Make Mushroom Monkeys : Spore Science Craft

Monkey Craft – Make Monkeys with Mushroom Spore Print

It’s fun making puppets and that too monkeys look so cute in the puppet and make it with the mushroom spore print (mushroom). Using this science craft idea children can now make craft while learning biology

Mushroom monkeys! Cute science craft for kids, where kids can learn about mushroom biology and spore prints

I am sure you must not have forgotten our  DIY Mushroom spore prints activity with field mushrooms? I am excited to do this with mushrooms again and this time with tiny button mushrooms. Also, we will be using the spore print and present the cutest craft with the monkey.

Suitable For
My gut feeling says this would aptly suit kids of age 5 and above. That does not meet a 4-year-old will not have fun. But the 5+ girls can make a better craft than the little ones. You can try with preschool kids as well.  

Steps for Making Mushroom Spore Monkeys

The items used by us were available with us or in the local craft store / local shops. Also, I have provided useful (affiliate) online store links  (thanks for the support) and you can buy from them as well.

 Things required

    • Knife, chopping board and mushrooms (button type)
    • Paper – either a construction paper or even other paper that is strong
    • This is optional but you can use them for additional fun – pipettes
    • Box – for covering the mushroom overnight
    • clear-drying glue
    • craft sticks
    • Optional – googly eyes and white dot stickers 
    • Markers and scissors  

Mushroom spore prints
monkey craft, from a mushroom spore print. Fun science biology for kids
Instructions to do the craft

  1. Let the gills get exposed by slicing the lower part of the mushroom
  2. Keep the mushroom such that the cap side faces inside the paper and the gills inside
  3. Place a water droplet on every single mushroom cap.
  4. Keep them closed and leave it without disturbing one full night.
  5. In the morning take the mushroom and you will witness the spore print
  6. Use hairspray and you can set the print as it is. Smudging also can be done
  7. Use scissors to cut all the print. Draw the face of the monkey or make use of googly eyes to give a dashing look.
  8. Paste this on a popsicle stick.
  9. Hurray! you can now play with these puppets.

Mushroom spore print monkeys - science craft for kids
Let me be honest – we used black paint over some places just to make the puppet look better. You can also try using different paints in combination with the spore prints.  We even tried other faces such as Lion, Donald duck, etc. Its fun to see – how kids can be so creative and start creating their own puppets with their favorite animals and cartoon characters. 

Mushroom spore print monkey puppets! Fun science craft for kids!

Science facts about Mushroom

Mushroom belongs to plant family called fungi.

Fungi plants reproduction happen through the tiny spores getting released and that will germinate or sprout to become a new fungus.

These spores look very tiny and a microscope is required to be used. Every matured mushroom will contain several 1000s of spore and grows on a single gill.

Each mushroom has an individual colored spore ranging from black, brown, or white.

Check this link to know more about spore print activity.

Make mushroom monkeys from mushroom spore prints! Fun science craft for kids
 Mushroom monkeys! Fun science craft idea where kids can learn about mushroom biology and spore prints

Please Note ...

Make sure you guide kids and do not let them alone. Your monitoring and guidance are required. Teach them the concept along with the activity. Do not let them do things unattended to avoid any hazards.

Mushrooms are good to make a spore print, but there are some which can be poisonous too. Check the mushroom before you use them. These puppets will be used by kids repeatedly and hence ensure safety.

Mushroom monkeys! Cute science craft kids can make & learn about mushroom biology and spore prints

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