10 Classic and Effective ways to Build Catapults from Popsicle’s

Today, we are going to turn our young scientists into little engineers! Yes, we are going to combine STEM, physics, and craft in a surprising way of creating “Catapult”.

How does a catapult work? Catapult stores up potential energy and releases all at once as kinetic energy which makes a projectile or object throw far away (much further than a human could alone) through the air to the fixed targeted area. The best process to make these amazing catapults is ‘The Engineering Design Process’, which our ancient and modern engineers utilizes everyday till date.

Using the same engineering design process, we are going to make our own mini-versions of catapults in different methods. Let our kids learn this physical science activity hands-on and in an easy way. Do not worry! Our homemade medieval rocket launchers are not dangerous but still recommend to supervise the children while making the beautiful and creative mini catapults, medieval rocket launchers.

DIY Catapults From Popsicles

Let us begin with some STEM challenge activities for kids that allow them to create homemade mini catapults in an excellent way. In this post, I have included 10 different methods of making mini catapults right from your home or school. Have a look and give it a try! Here we go.

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1. C is for Catapult STEM Activity

Playing around with popsicles is always fun. Make your kids routine activities more interesting and entertaining with this super awesome STEM project. A little glue, a few rubber bands can set a handful of popsicles in motion in a creative and effective way. Depending the size and weight of the projectiles and the catapult size, the catapult working capacity differs. This let your kid to improve their observation and analysis skills while creating catapults.

et ready to create your own miniature catapults. Here are the complete details of this classic activity: C is for Catapult STEM Activity

2. Catapult STEM Project – DIY Catapult for Kids

Do you have Popsicle sticks around your home!? Do not let them go into the bin because we are going to make an amazing STEM activity using Popsicle sticks that are left unused around our home. I highly recommend this simple activity to teachers and parents to keep their children and students engaged in learning physics, maths, technology, and science together. Sounds great, right?

If you are ready with your Popsicle sticks, read the instructions available clearly in this activity: Catapult STEM Project – DIY Catapult for Kids

3. Build a trebuchet catapult with Popsicle Sticks

Did you know about medieval siege weapon called a trebuchet? Trebuchet is another type of catapult uses gravity to launch or throw a projectile. Surprisingly, with easy supplies and instructions we can make these most useful trebuchets at your home or school. Build a miniature trebuchet catapult perfect for school science project because this activity offers a great visual demonstration on how it works.

Here are the simple steps you need to know to make the most powerful trebuchet catapult: Build a trebuchet catapult with Popsicle Sticks

4. Christmas STEM activity Simple Catapult

Enjoy the Christmas holiday season by building your own mini catapults to learn about force, levers, load, fulcrum points, etc. with this awesome STEM activity. I have done this cool activity with my kids in our home and enjoyed watching wow look in my kid’s faces after preparing their own catapults using simple instructions. This Christmas themed STEM activity is so much fun and easy!

Browse the Christmas catapult STEM activity that adds a ton of fun to your kid’s holiday themed activities. Click on Christmas STEM activity Simple Catapult

5. Preschool Catapult PLUS Catapult Math & Physics for High School!

A classic and awesome simple activity that is appropriate for the kids of all ages and especially the older kids learn the math and physics using simple household supplies. Turn your little scientists into little engineers to understand simple catapult machines. Older kids can begin this activity by checking out some medieval period catapult designs and its function to understand the catapult machines effectively.

Learn making catapult machines in a very fun way: Just click Preschool Catapult PLUS Catapult Math & Physics for High School!

6. 3 Cool DIY Popsicle Stick Catapults

The most popular ideas of making homemade DIY Popsicle stick catapults. Popsicle stick catapults are easy and fun plus an awesome craft activity. These cool ideas offer a great opportunity for the kids to learn math based activity because children records the analysed data by analysing the distance travelled by the projectiles based on their weights and sizes.

Learn the easy to make catapults here: 3 Cool DIY Popsicle Stick Catapults

7. Popsicle Stick Catapult STEM activity for kids

Are you worried to present your homemade STEM challenge of making catapult in a science fair event!? Without any further thinking, you can add this project to your child’s science fair activity and experience the wow twist in your child’s STEM challenge activity. Not only it works effectively as a STEM activity but also works great to learn simple physics.

Make learning physics easy for your kids: Follow the instructions here, click on Popsicle Stick Catapult STEM activity for kids

8. STEM Activity for Kids: Popsicle Stick Catapults

This is super fun craft activity that brings physics and STEM together in a single activity of making homemade catapults. Adds great learning experience for both pre-schoolers and 2-4 grade children while having a ton of fun. Enjoy watching your child’s predictions and theories while preparing mini versions of catapults!

Want to know how this catapult works!? Click to have complete description of the STEM activity: STEM Activity for Kids: Popsicle Stick Catapults

9. Craft Popsicle Stick Homemade Catapults

Very simple and easy to prepare your own mini catapults using a few materials available around the home! Also, offers hours of fun while engaging and entertaining kids in making craft stick catapults. A brilliant and engineering design project works effectively as science fair project that explains about gravity, energy, and Newton’s Law of Motion.

Get the full description about the super cool STEM activity to make learning easier for kids: Click here, Craft Popsicle Stick Homemade Catapults

10. Build a powerful Popsicle Stick Catapult

Have a blast with this simple and easy STEM challenge activity. Even the pre-schoolers can create a mini catapult on their own since this cool experiment requires a few supplies and instructions. Fun and effective catapult to build that shoots really far away! Super light-weight and works great! Kids will get to learn how different masses with same force changes the distance an object can fly through the air. Sounds amazing, right!

Let us learn the instructions and supplies required before you start this super cool experiment: Build a powerful Popsicle Stick Catapult

The above mentioned classic STEM activities offers myriad opportunities for experimentation while learning simple math, physics, technology, engineering skills, and science plus a lot of fun. All are easy to do activities that brings a fun twist to their holiday themed activities. Happy Experimenting!

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