125 Thought Provoking Scavenger Hunt Clues

Best Scavenger Hunt Clues for all occasions including easter, christmas, halloween, outdoor, indoor, mall themed hunt, cart themed hunt, beach themed hunt etc.

Scavenger hunt is a great fun experience when you plan it perfectly. To make it a perfect scavenger hunt, you need a perfect plan to organize it. What plays crucial role to plan a perfect scavenger hunt game? Here we go!

Selection of clues, stuff to write clues like cards and envelops, and hiding places around the location where you are playing the game, these play very important role in planning a perfect scavenger hunt.

Scavenger Hunt Clues

In this post, I have come up with challenging and fun-filled clues that make a perfect stuff to engage your players for hours throughout the game.

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Scavenger Hunt Clues

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Easter egg Scavenger Hunt Clues

Q.1: I take you to any place at any time but you just need to fill my stomach with fuel. If I am upset, I release a lot of smoke from my back. I have a head and tail. But I cannot move until you operate me. Check under my tyres to get what you are looking for!

A: Car

Q.2: I have life and gets aged year by year as humans. But I cannot move or talk or walk like them. I can grow to larger heights using sun light and rains. People count my age on the number of rings I keep. I am something with a bark but I do not bite.

A: Tree

Q.3: I give the fastest recipes when you do not have time. I am oval shaped and white in color. You decorate me on your special occasions like Easter and Christmas using colors. If you hatch me I can give birth to little babies.

A: Egg

Q.4: I spoil your dress if you do not follow safety measures. I ask for an apron and a brush if you want to use me. I can make beautiful canvas to which people stop and stare at me.

A: Paint

Q.5: I have black and white stripes but I am not a bar code. You see me on safari and I am the member of horse family. I start with the last letter and first letter of the English alphabets.

A: Zebra

Easter Scavenger Hunt Clues

Q.6: I am something used for multi purposes during Halloween time. You can use as a decorative piece or put a candle inside and light it or scoop out my inside and carve a face to keep at your doorstep. If you want to get your desire, just search inside me.

A: Pumpkin

Q.7: I am something breaded, eaten, boiled, fried, and roasted. I wake up people early in the morning. I can fly to little heights with my wings. I give you eggs when I am alive. If you to find the searching stuff, check my shelter.

A: Chicken

Q.8: Sometimes I am hard and sometimes I am soft. I keep the sun light away from your face. I am also useful in restaurant kitchens, construction sites, etc. Keep me upside down to find your desire stuff.

A: Hat

Q.9: I grow under the ground and I am the favourite food for Bunny’s. I give you tasty juice to improve your eye sight. You need to peel me off to use me but I am not a tomato or a potato.

A: Carrot

Q.10: I have sharp blades on my edge but I am not a razor. I am something that grow on the ground and even found in your backyard. Children love to play when I am there. Search me completely to find your thing.

A: Grass

Easter Basket Scavenger Hunt Clues

Q.1: I am an insect emerges from caterpillar. People say I am the beautiful one among all other insects. I feed on sweet syrup but not a bee. I flutter sometimes. What am I?

A: Butterfly

Q.2: I can keep you warm or make you look stylish. Sometimes I come with fur and sometimes in leather. A paint layer on the wall has the name like me. What am I?

A: Coat

Q.3: I have a great strength and found in different colors like brown, black, and white. You can find a cartoon with a name Yogi. I hibernate during colder months to protect from cold weather.

A: Bear

Q.4: I have the shape of a letter after N. You realise me when you see a music CD, cookies, rings, pizza bases, coins, dinner plates, etc. What am I?

A: Circle

Q.5: I am something in the sky found in masses. I give rains, snow, sleet or hails based on weather conditions. You see me in bright white color when sun raises and appears in black or grey color before it rains.

A: Clouds

Q.6: You need to beat me with sticks to hear me. I have a thick covering but I am not a fighter. Check around me to find the clue you are searching for!

A: Drum

Q.7: I have beautiful hair, eyes, face, hands, legs, clothes and accessories but I am not a human. I can sometimes be as a boy and sometimes become a girl with plastic. I am the must thing in every child’s hand. What am I?

