at the company.

Fired From Her Own Company – Donald Valentine wasn’t at all convinced at the way Lerner and her husband were managing the company. To counter this, he instated John Morgridge as the CEO of the company. When Valentine came abroad to provide funding to Cisco Systems, Inc., he provided his own lawyer to perform Lerner and Bosack’s vesting agreement as well. This did provide a clause about their founder’s stock but conveniently left out their employment contract. Don took advantage of this and when his and Sandy’s clashes became highly frequent in 1990, he finally got her fired in August in the same year. Hearing this, Leonard too resigned to show his support for Sandy.  

Notable Philanthropic Work

Previously, before they were fired, Cisco System, Inc. went public in February of 1990. After their departure, the couple found themselves with $170 million in the form of stocks. They soon began to sell their stocks and completely retired from the company. With their new-found wealth, the couple established the Bosack Kruger Charitable Foundation. They funded several philanthropic projects via this. A few of such include:

  1. Restoration of the Chawton House – In 1992, Sandy bought the Chawton house and refurbished it back to its glory. The 300-acre manor house was once owned by Jane Austen’s brother, Edward Austen Knight. In 2003, Sandy opened the house to the public as a Centre for the Study of Early Women’s Writing.
  2. A Co-Sponsor of SETI – The foundation majorly funded SETI or the Search for Extra-Terrestrial Intelligence to build the 160-million channel, dual-beam receiver. This receiver was to use a mega channel spectrometer to enhance the search for extraterrestrial beings.
  3. Funding The Folsom Zoo – Sandy has always had a great love for Animal Welfare. To provide animals with the greatest of care, she set up the Folsom Zoo. Folsom Zoo is a facility set in Northern California which is also known as the Misfit Zoo. The facility was named as such owing to them being either deserted, abandoned, or injured in the wild.
  4. Development of the Lab Rat and PetWhere Program – To provide further care to animals, Sandy developed the Lab Rat and PetWhere programs. The Lab Rat program educates scientists about the humane treatment of lab animals. The PetWhere, or more specifically PetWhere 2.6 software, has been playing a vast role in reuniting lost animals with owners and providing the required help and care.

However, these are not the only philanthropic acts of Sandy Lerner. Even today, she continues to work for animal welfare and organic produce for the betterment of humankind.


Books and Publications

During her lifetime, Sandy Lerner authored two books, namely Second Impressions and Caticons: 4000 Years of Art Imitating Cats.

  1. Second Impressions Sandy authored Second Impressions under her pseudonym, Ava Farmer. Set in the times of Jane Austen, it acts as a sequel to Pride and Prejudice. The story further extends the story of the Darcy family and their relationships to 10 years after Ms. Bennet got rid of her two most undeserving daughters. The books completely polarized the readers. While some commended her writing style, others disapproved the lack of research.
  2. Caticons: 4000 Years of Art Imitating Cats Caticons was a limited edition book that Sandy launched under her real name. Encompassing her private collection of all things feline, the book celebrated the extraordinary art of relationships between cats and their human companions. Containing data researched from over 30 years, it contains data from the various corners of the art world, catalogs, foreign shores, and cyberspace.

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The Ayrshire Farm

When Sandy was ousted from her own company, it was natural that Sandy felt highly dejected and broken. By taking part in multiple philanthropic projects, she gradually recovered and began to look for a need in the marketplace which she could fulfill. This need brought her to Virginia, more specifically the Ayrshire Farm in 1996. When she first saw the 793-acre farm, she instantly understood that it was a highly neglected asset. And it was here that she chalked out her plan to provide people with an environmentally conscious, sustainable future.

Initially, the farm was merely a piece of overgrown land. However, this was enough to convince Sandy that the land was apposite for her organic farming needs. For her, organic farming meant farming in a way that was wholly unalike to the industrial production of agricultural produce, the procedure in which most food produced was cultivated in the USA at the time. In Upperville, near her farm, Sandy also erected a restaurant named Hunter’s Head Tavern. The restaurant serves numerous highly-acclaimed dishes, all of which are farmed freshly from the Ayrshire farm.

Additionally, Ayrshire Farm has also become a hub for several agricultural meetings. The magnificent manor house of the Ayrshire Farm has become a site for an annual event known as the Beastie Bazaar. The event conducts meetings and talks for improving the situation of abandoned and neglected animals. It also showcases events about organic farmings. Moreover, within the confinements of this farm, Sandy also hosts several cattle-farming association meetings.


The Ampersand Foundation

It was during the early 1990s when Sandy and her husband Leonard announced about their separation. As heart-breaking it was for both of them, they both considered it to be the right thing, for they seldom performed any activities as a couple. In spite of this, their work paths and schedules still ensure that their paths kept crossing. One such work paths that duo shared was the formation of Ampersand foundation by the name of Ampersand Capital. Ampersand Capital Partners was a venture capital limited partnership that they had set up by vesting a major portion of their individual Cisco founder’s stocks.

