Greatest Science Experiment Kits for Elementary Students

If your child is showing a real interest in science and experiments and are you wondering where to find the best science kits for kids?

In order to enhance the classroom efforts in the years ahead, I have put together an amazing and spectacular collection of science experiment kits that help children to put those fascinating science concepts into action.

We made sure the list of experiment kits included here enhance the learning experience while offering a lot of fun.

Why science experimental kit?

Amazing Science Experiment Kits

The science experiment Kits are the kits that help with necessary elements to develop a child’s critical thinking and problem solving skills. Also, connects a child to his/her real life experiences.

10+ Top Science Experiment kits 

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1. Lab Coat Scientist Costume Dress up and Role Play Science Experiment Kit

Are you looking for a science kit that teaches your children a lot of STEM and give an amazing learning experience hands-on? Then, here is the best kit for your children to explore scientist’s role in this society in an easy and fun way. Children can dress up and pretend a scientist role which encourages them to explore STEM more and more. In addition, this amazing kit can also help them to become little scientists and creators.


  • This kit comes with activity cards that provide complete information about how to use the contents of the kit. It is very easy to go through the simple instructions which helps to improve the STEM concepts.
  • Perfectly fits as a ‘gift’ to the children in elementary grade as the kit encourages the love of STEM learning while offering a lot of fun learning experience.
  • The inside contents of the kit: Lab Coat, funnels, name badge, measuring spoons, large test tubes with stand, eyedropper, measuring cup, plastic beaker, double-sided activity cards book magnifier, and safety glasses.
  • High quality washable materials are set inside for giving endless fun!

Are you interested in buying this amazingly useful toy for your child and looking for online sources? You can go ahead by clicking here: Scientist Role Play Experiment Kit

2. Magical Microbes Mud Watt STEM Kit

This is the award-winning science kit, helpful for creating bio-energy using natural microbes run through fuel cell. Even your children can create fuel cells with their own knowledge along with the one provided by the kit. You can see your kids spending a lot of time in learning science but this time in a fun and meaningful way. Sounds interesting and exciting right? Have a look at the other information about this kit!

1) 1 Complete Mud Watt Unit that has a Cathode, an Anode, a Vessel and a Blinker Board

2) 1 20-Page Educational/Instruction Booklet

3) 1 Pair of Black Nitrile Gloves

4) Mud Watt Explorer App (you can access this app on Google Play and iTunes)

5) Digital Clock

6) Graduated Container

7) 2 Power-Harvesting graphite disks

8) LED blinker board


  • It take a few minutes to construct a Mud Watt to check the growth.
  • It has the spectacular capacity of analysing data and takes around 30 Minutes.
  • The Mud Watt Explorer App helps to measure the progress of microscopic organism population

This award winning science experimental kit has been receiving outstanding reviews from parents, teachers, tinkerers, and home-schoolers. Do you want to get one for your child or yourself? Browse here: Magical Microbes Mud Watt STEM Kit

3. National Geographic Geodes Kit

Are your kids curious about geodes and crystals? Well, this experiment kit is something for you and your child to discover geodes in a fun and entertaining way! Actually, Geodes are made of different kinds of crystals. And this kit will help elementary students to investigate those amazing crystals and provides a hands-on science experiment that kids will love. The pack comes with first-class geodes, goggles, a learning guide, and display stands.


  • This extraordinary science kit encourages children to explore the science involved in geology.
  • Kids can have a great learning experience all about geodes and minerals with the help of full-color educational learning guide included.
  • Perfect for energetic boys and girls!

Check out here to own one of this wonderful science experiment kit for your family: NATIONAL GEOGRAPHIC-Break Open 15 Premium Geodes

4. Giggleway Electric Motor Robotic Science Kits

Computer science is a mandatory subject to explore for today’s children in order to excel in this modern world. What do you think the better way to introduce kids to computer science? Find the best easy and advanced electric motor science kit, a robotic product that come in use for kids STEM activities. Robotic science is amazing, thrilling, vast, and sometimes overwhelming interdisciplinary field that involves science of many fields such as physics, chemistry, engineering, etc. let us see what are the other advantages of using this experiment kit.


