Santa’s Christmas Timer : Fun Board Game to Teach Time

Teaching about time to kids will take time and making them understand the concept really requires patience. Even grown-up kids find it difficult to differentiate the time when the hour’s needle is between two numbers. But don’t lose hope we have an easy activity to teach them about time and clock using a dial clock. Thanksgiving and Christmas are nearing and we can also invite Santa to play with kids to make life even easier. I will give you details of this game as well as some basics about time and its importance.

Let us teach kids in the easiest way to measure time using both 12 hrs and 24 hrs clock using this game. We will teach them simple ways to add time as well. Finally, feel glad that we are giving away this game for free. All you need to do is to print the game and the calculation sheet to have fun this Christmas vacation with kids. Minding you, its just not fun but time lesson too.

Santa Christmas Timer Board Game

How did it start

Always my kids are my inspiration. This time I got this idea from my daughter’s school play. 

Whom can you teach this game

Teach kids aged 3 and above. However, depending on their understanding level you can teach them about the time. Trust us that this is a really fun game plus knowledge. How much one can learn depends on the kids learning ability. We leave that decision to you. Make your own style to teach. The step by step guidelines we have provided hereunder.

Time Measurement Board Game for Kids

When to play

This is an indoor game and typically can be played at any time. During the snowy Christmas time, it is a great game to engage children in an educative manner.

How to play

Now, let’s get into the details of how to play this game. Minimum 2 players are required to play this game. So you are good to start with your kid and yourself. Later on, you can always add as many kids as you prefer and have fun.

Santa Christmas Fun Game Activity

Things needed to play

  • The board
  • Dice
  • Coin or any small object like eraser etc to move them on the board

Steps for playing

Dialing Dice - Kids Timer Board Game
  1. Let the first player roll the dice.
  2. Based on the number appearing on the dice start from the START and move the coin to the respective location (Move in the direction mentioned from start)
  3. Look at the time in the respective location
  4. Now fill the sheet. Let each player have one sheet and their name written on it
  5. Fill the number rolled on the dice in Dice value and the Time mentioned in that location in the time value
  6. Mention a starting time in the start time – It is your choice and better to start with 00:00:00 AM to teach time easily.
  7. Add the value obtained in the location to the start time and mention it in the ending time
  8. Give the chance to the next player to roll the dice
  9. Repeat steps 2 to 7
  10. Again the chance to the first player. Repeat steps 1 to 6
  11. This time the starting time is the previous ending time and ending time is the addition of the value appearing in the game board
  12. Continue to one player who adds 24 first to be announced as the winner. However, this is not a must and you can choose the end time as 48 and more to make the game lengthy also.


Dice rolling and moving the coin

Let us assume if the first player rolls 5, then the coin is placed in Santa and Elves preparing gifts section.

Adding Time to Tracking Sheet - Santa Timer Game

Sheet filling

The dice value is 5, the time value is 4 hours, start time is 00:00:00 AM, add 4 hours to it and the end time is 04:00:00 AM

Significance of teaching time

Moving Coins - Santa Kids Board Game
  1. Don’t underestimate time as kid’s understanding clock and time will develop their assortment of cognitive skills.
  2. They will know the value of seconds, minutes, and hours when you teach them using an analog clock more when compared to digital. The digital clock is just a display of numbers. On the other hand analog clock will make them improve their addition skills.
  3. They will know the difference between day and night.
  4. You can make them understand why does a running hand keeps running, when does long hand move and what concurrence does shorthand has with the longhand, etc. Basically, the seconds, minutes, and hours calculation.
  5. 5 tables till 60. 12 X 5 can be learned quickly with the help of the analog clock

In short, kids learn the value of time and also they will know that time keeps moving to wait for no one. This will allow them to self discipline themselves.

Choosing Winner in Timer Game - First 24 Hours Achievement

How this game teaches time

We have designed this game in such a way it looks like a clock, yes a round dial. Next, we have mentioned time duration in each dial and that will help them to learn addition. With this, they also understand that each location has some value which when added will increase the time. Even though, this is not similar to the clock as with clock every value is equal and it is 5 mins for longhand. When the shorthand moves one full cycle it completes 60 minutes which is equal to 1 hour.

However, keeping this game as base kids can first learn to move coins and add value to know time. They will know about 12 hours and 24 hours. Start this fun activity and then move to actual clock which will be easy to teach time telling to kids. The sheet will allow kids to calculation easily. Let us make this small beginning for a better future in our kid’s life by teaching them time and its value.

Let's Get Started - Dice & Coins for Board Game
Start Dialing Dice - Board Game for Kids

Download the Santa’s Christmas Timer & Play With Your Kids

Time Tracking Sheet -Santa Christmas Timer Game
Download Time Tracking Sheet

Some Interesting facts – Time

Before we wind up, find some interesting facts about time.

  • Time tells us not just about day and night but also helps us remember that Earth takes 24 hours to rotate.
  • During the dinosaur period, we had 370 days and now it is reduced to 365 ¼ per year as the spinning of the earth is becoming slower as the moon’s gravity is getting dragged.
  • In mercury one earth day = 2 years – A quick quiz – Find the number of seconds in one day in mercury
  • Time slows down when you are happy is a psychological truth and hence we must always be happy.
  • The heart pumps 377 liters of blood across the body in just 1 min.

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