Sandy and Leonard are known as two of the most philanthropic people in Silicon Valley. And it is by the means of the Ampersand Foundation that they accomplish such projects. With the help of the venture capital firm, the duo founded a majority of projects occurring around them. Two such projects that were managed by a charitable division of the firm are the aforementioned Lab Rat and Pet Net Projects which are in charge of overseeing animal welfare. Lab Rat is a project that was set up to oversee the humane treatment of animals in labs. On the other hand, Pet Net was a conglomeration that was set u to bring together innumerous local humane societies for taking care of their pets.

Ampersand Capital Partners also takes care of an irreversible trust, within which lies a majority of their fortune that is to be sent to various charities when they depart from this earthly plane. Finally, the venture capital firm also funded Urban Decay, a cosmetics brand that was co-founded by Sandy. Urban Decay is now a subsidiary of the French cosmetics company known as L’Oréal.


Urban Decay

Urban Decay was brought to life in 1996. After being ousted from her own company, she looked for projects where she could brainstorm and deliver results to completely revolutionize the industry. And the opportunity presented itself in the form of another Urban Decay co-founder Wende Zomnir, a fellow in the field of marketing. As both women got to talking, they shared detailed conversations about the situation of cosmetics in which they attained common ground on the fact that the entire cosmetic industry was flooded with pink and red lipsticks.

As it turned out, companies were experimenting only with these two colors. And it was here that both women sought to do something about the situation. When Sandy started to work with Zomnir, she genuinely felt that the cosmetic industry was not undergoing any revolution and that it was the only market that neither being addressed. To remedy this, both women went ahead and started to experiment with a myriad range of colors and materials. Nonetheless, they soon require help from their neighbors and friends for neither of them housed any prior knowledge nor experience regarding the field of cosmetic chemistry.

In spite of this, both of them were fully committed to the idea of starting a cosmetic company that could provide high-quality cosmetic products, unlike the ones being sold in the market. And it did, as was visible in the company’s $130 million turnovers in 2011. However, by that time Sandy had long severed all ties with the company. The company was first sold to LVMH Moët Hennessy – Louis Vuitton SE. It was sold twice again before L’Oreal finally acquired it.

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Sugar Glass : Edible Science for Kids

Edible Glass Experiment For Kids go science girls

Who doesn’t like a science that kids can eat them up!!? Teaching kid’s science is more easy and fun where they can eat the end results of the activity. This edible science experiment not only gives knowledge but also a snack. Hope you all will enjoy the activity!!

Edible Glass Experiment For Kids go science girls

Edible glass!!? It is one of the easy, fun and delicious treats to make and I personally feel like making something like this made my children super happy and wow. It takes a real glass look that led to lots of amazing and awesome oooh’s and aah’s. Amazing right!? It is easier to make than you think. Try it today with your kids and I am sure your kids will love this recipe and tutorial and fun activity.

This time I am also super excited along with my kids because as a parent I always find different ways to keep my kids engage in learning in a fun way and this activity is like double bonus since it results in something yummy. Woooohhh!! Let us begin the super cool activity and let kids learn some edible science in a fun way.

How to make edible glass for kids

It is impossible for anyone to make real glass at home but you can make something better than that at your home using a few ingredients that you can buy from your nearby grocery store. The best part is you can make it in your own kitchen. As I said earlier, it is easier to prepare than you think. J

Supplies you need to make glass candy

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Things we need for sugar glass experiment


1) You can buy corn syrup in the stores or make it in the home.

2) Prepare your butter paper by applying some grease or coat it with cooking spray.



Start the experiment by making sugar syrup. As we are going to use burner or gas stove to make the sugar syrup, it is better to avoid kids doing this step. Just you can ask them to stand little far away from the stove and watch. During the activity you can explain or tell them what are you going to do while making sugar syrup (like which ingredient you are using to make sugar syrup, what you are going to add in the sugar syrup, how much quantity you are using the ingredients etc.).

  • Take equal quantities of sugar and water in a non-stick pan and place it on the burner. Turn the flame on and bring it to boil.
  • Boil the syrup until it reaches to correct stage. You can use a thermometer or some simple home techniques to check whether the sugar syrup has reached to its correct stage.

Making Sugar Glass Experiment


Before the sugar syrup reaches its correct stage you are supposed to add all the other ingredients like corn syrup, food colour, and tartar to the sugar syrup. (You need to use light corn syrup otherwise the glass will turn out too dark)


Bring all the ingredients to boil (make sure the burner is on medium heat while stirring them) until the syrup reaches our required consistency. Stir the ingredients often to avoid burning from the bottom of the pan. When the mixture boils, you can see the foamy bubbles at the top.

Making Colour Edible Glass


Also keep the butter paper (already coated with cooking spray) ready and make sure it is placed on an even surface (this helps candy mixture to spread evenly and results in a smooth and not lumpy glass candy).


Once the hot candy is ready, pour off the hot liquid mixture on to the butter paper which helps to minimise any bubbles. Since the candy is little thicker, it helps itself to spreads over the butter paper. Let the candy mixture dry or settle down for an hour.

How To Make Edible Glass

Don’t try to touch the candy until the full hour is passed as it looks the candy is hardened but it will not actually. So be sure not to touch the candy for full 1 hour.


Now pop the candy out of the butter paper. Flip the butter paper upside down over a table. The candy should fall out simply without any stickiness to the sheet.