A: Doll

Q.8: I go bouncing around to give you surprising gifts on Easter day. You see me during Easter but I am not a Cadbury’s Crème Egg.

A: Easter Bunny

Q.9: You see me during March and April months. Sometimes I am hollow and decorated outside. Sometimes I come with surprises inside. You need to hunt for me on Easter day.

A: Easter Egg

Q.10: I go well with cereals or simply you can drink me to get bone strength. I can make tasty coffees and tea for your snack time. I offer you different flavored shakes. What am I?

A: Milk

Christmas Scavenger Hunt Clues

Christmas Scavenger Hunt Clues

Q.1: I am a parasitic plant that need a host tree to grow. I am the symbol of fertility and life. You kiss your partner when come under me? Search in my branches to find the clue you are searching for!

A: Mistletoe

Q.2: You display me inside and outside your home as a part of your Christmas celebrations. I brighten up your events but I need power as food. I come in multi colors to shine your Christmas events.

A: Christmas Lights

Q.3: I am soft and satisfies your sweet tooth. But I am not a cake. What am I?

A: Candied Yams

Q.4: I provide light when you are stuck in dark but I am not a candle. What am I?

A: Lamp

Q.5: I bring your family, friends and relatives together. I can carry variety of delicious dishes on me but I cannot taste them. I get ready for your every meal to give you a great dining experience.

A: Dining Table

Q.6: I am the first invitee on your birthday cake. You will blow me out to cut it. Wind is my all-time enemy. I melt to give you light because I do contain wax. Sometimes I grow big and sometimes I become thin. What am I?

A: Candle

Q.7: I am hung at higher heights and waiting for Santa to put gold coins in it on Christmas Eve. What am I?

A: Christmas Stockings

Q.8: I represent the thorn crown worn on the cross. I am round in shape and hangs at your door step in order to invite the Christ’s spirit inside home.

A: ChristmasWreaths

Q.9: I am a brewed drink from roasted beans. For some I am an energy booster and for some I am an enemy because I contain caffeine. I have both advantages and disadvantages if you drink me. What am I?

A: Coffee

Q.10: I will take you up to top floors but I am not an escalator. You see me mostly in big malls, theatres, etc. I just go straight up and down when you close my doors and press the button. What am I?

A: Elevator

Outdoor Scavenger Hunt Clues

Q.1: I have a long and short hand but I cannot hold any small object. I show you time but I cannot move around the time. You hang me on your walls. What am I?

A: A Clock

Q.2: I am the beautiful thing in this nature. I grow up using sun light and water. People use me for decorations, bouquets, and in vases. What am I?

A: Flowers

Q.3: I am brown in color and holds water content to help your seedling to grow into a plant. I am present all around you and follow you wherever you go. Children love to dig me to hide their treasures. What am I?

A: Soil

Q.4: I welcome anything when I am open. I shatter with wind if you do not keep me closed. You can enjoy the neighbourhood views through me. I am the cheapest way to cool down your building. What am I?

A: Windows

Q.5: I divide large vertical distances into small vertical distances. Sometimes you see me round and spherical. Sometimes you see me straight and vertical. You can climb on me to reduce your risks of experiencing heart attacks. What am I?

A: Stairs

Q.6: I store charcoal in my tummy and become red when you give me fire. I take a lot of heat to give you tasty and delicious food. What am I?


Q.7: I am a flat thing used to wipe away the dirt on your legs. You keep me on the ground and see me at your door steps.

A: Door-Mat

Q.8: You sit me to relax your legs and body but I stand for you all day. I have four durable legs. I can made out of metal, wood, and other artificial materials.

A: Chair

Q.9: I have a big moving door open for your car to take rest. I have enough room to accommodate your vehicles. I operate either manually or electrically. What am I?

A: Garage Door

Q.10: I stay in heights and supply food to birds. You see me in your garden. What am I?

A: Bird Feeder

Q.11: Leave your dirty clothes with me. Do not worry I make them clean and fresh using detergent liquid. I am a handy electronic device in your home.

