Review: Magic Science for Wizards Only Science Kit

Review Magic Science Wizard Only Kit
We would like to provide a review of the magic science kit for the little wizards at home. Yes, you can now make kids do magic with the help of this kit.

In actual, there is a science concept behind every activity done using this kit. However, to fascinate little ones we call it as magic. This is just not a usual review but more.

We have collated the experience of several of our readers from online who purchased this kit for their kids. Therefore we have not hesitated to list down the good and the bad points in using this kit. You can read this review to make sure this will suit your kids need.

Come let us get into the review.

Magic Science Kit

Before directly knowing the good and the bad let me first tell you what is this kit all about, how to use this, and the uses of this kid. Then we will share the plus and the minus and finally, we will also suggest similar kits available in the market.

I am sure you will benefit from reading this and that is the very purpose of my efforts.

All About : Magic Science for Wizards Only Science Kit

As the name implies, this is a kit with a set of items packed along for making some activities. You can feel glad to teach science for your little ones using these experiments. They can feel happy about playing prank with you using these magic tricks. Yes, for them it looks magical and for us, it is science behind.

Scientific Explorer is continuously offering these kinds of activity-based kits for kids. All these experiments develop the imagination of kids. Make them explore and nurture critical thinking. Also, it encourages children to learn more concepts in a fun-filled manner.


What does the kit contain?


  • Baking soda – 2 ounces
  • Wizard wand (1) and Cap (2 nos)
  • Citric acid – 3 ounces
  • Clear tube wand – 1 no
  • Color tablets – 12 nos
  • Measuring scoops – 2 nos (1 each small and medium)
  • Polyacrylate copolymer (cross-linked) – 1 ounce
  • Purple paper – 1 sheet
  • Red cabbage powder – 0.25 ounces
  • Start stickers – 1 sheet
  • Test tube Stand
  • Test tubes – 4 nos
  • Vegetable oil – 2 ounces
  • Zinc sulfide – 0.07 ounces
  • Instruction Manual

Magic Science Wizard Only Kit

How many activities can be done? And what are they?


There are 9 nine activities which can be done using this kit and that is why there are items like zinc sulfide and others.


  1. Magic Hat – Make a magic hat to get the look for a real wizard. Maybe you can start with this activity first to give a feel to the kid that they are real wizards and then make them do other activities as a wizard does.
  2. Magical Wand Lava color-changing froth can be made.
  3. Use baking soda, citric acid and the test tube for getting foam. This is the chemical reaction between the acid and base. However, kids will feel proud of making a simple white powder into a foamy solution.
  4. Color change of powder can be done by making use of the Hocus Pocus Powder. Another magical trick for kids.
  5. Feverish Fizz of bubbling frothy foam is done to just show that the magical power is increasing day by day.
  6. Color changing potion that is frothing and also boiling just before you can be achieved with this kit.
  7. Go deep into science and magic in parallel by making a Glow-in-the-Dark Bubbling Potion.
  8. Test tube crystal balls can be created. Put the crystals in the wand and fill water to see them grow big in a few hours.
  9. Wizard Wand Creation – It is now possible to make a wizard wand for casting spells. Little black magic fun for kids. Finally, there is an effect of watching a horror movie.


Best, better and bad

 The best part of the kit

 Let us begin with the good things first


Kids can learn science concepts not in the usual monotonous fashion but with some thrill, excitement, and fun. These days making kids study is a challenge indeed and hence you can opt for this kit and enthuse them for education. Tell them they can become a real wizard by doing these magic’s and slowly teach them science concepts as well. Trust me, this small effort of yours can make your kid a future scientist.

Contents of the kit 

There are so many things provided with which you can do 9 activities following the activity guide. But it can be more if you can search online and teach them additional experiments using the items provided with the kit. Even though these things are available at home and you can use a glass tumbler in the place of a test tube, still kids will love to have their own materials. That way this kit is really a purposeful and motivating one.


This kit is the best inspiration for kids to learn science. They may think it is magic and will start using it. Later they will master the science concepts. Yes, you need to go in their way to engage them but take them along by providing a practical education.


Better but needs improvement


Always, remember when someone likes a product they will just say good and I like it. So is our review as general feedback in the good section. But, in this section, we will provide a detailed input of why this product is just better and what needs to be improved.


Age group

The color potion experiment is slightly underwhelming for kids of age 7 and above. So maybe the label should not say 6+ years and kids between 4 and 6 will have real fun. Grown-up kids know the concept and hence do not have fun. It is not a bad kit but can be used by a smaller age group than mentioned in the box. Magic lava experiment and glow in the dark activities really worth making but again well suited for kids of age 6 and below.

Experiment Duration

The fizzy frenzy experiment gets over quickly as the reaction between baking soda and citric acid will happen for a few moments. However, we can supplement with baking soda and vinegar available in our house to continue the fun and teach them science. For the product cost, the ingredient quantity provided is less. This can be improved.

Product Quality

The purple paper can be thicker as the purpose of it is to make a hat. The paper provided is the usual paper and hence not very strong.

Activity Guide

The guide can be more elaborate as well as contain more experiments. With the given items it is certainly possible to make much more than the 9 activities alone. Instead of letting the purchaser look at the search engine, the provider can expand the experiment list. Even the instructions are not in detail and we had to search online for more details.


The idea of providing ingredients is well-appreciated but the packing needs improvement. Either it should be presented in a small box or in a re-sealable bag. Once opened it is not possible to keep them as the covers are torn to open and there is no way to re-seal them. A ziplock cover would be the best option that can save space but re-sealable as well.



  • Magic potion part in the manual has typos and instructions are not complete.
  • The experiments are almost similar and hence count 9 is not the real count.
  • Glow in the dark could have been brighter.


Caution Note for Parents

There needs supervision by the Parents as the kit contains chemicals. Baking soda, for instance, should not be consumed by kids raw they have not developed tolerance at this young age.  While making the magic lava experiment exercise caution and kids must not go closer as the chemicals affect their eyesight. The overall presence of elders around is mandatory to help kids understand and play it safely.

Why it is the perfect gift

Kids always look for fun. They are curious about the magic shows. They want to become magicians too. Such kids can be presented with this kit and they will feel excited to become a wizard. At the same time science behind the magic can be taught to them and that way they will grow their knowledge.

To do away with the Smartphone mania you must certainly consider gifting kids with this kit. Best way to spend quality time with kids.


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