Tips to take off the candy if does not come away easily

  • Flip the butter paper and slowly try to take off the paper by lifting it away from the glass candy.
  • Use the knife carefully along the edges of the glass candy that meets the butter paper.
  • A hot knife also works to take off the glass if it is still stubborn and not coming off from the butter paper after trying the above two tips.


Yummy glass candy is ready now and ask the kids to cut or break the glass into small pieces as their wish. The edible glass is sharp enough to cut. So be careful and caution your kids while handling it. Though it is not as sharp as real glass, it can still be sharp enough to cut.

Making Colour Edible Glass Go science girls


Store the glass candy in an air tight container at room temperature if you are not going to eat right away. To keep the glass candy fresh or want to store it for about 2 weeks, place silica gel packs in the container along with glass candy. You can find these silicon packs at any home improvement store.

My little ones were amazed and started fighting for getting glass candy in more number than the other. My younger daughter started clapping after seeing the glass candy and asking me ‘Mamma! You seriously knew how to make glass candy at home and wondered seeing it made in our own kitchen’.

Edible Glass Experiment For Kids

My kids wanted the glass candy in different colours to decorate their cakes, and smoothies stuff. Do us!? Yes, you can use whatever the colour and flavour you wish your glass candy to be!! My elder one tried for rainbow assortment and it worked out beautifully. J She was very happy looking at her own creative work. Myself too!! J Also she colour coded each flavour i.e. green for green apple, yellow for banana, red for cherry etc.


This edible science activity helps kids to learn chemistry in your own kitchen. But this activity best suitable for kids who understands and have comprehension skills that helps to better understand the difference between the real glass and edible glass clearly since the real and regular glass or its pieces are not good to touch or keep in mouth.

Science behind the formation of glass candy

Actually, all the molecules and atoms should be in orderly structure to make a solid shape or structure of any solid substances. If the atoms or molecules are in disorganized manner, then it takes the liquid form in its texture. The same science is applied here also.

Usually, the real glass is formed by heating the sand (nothing but silicon dioxide) to 3090 degree foreign heat. Yes, it is really hot but it requires that much heat to form a real glass from sand. When the sand gets heated, it molten and takes a special texture called amorphous solid (molecules arranged in disorganized manner). This disorganized structure makes amorphous solids brittle and transparent. This is the reason why real glass appears transparent.

In out experiment, we are using sugar in the place of sand. When the sugar heats up, it transforms into an amorphous solid i.e. edible glass candy and amorphous nature gives it a transparent and glassy appearance.

I wondered seeing all this amazing science in my own kitchen in a very simple, easy and fun way. Hope you will also enjoy the wonderful results of melting sugar in your kitchen.

How To Make Edible Glass From Sugar

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Free Book Templates for Kids / Students (10+ PSD Layered Files)

Comic Book Template

Kids and books are no separate topics. Kids read books and most of the books are meant for kids beginning from the coloring book to the great novels. Kids live with books at every stage in their life and hence today I decided to provide book templates for free. Yes, parents and teachers always look for some innovation to engage their kids. Also, they need to be really good to educate kids. With that intention, I have designed these book templates for kids.

Check out our book review templates for kids

I am giving it for free download for personal use. Download them and print them as many based on your need. Wondering what are these book templates and how to use them? I understand and hence I am not stopping at giving you free templates, but getting into the details about what are they and how to use them.

Comic Book Template

Going one step beyond to share with you the best ideas to use these as well. I am sure you feel glad now. Get going to read and in the end, you will be a pro in designing your own book templates and making your kids have a fantabulous time.

What is a book template?

In general, we call something like a template when they are ready for utility. The best example to relate to includes the certificate template. Any completed work, be it studies, sports or anything requires a completion certificate mentioning the successful completion of the job. This is how a certificate is used. When I say template, then it is pre-made and only blanks such as name, date, signature details to be filled and issued. Similarly, a book template for kids means a readymade model that will contain the details about the book you are planning to make.

Uses of Book template?

Back To School Book Template

Let me make it clearer, we will provide you with the outline and you can use them as your cover, front page and develop a book. Still sounding confused? Fine, I will tell you with an example. Let us say you want kids to color and you do not want to buy a color book but allow them to color creatively. So you ask them to take a paper and color. They will love to mess up with colors and they enjoy it too. When they make this a habit and color in several papers, then now you feel tensed to collect them. There are these book templates will help you. These comes with a front-page and bank page. You can print them and punch them in the center to include the papers and make it a coloring book. Now, you get my point I guess. Yes, these are templates that are predesigned with themes and vibrant colors allowing kids to use these templates for all their fun activities.

In one word, book templates are useful to engage kids, make them creative, and allow them to improve their creative thinking ability.

What are the components of a book template and How to make one?

Book Template Party

We will explain the basic components of the book template and the steps included in making a template on your own. However, you can feel free to download the templates that we have collected for you and print them to make your life easy.

Book coverTheme, design, color The front page is the first and the foremost part of a book template. As per the famous saying, the first impression is the best impression you need to keep this page great looking to bait kids to get glued to them. How did we achieve this? We use a word document, InDesign and other methods to design the template. Here I will explain to you using MS Word so that you can try making one.

