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We would like to confirm that these ideas including printable files are for personal use only. You can use them to teach kids about science concept at the classroom level. Feel free to share your experiments with us which you tried by referring to our posts by tagging us in social media @gosciencegirls (FB or Twitter) and #gosciencegirls. Thank you in advance!

We own the rights for all the text and images and the copyright is with Go Science Girls. Kindly refrain from altering or editing the images posted in our site. However, you can post our image in social media and give proper credit by mentioning our link post URL.

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We request bloggers to reach us for getting our consent before using the photos (exclusive of tutorial images), mentioning a one line summary with a link to the actual source in your post. (I will be glad about the same!)

Never attempt to edit my images without notifying me even if it is removing the watermark. Do not copy our text and tutorial. Though not mandatory it will be good if you can link the image with the original post, and add < img nopin=”nopin”….> to your image HTML, giving rooms for pinning from the source.)

Notify me with a quick link to your round-up post upon completion that will enable me to read, comment, tweet, pin, and share.  🙂


This blog contains an explanation and steps about the science experiments done by kids real-time. I am a mother of two girls and wanted to spend quality time with them. Hence, I play with them doing these science activities to teach them basic concepts. I am not a professional or an expert and therefore the contents may not be perfect. The very purpose is to spend time with my kids and motivate them to learn science in a fun way. These are based on my knowledge only and hence I request you to provide me suggestions and corrections if any. I am open to hear your feedback and make necessary improvements for the well being of not only my kids but to the kid’s community.

That does not mean you can comment in a slanderous or abusive manner. Any of such comments and also irrelevant responses will be removed without any notification. This being a friendly site, make sure to discuss in a polite tone.

Remember to supervise kids and do not leave them alone while performing the experiments. I have checked the safety and are good to go with kids. Still, I would insist you being around. Based on your kid’s age and behavioral pattern allow them to carry out experiments

In case you are not sure, then check with the child’s doctor and then proceed. Exercise caution when doing the experiments listed in this site. Check for the safety of the materials used in the post before involving kids in the experiments.

The author and blog disclaim liability for any injury or mishap that happens due to carrying out these experiments.


We accept cash advertising, funding, paid insertions and other forms of compensation. We will give due credit to paid work if any. The details posted here are either my kids opinion or my observations. You can check and verify for the product claim with the manufacturer.

(All those who represent a company and keen in advertising, provide product reviews, sponsoring posts or partnering with Go Science Girls, start with Working With Go Science Kids page.)

We also publish affiliate links for the products recommended in our experiment. This means, in the event of you purchase using my link, then I can earn some referral fee. You will not be charged anything extra.

This way I can maintain this site and post free contents for all my readers. Thanks for your timely support!


I would love to answer your questions related to science and these experiments. I will make a sincere effort to answer your query. Even will try to make a blog post if the question can be answered in detail. But remember that I might take some time to revert back. I am a working mom and may not be prompt in answering questions. I am sure you will understand.🙂

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