A: Washing Machine

Q.12: I am the favorite sweet confectionery to both adults and children. I am available on market in three varieties such as dark, white and milk. You can also use me in a variety of your savory dishes.

A: Chocolate

Birthday Scavenger Hunt Clues

Q.1: I need air to inflate. You need me take care of me very carefully otherwise I will float away. I look pretty on your birthday and see me in different colors. But I am not a rainbow. What am I?

A: Balloon

Q.2: I am a stick candy and come in two different colors. Traditionally, I am peppermint flavored but I also come in a variety of flavors. I represent the bloodshed and purity of Jesus Christ. What am I?

A: Candy Cane

Q.3: I am a dairy product, goes well on a toast. I am the favourite flavour while popping out popcorn. What am I?

A: Butter

Q.4: I am an indoor fire work mostly used in parties. I am a noise maker but I am not an explosive. What am I?

A: Party Popper

Q.5: I always goes up year by year on your birthday but never come back again. What am I?

A: Age

Q.6: I am present in your calendar but I am a fruit. I am sweet with single seed. Sometimes, you get me without seed. I am rich in the chemical name ‘Fe’. Couples go with me to get to know each other better.

A: Date

Q.7: I am two in number and without me you look weird. I can hear any little sound but if you give me loud noises they I may get spoil.

A: Ear

Q.8: I have a large room with full of keys but I am not able to open any locks. Though I have letters I cannot write a mail on myself.

A: Key Board

Q.9: I can go in between a 5 and a 6 and make a number that is more than 5 and less than 6. I can end any affirmative sentence in English. What am I?

A: A dot or Point or 5.6

Q.10: There is no light or candle or lamp but still you can read me with your fingers. What am I?

A: Braille

Scavenger Hunt Clues for Around the House

Q.1: I am a little forest in your backyard filled with butterflies, flowers, and small rocks. I offer a smooth grass bed for you to relax and for children to play.

A: Garden

Q.2: I am the part of your house present under roof and above ceiling. I am also known as sky parlor. I control temperatures of your home. I can store a lot of stuff.

A: Attic

Q.3: I have a large room to clean your dirty clothes and makes your job easy. I contain electronic devices to wash and dry your stained clothes.

A: Laundry Room

Q.4: I am a room where you prepare delicious food. You see milk, cookies, oven, sink, stove, etc. in my room.

A: Kitchen

Q.5: I give you a relaxed sleep because I have a comfy and cozy room. I am home to your cushions, pillows, bed, etc.  

A: Bed Room

Q.6: I am always wet with water. But I am not a river or sea. You see me at your entertaining clubs, hotels, and training clubs. You visit me to swim.

A: Swimming Pool

Q.7: Use me to keep your teeth healthy and clean. I come in different flavors and colors in creamy texture. I go on a tooth brush but do not rush on the teeth.

A: Toothpaste

Q.8: You always feed me with notes, coins, and cards and make me fat. I stay in your pocket and you take me wherever you go.

A: Wallet

Q.9: I have a tongue but without a face. You tie me up to your feet using laces. You always step on me and do not say sorry. But I always give you a comfortable walk or jog.

A: Shoes

Q.10: I tell you a variety of stories every day from all over the world. I am the first visitor to your home every day but stay with you always.

A: News Paper

Halloween Scavenger Hunt Clues

Halloween Scavenger Hunt Clues

Q.1: I am a large and round container made of iron. Mostly, witches use me to brew food in order to spell royal family. Search near me for your clue!

A: Cauldron

Q.2: I am something that support various organs of animals. You will find me in 206 number in human body. I am a skeleton when connected together by ligaments. Search me the place where you see me for your clue!

A: Bone

Q.3: I introduce you true love. I come with a bow and arrow. I fly around with my wings on Valentine’s Day. If you see me around you then that is your clue.

A: Cupid

Q.4: I can flow in rivers, seas and oceans. In the freezer I become ice and on the burner I turn into steam. There is no life without me. Search for a small pit of me to find your clue.

