Silver Egg Experiment -How to Make Egg Shine Like Silver

In this experiment, you can Learn – How to convert a raw Egg into a “Silver” Egg.

How The Egg Becomes Silver

We had been to a science exhibition with both my daughters and happened to see the silver egg. My elder daughter wanted to know how to make one and it all began there.

How to do a silver egg experiment

Things required

• Candle
• Lighter or matchbox with sticks
• Egg
• Glass
• Water

Steps to follow

Heat The Egg Shell Silver Egg Experiment
  • Get a clean egg
Heat The Egg Shell Egg Experiment
  • Light the candle
  • Heat the eggshell in all direction on the candle so that it becomes black due to the burning. The black thing that covers the egg is called soot.
  • Now take water in a glass
Immerse Egg To Water
  • Immerse the egg into this water
  • Watch the color change to silver

Note – the silver egg illusion only happens inside the water – As soon as you take the egg out, the egg comes back to its black soot color.

The Science behind The silver egg experiment

Silver Egg Experiments

Candles are made up of paraffin and they are wax-like alkalines. The composition ranges from C18 to C35.

When paraffin undergoes combustion they form carbon dioxide (Co2) and water.

When an object is kept on the flame of the candle it restricts the oxygen supply and hence combustion of paraffin is not complete.

This forms the soot and it contains tar and coal along with Co2 and water. Thus soot is formed on the eggshell. When this is immersed in water it becomes silver.

It is because the soot repel the water and the air that is covering the egg will reflect with light rays to give a silver look to the eggshell. Thus creating an optical illusion to our eyes.

Silver Egg - The result of optical illusion- How light reflected by soot


This experiment involves using a candle and hence exercise caution by not letting kids to it alone.

Adults supervise kids and help them burn the egg on the candle. Do this for them and never let them do it on their own as there are chances to burn their hand too.

Silver Egg Science Experiment
Does egg react with silver?

Yes, the egg reacts with silver. Thus we avoid keeping the egg in a silver bowl and eat egg with silver spoon. Hydrogen sulfide in egg gives it a stinking smell. Hydrogen sulfide reacts with silver and becomes silver sulfide which makes the silver to tarnish and turn silver to grey or black.

How do you make a see-through egg?

Take a raw egg and keep it in the glass jar that contains vinegar. Make sure the egg is immersed in the vinegar completely. Close the jar and see the reaction from the glass. Bubbles will be formed as eggshell reacts with the acetic acid in vinegar. Leave it like that for a week undisturbed. Remove the egg from the jar after a week to see all the shell is removed by reacting with vinegar and you can see a spongy, transparent egg.

What happens if you leave an egg in the water?

Egg contains water in it and hence when you put the egg in water the molecules in water will move inside the egg making the egg swell. Use food color to the water and witness the swelling of egg with changing color.

What happens when you put an egg in water for 24 hours?

Egg in water for 24 hours will lead to osmosis. Which means water will move from the side of the membrane from higher water molecules to lower water molecules. This will make the egg become plump in 24 hours.

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