Top 15 Best Sewing Machines for Kids (Best Gift for Creative Genius)

Choose your next best sewing machine for kids using our best collection and buying guide. You would wonder to see some of the easy facts that can help you pick the best one.

A sewing machine that’s perfect for your kid may not be as easy to find as you would think. But, you have landed on this page, so, you don’t have to worry about it.

We have reviewed the best sewing machines for kids so that you know exactly where you are investing your money.  

sewing machine for kids

So, after reading this article, you’ll be able to land on the right one for your kid. You just have to keep a few things in mind before pulling the trigger.

Tips to find the best sewing machine for kids

Foot Pedal

Check whether the machine comes with a foot pedal or not and if it’s attached properly. A foot pedal allows a mechanism for easy control. Also, make sure the machine is durable and lightweight.


You may also want to make sure the machine offers speed control via a slider. Your child may not want to use a foot pedal. Choosing a model with both features would be best. 

Easy to Use

Avoid buying a sewing machine with complicated features. It should be easy to learn for a child, which will eventually ignite more interest.

Get the one with a built-in needle threader. It will make the sewing experience more convenient and fun.

Cool Looks

Kids won’t fall for a dull-looking sewing machine. Get a machine that has a cool visual on it.; their favorite cartoon character or superhero would be ideal. But, an eye-catching design will do the trick too.


It goes without saying, but safety is the most important aspect when you are looking for a sewing machine for kids. Get the one with a drop-in bobbin. Your kid won’t have to refill the bobbin as it can hold more.

The machine should also offer different speeds so that you can ensure the safety of your child.  

Best sewing machine for kids

1. Janome Pink Sorbet Child Sewing Machine

This one is designed for absolute beginners, which makes it ideal for a child. Moreover, it has a complete instruction manual and tutorial videos.

The Janome Pink Sorbet sewing machine also has a solid interior metal frame, which makes it suitable for heavy projects.

A removable free arm on this machine allows you to stitch small and tubular items easily.

And, it has a 4-step buttonhole and 15 built-in stitches.

However, a thread cutter is missing on this machine.

  • Easy to use (Instruction manual included)
  • Sturdy
  • Versatile (Quilting and home décor)
  • Removable free arm
  • Comes with accessories
  • No thread cutter

2. Brother XM2701 Kids Beginner Sewing Machine

The Brother XM2701 is an easy to use free arm children’s sewing machine. So, your child can work on a variety of projects on it.

Plus, it comes with an automatic needle threader, which makes the sewing experience much convenient.

Moreover, the sewing machine offers 27 built-in stitches. This includes decorative, blind hem, and zig-zag stitches.

And, if speedy stitching is something you are looking for, the sewing machine delivers 800 stitches per minute.

Lastly, there is an LED light on the machine, but it’s not that bright.

  • Easy to use (Manual and DVD included)
  • Free arm sewing machine
  • Automatic needle threader
  • 800 stitches per minute
  • LED lighting
  • LED light is dim

3. SINGER Tradition 2259 Children’s Sewing Machine with 19 Built-in Stitches

The SINGER Tradition 2259 offers 19 built-in stitches and a 4-step buttonhole. The metal frame is heavy-duty, making your sewing projects easy and fun.

Moreover, it’s a free arm machine, which allows you to sew difficult to access areas of your clothes.

Another good thing is, you can even sew several layers of fabric. The machine also comes with a variety of accessories to make your child’s sewing experience enjoyable.

  • Easy automatic threading
  • Suitable for thick fabric (and multiple layers of fabrics)
  • Adjustable stitch width and length
  • Free arm sews cuffs easily
  • Front-loading bobbin
  • Warranty is just for the US and Canada use at 110 volts

4. DONYER POWER Mini Kids Beginner Sewing Machine

This one is also beginner-friendly and ideal for a kid. Using the foot pedal, the child can switch between two speeds.

Plus, there are a total of 12 stitches on this machine, allowing your child to learn easily. The automatic needle threader also adds to its ease of use. This also makes it ideal for more complex stitching projects.

However, the instruction manual isn’t very detailed and seems sketchy.

That said, it’s a perfect machine for small DIY projects.  

  • Free arm
  • Two speeds
  • Affordable
  • Easy to use
  • Ideal for creative kids
  • Sketchy manual

5. Janome 15312 Hello Kitty Best Girls Sewing Machine

The Janome 15312 is an easy-to-use sewing machine and is ideal for girls. The machine offers 15 built-in stitches and a 4-step buttonhole.

Plus, the interior frame is made of sturdy aluminum material, allowing you to do heavy-duty projects.

Moreover, the free arm feature lets you sew difficult clothes like cuffs, collars, and hems.

Your child can also practice hemming by using the reverse stitch feature on this machine.

  • Compact size
  • Easy to use and thread
  • Ideal for girls
  • Smooth hemming
  • Suitable for difficult to reach areas like cuffs
  • No built-in needle threader

6. Brother SM1738D Children’s Sewing Machine

This one has a Disney theme to make your child’s learning experience more fun. There are 4 different faceplates to choose from; you can attach any one based on your child’s preference.

Moreover, the sewing machine is equipped with 17 built-in stitches and a buttonhole (auto-size), making learning easier.

It also has a versatile free arm, which makes sewing complicated clothes a breeze.

  • Easy for kids
  • Offers 4 different Disney faceplates (interchangeable)
  • Jam-resistant bobbin
  • Free arm for difficult to reach areas
  • Best for beginners
  • The presser foot handle is a little hard to use

7. Brother CS5055PRW Easy to Use Child Sewing Machine

This one offers 5 auto-sized buttonholes and a whopping 50 built-in stitches. Plus, it has an automatic needle threader. All this makes it easy for your child to get started with stitching.