Printable Book Template

Start with a new page and insert an image aptly suiting the book topic. In case, it is a math activity book, then include mathematical expressions. Then create space for the title. Draw a border around the title and choose colors that are bright and attractive. Optional, leave space for writing the name, and age or class of the kids. This is like an inbuilt label to the book.

Book Pages – Then insert a few blank pages and these are the places where kids will show their talents. Have a theme and make some borders here and leave empty space for kids use. For example, if it is about animals, then choose a border relevant to it. You can find many from online site and choose from them. You can make these pages as creative based on your imagination.

Robotics Book Template

Last Page – Like the cover page have a colorful last page in which you can even print some gist about the book. This will help parents to understand this book before they download and use.

Under Water World Book template

Save the work and the book template is ready for download now. Print them and tie them using a binder to give it an authentic book look.

How to use – Book template for teaching

I am glad that you understood the right way to make book templates. Now, let me help you to use these books with different activities for teaching kids

Picture Pasting Activity Book TemplateDownload

  1. Coloring activity – The color activity book template presented here suits all age group kids. We have given separate templates which you can collate and tie them for smaller kids. Alternatively, use the cover page and end page but use blank papers for older kids to draw and paint. You can also have a marking system on the last page and ask kids to rate their own drawing. Positive way to let kids know the area for improvement.

Coloring Book Template  


  1. Picture pasting activity – Use this activity book for kids to make them relate things and cut and paste them. Here depending on the age you may provide the different theme and ask them to make a picture album. If elder kids, then let them name the picture and write a small intro about the pictures.
  1. Story writing activity – The best activity for grownup kids and teenagers. They will feel great about expressing their thoughts in writing. You can make them improve their vocabulary. There are two activities in this and in one you can ask them to craft their own story and another is to rewrite the existing story. You decide and allocate activities to kids.
  1. Cooking recipe – This is a great way to teach small cooking recipe to kids. Ask them to make note of the ingredients, do the cooking and summarize the instructions. Use the book to allow kids to take notes and they will enjoy doing it. Also, for small kids, you can let them paste pictures for the ingredients. The court is yours and be innovative to expand the kid’s knowledge using the book templates.
  1. Science activities – Finally, let me tell you my way of using the book template. I will use the book for teaching science experiments to kids. Will choose one book for each experiment. I prefer using a blank book template and ask kids to design the front and the back cover. Then we will use A4 papers to fill in the steps involved in completing the experiment with the results. Finally, we will bind the front and back cover with the papers to make it book. Great assignment to kids and trust me they will learn several science concepts this way in a quicker time.

Amazing Show Book Template


How to use – Book template for students

In this section, let me explain about one activity that will make kids learn math. Here I am going to use a blank check template to learn science. Did I first say math and now science? Do you think I am confused? No, I am not. You can use this blank checkbook template to learn science experiment.

Do a science experiment with kids by explaining them from scratch. Use the book template to fill details as mentioned in the above section. Coming to this check template, in this, you can ask kids to list the pricing and find the total expenses involved in making the experiment work. They can fill that in the check and understand math as well as the value of money. 

Astronauta Book Template

Final takeaway

As I mentioned in the beginning, I am glad to have explained the details about a book template. Now, I am sure you will start downloading my templates. These are for free and I am confident that these will be of use to you in all the activities you do with kids.

Make every vacation useful using these activity templates. Feel free to let us know your feedback and we can constantly work towards improvement.

Questacon (Australia’s National Science and Technology Centre) – Place to Visit With Kids

Best place for kids to learn science can be none other than Questacon. In Australia, this is one of the best tourist spots which everyone will admire. Localities will visit frequently to educate kid about science. Let me share my views as I have two kids and would like to let you know how it will be beneficial for kids.

AustralNational Science and Technology Centre

Where, When and How to Visit Questacon

It is located on the southern shore in Canberra. Lake Burley Griffin is the landmark for Questacon National Science and Tech Centre. They are open on all days except 25th December, the Christmas day. The visiting time is 9 AM to 5 PM. However, entry is stopped after 3.30 PM. Minimum two hours is required for visiting and hence you need to make yourself available for at least 2 hours.

Questacon National Science and Technology Centre

Reach any of these following places by bus or train and you can walk in not more than 6 mins to the National Science and Technology Centre.

  • Parkes Pl National Rose Gdns
  • King Edward Tce Treasury Building
  • Parkes Pl John Gorton Building
  • King Edward Tce After Bowen Dr
  • King Edward Tce National Library

School bookings are also allowed and you can find the pricing and other details here. It’s good when kids go with the school as they can understand better. However, you can take them during vacation and provide personal attention to each and every activity.  The ticket price for individuals is 23 dollars and kids 17.50 dollars. Children up to 4 years are charged nothing. For members also it is free. Family of 2 adults and 3 kids can purchase a ticket for 70 dollars.

Highlights of the place and how kids can have fun

There are close to 200 exhibits and all are interactive as well as related to science and technology. The primary purpose of the center is to interact with kids and educate them on basic science concepts. Suitable for all age group kids. 

Artillery Memorial Canberra

There are eight galleries and let us see each one in detail and understand which age group will benefit the most.

