The Mystery Of The Pink Lake In Australia : Lake Hillier

Australia is a unique continent. However, thinking of it, always comes to mind, the classic postcard full of kangaroos, koalas, immense spaces, and coral reefs, isn’t it? 

Although, forget this traditional concept: today we will go to a different spot of Aussie-beauty. A place where nature offers an example of its rare charm. And its name is Lake Hillier.

The most unusual nature of Lake Hillier is that it is pink! Yes, you’ve read it right! The unique feature of its waters is the pink color. It is actually permanent and remains the same even putting into the container. Its unique color has made it very famous all over the planet, still to date, most people don’t know the mystery, why this lake-water is tinged with pink.

Here we leave such a picturesque video, thanks to Jaimen Hudson, an Aussi drone enthusiast Youtuber, who filmed really a scenic beauty of Lake Hillier by flying his DJI Phantom-3 over the ocean near Esperance, in Western Australia. Hudson is also a guide of Esperance Cruises. He explores the spectacle of Lake Hiller as seen from above. Let’s get some views of this wonder of nature together..

What you are seeing is not an optical illusion: The waters of Lake Hillier on the Middle Island in the Recherche Archipelago is truly pink. Millions of visitors come to Australia each year with the aim of seeing this Lake Hillier.

The lake is located on Middle Island, the largest of a group of islands and islets that make up the Recherche Archipelago, which is made up of about one-hundred islands in Western Australia.

Why Lake Hillier is Pink

The lake is about 250 meters wide and about 600 long, surrounded by a narrow strip of dunes and dense melaleuca and eucalyptus forest that separates it on the north side of the southern ocean. By the way, the shape of the lake is very unusual. It looks like a human-footprint, which is forming a small beach of sand and salt.

In the video, the Aerial views show us the shape and contrast of the bubble-pink water of the lake, which has white salt deposits on its banks and dense vegetation.

However, the origin of the pink color has not been definitively proven. Some time ago, scholars analyzed it to learn its secrets, and, according to some hypotheses, the pink color is due to the presence of The green alga Dunaliella salina and a halobacterium. The Dunaliella has a bright red color. Even many biologists believe this pink color is due to a high concentration of nutrients and a combination of the above bacteria. This microorganism, which uses salt present in water to create a pink hue.

The Pink Lake Hillier: Holds A High Level Of Salinity

Despite its intrinsic attraction, Lake Hillier has a salinity comparable to the Dead Sea, and the only organisms that survive inside it are micro-algae and bacteria. The salt concentration is so high that real crusts are formed. A lot of them accumulate, especially on the edge of the beachside of the lake.

Its explorer, the British navigator Matthew Flinders, took the opportunity to stockpile large quantities of salt when he first saw it in 1802. That seems that it was Flinders himself, who saw the lake’s pink color after climbing a small knot on the island.

Lake Hillier Is Not Only The Pink Lake On The Planet

Friends,  there are many other pink lakes also known in Australia. The four more pink lakes are Hardy, Crosby, Baking, and Kenyan of Murray-Sunset National Park in Victoria. Among the most famous in the world are Lake Retba in Senegal and Dusty Rose Lake in Canada as well.

However, the Aussie Hillier is still the pinkest of all; when viewed from above its tone, it looks so bright like a chewing gum. It becomes more intense during cloudy days, early mornings, and sunsets, the best time to admire it.

How Do You Reach Lake Hillier?

After reading this post, that describes the beauty of Lake Hillier, are you imagining reaching it and diving into its pink waters? Sadly, nothing to dive into! However, it is suitable for swimming without contraindications. Unfortunately, the Pink Lake is closed to the public and you can only admire its beauty from the sky, by participating in an organized helicopter excursion.

The YouTuber: Jaimen Hudson

Hudson is an Aerial photographer and cinematographer who lives in the beautiful world of Esperance in Western Australia. He also provides drone services in Esperance for capturing mother nature and its beauty. You would love this Aussie mate’s fascinating and spectacular videos captured by his dron. You may watch them on his Youtube Channel:  Jaimen Hudson.


Since 2012, in fact, the Pink Lake is part of the protected park of the Recherche Archipelago Nature Reserve, and it is forbidden to land or stay on its shores. So, we guess, this pink Lake Hillier should no longer have any secrets to share with you!

Hope you liked this video and article of Lake Hillier. See more views and images of this beautiful Pink Lake photo gallery by visiting Hillierlake.

Thanks for being with us! Keep Exploring the unknown…

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