16 Amazing Pumpkin Science Experiments: Easy to Set Up and Easy to Perform

Today, we are going to combine ‘Science’ and ‘Fall’ together to fascinate kids with a wonderful list of pumpkin science experiments. These experiments also build a bridge between science and art activities that teach a variety of simple and complex scientific concepts to the young scientists in our home or school. For the inquisitive kids of all ages, these easy and cool experiments offer a great time to explore pumpkin science in a fun and exciting way.

Science Experiments with Pumpkins

These super cool pumpkin science experiments let your little kids to think like a little scientist and encourages them to make their own analysis and questions on the science concepts they are working with. Pumpkins represent the symbol of fall fun and kids love to play with them, and that is the reason we have come up with best and fun pumpkin science experiments. I am sure kids will fall in love with the experiments and demand the parents to repeat them again and again. Do you want to learn what those fascinating experiments are!? Then, you have to continue reading our post until end.

1. Pumpkin Volcano Science Experiment

Creating volcanoes is always a fascinating activity to younger children and we erupt volcanoes in so many ways! But today, we are going to create an amazing volcano easily in a different way using pumpkin. Pumpkin adds a colourful and attractive portion to this wonderful science experiment. I believe all the curious kids out there are already ready with a pumpkin to perform this experiment. So, let us dig into the activity without any delay: Click on Pumpkin Volcano Science Experiment

2. Bubble Science Experiment with Pumpkins

Pumpkins are always fun whatever you do with it!! Here is another fun set up of pumpkin science experiment, which is so popular in adding a ton of fun to the kids play. Creating bubbles inside a pumpkin is a kind of kids play and hence referred as ‘bubbly science experiment’ that brings fall, Halloween, and science to one place.

Have a look at the set up and instructions by clicking on Bubble Science Experiment with Pumpkins

 3. Fluffy Slime Pumpkin Science Experiment

Making slime is an excellent way to demonstrate chemistry to the kids!! Kids will love making slime too! And especially when you make homemade slime inside the pumpkin, kids enjoy the activity to the fullest. Chemistry and homemade slime are brought together to make an innovative orange fluffy slime at home!! Kids of all ages can enjoy this activity!

Click here to get the complete details of this interesting experiment: Fluffy Slime Pumpkin Science Experiment

4. Kindergarten Science Experiment with Pumpkin

Most requested and favourite pumpkin activity for kindergarten this fall!! In fact, I have done this experiment on my kindergarten son’s request and it worked out very well. So, I thought to share it with you all as well. I believe your kindergarten kids will enjoy it too!

Let’s get started by following the simple instructions of the experiment: Click Kindergarten Science Experiment with Pumpkin

5. Crystal Pumpkin Borax Science Experiment

Explore this seasonal themed science activity totally in a play mode!! Yes, kids find a lot of interest in growing crystals while learning the science behind borax solution. Easy to set up experiment with simple instructions!! All the age group children will enjoy this cool experiment whereas the older children will easily understands the chemistry behind growing crystals.

If you want to know how to grow crystals: Click on Crystal Pumpkin Borax Science Experiment

6. Magic Pumpkin Science Experiment

Pumpkin is a key component to perform fall and Halloween themed science activities. Here is another such activity that mesmerises your children in a great way. This super cool science activity can be turned into a magic activity!! Kids, get ready with the jaw dropping magic pumpkin!!

Here are the complete description of our awesome magic pumpkin science experiment, just click on it.

7. Dissolving Candy Pumpkins Fun Halloween Science for Kids

An awesome and quick experiment, where kids watch and predict the reaction of different liquids on a candy pumpkin. The experiment takes only two minutes to set up but gives super fun results!! If you are not believing me, then you are most welcome to click on Dissolving Candy Pumpkins Fun Halloween Science for Kids

8. Halloween Ghost Pumpkin Science Eruption

Does your kid love Fall and Halloween!? He/she will definitely love this pumpkin science eruption that perfectly matches the Halloween and fall theme parties and activities. Continue reading to learn how to perform this amazingly simple pumpkin science experiment. Click here for full description: Halloween Ghost Pumpkin Science Eruption

9. Pumpkin Decomposition Fall Science Experiment

Have you ever tried any decomposition activity!? If NO, then pick a pumpkin from your garden and get ready to decompose it using simple instructions from this hands-on science decomposition experiment. Kids will be amazed to perform this experiment again and again! This is otherwise known as smelly experiment!!

Check out the complete details of this amazing experiment here: Pumpkin Decomposition Fall Science Experiment

10. Pumpkin Life Cycle Hands-on Learning Experiment

This is an amazing approach for kids to learn about pumpkin life cycle in real life!! Kids love to grow their own pumpkins in an easy way but they just need some time to experience the magical final end result. This activity actually relate the real life to the real world of science with simple instructions.

If you choose to grow your own pumpkins in your backyard, then click here to learn how: Pumpkin Life Cycle Hands-on Learning Experiment

11. Science of Preserving Pumpkins

 Since pumpkin is the staple component for all our science projects, it is important to protect our cute pumpkins carefully!! But how!? Here is an amazing experiment that reveals some tips and science to protect our pumpkins from decomposing!

Know how to keep your pumpkins fresh longer: Click on Science of Preserving Pumpkins

12. Growing Pumpkins in a Pumpkin Science Experiment

It sounds fun and exciting right!? Even I and my two children were excited learning the concept. Out of curiosity, we wanted to try this fun idea of growing pumpkins inside another pumpkin. I would like to share the source where I found this amazing science experiment with you guys as well. To know the results, click on Growing Pumpkins in a Pumpkin Science Experiment

13. Make a Play Dough Light Up Pumpkin Science Experiment

Introduce the concept of electricity to your little scientists with this amazing and cool science experiment!! This activity offers them to think like scientists on how the electricity passes, why pumpkin is glowing with light, etc. Let them come up with their own analysis and questions about electricity and pumpkin.

Want to light up your pumpkin with a simple and cool science experiment: Here we go, Make a Play Dough Light Up Pumpkin Science Experiment

 14. Skittles Pumpkin Science Experiment

A must-try experiment this fall and Halloween!! Explore skittles with this fun and cool skittles pumpkin science experiment which will WOW your whole family. Also, this activity works great as a science fair project for older kids.

Here is the complete description you need to check before you start this amazing experiment: Skittles Pumpkin Science Experiment

 15. Pumpkin Lava Lamp Science Experiment

Lava Lamp Experiment is always a super cool experiment for kids of all ages!! Kids will explore different chemical reactions and density variations between water and oil, now in this experiment a surprising ingredient makes this wonderful science activity even more fun and exciting!!

Know the instructions to create super cool, simple, and fun pumpkin lava lamp experiments: Pumpkin Lava Lamp Science Experiment

16. Rolling Pumpkins Science Activity

It is a great idea and Demonstration for simple physics!! Rolling pumpkins on homemade ramps or artificial made ramps offers a great simple physics experiment for kids of all ages. Especially, toddlers and pre-schoolers enjoy this activity as a fun play whereas the older kids learn the simple physics in an easy and simple way.

Click here to explore simple physical science: Rolling Pumpkins Science Activity

Each and every experiment mentioned here using pumpkins are specially designed to be carried out by children on their own. Also, they are hassle free, easy to set up, and easy to clean up experiments using very simple ingredients and instructions. Though kids are allowed to perform these experiments on their own, parents or guardians or appropriate adults are required to give proper supervision while kids performing these activities.

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