Book Review of Sticker Dolly Dressing Dream Jobs (Usborne Activities book}

Product Reviewed: Sticker Dolly Dressing Dream Jobs (Usborne Activities)

Author: Emily Bone and Steven Wood .

Age Range: 5+ years olds.

Star Rating: 4.2 / 5 stars

A Go Science Girls review of Dream Jobs Sticker Dolly Dressing Osborne Activities book with loads of positive female career inspiration

Our review of Sticker Dolly Dressing Dream Jobs

“Dream Jobs” is yet another fun activity book to the “Sticker Dolly Dressing” series, that narrates about three best friends Becca, Katy and Leyla imagining about their dream jobs and what are the necessary clothing for it. It is more fun for the kids as it contains 300+ stickers which they can use to dress the dolls to get them ready for the job and enjoy.

The book begins with the clause ” Meet the dreams” and continues with the introduction of the girls, what are their interests and their dream jobs when they grow, while Katy being active, adores nature and dreams of seeing wildlife in different countries, Becca is fascinate on science(whether it is finding out how car engine works or looking for things under microscope) and Leyla is mad about fashion and she enjoys acting and dancing. It then takes through the various jobs the girls dream of and do, when they grow up.

As the title itself conveys on what the book is all about – the girls imagine to get dressed in a neat and appropriate clothes to make a good impression at work. There are 12 different kinds of jobs they dream about, a vet in Africa(Katy imagines to take care of elephants at an elephant sanctuary in Africa), choreographer(Leyla imagines to perform dance work outs), car engineer(Becca imagines as performing checks for the racer cars) and it continues with professional snowboarder, fashion magazine editor, costume designer, chef, helicopter pilot, forensic scientist, marine biologist, doctor and reporter. Each job scene has a small description of what the job is about, what sort of clothes are required and what the girls would do, if they were in that job. The stickers are placed in the middle of the book for the kids to use for dressing the girls.

This book would help rather motivate the young children (specially girls) to think about the various kinds of jobs that they can dream of and to start working towards it to achieve their goal. But few job titles are bit difficult for the 5 year old to understand what it is. But, over all it is a must read book for the kids to dream of their future jobs at the same time the fun activity sticker who keep them engaged. This would be a best holiday gift for the girls. 🙂

 My 7 year old daughter’s comment:

My daughter received this book as her birthday gift. We both started reading it together and I must say she has already started dreaming of the jobs. I enjoyed reading the book and would let her friends also read it, she said. I love the book and had lot of fun with the stickers, dressing up the friends for their jobs, she added.

What is in this book?

First of all, this book is a story that revolves around three girls named, Katy, Becca, and Leyla. These 3 girls aspiration, ambition is explained with stickers in this book. So there is a story about three girls and the assorted stickers will help kids to expand their imagination wings and make them into a girl with respective career. So this book allows kids to know about a career goal, and the colorful stickers make them the great artist as well as know-how each person in different career dress up.

What did I like about the book? What are those career options mentioned in the book

Inculcating ambition in the heart of young girls is the primary purpose of STEM activities which we discuss in our site. With the same intent, I found this book useful to girls. There is not a couple of dream jobs but 12 listed in the book which I liked the most. Stickers are there for each of the ambition and kids can get hold about all in detail.

For example, one page talks about Becca becoming an engineer of a super-fast car. She tells how excited she would be to check cars before they get ready to be part of a race. What would she wear and how she would do it etc is explained in that.

Every dream job is described in a small paragraph this way. Easily readable and makes kids imagine the job role etc.

The 12 job roles include

  1. A vet in Africa
  2. Car engineer
  3. Chef
  4. Choreographer
  5. Costume designer
  6. Doctor
  7. Fashion magazine editor
  8. Forensic scientist
  9. Helicopter pilot
  10. Marine biologist
  11. Professional snowboarder
  12. Reporter

The introduction page also demonstrates about get dressed for an internship with a final concluding page that hints about every girl and her career.


Let me now give you pointers about the positive of this book.

  • The storybook is a great way to get kids into the reading habit. This book solves the purpose. Colorful book, bold print with stickers alluring kids to read them.
  • The book discusses the career theme and allows kids to understand what they want to become when they grow.
  • Apart from just telling the book has given rooms for the little one to make an album with the stickers to inspire them about the ambition.
  • This will improve their fine motor skills and their creative brain too.
  • They will enhance their concentration when they focus on taking the sticker out and fixing them to get the required shape.
  • All the stickers are matching their age that include bags, costumes so that they will feel great about arranging them.
  • Finally, the stereotyping is broken and girl kids are motivated to become anything without gender restriction. Hats off to these efforts! Wishing many more series to come in a row.


I thought about it and it looks silly, but I wanted to highlight this and hence listing in the negatives. This is for the publisher to improve things.

  • I appreciate that the stickers are meaningful and big for kids to handle. Unlike there are several sticker activity books that will be small and uncountable making kids leave them on the floor. However, it could have gluier as they don’t stick properly and that bores kids.
  • Having said that it has strong glue at some places which put a kid in trouble to take them out and in that effort it gets torn and they lose the purpose of using the stickers.

I suggest the bookmaker consider these points and make the glue uniform across to add more value to their activity book.

With this drawback in mind, I rate this book 4/5 and otherwise, I am really happy about the thoughts, design and the way the book is presented.

Why it is good for kids

My personal opinion about why it is good for kids is because; it is just not a storybook. But, more than that. Kids will know about life and ambition from those three little girls. The narration is good which when read kindles out thoughts. Certainly, kids will start thinking about what they want to become when they grow.

You may think it is too much to talk about ambition to kids at age 5. But trust me, this is the time when you can actually start tuning them. They are too small to judge and you can understand their skills to fine-tune their thoughts. The clear vision set at this young age will make them great human beings when they grow.

I always do things different with my two little girls and thus found this book really purposeful. My science experiments are done that way to help kids understand the concept right from childhood and not memorize blindly.

Where to buy Dream Jobs ?

You can buy this book online from (US Link) or from (for UK ). You can also get this from famous book repositories or book stores.

Did you buy Dream Jobs? What is your opinion? What do you think about the role model in that book? I am excited to hear about it.

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