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I’m excited to announce a big change for today: as of November 19, 2022, MathCrush’s site was merged into This is a great fit because both sites are aligned in their mission to improve the quality of life of children & their families by promoting STEM through fun and relevant content

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What did MathCrush do?

Math Crush offered printable worksheets and help pages to guide and motivate students to a better understanding of mathematics. We also offer booksvideos, and our world famous art pages.

Math Crush wanted to stop the epidemic by creating material that a child might actually want to read. We’ve thrown out the unnecessary complicated terminology, and tried to make our handouts and books a little more enjoyable. Because let’s face it, everyone wants to be entertained.

What does GoScienceGirls do?

Since May 2018, GoScienceGirl has been operating as an independent content website that promotes STEM education among girls. The mission is to impart science education through hands-on Science Activities and enhance girl children’s careers in STEM Careers.

How This Merger Will Help You (Teachers, Students & Parents)

We help those who help themselves. Your interest in overcoming your fear and actually learning maths decides the extent to how MathCrush can help you.

The medium for practice and inculcation of maths love to the concepts mentioned above is

  • Basic worksheets – one worksheet, one topic ratio. At the end of each topic, an immediate working out and solving of topic-related problems will result in easy remembrance and recall at the time of exams.
  • Holiday worksheets – specific to holidays that do not burden the student but keep their mind in touch with the most critical concepts to maintain continuity into the next term.
  • Mixed review worksheets cover multiple topics incorporated into clubbed problems, where the student will need to use more than one concept interrelated to each other to get to the solution.
  • Videos – only audios are not that great. Eyes and ears; both the senses in high concentration combination, yield exceptional results, especially in understanding and memorizing.
  • Word Problems – trains the students to improve their situational analysis ability crucial to growing problem assessment skill development.
  • Fun Activities include the free problem of the week, puzzles to develop quick mental maths, and thinking out of the box. These activities will also determine the students’ strong suites among the many math-related topics.
  • Books – other than the curriculum, reading other material that is not directly related to maths but indirectly related will help the student understand where, when, why, what, and who applications of math in real life.

We are also providing all the premium content for free at GoScienceGirls.

Principles of MathCrush

At MathCrush, They were looking to teaching math a fun part using systematic approach.

Beginning with removing all hard and fast terms that have made maths appear difficult, instead of replacing them with simpler and much easier to understand words and sentences, incorporating a few jokes to do away with the ‘serious subject’ tag.

Next, filling the gap between parents and children formed due to differences in learning methods. The gap inevitably arises, but you can also fill it with suitable material.

Using examples and contexts to which both the age groups can relate to and then to each other bridges the distance. This will help the children to ask their parents the silliest of doubts without any hesitation and the parents to clear those with proper proof and concepts even though they might not have confidence themselves.

And lastly, abolishing the memorizing method of ‘roting’ or more commonly known as ‘ratta marna.’ The pair up of maths and routine couldn’t be any more disastrous.

Learning Maths requires logic and reasoning, and the excuse that some students just don’t have it in them is baseless. Once you change the teaching method, the learning method will change automatically, and this pair-up is definitely one of the best.

MathCrush provided great basic concepts explanation. Some examples are Algebra, Fractions, Geometry, Graphs, Integers, Mean Median Mode, Time, Money, Multiples & Factors, Ratios & Proportions, etc.

Sum Up

The synergy between MathCrush and GoScienceGirls helped us merge successfully both these assets.

Helping students is our core rule, and we do that with whatever best possible sources that can be provided through the power of the internet. Making kids love maths will be the biggest achievement for us in line with our STEM teaching ambition.

Our simple and straightforward outlook will invite the kids to inlook and make the most of all we offer.

We at GoScienceGirls, are looking forward to making you love maths!

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