  • Children can construct robots using their STEM skills.
  • It is a perfect gift to offer for kids aged 8 years and up.
  • Makes learning more fun and educational–learns basic principles of mechanical, simple circuit, motors, and engineering while stimulating their curiosity and creativity!
  • This wonderful science kit comes along with a handy, clear and complete science guide booklet, which helps children let explore their own world independently as well as put efforts to exercise their ability to solve the problems.
  • The eye-catching packaging contains all the useful elements required to explore computer science.  
  • Inspire kids to build their own robots.

Buy this kit for your child at: Giggleway Electric Motor Robotic Science Kits

5. The Magic School Bus Chemistry Lab Science Kit

Great hands on learning and educational science STEM kit for boys and girls which encourages STEM learning for ages 5+. Your little scientists learn about the basic properties and principles of science concepts such as density and volcano.


  • Magic School Bus Kit is a great learning toy comes with theme based STEM materials.
  • The kit encompassed of 51 informative cards that help your little scientists have great learning experience about the following things:
  • Scientific tools
  • Measurements
  • Acids and bases
  • Surface tension
  • Volcanoes
  • Slime
  • Bubbles

An amazing science kit that is free of toxic materials. Grab the attractive magic school bus at lower prices here: The Magic School Bus – Chemistry Lab

6. Thames & Kosmos Kids First Stepping into Science Kit

Here is one more wonderful experiment kit that reveals 25 different science activities for elementary students. It teaches kids about chemistry, water, air, physics and nature. In this way, children also explore basic STEM basics through different hands-on experiments. So, what are you waiting for? Introduce your children to the scientific experiments in an easy and fun way.


  • Amazing kit encompassed of 25 different science investigations that focusses on concepts like natural surroundings, chemical science, physical science, and water.
  • An amazing way to learn about magnifying glasses, static electricity, air pressure, paper air planes, plant propagation, and sundials.

You are just a click away to grab one: Thames & Kosmos Kids First Stepping into Science Kit

7. Scientific Explorer My First Mind Blowing Science Kids Science Experiment Kit

Scientific Explorer My First Mind Blowing Science Kids Science Experiment Kit is completely a new way to explore STEM in early ages, especially elementary, kindergarten, and pre-school. Children will have a variety of opportunities to engage and entertain themselves. Using this STEM kit, your young scientists can construct their own science laboratory right at home. Also, children get to experiment and investigate a variety of experiments that are done using simple supplies.


  • Children can maximize their explorations by investigating the stuff right from their own kitchen. A best way to engage them with some science investigations.
  • 3 Test tubes, 2 yarn gauzes, 3 artificial cups, cylinder, 2 calculating scoops, 2 sticks, and activity guide are the inside contents that accompany the science kit.
  • This science kit is highly suggested for children of 6 years old but under adult supervision.

Check out here to buy one for your children: Scientific Explorer My First Mind Blowing Science Kids Science Experiment Kit

8. Thames & Kosmos Ooze Labs Chemistry Station Science Experiment Kit

Children get ready to prepare your own chemistry laboratory science lab station to do exciting science activities. Because I am introducing you this classic laboratory Chemistry Station Science Experiment Kit. This wonderful kit offers a variety of different vessels and equipment’s. Therefore, kids will get an opportunity to play the role of chemist, doing some real and safe experiments. The best part of this science kit is it uses non-hazardous chemicals to do real-time experiments.


  • Offers a plenty of experiments that create glowing and attractive slime, colourful fizzing reactions, beautiful Oozing Bubbles, colorful chromatography, and many more exciting reactions!
  • Comes with a variety of 57 pieces that include: pipettes, beakers, test tubes, and flasks.
  • The things included in the kit to conduct experiments are of non-hazardous.

Grab it for cheaper prices at amazon. Check here: Thames & Kosmos Ooze Labs Chemistry Station Science Experiment Kit

9. Playz DIY Soap Activity Science Kit

Playz DIY Make Your Own Soap Activity Science Kit is a great way to explore STEM in a meaningful and educational way. This kit has everything that an elementary child need to improve his/her scientific knowledge skills. Therefore, using this kit helps a child to prepare a hand-made and homemade soaps. Also, they can make these soaps of their choice while having natural fragrance, color, texture, etc. Hence, this amazing activity kit is completely safe, natural, and offers a lot of opportunities to keep it as an ideal kit.


