10 Best Hoverboard for 8 Year Old – Buying Guide

If you are looking for the best Hoverboard for your 8 Year old son or daughter - you are reading the right article. Checkout these amazing electric Hoverboards suitable for boys and girls.

You probably didn’t have the chance to own a hoverboard in your childhood. But, that doesn’t mean your child can’t, too.

In this guide, we are discussing the best hoverboard for 8 year old that you can get without breaking the bank.

So, if you don’t have a hefty budget and want the best hoverboard for kids, this guide is for you.

A hoverboard is an excellent way of getting from point A to point B without exerting much energy and dirtying the shoes.

More importantly, if you are reading this, you are in search of a hoverboard for kids because your child would love to have one.

Best Hoverboard for 8 Year Old

We understand it’s a difficult thing to decide about a product you are not familiar with. Worry not though.

After reading this guide on the best hoverboards for kids, you will be able to land on a great hoverboard for your child and won’t have to break the bank either.

Best Hoverboard For 8 Year Olds

Let’s get started.

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SISIGAD Hoverboard for 8 Year Old

The SISIGAD Hoverboard is the first on our list for a reason. It offers everything your child needs for a fun and productive outing.

The Bluetooth speakers allow them to listen to their favorite audios.

The hoverboard for kids has a speed of 6 MPH, which means your child can move safely on the roadside, ensuring your peace of mind.

Moreover, the aesthetics are impressive. The LED light adds to the pleasantries of this hoverboard. Your child isn’t going to get bored with it.

The charging time is only 3 -5 hours. You won’t have to worry about the weight-bearing capacity either; the hoverboard can withstand a child between 44 and 200 pounds of weight.

And, the self-balancing makes it stable and easy to control. The battery provides more than half an hour of playtime for your child.

However, the wall charger may not show the green light while charging. In such a case, you will have to make sure it doesn’t get overcharged.


  • Ideal for 8 year old
  • Self-balancing and safe
  • Easy to use
  • 40 min of playtime
  • LED lighting
  • Bluetooth speakers


  • Wall charged may not indicate charging level

LIEAGLE Hoverboard for Girl Kids

Looking for a hoverboard for a girl kid? This one’s got everything your child will love; from the ease of learning to stability.

It can also make a 360 degree turn on the spot or go straight without any turns. Moreover, the footpad is made of a friction-full material, which means no slipping or skidding while riding the hoverboard.

It’s comfortable too. Your child won’t get tired even after a long neighborhood tour.

The unique self-balancing technology makes it stable and an ideal hoverboard for girl kids. Plus, your child can control the speed with precision. For safety, it has got speed limit protection.

Moreover, the tires are puncture and wear-resistant, making them suitable for every terrain. And, it can be used at night with peace of mind courtesy of the front LED lights.

However, it’s quite heavy, which makes it not so portable for a child of 8 years.


  • Stable and safe
  • Easy to learn and use
  • Aesthetic
  • Non-slip footpad
  • LED lights


  • Heavy

JOLEGE LED Light Hoverboard for Kids

This hoverboard is one of the easiest to learn and use, which makes it ideal for 8 year old kids. Your kid will get fully comfortable with this hoverboard in under 5 minutes.

Moreover, the self-balancing technology not only offers an easy ride, but it also makes the hoverboard safe for your kid.

Plus, it can rotate 360 degrees and can go straight in one direction. The colorful LED lights in the wheels as well as at the front makes it attractive. The front LED lights also help in night-time hoverboarding.

Additionally, the foot pedal is slip-resistant, which means the kid can enjoy a smooth ride with good stability.

The good thing is it comes at a pretty reasonable price point. And, the overall quality of the hoverboard is great. 

However, the battery life is not great. So, you will have to charge it often.  


  • Easy to learn
  • Good balance
  • Colorful and stylish
  • Slip-resistant foot pedal
  • Inexpensive


  • Battery timing could be improved

Swagtron Swagboard Self Balancing Hoverboard for 8 Year Old

The Swagtron Swaboard hoverboard is one of the most stylish ones on our list. The LED lights on the tires give the hoverboard a pleasant colorful look.

