What is STEM?

This abbreviation STEM must not be new to you as it is the buzzing word across the world in recent years. It has its root as early as 1990 and the National Science Foundation called it SMET.

But later it became STEM in 2001. Get to know about the history of STEM from here.

Let me come to the point now. STEM stands for Science, Technology, Engineering, and Math.

It is a way of teaching tiny tots in a playful way about the 4 pillars of education. Yes, their everyday activities can be incorporated with these areas of study to make them get a firm grip on the concepts.

Also, wherever the activities include artwork we call it STEAM (STEM + A (art))

You may think these subjects are a vast and very high standard for kids. But trust me when they are included in small experiments, kids do at home, then you can ensure that your kid masters these high standards at a young age.

This will make children think and will develop their left and right brain concurrently. You can ask them to play with toys but teach them science along. Don’t you now feel it is the right way to tune little ones to meet the challenge when they grow?


STEM and Girls


More importantly, I am focusing on teaching STEM activities for girls. Due to many reasons even now girl children in many parts of the country are denied for basic education. But they are capable and better performers. It is required to fill the gap and make them on par with boys in the community. Therefore we aim at educating girl children with these easy to do experiments at home and teach them STEM concepts.

I am working towards collecting many experiments and post on this site to help you all play and teach science to your girl children. I have two little angels Pritika (6.5Yrs) and Tisha (4 yrs). So I always try the experiments that I post here personally with them and make sure I inculcate knowledge to them.

For instance: You can check upcycled catapult and DIY balance scales that has both science and engineering concepts.

My younger one is very curious and used to round around to collect materials to start any experiment. I feel glad about spending quality time with them.

Find some of my experiments to begin with. Looking forward to bring more into the integrated STEM banner.


STEM Experiments for Kids

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We are going to bring you a whole set of new experiments soon 🙂