Free Postcard Template for Kids (For Christmas, School & Thank You)

Being with kids is really a great experience. But making them do something constructively is indeed challenging. Rest assured these postcard templates will be useful for each one of you who is thinking of engaging kids in a productive manner.

Wondering how will this postcard template help kids? Don’t worry, find the details in this article and at the end, you will not forget to download free postcard templates for your perusal.
blank postcard template for kids


Christmas Post Card

Uses of a Postcard template 

  • They can be your giant-size business card in case you are opening a play school for kids
  • Could be a mini information sheet to print and advertise your business
  • Even they can be used as informal office memos
  • When coming to kids specifically they can be used to make some art and you can hang them on wall
  • Also can be used a stick-on-fridge reminder to let kids know about their work schedule, play time, etc
  • It can be used as a flash card and you can print a picture and details about it on either side and ask kids to use them to understand.

christmas thank you card for kidsDownload

fathers day post card

How can kids use it

For example, I use this to write the instruction for carrying out an experiment on one side and leave the other side empty. Hand over the cards to kids and then we conduct the experiment.  Now, I ask them to write about their observation on the other side. I get overwhelming responses from kids.  Yes, feel glad that I teach them something new every day.

Smaller kids who cannot write can be asked to draw, color or simply put a tick or an into (X) mark to let us know what they understood from the experiment. In general, my personal experience with kids in using these cards is awesome. They will compete to get these cards and thus I inculcate interest in them for understanding science.

Do not worry if you are not a teacher or you don’t have small kids to interact with. Still, download these templates for free and give it to kids in your community and let them have fun.

free post card templates for kids school projectsDownload

blank postcard template

How to make a postcard template for kids 

While we give these postcard templates for free, we also would like to let you know how to make this. These are simple to make and you can even make this an activity for kids and help them make their own postcards. You can try during this Christmas and allow kids to decorate the postcard with beautifully designed Jingle bell tree and Santa Claus. They can have fun with them.
greeting post card template for kids

postcard template with lines

Things required for making a postcard template is just your laptop or PC with a word or excel software.

  • Open a new page and insert a picture relevant to the event and that kid loves the most. The typical dimension of a postcard is 6 inches in length and 4 inches in height. However, image need not be of the same size. You can place them in a corner or center and giving place for decoration by kids after printing them. The fun part is making kids decorate the cards.
  • Then from the MAILING tab choose LABELS option found second from the left next to the ENVELOPES. Upon clicking this you will be able to choose options from the LABELS window.
  • From the options under the product number, you can now choose POSTCARD from the list down menu. Click NEW DOCUMENT and you can see 4 copies of the picture you inserted in the grid. Each one is the front side of the postcard. Add text, resize the picture and make changes per your wish at this step.
  • Save the document once done and it is now ready for printing.

 free printable christmas postcard templates

It might look simple and you can try in your leisure time. However, we have provided postcard templates for kids and they are free to download. Simply click on the download icon and save the template to your PC. Then double click to open and print it.
school postcard template for kids

There are several ideas for postcard templates for kids

Get inspired with few of them given below

Merry Christmas Post Card Template

Postcard template for Christmas – Use these templates and have a fun time with kids during Christmas. You can print the event details on one side leaving the other side blank for kids to express their talent. Alternatively, use postcard templates with drawings and unwind kids coloring skills. In case the kids are grown up for they feel coloring activity childish, then ask them to decorate the card with beads, etc.
free printable christmas thank you card template

Science activity postcard template – These cards can be used to describe the science activity and they can be given to kids during the summer camp. They can refer them for trying the concepts on their own.


Welcome back to school postcard template – Another excellent use of the postcard is to greet kids when they come back to school after summer vacation. They will feel excited to see personalized postcards on their first day to school. Print a few words about them and paste their picture and wish good luck for a brand new academic year.

post card template for kids school project
post card template for students

What is a postcard template for kids

These are nothing but postcard size paper printed with stunning designs which can be used for many purposes as listed below. Especially they are good to go as a gift card for kids on many occasions. This will be of great use when kids are traveling as they can spend their past time showing their creativity here. Carry some postcards and color pastels to keep them do away with boredom during a long distance journey.
post card template for kids

Final thoughts

Postcards for kids can be used in many ways for kids and choose a colorful card as kids love colors. Instead, go for a blank card and let your kids make it colorful.

In summary, use these cards to the best of kid’s fun. They can enjoy using these cards and let them collect as many cards for their pleasant memory.

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