It’s quite powerful too; the dual 250-watt motors make it easy for the hoverboard to climb a 30-degree incline without any problem. Moreover, the maximum speed it can go up to is 7 MPH.

As far as safety is concerned, auto-balancing technology takes care of it. It makes the hoverboard pretty stable, and in turn, safe for your child.

Plus, the lithium-free battery fully gets charged in only five hours. And, it’s protected against over-charging and short-circuiting.

So, the style, ease of handling, and power of this hoverboard for kids make it a great option for your kid’s fun.

However, the hoverboard is quite heavy and the battery won’t probably offer good playtime. The customer service doesn’t seem to be very helpful either.


  • Stylish
  • Powerful
  • Stable
  • Durable
  • Easy to handle


  • Small battery life
  • Heavy

FLYING-ANT Hoverboard for Girl Kids

The FLYING-ANT hoverboard is perfect for girl kids. The auto-balancing feature allows anyone to learn it in a jiffy. Your kid is going to love the ease with which she can move around on it.

Moreover, the wheels and the body have a pretty stylish and colorful design. LED lights on the wheels, front, and back make the hoverboard quite appealing.

However, the battery of this hoverboard may last only for less than an hour. So, you will have to recharge it often. The red-colored light indicates when the battery needs to be recharged or calibrated.

Plus, although the description mentions Bluetooth speakers, the hoverboard doesn’t come with a Bluetooth connection. Something that could have been a good addition, given the futuristic style of the hoverboard.

Overall, the hoverboard is great for kids as well as adults, allowing you to have some quality time with your child.  


  • Easy to use
  • For adults and kids
  • Stylish lighting and design
  • Battery indicator


  • Low battery life

TOMOLOO Self-Balancing Hoverboard for Kids

This one has Bluetooth speakers, providing your kid an opportunity to listen to his/her favorite audios while on the move.

The most attractive thing for an 8 year old is the lighting on these things. The hoverboard is full of them. And, it is always changing the color of the LED lighting.

Moreover, the hoverboard for kids is self-balancing, which means your kid won’t face any difficulty in learning to ride it. It makes it safe for the kids too.

And, it gets recharged pretty fast too; you will just have to plug it in for 3 hours. The hoverboard is very generous as far as the playtime is concerned. 

The overall quality of the hoverboard seems good.

But, it may scratch easily. Plus, although the description says it’s water-resistant when the wheels get wet, it doesn’t work.


  • Long battery life
  • Attractive lights and design
  • Easy to use
  • Safe and stable (self-balancing)
  • Durable


  • Scratches easily
  • Not water-resistant

VEVELINE Self-Balancing Hoverboard for 8 Year Old

The VEVELINE hoverboard is quite intuitive; so, it will be quite easy for your 8-year-old to get accustomed to. It won’t take your child more than 10 minutes to master this hoverboard.

Another good thing is, the hoverboard shows the battery life on top. So, you know how much charge is left, always.

And, the wheels start to light up when the hoverboard is on the move. A great sight for the kids.

Plus, the battery lasts a fair amount of time before needing a recharge.

The tires of the hoverboard rotate 360-degree and footpads offer good grip, making the hoverboard easy to maneuver.

However, it doesn’t have Bluetooth. You might also find it a tad bit expensive. But, once the kid starts enjoying it, it’s worth the money.


  • Easy to use
  • Shows battery life
  • 360-degree rotating tires
  • LED lights
  • Good battery timing


  • No Bluetooth
  • Expensive

YHR Hoverboard for Girl Kids with Bluetooth Speakers

The YHR hoverboard for girl kids gives off an awesome vibe. The colors and lighting not only enhance the interest of your child but also makes riding at night convenient and safe.

If you want your child to listen to audiobooks or her favorite stuff, there is a Bluetooth speaker that offers exactly that. It just improves the learning experience of your child while providing them the fun they need.

Moreover, it’s quite easy to learn too. The kid only has to use it for 5 minutes and she will get used to it.

Don’t worry about your child slipping from the hoverboard either; the anti-slip footpads provide a comfortable and stable footing on the hoverboard.