Moreover, the sewing machine comes with several accessories including 7 sewing feet. And, the maximum speed it can touch is an impressive 850 stitches per minute.  

A prominent attachment with this machine is a free arm; it makes sewing cuffs and similar designs easy. However, it may be a little too advance for a kid.

  • Professional design and features
  • Allows easy threading
  • High-quality stitching
  • 850 stitches per minute
  • 50 sewing stitches
  • A little too advanced

8. SINGER Start 1304 Kids Beginner Sewing Machine

Want a compact and lightweight sewing machine for your child? This one should be it. It’s only 7 pounds, so you can take it anywhere with ease. This also makes it suitable for smaller spaces.

It’s a pretty basic and simple sewing machine, so your kid can get started with stitching right away.

Moreover, the machine offers 6 built-in stitches and a metal frame for effective sewing. And, the free arm allows easy hemming.

  • Easy to use
  • Free arm for hemming
  • Lightweight and portable
  • Metal frame
  • Automatic bobbin winding
  • Tension adjusting feature
  • No automatic needle threader

9. Singer 1507WC Free-Arm Sewing Machine for Children

This one is an ideal children’s sewing machine. It offers 8 built-in stitches, an automatic 4-step buttonhole, and easy and quick needle threading.

Moreover, the machine allows you to customize your designs using the adjustable stitch length and width feature.

However, it’s only warranted for use in Canada and the US at 110 volts.

  • Simple design
  • Easy to use
  • Customizable stitching with adjustable stitch length and width (zig-zag)
  • Canvas cover protects it from dust
  • Accessory storage (accessories included)
  • Only warranted for Canada and US users

10. Best Choice Products Best Girls Sewing Machine

Looking for the best girls sewing machine? This should be it.

It comes with all the features your child would require getting started with stitching. These features also make it quite easy to use.

Plus, there are 12 stitching presets that allow you to take on more complicated projects and make learning easier. Moreover, there are two speeds to choose from.

And, it’s lightweight and compact, which makes it portable and suitable for a small space.

  • Lightweight and compact
  • Easy to use
  • Easy threading
  • Perfect for beginners and kids
  • The instruction manual isn’t that helpful

11. NEX Real Sewing Machine for Child

This one’s a pretty lightweight and compact real sewing machine for child. It only weighs 5 pounds, which makes it portable and ideal for a small space.

Moreover, the machine allows you to change the speed settings. So, you can ensure your child’s safety as well.

It has 12 built-in stitch patterns, making it ideal for small projects. It also eases the learning curve for your child.

  • Easy to use
  • Compact and lightweight
  • Adjustable speed
  • Ideal for small projects
  • Comes with a bulb to light up your workspace
  • The instruction manual isn’t adequate

12. Magicfly Children’s Sewing Machine with Extension Table

This one’s a small-sized battery-powered sewing machine, so you can use it without a power socket, which makes it portable.

Moreover, the double-thread feature on it allows you to produce strong stitches.

There are two speeds to choose from; lower speed ensures the safety of the child.

Don’t worry about the small size; it comes with an extension table, which means you can do bigger projects too. It also offers a built-in thread cutter.

  • Strong double threads
  • Comes with an extension table
  • Battery-powered (wireless)
  • Compact and lightweight (portable)
  • Dual speed
  • Not suitable for very thin or elastic fabrics

13. SINGER Simple 3232 Child Sewing Machine with Built-in Needle Threader

The SINGER Simple 3232 is an easy to use child sewing machine that offers 32 built-in stitches and a 4-step buttonhole.

It offers a maximum speed of 750 stitches per minute, allowing you to work on large projects as well.

Moreover, the automatic needle threader takes care of the most frustrating task in sewing.

And, impressively, you can even stitch in the reverse direction for stronger stitches by just pushing the auto-reverse button.

  • Easy to use
  • 750 stitches per minute
  • Automatic reverse stitching button
  • Compact and portable
  • Allows you to raise the presser foot
  • Warranted for Canadian and US users only
  • Inadequate instructions

14. KPCB Kids Beginner Sewing Machine

This one’s a basic children’s sewing machine that offers straight line stitching. This makes it perfect for kids just starting their stitching journey. It’s very easy to use and has an exquisite design.

The built-in thread cutter, a lamp, auto bobbin rewinding, and learning videos make this one really easy to use and great for learning.  

You can even scale your projects thanks to the extension table. The table also makes the machine more stable.

  • Easy to use
  • Best for starters
  • Beautiful design
  • Built-in thread cutter
  • Auto bobbin rewinding
  • Comes with an extension table
  • No reverse stitching; not suitable for hemming
15. AMAV Educational Best Girls Sewing Machine and Kit

If you want your girl to be an aspiring fashion designer, this sewing kit is for you. In addition to a compact sewing machine, the kit contains several accessories that will make her sewing experience fun.

It comes with a foot pedal, so your child can sew hands-free. Plus, the kit includes 6 mannequins, stylish fabrics, and colorful threads.

Moreover, there is a step-by-step instruction booklet to get your child started.

All in all, it’s the best kids beginner sewing machine if you are serious about your child’s learning.

  • Small
  • Easy to use
  • Foot pedal control
  • Additional accessories
  • Fashion templates
  • 6 mannequins
  • Mannequins and fabrics aren’t durable
Final Thoughts

If you were looking for a real sewing machine for child, you have a lot of options now. Just make sure you choose the right one for your kid.

The best kids beginner sewing machine is easy and safe to use, looks good, has a foot pedal, is durable, and offers features that make stitching fun for your child.

So, filter out the right one for your kid after going through our 15 best picks. That way, you’ll make an informed and confident buying decision.  

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