  1. [email protected]

Any age group kids can find this gallery great and it is one of the best galleries to visit. Parents beware, this place is quite busy and you need to keep an eye on the kids. The thrilling part of this gallery is the six-meter slide. Then come to the air hockey and your kids can play this with the robot. Kid’s reflex action is challenged when the chase the scarves while they fly via the pipes.

  • Above and Beyond

Another gallery suitable for all kids is the ABOVE and BEYOND. However, this is not part of the 8 galleries and it is a temporary one, Boeing is the presenter collaborating with NASA. Hence it is named as Above and Beyond. The concepts of augmented reality (AR) and simulations are taught here. Kids are allowed to make their space ship with innovative design ideas.

  1. Mini Q – 0 -6-Year-old kids

Up to 6 years kids will love this gallery as they can relate to things at their level. It is more like a museum and play area. Several activities are displayed letting toddlers and kids until age 6 have fun. They are divided into many zones and every zone allows kids to do experiments. Yes, hands-on and they can feel proud about the scientist inside them. They can try and succeed to feel happy. Also, they can try and fail to retry. In general, this is the place for learning and relearning. Here kids can observe, predict, test and refine their model. Therefore little ones are allowed to think and expand their imaginative skills. Particularly, the zone that represents places including a construction site, grocery shop, hospital, etc is depicting the real-life places.

  1. Foyer 6+

ROBO Q is the best part of the gallery Foyer. Kids are free to control the ROBO the way in which it speaks, sings or makes gestures. The touch screen is easy to learn and anyone can make an attempt and play with the ROBOT.

  1. Science Garden 6+

Typically the garden area where kids can see the sun, rock, wind, and water. They can create rock music by discovering the wind direction. Several displays that add joy to kids are the small lithophone, rock xylophone, Mobius, Fundial, Granite Ball, Flickering leaves and much more.

  1. Q Lab 7+

This is part of the center since inception and contains many scientific activities. Also, they keep updating to latest standards and hence it is beneficial to all. Use the video microscope to view the world differently. The giant periodic table is the topmost feature of QLab and the actual samples of 94 elements make it more special. 7 years and upper with no upper limit and each of you will enjoy spending time here.

  1. Awesome Earth 8+

Awesome Earth

Have you ever felt an earthquake? No, and we don’t want to. But you can understand the tremor and the feel of an earthquake in this gallery. Learn gravity, heat, and momentum. Detailed analysis using the data collected by scientist will give you a clear understanding of how all the factors get together to make the earth we are living in.

  1. H2O – Soak up the science – 8+

Joining hands with the national water commission this interactive exhibition is set up. The purpose of setting this is to make kids realize the value of water. As part of this initiative, there is a water treatment plant developed that is used in recycling the water used inside the exhibition. This will let know kids about water conservation. The little one will witness the process of recycling and will feel glad to learn the concepts. Trust me, children will enjoy and appreciate the efforts as well as become responsible for conserving water.  

  1. The Shed – 10+

Older kids will find this place good as there is a lot of rooms for experimenting and inventing using their ideas and tools. Tinkering studio is the highlight and visitors can create a design and make it work. There is no age limit to learn and anyone can try their design and make it work.

How can kids benefit from Questacon

kids benefit from Questacon

With several galleries, kids get a chance to learn science in different perspectives. They just not visit the galleries alone but are allowed to perform hands-on activities.

The STEM (Science Technology Education and Math) way of education becomes easy here as they can do many experiments. This will kindle their thinking skills and when they perform the activities their motor skills are activated. Also, they feel empowered to do things on own which will motivate them to learn more.

They observe other kids and compete with them to complete experiments and healthy competition is built. This will further make them think and their imagination becomes wider. They get ready to meet the world with a lot of practical knowledge.

I suggest personally, taking kids to this place often will let them learn concepts at a different age. They will interpret the same thing in a different way based on their age and hence it will widen the horizon of thinking.

Interesting Places You Can Cover in the Neighborhood of Questacon

Astronomer at Questacon

Several other national attractions in the vicinity of Questacon are listed below. You can choose places and take kids to spend their vacation in a constructive manner.

  • Museum of Australian Democracy at Old Parliament House

Detail about historians who were the reason for a shaped society is presemted here with details. You can take kids here to learn about history and its significance.

  • National Electoral Education Centre

The election process is understood by visiting this place. Kids will know about the constitution, law, and parliament. Why should they cast vote when they grow is nicely portrayed in this place. At this young age, lessons taught will stay forever in their mind.

  • National Archives

Collection of Australian History in the form of education programs, events and exhibitions are organized in the national archive.

  • National Gallery

The Art gallery has 100,000 and more artworks. It is one of the world-class exhibitions and kids will really have a great time here admiring the artistic sense.

  • National Museum

National Museum Questacon

Holden Prototype No1 and Phar Lap’s heart is kept for display in the museum. This is just a sample, and you can find many more important items preserved for providing knowledge to the visitors about Australia, its culture and value.

  • National Library

National Library

Documentary heritage of Australia is collected in the form of books in the National Library. Book worms will love this place and have so much information to provide with.

  • Parliament House

Parliament House

Australian democracy is represented in the Parliament House. This being the focal point of the city is a must to visit place in Australia.

