Junk Food Pros & Cons – 3 Minute Speech for Kids

If your child has a essay or speech competition about junk food, this article might help you. 

Recently my elder daughter ( 7 years old) had a speech competition in her school and we together prepared this speech. They had a time restriction of 2 to 3 minutes and the topic was on “Junk Food”. I know how important it is to teach kids about Junk Food and its’ side effects. So we made the speech short and sweet without missing any important points. 

I thought it would be great share with my readers as this might help anyone looking for essay or speech on Junk Food. Here it goes:

3 Minutes Speech on Junk Food Pros & Cons

Junk Food Pros Cons 3 minute speech essay

Sadly, in the next 3 minutes of my speech, there is someone in our country could die because of the food they eat. 

Good Morning / Good Afternoon! I am ……… and I am here to talk about Junk Food.. the food that we all love 🙂

Before we get into pros and cons, let us understand “What is Junk food really?”

Here is a google definition : “pre-processed or packaged food that has high sugar, high fats and low nutrition”. Mark the word “low nutrition”. 

So If it junk food is so bad, why do people love it so much? “How many of us love KFC and that Yummy cheese in the Pizza?” Yeah ! So I figured, there should be some pros to Junk Food. 

Number 1: Junk food is mostly delivered fast. i.e. It is way easier to buy it quickly and satisfy hunger.

Number 2: Most of the junk foods are cheap compared to the fresh cooked food. 

Number 3: Junk foods are carefully designed to be delicious & tasty. “Remember the yummy cheese in the pizza”?

These are all the advantages that I can think of. 

Now let us discuss some cons. 

First and foremost – junk food is bad for health. 

Too much of fats and sugar is going to make you Obese. 

Do you know 60% of urban deaths are caused by obisity? Junk foods are the major cause for it. 

But of all the reasons, I am worried about the fact that ” Junk food now started bringing adult deceases to children. 1 out of 4 kids today have a threat of diabetes” 

So, now is the time to change. 

I just hope my friends here would avoid junk foods & grow healthy. Healthier children today can make stronger country tomorrow. Thank You. 

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