DIY Christmas Tree Bubble Wand {Learn bubble physics}

 Learn to make a bubble wand and teach kids about bubble physics.  Check this link for more STEM activities for Christmas with fun for kids. 

Make a Christmas tree bubble wand and explore bubble science through play

Playing bubble is my pass time activity with kids. We used to have loads of joy. I wanted to gift my kids with happiness this Christmas with a DIY bubble wand. This will double the joy of Christmas fun and wands matching the occasion!

We have made wands several times for different occasion and trust me there is a learning every time. The physics concepts are learned from this experiment. We try different shape and make it unique every time.

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Suitable For

All age group kids will enjoy with bubbles and at each age, they will experience different fun. Usually, babies will be fond of seeing and touching bubbles. On the other hand preschooler and KG kids will learn how to make it and how it works. My daughter’s Pritika and Tisha were 6 and 4 respectively when we tried this for Christmas.

Playing with Christmas Tree bubble wands

How to make a Christmas Tree Bubble Wand

Things required

  • green tape
  • chopsticks
  • bubble mix solution
  • a cup
  • 12″ x 6mm pipe cleaner sparkly metallic green and 12″ x 6mm pipe cleaner furry green

From the list, you can see that there are two pipe cleaners we used namely the sparkly and the furry type. The trees will look different. Both displayed the same performance but my kids enjoyed sparkly one when compared to the furry type.

 Instructions to make them

  1. Take the pipe cleaner and fold it into half and mark the center point which will be the top of the Christmas tree.
  2. Bend and make a Christmas tree shape by joining the end in the center of the tree base
  3. Twist the rest of the pipe cleaner around chopstick end.
  4. Use tape to wrap it and secure it.
  5. Take the bubble mix in a bowl
  6. Before blowing check with kids if they know what shape will come out of the wands.
  7. Dip the bubble wand in the mix and blow

Christmas tree bubble wands

Tisha expected it to come out in Christmas tree shape. But she understood that it will be only round in shape after blowing a couple of times.

Christmas tree bubble wand bubbles
Catching a bubble
Christmas tree bubble wand hero

Then I explained to her about the science behind it in simple words.

I told her that the shape is a sphere and it is happening due to the push-pull force between air and the bubble mixture.

Blowing bubbles with a DIY Christmas tree bubble wand

Christmas tree bubble wands

Later on, my elder one joined us from school and then I gave her a detailed explanation.

I told her that air is present everywhere but not visible and it can be felt. The soap solution reduces the surface tension of the water. When the bubble is floating the air present inside push the bubble outside and air outside pushes the bubble in and hence there is a push-pull force which makes the shape round.

Even with the Christmas tree shaped bubble wand the bubble will be round as the sharp corners will not balance out the inside and outside air. The outside air will push persistently till bubbles become round. Pritika observed that when the bubble landed on a slippery table it change shape to semi-sphere.

Semi sphere bubble

I told her that the third force coming from the table makes it appear flat on the table Hence, spherical bubble lands as a semi-spherical one. Pritika tried adding another bubble to the first one to see the shape.

Every time the touching portion appeared to be flat. Rest of the portion was round in shape.

Then we imagined and tried to make many bubbles float around attaching to each other. The bubble in the center will become a cube as all other bubbles touching it will make it flat. Across all sides, the sphere becomes flat to appear like a cube.

She also tried to look at the biggest bubble and its structure. She did eight bubbles on the table. It took time to stack and few disappeared in the process and she managed to arrange 8 of them in one go.

Creating a seven or eight bubble structure

Likewise, she tried in different ways and we enjoyed. Tisha had more fun and less understanding. But Pritika understood concepts and experimented new things. 

Fun Science

Bubble mix contains soap and water. Adding soap to the water lessens the surface tension and hence water becomes thin and flexible. So you can make great bubbles with this texture.

Therefore bubbles are made up of the soapy water film containing air inside. The pushing out force of the air inside the bubble and the pushing in force of the air outside will balance out by forming a round shape.

Do you want to know the shape of the bubble in space?

Christmas tree bubble wand play

Christmas tree bubble wand square

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Christmas tree bubble wands and bubble science for kids - fun STEAM activity for holidays

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How to Make Heart Shaped Bubble Wand

Fun Science Project : We are back with one more bubble wands DIY and it is Valentine’s Day special! Learn to make a heart-shaped bubble wand and express your love to kids. They can also learn some bubble physics with fun.

How to make heart shaped bubble wands and some fun bubbles science for kids

We love making bubble wands and blow a dozens of bubble in the air. I play with my two little girls in our backyard. This time we decided to make a heart shaped bubble wand.

Suitable For

My niece aged 3 loves to play with bubbles. She loves it since I met her first when she was 1 year old. So I can guarantee you that age is not a barrier to enjoy playing bubbles.

Babies will look at them and try to touch them but preschooler and KG kids will learn how to make it and how it works.  Older kids will make their own and will experiment on several aspects.

Make sure to ask them the shape of the bubble once the wand is ready and before they blow they must predict.

How to make a Heart Shaped Bubble Wand

Things required

  • scissors
  • chopsticks
  • 6mm pipe cleaners (also called chenille stems)

Following two items are optional

  • Pony beads – Solid white and transparent red
  • tape (suiting color)

Materials to make heart shaped bubble wands

Needless to say that I did two wands and I am sure most of you who visit my page regularly will know the reason. For the first time readers, I will tell you. I have two angels aged 6 and 4 and hence I always make 2 wherever possible to allow both to have fun individually. It does not take more than a minute or two to complete the work provided you have all the things ready on your desk. 