  • National Portrait Gallery

The pillar of the nation’s portraits is displayed in the portrait gallery. There is just not a few numbers but 400 portraits of different people are kept here.

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You can find more such places to visit with your kids listed here. See our recent review on Australian Museum here.

What’s your favorite go to place with kids? Comment below and let us know.

DIY Amazing Crystal Snowflakes ( Science Project for Kids)

Let’s make stunning borax crystal snowflakes. 

Amaze your kids and friends with this amazing science cum craft activity which is great to try in this winter.

Borax Crystal Snowflakes

Who doesn’t like ornaments being a girl!? Crystal snow flake ornaments!! Hurray! My two girls are crazy about the ornaments and of course, they both will go mad of snowflakes ornaments. So, I felt this is the perfect science activity for my kids to bust their boredom during winter vacation. Kids can make their own crystal snow flake ornaments and enjoy wearing them all winter along.

Science is always amazing in every aspect and it is more exciting with a seasonal twist. Hope you all agree with me!! Let us see how this simple and fun craft science activity is going to add a wow factor and become our kid’s favorite winter science activity.

How to make Borax Crystal Snowflakes

Who is it for
Growing crystal snowflakes with borax is perfect for kids aged 5-7 years old whereas for younger kids, growing salt crystals is great. Also, this is a great winter science and craft activity for kids to perform indoors.

Have a beautiful crystal snowflakes collection by making homemade Borax crystal snowflakes using a few ingredients that are available in the grocery stores.

What you need to make borax crystals

Here is the list of ingredients or supplies we need to make beautiful borax crystals. 

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What We Need
What to do to grow amazing borax crystals

Performing how to make borax crystals is a simple science and more like a craft activity for kids and is a great way to introduce kids about crystals formation. You can also throw some important concepts and information on saturated solutions, solubility and re-crystallization process. So what to do to learn and show our kid’s the above all concepts we discussed.

1) As my kids have already decided to make snowflakes, we need not to worry about the shapes. J But since kids are crazy about trying different shapes and especially rainbow crystals, you can also try making borax crystals in different shapes.

Doing Snowflakes

2) My girls started cutting pipe cleaners to make the shape of snowflakes. Make sure they are under your surveillance as they are dealing with the cutter (to cut the pipe cleaners to make their favourite shapes). My kids used both white and blue coloured pipe cleaners and made four different shapes of snowflakes. Ask your child to make their favourite shape using pipe cleaners. Pipe cleaners are one of the attractive and simple craft supplies which kid’s love. Pipe cleaners are fairly inexpensive and come in a variety of attractive colours. You try for pipe cleaners in any stationery or buy online.   

Making crystal Snowflakes
Different snowflakes

3) Meanwhile, here is your role comes in the activity. Take required amount of water in the bowl and bring it to boil for some time until you see bubbles formation on the top.

4) Once the hot boiling water is ready, pour off the water into a jar. Be sure to pick glass jars that are good and wide enough to fit the snowflakes. Now you can ask your kid to put a spoonful of borax powder into the jar again under your surveillance.

Making Crystal Snowflakes Science Experiment For Kids

5) Keep stirring the water to mix borax powder in order to settle or form lumps at the bottom. I gave this job to my younger kid and she is so happy to do that.

pipe cleaner snowflakes in borax water solution

6) Drop the handmade flakes into the water using some thin and translucent wires. Leave it for few hours or overnight.

The next day or after sometime, you can see amazing crystals around the flakes that grow literally in front of your eyes. Wonderful right!? J I couldn’t stop my kids as they were very happy and excited to jump here and there. Also, they are very much excited to show their craft activity to friends.

Making Colourful Crystal snowflake

crystal snoflakes do it yourself borax

how to make borax crystal snowflakes

food colored vs colored pipe cleaner crystal snowflakes

For younger kids to make salt crystals, you can use salt or sugar. Ask your little ones to add sugar or salt to the boiling water until it completely dissolves in water. This is a little longer process than borax crystals method. Be patient to see wonderful crystals to grow.

Borax Crystal Snowflakes Science Experiment For Kids

Science behind the activity

Mixing the borax powder to the hot water makes a borax suspension (a heterogeneous mixture containing solid particles in large quantities making the liquid appear cloudy. The solid particles do not dissolve in any substance that takes a liquid or gaseous states). This supersaturated solution makes the water molecules move away from the each other eventually making the borax to dissolve into the solution. Once the solution gets cooler, the borax reaches a point where it cannot dissolve in the solution and starts gathering at the bottom due to gravity. At this point, the water molecules gets closer causing borax crystals to cling or attach to the flakes (made of pipe cleaners) dipped in the borax suspension. This is why we are able to see beautiful and amazing borax snowflakes crystals.

See!! It is that easy to grow snowflakes in front of our eyes using simple ingredients as I told you in the beginning. You can try experimenting with different variables and shapes made of pipe cleaners. You can also use food colour to give different attractive colours to your crystals.

Try out and enjoy beautiful sparkling ornaments and decorations year around. My kids decorated the grown snowflakes to our window making our home looks more beautiful and attractive.

Crystal Snowflake


How to make borax crystal snowflakes?

