15 Sea-life Mistakes in Finding Dory You Might Have Missed

Pixar Animation’s 3D movie with grand animation “Finding Dory” has mesmerized every kid. It was released in 2016 and Walt Disney Pictures released it.

What is about this movie? Small gist

The story revolves around a blue tang fish named Dory looking for her parents. She loses them at her young age and subsequently has memory loss and hence could not find them. In the meantime, she gets in touch with Nemo, clownfish Marlin, Hank the octopus, sea lions Fluke, and Rudder, loon by name Becky, etc.

A must to watch a movie with kids and have fun. The storyline and picturization are awesome. Whether you watch for the first time or repeated times there are so many things to teach kids about sea animals. In this article, I would like to highlight a few things and find them below.

15 Sea-life Mistakes in Finding Dory You Might Have Missed

1.Aquarium Tanks

Connections between the tanks are not well done with the pipes and this is risky and lead to contamination.

2.Clown Fish

When a female clownfish dies, then the other male fish will transform as a female fish. If that is the case, then Marlin cannot be alive as the father of Nemo fish for a long time.

3.Color Change

The little girl in blue and white stripe dress suddenly changed to pink. This is a flaw as it the same scene and the girl was knocked by Dory.

4.Echolocation vs x-ray

Dolphins and Beluga Whales locate an object with their sounds and that is called echolocation. Therefore locating objects in a truck or other side of the mountain is not possible which was shown wrongly. Only x-ray process can detect things from outside and these sea animals do not have x-ray vision.


Blinking of fish shown is completely wrong as they do not blink. Not even a single time even when they go to sleep or in deep sleep. Several instances on the movie it shows blinking fish. It might be great for animation but in reality fish do not blink. Due to the absence of eyelid fish cannot blink.

6.How to sea animals communicate

Sea animals cannot talk and kids do pinpoint this. However, in a movie this cannot be avoided as only that will add more spice to the movie and kids will enjoy the same. Maybe a title mentioning that will help.

7.Nature of water

Marine animals require saltwater for survival. Showing fish jumping from one source to another may not always be possible as there are few aquariums where water is chlorinated. The moviemaker should have considered this point to provide a flawless movie. As we teach kids about sea animals and their life through this movie it is important that they note such trivial points.

8.Whale Sharks

There are three things to be noted about whale shark which was completely missed and I am pinpointing all here one by one, First is whale sharks and whales are two different animals. The former belongs to a fish family and the later is a mammal.  Next, whale sharks do not eat fish but eat fish eggs, krill, and plankton. Finally, whale sharks do not know and they are slow-moving sea animals.  They cannot be kept in nearby enclosures as well. Whales live in arctic water and whale sharks can survive only in shared waters.

9.Octopus Mistake

Like the tail of a lizard regrows, arms of octopus will redevelop. Seven arm octopus was shown the same for a long time and that would have regrown which was completely missed.  Likewise, they don’t drink coffee. Here Hank did so which is giving an impression to kids that they consume coffee. The Hank also roams in the human zone which is wrong as it requires water to breathe.

10.Positioning Glitch

The cup was thrown out and it was far away from the frame. The spilled popcorn was nowhere close to it. In the immediate shot, it was seen inside and closer to the popcorn. It could have been avoiding by removing the cup. This could be minor by yet kids will get a better feel when such loopholes are plugged in.


Squid lives in deep water and they don’t glow in the dark. Recall shipwreck scene where the squid was glowing.

12.Scene Continuity

Dory was alone in one frame and no sea animal was seen in the vicinity. However, without a continuation, there was much fish in the next scene. This could have been noticed and corrected to get a continuity of the movie. Kids are smart and they watch keenly than us.

13.Sea lions

Initially, Nemo reaches sea lion for help and later Marlin is shown in the front. There is a gap and not sure how Marlin came closer.

14.Water Temperature

As I mentioned that fish requires saltwater to survive, they also look for a certain temperature to live. They cannot live in water that is cold. Ideally, 75 – 82 F is required and this could have been corrected. Morro Bay has cold waters and neither Nemo nor Dory could have swam in that.


The story was great and there is no doubt about it. But the director could have drafted the scene connection better to let kids feel living the sea animals while watching the movie. Also, the study about sea animals, their food, habitation, characteristics must have been considered to give a perfect movie.

Final words

The effort of the moviemaker must be really appreciated but considering these small mistakes pointed out will help them make a better movie next time. Kids can learn the real details about sea animals apart from having fun is my personal opinion.

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