  • This kit is a great gift for elementary children as it is entertaining and exciting while learning about soap unique properties. Children will also have a lot of fun while creating a variety of soaps using different ingredients and chemical reactions.
  • A kid-friendly, educational, and fun science activity kit that offers a ton of opportunities to experiment with kid friendly chemicals, learn the history of soap making, and explores the law of volume.
  • An amazing activity kit comes with color laboratory instructions along with images. This guide tells enlightening stories creating super easy to follow content which is informative for motivating A+ grades in school. 
  • Easy to follow instruction guide helps children to improve diverse intellectual skills while having plenty of fun. Also, they can make new discoveries that happen while investigating soap properties and thought-provoking chemical reactions.

Are you interested in this science kit? Then browse here: Playz DIY Make Your Own Soap Activity Science Kit

10. Grow ‘N Glow Terrarium Science Kit

Does your child interested and excited about nature? Then, this science activity kit is perfect to gift your child. Because this science kit let your child to create his/her own terrarium table-top kitchen garden. The best part of this kit is it provides everything your child need to learn about a plant life cycle.


  • Children are required to take some time to learn and explore this wonderful kit about nature and science.
  • Grow ‘N Glow Terrarium Science Kit offers hands-on science learning skills in order to improve your child’s science knowledge.
  • This amazing kit is highly suggested for elementary children because all the materials included in this kit are toxic-free and safe.

Browse here to gift one for your child: Creativity for Kids Grow ‘N Glow Terrarium Kit for Kids

11. Junior Scope Microscope for Kids Microscope Science Kit

Junior Scope Microscope Science Kit is an innovative and unique kit to learn about germ science in a fun and easy way. This kit takes the elementary children to the world of microbes and germs. Also, engages and entertains kid’s mind while exploring the world of microbes around them using this microscope kit. What other specialities does this science kit comes with?


  • This science kit features premium-grade glass objective lenses that offers a great visual experience to see a minute detail under these lens. Children are also offered with magnification lenses in three levels i.e. 40x, 100x, and 400x  
  • This wonderful science kit comes with two varieties of lenses to investigate microbe’s world. 1) The low capacity lens are used to investigate solid objects like tiny microbes and insects. 2) The high power capacity lens are used to observe transparent objects such as bacteria and blood cells.
  • Each and every microscope science kit offers children and students a great experience of using microscope and are able to perform their own science experiments. This wonderful kid’s science kit also comes with a forceps, petri dish, dropper, slides, test tube, guides and much more.

You are just a click away to grab this spectacular science experiment kit: Junior Scope Microscope Science Kits

12. NextX Fruit Battery Science Experiment Kit 

Build your own fruit battery using this amazing science experiment kit! Yes, your child is now able to test power using just fruits and few supplies that come along with this science kit. In addition, this kit offers a great opportunity to learn how batteries work. This is a great science kit for elementary, middle and high school children. So, children what are you waiting for? Just grab one for you from amazon and explore the electrical science including batteries, resistance, electrical current and circuits, energy sources, etc.


  • The Fruit Battery Science Experiment Kitis environmentally and kids friendly plastic with high quality.  
  • This science kit offers a class room lesson about green science right away from the home while having a ton of entertainment.  
  • Investigating this fruit battery science experiment, your child develops much curiosity about science. Also, your child shows much interest in conducting scientific experiments while increasing knowledge scientifically. And eventually develops children’s ability in problem solving, intellectual potential, and many added skills.

Get your Fruit Battery Science Kit here.

Many children are naturally curious about science—they ask questions and try to investigate whenever they come across something new to them. So, as a parent or teacher or a guardian, it is a best move to invest on ‘Science Experiment Kits’. Of course, there is a vast ocean out there of different science experiment kits for a range of age groups. But today, we have given the best ‘Science Experiment Kits’ available for elementary students.

By conducting simple science experiments, your elementary kid can transform into a little scientist

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