Make a borax suspension and dip the handmade pipe cleaner flakes into it. Allow it to settle for sometime and see the wonderful results i.e. borax crystal snowflakes.
Will borax crystals dissolve?

Yes, they dissolve when the water is hot but when the water gets cooler, the borax molecules start gathering and form lumps. 

How does temperature affect the growth of borax crystals?

Temperature gives clear affects on the growth of borax crystals. The higher the temperature, the lesser the formation of crystals due to repulsion of water molecules. The lower the temperature, you can see the most crystals formed.

How does rate of cooling affect crystal size?

Yes, cooling effect has great impact on the rate of crystal size formation. Rapid cooling of borax suspension gives small crystals whereas slower cooling gives larger ones. 

Why are crystals bigger when cooled slowly?

In the borax suspension, when the hot water gets cooler the water molecules gather again and inhibits the borax to dissolve. thus making borax molecules cling to the pipe cleaners forming bigger crystals. 

Why do borax crystals grow so fast?

When the hot water gets cooler or starts evaporating, the borax molecules begin to come closer and form crystals so fast. 

How do you make salt crystal snowflakes?

Add salt to the hot water until it get dissolves as much as possible. Now dip the pipe cleaners snow flakes into the solution and let it sit overnight. You can see the salt crystals after sometime clearly. This is best for younger kids to introduce crystal chemistry. 

Do borax crystals melt?

Yes, they melt or dissolve when they are in hot water. When borax powder is mixed in hot water, the water molecules repel each other making enough space for borax molecules to dissolve in it.
Are borax crystals safe to touch?

Borax is a mild irritant and causes burns if it is touched very often. 

Is making borax crystals safe?

My answer is ‘it is not safe to use borax but with proper care (wearing gloves while working with borax) reduces the risks associated with borax. Borax is also not safe to ingest.

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Book Review Template for Kids (Tips & Activities)

Aren’t your kids interested in reading more books? How can you enhance their understanding skills after reading a book? 

Here is a solution ! How about asking them to write a review? Don’t be funny you say ! No, I am just saying if you have colorful “Book Review Templates” for kids, you can actually ask them to write what they understood.  

Ask your kids to share their point of view and discuss about it with their friends and family. While this is a small circle, writing a review about the book will help them introduce it a bigger circle or people, at the same time improve their thinking and writing skills.

You might want to check out book templates for kids, who are interested in compiling or writing a book. 

book review template

Your kids read books? Do they have the habit of sharing their view about the books? Do they share their review about every book they read? Or do you want your kid to write review about the books they read? Do you want to teach them on how to write a book review? Well, this topic is help and satisfy all the above needs.

Yes, In this article we are going to see in detail about what is book review and how to make your kids write a book review. We are here to help you with the wonderful set of templates that will help teach your kids and encourage them write review about books. All you have to do is just a click away, select the template you like from here, download it, print and teach your kids on how to write a book review with the help of it. All these templates are available for free and you can download and use it anytime, anywhere.

What are Book Review Templates?

First of all let us see what is book review template and what are the components in it to be filled. As the name says, it is nothing but the template to write review about books, which will help you teach your kids on how to write a book review and what all needs to be included/excluded while writing a book review. Below are some of the components that needs to be filled in order to complete a Book review.

book review template for high school

  • Title – Name of the book
  • Author/Illustrator – Name of the Author and/or Illustrator of the book
  • Word difficulty – They need to predict the difficulty level they had while reading the book. For Example, Too easy, Just right, Medium, Too hard,
  • Did your like the book/Rating – This is to rate the book. As it is for kids, it can be represented with the STAR rating. If not, by numbers. For example, 4.2 out of 5. Or you can ask them to describe the book in one word by proving them a set of words to choose. For example, Exiting, boring, impressive, stupid, funny, sad, heart warming, interesting, excellent, entertaining, educational and so on.
  • Summary in one sentence – Ask them to summarize the story of the book in a sentence, that needs to be short and crisp.
  • Characters – Describe in brief about the character involved in the book.
  • What was your favorite part of the book? / What I liked best – This will help them recollect the memories of reading the book and describe their favorite part in the book.
  • What I didn’t like – Ask them to summarize the part of book which the kids did not like
  • Draw your favorite character from the book – If it is a picture book or activity book that would contain more pictures and images, then you can guide them to draw their favorite character from the book.
  • Draw your favorite scene from the book – every kids will have a favorite part from the book and you can encourage them to visualize their favorite scene, which in-turn will develop their drawing skills also.
  • Recommendation – They can tick mark the box. For example, Highly Recommended, Reasonable, Not recommended.
  • Reviewer Name – Your kids name who is writing the review.
  • Date – date on which the review was written.

These are few of the points that must be covered as part of a book review. Apart from this the kids can add anything extra as part of the template while writing the review.

How to make one?
book review template for childrens books

Are your kids exited to write a book review? Wondering how to guide them on it? Then we are here to help you, as we have provided wonderful set of book review templates for kids in this page that will attract your kids. Do you want to make one on your own? Well, that is allowed as well. All you have to do is to just chose your template from here and download it for free. As we have designed it for your ease, you can just edit the template as per your need by changing the font, background, borderline of the template etc and create/make your own Book review templates within seconds,without spending even a single penny from your pocket. Is it not amazing? Create one instantly and help your kids write a book review.