The hoverboard also has a powerful motor, allowing it to go up to 9 MPH.

Plus, the battery indicator at the top indicates the remaining battery time, keeping you up to date at all times.

However, there seems to be a discord in the maximum weight capacity; the label tells a different story than the image. And, the battery timing could have been improved.


  • Easy to learn and use
  • Bluetooth speakers
  • Anti-slip foot pads
  • Powerful motor: up to 9 MPH


  • Indefinite weight-bearing capacity
  • Battery timing could be improved

Beston Sports Dual Motor Hoverboard for kids

If you are looking for a durable and stable hoverboard for your kid, this one could be it. The hoverboard features a non-slip and durable footpad, ensuring your child’s stability and safety while riding.

Moreover, the hoverboard is equipped with a high-intensity headlight that serves two purposes. Your child can safely hover around in the town at night and it makes the hoverboard pretty aesthetic.

Also, the hoverboard has a Bluetooth speaker, providing your child the opportunity to enhance their riding experience with the audios of their favorite artists. And, it simply adds more fun to the outing.

Don’t worry about the battery timing as well. The playtime will last several hours. It’s pretty easy to learn and use; so, your child will get the hang of it within a few minutes.

Plus, we really liked the looks of this hoverboard; it’s unique-looking and colorful.

However, it might be harmful to carpets.

All in all, your 8 year old kids would love this, especially because it looks so cool.


  • Easy to learn
  • Bluetooth speakers
  • Good battery timing
  • Aesthetic; colorful
  • Durable and non-slip footpad


  • Could be dangerous for carpets

TPS Electric Hoverboard for 8 Year Old

This one is quite easy to learn and use. Thanks to the effective self-balancing technology, the hoverboard allows your child to learn as well as enjoy their ride without any hassle.

Moreover, the hoverboard features a powerful motor that allows it to go up to 7 miles/hour. The maximum load-bearing capacity is 200 lbs., so you can also get into the action.

Plus, the footpad is thick, non-slip, and made of durable material. This ensures that your child keeps her balance on the hoverboard.

And, the rubber tires especially add to the comfort of your child by providing a smooth ride. The fun is maximized when you can connect your smartphone to the Bluetooth-enabled speaker.

The aesthetics are impressive; your child is going to love the flashing wheels and colorful LED lights all over the hoverboard.

However, the Bluetooth connection isn’t very stable. And, the ride time may be a little short.


  • Smooth ride
  • Self-balancing (safe)
  • Easy to ride
  • Non-slip foot pads
  • Colorful and aesthetic look


  • Less playtime
  • Unstable Bluetooth connection

Retrospec Quip Skateboard for Kids

Looking for hoverboards under $100? Well, this one is way below that. It’s made up of durable plastic material and the size is good enough for a stable ride.  

One unique and impressive feature of this one is its lightweight. Your child can easily carry it around and store it on the go. It’s just under 5 pounds.

Moreover, the polyurethane wheels are smooth and durable, ensuring comfortable rides around the town. The wheels make it pretty fast too.

The material quality is great, especially considering the price. Plus, it’s quite easy to learn too, even if your child has never used a skateboard before.

It has a classic retro look to it and the color combination is pleasant too. Moreover, you will find it flexible and fun to use. All in all, it’s one of the best hoverboards under $100.

However, you may find the plastic wrap around the bearing a little hard to take off. It’s not an electric hoverboard, so your child will have to exert some force to get it moving.


  • Easy to learn and use
  • Pleasant look and colors
  • Lightweight
  • Smooth tire movement
  • Durable overall


  • Wrap plastic hard to take off
  • Demands effort

Final Thoughts

Hoverboards aren’t only fun, but they also allow your children to learn and have a productive outing.

It’s the best gadget for those who want their kids to connect with nature while learning a thing or two.

But, landing on the right one maybe a little time-taking, as you have to go through a research process. But, we have done that for you.

After reading this article on the best hoverboards for 8 year old, you will be able to land on the one that’s safe and ideal for your child’s learning and enjoyment.

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