A: Water

Q.5: I am the funny family pet. I have nine lives. I have claws and two eyes that shine in dark. I help you to catch the irritating rat in your home. If you find me, then your clue is in your hands.

A: Cat

Q.6: I am a giant creature representing many cultures all over the world. I can breathe fire. I have four legs, wings, and horns to scare you. Somewhere I am present around you as a toy to give your clue.

A: Dragon

Q.7: I am round and red but I am not a cherry. I can grow in your backyard. I go best in salads and soups. Find me in your garden to get the clue.

A: Tomato

Q.8: I keep you in my heart when you are dead. Once you come inside me, you will go deep into the soil up to six feet. If you find my picture, then your clue is in your hands.

A: Coffin

Q.9: I am a small fruit available on market in red and green colors. If you squeeze me, I make wine. If you dry me up, I become raisins. I come in bunches. Check in my bunch to get your clue.

A: Grapes

Q.10: I live as a spirit after the death of a human or animal. I am an invisible existence around you making loud noises. I am hung somewhere around you hiding your clue.

A: Ghost

Mall Scavenger Hunt Clues

Q.1: Come to me, I will help you find out a high quality piece of paper card that convey your message to your near and dear ones. I am hung somewhere with my company logo to find your clue.

A: Carlton Cards

Q.2: I am a popular food restaurant where you will find submarine sandwiches. My name is also matching to the name of an underground transport system. Your clue is wrapped inside me on the dining table.

A: Subway

Q.3: I am home for many varieties of essential and fragrant oils. I give good aroma to your body. Under me I am hiding your clue.

A: Perfume Corner

Q.4: I offer you services to relax your body and mind. I am an anti-depressant and pressure reliever. Visit me and improve your mental and physical health.

A: Diva Day Spa

Q.5: I am a one stop commercial building for your dresses, accessories, lingerie, and wedding items. I am the style of your modern life.

A: Dilliard’s

Q.6: I am the widely held store for advertising cards and flyers. Come and visit me to get creative advertising posters for your business expansion.

A: Old Navy

Q.7: I give a pleasure experience to your child to create toys on their own and of their choice. I give special memories to your special occasions.

A: Build a Bear

Q.8: you get attracted to the aroma I give when you stand in front of me. You will get confectioners in different flavors.  

A: Mrs. Field’s Cookies

Q.9: I offer exclusive styles and designs for your athletic inspired foot wear. I have a look book where you can find a lot of brands.

A: Foot Locker

Q.10: I am popular for providing coins. I give all the items in my place with a company logo on it. You cannot take home a single item without my logo.

A: JC Penney

Scavenger Hunt Clues for Teens

Q.1: I have flexible fingers without bones. I keep your hands clean and safe. I am rubbery and expandable.

A: Gloves

Q.2: I become wet to make you dry. I am useful for various purposes in your household like hand, kitchen, and bath.

A: Towel

Q.3: I have ink but I am not a pen to write. Just give me a plain paper, I will print text according to your instructions.

A: Printer

Q.4: I hold a lot of water but do not leak until you squeeze me. I am soft and contain holes.

A: Kitchen Sponge

Q.5: I am widely used in modern world and technology. But I do not work you do not provide me power. I heat up things on beep sound.

A: Microwave

Q.6: You do not know any meaning of any word you listen or read? Just come to me, I provide enough information you required on that particular word.

A: Dictionary

Q.7: I am useful while teaching or to write something. I am inexpensive and reusable. I stay clean when I am black and become dirty when I am white.

A: Chalk Board

Q.8: I call you for a meeting. I am a basic and important communication tool in this world. I have a loud voice and a ring but no fingers.

A: Telephone

Q.9: I am a great pain reliever for your hurts. I stay alive only in the freezer. If you take me out of it I die as water.

A: Ice

Q.10: I have so many alternate names where people perform their personal hygiene activities.

A: Bathroom

Hard Scavenger Hunt Clues

Q.1: I symbolically represent you as engaged to wedding. People design me according to their cultures.

A: Wedding Ring

Q.2: I am famous for Red Light District. Cycling is an essential experience to experience the beauty of me.