Uses of Book review template?

book review template for middle schoolDownload

Let us see below the uses of writing a book review.

  • Will help the kids to improve their creative writing skills and reading comprehension.
  • Will encourage the kids to share their opinion
  • Will help others to decide on whether to read/purchase the book or not.
  • Will provide the in-depth analysis of the story and content of the book.
  • Will capture the main theme of the book and help readers understand the author’s style.

These are few of the benefits of writing a book review. Apart from these it will improve their book reading skills and increase their interest to read more books and write review for those.

How to use – Book review template for teaching in classroom

book review template for primary schoolDownload

In order to help teachers with book review templates and few sample activities that would help them teach in the classroom,we have listed few activities as below to make their work easy:

  • Providing Sample Book review – You can take few sample reviews written by others for a book and share it in the classroom for the kids to basically understand what is a book review and what are the basic elements and points to be captured while writing a book review. Best source to teach them is from the famous/favorite magazine or even newspaper.
  • Together read a book review – Pick up an appropriate and favorite book review and read it aloud along with the students in the classroom. Cover everything from title of the book, author, brief summary of the book, strengths and weakness and your own personal opinion about the book.
  • Provide a book to review – Provide a book or a short story to read in the classroom and write their review about it. Encourage them to make note of the key points of the story Post which you can read the review they have written and correct those along with the students.
  • Questions about the book – Provide a book review template template and guide them with few questions that will help them recollect the incidents in the story and come-up with a good review. Questions should cover on the genre of the book (whether it is Comic or fantasy or detective or humor),  about the favorite part of the book, likes and dis-likes, about the main characters of the book, briefly about the author of the book, did they enjoy reading the story, etc. Also ensure to have their reviews explained in details. 
  • Classroom flip book review activity – Prepare a flip book with an interesting topic and introduce it to the students. Provide them with a book review template from him as per your wish and let them write review on the flip book. This will help them improve their thinking capacity as well.

 How to use – Book Review template for students

book review template for year 5Download

Making children write a book review is a great way to motivate them to read lot of books. Having said that let us see few activities  that will help them learn and write a good and perfect book review.

  • Book review activity Packet – You can choose a sample book for the students to read, be it a short-story or fun book or a comic story. To start with you can provide them a book under their favorite genre which will help them read it with full involvement and write a good review. Then you can choose a template from here for there to express their thought and opinion about the book and write a review.
  • Character book review Activity – Decide a book for the student to read, preferably a picture book or fun book. Later you can collect the pictures of the different characters in the book and make cards out of it. Once the student completes the book, you can provide these cards carrying different characters in the book and as them to write review about each character. This will help children to understand and judge themselves with how much involvement they have read the book.

All the activities listed above looks awesome right? Waiting to involve your kids/students in reading books and write a review for the book? Then you can involve them in any of the above activities. To start with, you can make them read a book of their favorite genre, which will help them practice writing a book review at initial times.

Can Book Review Template help kids to learn science?

book review template ks1Download

In order to make students develop their interest towards science, you can introduce it to them through book review activity as well. Wondering how? Here is an example for you to help them develop their interest towards science. You can create a Flip book with different forms of energy (like heat, sound,chemical,thermal etc) or any other science related topics like state of matter or chemical changes, with the pictures related to it. You can ask students to make a research on each of the picture in the flip book, hence introducing science to them.

Help them in understand it which in-turn will make them write good reviews. Later, once they complete the flip book, provide them with few book review templates and as them to write their opinion about each science topic in the flip book, that will help them know their understanding about the science and develop interest towards science. Similarly you can make them read various science related fun books (like 11 Experiments That Failed or Ada Twist – Scientist) which will introduce science to them and ask them to write review for the same.

Tips to help your kids write a book review


book review template ks2Download

Writing a book review is not an easy task for the children at initial times. Below are you tips which will help you guide your children to write a good book review.

  • Motivate them to make note of the important points while reading the books. This will help them remember the favorite characters and scenes in the book.
  • Make them ask questions about the book to come-up with an perfect book review.
  • Guide them to have a structure for the book review they write. For example , starting from the Author to the strength and weakness of the book.
  • You should be ready to proofread it at the end. Once the kids complete writing a review, you should have a check on it for any spelling mistakes, meaning of the phrases and help them correct their mistakes in the next review.

Do’s and Don’ts of a Book review

my book reportDownload

Having discussed in details on how to write a book review, we shall now see the do;s and dont’s while reviewing a book.

  • Provide a short phrase/title that will explain your review’s content.
  • Be very specific in describing what you liked or did not like in the book. Do not generally say “it was bad”,”not satisfactory”. Describe why was it bad and not satisfactory.
  • Do not drag the review too long. Make it crisp and brief. Do not completely summarize the book.
  • Do not criticize it badly just because it was not as how you expected.
  • Describe your favorite character and be very careful and conscious in what you say about the story to avoid controversies.

Following these  points along with the tips, you can select any of the activities along with the book review template from our page and teach your kids on how to write a good book review.