The World’s Fastest Wire Bending Machine

In engineering and metal industries, the automatic Wire Bending Machines are one of the key machinery. They are very helpful for straightening, measure length, bend, cut the wires, and tubes. But do you know which is the fastest wire bender in the world? The answer is AFE-2D6 ULTRA CNC Bender.

Today, we will find another amazing video demo of The Fastest Wire Bending in the World AFE-2D6 CNC wire bender created by AIM Inc (Automated Industrial Machinery, Inc).

AFE-2Dx ULTRA CNC Wire Bender – Fastest Wire Bending in the World from AIM Inc

The AFE-2D6 ULTRA CNC Numerically Controlled Bender capable of shaping various shapes to metal wires in record time. It would be the fastest bender in the world. It bends metal wires at an impressive speed!

This bender supports feeding, scaling, bending, straightening extension, counting, and cutting of a kind of manner combination. Also, it can quickly manufacture a variety of measurements and caliper sizes perfectly that meet the required designs and demands for industrial use.

Moreover, according to the advertisement and claim by the company, it has many attractive functions, such as folding, cutting, and shaping the wires rapidly. Also, we can utilize its different bending methods: clockwise, anti-clockwise; the degree of bending can be adjusted; the same line can be folded with two positive and negative folds easily with the blink of an eye. Check the demo and be amazed!

The AGE-2D6 is produced with the standard and highlights that might be demanded by all industrial users. It has a feeder module and a bender module. The modules are synchronized and controlled from the mounted computer system. Each module provides its own operation with the highest overall production speeds in the industry. Easy Programming, robust engineering, expanded liability, and of courses with the best value.  It comes with additional accessories combined with Threading, Press, Chamfering units, and Drilling, etc.

Features & Benefits

AFE-2Dx ULTRA CNC Wire Bender – Fastest Wire Bending in the World

It is not only the fastest wire bender in the world but has so numerous valuable characteristics too, like…

Wire fed directly from the coil with exceptional accuracy and repeatability. A user can perform programming apart during running production. Its simulation permits us to examine the programmed process before moving ahead for production. Off-line programming remotely by using the specific software or network card.

It has a color touch screen monitor along with an industrial-grade sealed keyboard for data entry work. The double-acting hydraulic cutting system to accomplish the bending work for high tension wires larger than 4 mm capacity. One of the best features is the keystroke transition between dual measurement system Metrics and Units. Friendly tooling with minimal setup and change over time.

As per the tech details, the whole structure is compact with simple operation and high production efficiency. It is a labour-saving machine that uses a control servo motor automatic microcomputer which is fast and powerful. It comes with technical quality and low failure advantages.


In terms of bending, the demand for the various sectors of the industry is very diversified. Many players have been present in the market for a long time. The vision of bending must take into account many parameters that go far beyond the wire bender. For more than 20 years, the control of machines by numerical control has completely revolutionized the sector.

Manufacturers now no longer offer a simple bending machine but real computer-controlled bending solutions, which offer precision, autonomy, and repeatability of a production cycle. The changing process becomes handy with possible reasonable costs. In this area too, even if hydraulic motorization remains predominant, we are witnessing the arrival of new 100% electric machines. More modern, more economical, and requires very little maintenance. However, they are still in development.


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