What is Bee Bread? Process of Making & Uses

Bee Bread is a natural detoxifier for the whole body. Its therapeutic effects are numerous. It is considered in particular as an excellent hepatoprotection and an effective remedy against anemia. So What is bee bread? Let’s discover today all the facts and learnings about this Bee Bread! 

Deep Look YouTube Channel, which is created by KQED.ORGshares an extraordinary knowledge-video about Bee Bread , 

This Video shows how adult-older female bees create protein-rich Bee bread by blending over 160,000 pollen grains or seeds with nectar, honey and their saliva.

Before the Bee begins its journey, she prepares her equipment to collect pollen that you knew, but it is not as easy as you might think.

Plants want bees to take their pollen and spread it to other flowers. This is the pollination of how plants breed, but bees have to carry a lot of pollen home, a portion of high-protein food for the hive, fortunately, they have the right.

Did you know friends? These happy honey bees look so hairy, like a small flying teddy bear! Just one honeybee is covered in around three-million hairs to catch pollen, seems so interesting? Furthermore, the hairs are even over her eyes and on her legs. They look like a thorny brush with flat combs when she arrives on a flower. The honey bee enters thereby nibbling their anthers (a part of a stamen that contains the pollen) and then loosens the pollen to pack and carry them in her transport gears. She uses her antennae with some tiny brushes to wipe pollen and dust that we can mark on her front legs very similar to wipers. Frequently, she closes her small legs to clean the pollen just from her big eye, and then she pushes the pollen from her leg to leg like a treadmill; from front to middle and then back. The Bee does it very quickly as it flies from flower to flower with the pollen in their unique baskets on its back.

Furthermore, the legs function as a grinder. The Bee bends them to crush the pollen into a ball and wrap it with some saliva and nectar. A honey bee can get as much as 160,000 grains of pollen. Wow! 


In each ball, this honey bee carries up to one-third of her weight to the hive. The feed preparation is about to begin, yet the pollen here is not to produce honey. The honey lying under this wax is created from the nectars of flowers. The honey bees turn pollen into something completely different termed bee bread, a too rich source of protein.

This bee bread is full for both the adult bees and the babies who are growing up in the honeycomb. The adult bees come to drop off this special Bee bread. And more bees will keep getting them. 

Health Benefits Of Bee Bread

Less known than royal jelly or even raw pollen, bee bread is nevertheless a product of the hive with remarkable therapeutic characteristics. Specifically, Bee Bread is used during detox cures. It is a very effective natural remedy that stimulates the metabolism, helps eliminate toxins, regulates digestion, and maintains the health of our body. In addition to its detoxifying effect, due to its very complex composition, bee bread has many other health benefits. Here are the most vital virtues offered by the consumption of bee bread:

● It is an effective detoxifier of the body;

● It has a hepatoprotective effect;

● It is a great anti-anaemic;

● It has an antioxidant, immunizing, and energizing effect;

● It also stimulates the correct functioning of our digestive system;

● It lowers blood cholesterol;

Interesting To Know: How To Store Bee Bread?

Did you know guys how to store bee bread? This question is often asked by so many people who first met with it. If it is not stored correctly, this element will degrade and become unusable. Indeed it needs some special attention. 

After all, how to store bee bread depends on its quality. Bee bread is a product of beekeeping. The honey bees accumulate pollen, then process them with their enzymes and store them in the different cells and finally cover it with their wax from above. 

It is so great to know that when the honeycomb is in the hive, oxygen can not enter the cells. So, fermentation takes place within. And the bee bread is supplemented with lactic acid, which gives it a unique outcome. 

Bee bread is essential for its formation. It is also used in traditional remedies to heal from various diseases. But to keep its usefulness active, one must put or store it fitly.  

The bee bread shelf-life depends on the conditions where it is preserved. Corked in its natural way (i.e. by bees), bee bread lasts no more than one year. Special thanks to the bee wax, which seals the honeycombs, so the air does not enter in. 

In the process of extracting bee bread, proper care must be taken as bee bread can carry spores, microorganisms, and some other raw materials. Plus, it is very delicate to extreme temperatures. So, to preserve it, the temperature is considered ideal between 0 to 12° C (it all depends on the method of storage). 

The bee bread does not stay fine in humidity. Suppose it lies for a day or two in the humid atmosphere. In that case, it begins degrading and changing its consistency and the smell very soon.

So folks, how to organize social storage conditions for bee bread? Here is the first rule: the use of small sealed-containers. They will protect against mold as well as humidity. We can use containers or jars. However, it is recommended to keep your containers’ wall dark. And don’t keep too much volume. As it will frequently have to be opened, and this threatens the deterioration of the bee bread. 

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