Adding pony beads and a chopstick handle

I took the pipe cleaner and made a loop, twisted and created an oval with 2 inches left on the ends. To make it look decorative I used pony beads and threaded them. Tied the pipe cleaner end to the chopstick and made it the handle.

Adding tape to reinforce the handle

Additionally, I wrapped red tape to the chopstick to ensure grip and tighten the pipe cleaner in its place.

DIY Heart Bubble Wands

I have tried making it without tapes before and there won’t be any difference in the performance. Only for little kids, this will provide a softer grip. Finally, by bending the oval I made it look like a heart-shaped cleaner. Now, I did the second wand following the same steps.

How to make DIY heart shaped bubble wands and some fun bubbles science for kids

Now, you can ask kids about how they will work, what will be the shape of the heart-shaped bubble wand, etc. Let them guess and make some assumptions before you actually blow them.

Then allow them to check the results !

Fun Bubble Science Facts

Check Easter egg-shaped bubble wand to understand the scientific fact about bubbles and it’s working.

Pritika knows that the shape will remain round as she has tried with different shaped wands before. But this time she tried with different breath pattern and observed the bubble size. The slow breath will form big bubbles. The fast breath will create many bubbles but small ones.

She attempted slowly to look at the shape of the bubble inside the wand. She managed to make it look heart-shaped inside the wand.

Blowing bubbles with the DIY heart bubble wand

When she released slowly it looked around on one plane and heart shaped on the other plane.

Pritika learned science in a fun way and changed the variables to modify the result into different size and shape.

Blowing bubbles with a homemade heart bubble wand

A heart shaped bubble

Can you make a heart shaped bubble
DIY heart bubble wands

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Easter Egg Bubble Wands

Let us explore a fun science project for Easter with kids. We will make Easter egg bubble wands to observe the bubble’s shape. Also, to teach some science to little kids.

Easter Egg Bubble Wands and Cool Bubble Science

Easter is coming closer and Happy Easter to all readers!

This time during Easter my elder daughter Pritika 5.5 years old came with an interest of making Easter egg bubble wands. She already knows to make bubble wands but insisted on making a DIY Easter egg type. She was keen to know if they will blow into an Easter egg-shaped bubbles. I was excited about her thoughts.

We then decided to try this DIY and found to have all the materials required to do at our kitchen itself. I wanted to make 2 as my younger one Tisha also can have fun. Trust me it is so simple and you can make many to distribute to kids around your place.

There are affiliate links* in this post and check them to purchase materials if you require (Appreciate your support).  


Easter Egg Bubble Wands Making Steps

Things required

    • yellow packing tape
    • scissors
    • chopsticks
    • Chenille Stems – 3 x 6mm furry pipe cleaners – You can choose different colors and we used Yellow, orange and navy
    • bubble mix

Materials to make easter egg bubble wands

Using two pipe cleaners I made a loop twisted to make them as rough ovals and left about two inches at the edges. Later on, made each oval sit on the chopstick’s end to wound them tightly with the pipe cleaner ends. This will now form the handle.

Twist Pipe Cleaners onto chopsticks

With the 3rd pipe cleaner, I cut them into quarters and bent them into a crisscross pattern. By twisting the zigzag ends I attached them to the oval to make it look like an Easter egg shape.

Twist pipe cleaner quarters to create a zigzag pattern

Finally, I included a tape around their handles to make sure pipe cleaners are in place. But this is optional.

Add tape to secure the pipecleaners to the chopstick

In fact, we have tried making it without using the tapes and it worked well. You can ensure more softness when kids use it by wrapping the tape on the chopsticks. Your Easter Egg bubble wand will be ready now. You can dip the pipe cleaner side in the bubble mix to blow and have fun.

Easter egg bubble wands and bubble science

Did you blow them? How did it work? Did you see Easter egg-shaped bubbles?

We leave it to you to check and see its working

Blowing Easter egg bubbles

Fun Bubble Science Facts

Bubble mix is a mixture of water and soap. Mixing soap to the water will weaken the surface tension of water and forms a thin film. It is flexible and best suited to make bubbles.

Soapy water with air trapped inside forms bubbles and the science behind here can be looked at with two forces that occur here. One is the air within the bubble that pushes out and the soapy film pushes in. For balancing these two forces, the soapy film will assume the smallest surface area. This shape will be a sphere. Hence bubbles floating in the air looks round irrespective of the bubble wand shape used.

Playing with DIY Easter Egg Bubble Wands

As mentioned I have already tried this and hence Pritika is aware of the trick and she understood the bubble shape does not depend on the wand’s shape. It will always remain round. However, she was surprised to see three times more and smaller bubbles would emerge from our Easter egg bubble wands.

I did not explain detailed physics and chemistry concepts but the basics and allowed her to enjoy. You can try with different variables and test for results.

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Easter Egg Bubble Wands and Bubble Science

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Shape Bubble Wands – DIY in Different Shapes

Make your own shape bubble wands what shape bubbles will they make

Let’s have fun with bubble! You can now enjoy making bubble wands of different shapes and trust it is the best way of introducing shapes to your kids. Have fun in the backyard with bubbles and teach science to kids.

It is now easy to make a square, circle, and even a triangle shaped bubble wands. We will now understand how do wands make this and what shape will it make.

You can read our guest post at NurtureStore to witness our joy with the bubble wands.

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It contains more of math and literacy activities and nothing much to do with science. Did I say that? Then I am wrong there are few science activities as well. To know better we suggest you read the ebook.


You can find many more bubble science activities in the list given below. But, let me warn you as these bubble wands DIY are to some extent addictive. No not for kids but for us too. You can now make it quickly without depending on any bubble mixtures.

It’s just the beginning to have fun.

Shape Bubble Wands what size bubbles will they make