A: Amsterdam

Q.3: I take my part in preventing trespassing. I create boundaries to your home in the process of providing security.

A: Fence

Q.4: I bring the whole world in front of your eyes. I am easy to set-up and organize. It is also easy to store data and information.

A: Laptop

Q.5: I am a rhythm and musical instrument that plays tradition to modern music using chords with a note.

A: Guitar

Q.6: I brew a variety of beverages with my amazing technology. I am designed for both household and commercial purposes.

A: Coffee Maker

Q.7: I am a flat bottomed kitchen utensil used for food preparation with no lid and long handle. I also fit well in the oven.

A: Frying Pan

Q.8: I am a wheel with 64 spokes. What do you think about my number of spaces between the spokes?

A: 64.

Q.9: You need to fit two grandfathers, four fathers, and four sons around a dining table but in a least number of chairs.

A: 4 (Because the four fathers are grandfathers and sons already)

Q.10: I block the entry of light and dust into your room. I keep your home cozy but you see me hanging always.

A: Curtains

Beach Themed Scavenger Hunt Clues

Beach Scavenger Hunt Clues

Q.1: I am hard from outside but people use me for various purposes. I am the product of sea animals.

A: Sea Shells

Q.2: I am round, smooth and shiny with concentric layers. I am the product of living animal inside water. Ladies love to wear me on their necks, finger rings, etc.

A: Pearl

Q.3: I am tinted to protect your eyes from harsh climatic conditions. Some people use me as style. I have many names in English.

A: Sunglasses

Q.4: I am a one-piece suit comforts you when you are in beach. It is easy and comfortable for you to carry and wash me.

A: Bath Suit

Q.5: You drive me on waters but I am not a bike. I am a great pastime during your beach vacations.  

A: Surfing

Q.6: I contain various minerals but I am not a healthy thing. I am granular and you play with me on beaches.

A: Sand

Q.7: I give protection against sun and rain. I symbolize the shade and act as an emblem of dignity and power.

A: Umbrella

Q.8: I am hard outside but inside very soft with white flesh and water in my stomach.

A: Coconut

Chemistry Scavenger Hunt Clues

Q.1: I am an essential part of an abstract substances. You cannot break me up by any means.

A: An Element

Q.2: I have uniform composition and my family members mix up evenly. Sugar water, Air, Vinegar, etc. represent me perfectly.

A: Homogenous Mixture

Q.3: I link two oppositely charged atoms using electrostatic force. For example: Table Salt

A: Ionic Bond

Q.4: I have bonding pairs but not for humans. I am a chemical link to combine electron pairs of two atoms.

A: Covalent Bond

Q.5: Chemically, I exist in any state of matter and a combination of two or more than two substances. I act homogenously.

A: Solution

Q.6: I am a tightly packed substance with a static shape and volume.

A: Solid

Q.7: I have charged particles but I do not give any electrical shocks. I stay inside you to provide enough blood to all body parts.

A: Plasma

Q.8: I am the mediator between solids and liquids. I help them to transfer them from one state to another state.

A: Mesophase

Q.9: I am a combination of different compounds but do not mix up compounds in me.  

A: Heterogeneous solution

Q.10: I have a kind heart to donate hydrogen ions and accepts electrons. I make amazing reactions but if you handle me without care, I can burn you badly.

A: Acid

Car Scavenger Hunt Clues

Q.1: I am a device but I can run with power not with legs. You need me to operate your electronic devices. I have positive and negative ends.

A: Battery

Q.2: I bring motionless things in to motion. But you need to fill my stomach with fuel.

A: Engine

Q.3: I have a big moving door open for your car to take rest. I have enough room to accommodate your vehicles. I operate either manually or electrically. What am I?

A: Garage Door

Q.4: I take you to any place at any time but you just need to fill my stomach with fuel. If I am upset, I release a lot of smoke from my back. I have a head and tail. But I cannot move until you operate me. Check under my tires to get what you are looking for!

A: Car

Q.5: You use me to stop or slow down your moving vehicle. Are you tired in your work, then you need me for a while. When you use me on any stuff, then that thing is ruined.

A: Break

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