Girls In STEM Scholarship by GoScienceGirls

‘Bringing more Girls to STEM’ have been our motto for quite some time now. We want to empower girls in education and hence we have identified several Science Technology Engineering and Math programs for them. Right from childhood, we suggest parents provide a strong STEM foundation to all kids in a practical manner and not just bring them up as book worms.

STEM Scholarship from Go Science Girls

In that process, we have decided to provide a scholarship award to girls and we call it GIS (Girls In STEM) award. We would want to provide to a special STEM girl aspiring to contribute to the society.

Girls in STEM Scholarship

This scholarship will be given to girls who have registered or yet to register for their UG education in the STEM programs. This enrollment must be from the recognized institutes to be eligible for the scholarship. So now I have decided to explain the scholarship details in length. This will inspire you to make your child a STEM girl.

Let us directly start looking into the details and understand about this scholarship program.

We will cover the following details in this article.

  • Eligibility
  • Qualifications
  • Criteria
  • Documentation work
  • Timelines
  • Guidelines to apply

I will address them one at a time to give you a clear picture of this entire scholarship program.

Is my child eligible?

You will always want to know if your child qualifies for a program. Note: I am assuming that parents do this research for their girls and hence mentioned “is my child eligible”. If you are doing for yourself, then this is for you, my STEM girl. Don’t get offended, in general, parents look after their kids until they graduate from college and hence I am making it generic. After all! Kids remain kids to parents always.

Ok, I know I deviated somewhere, let me mind the business now. Who is eligible to apply for this scholarship? Every girl who has a good academic track record with STEM interest and worked on projects related to STEM are good to apply for this scholarship. Do you need some STEM certification? Not really, but demonstrated working on or studied concepts using STEM subjects in their education.

Here I mean to say that every girl can apply for this scholarship as all of them have the basics of STEM in their school.


Ok, as I said who can apply and this one looks similar at the prima face. The qualification I mean here is the financial need for girls who aspire to enroll for a STEM-related UG program. Yes, you must have STEM background and must also really require financial support. Why do we keep this as a qualifying condition? It is because we would want to help the kids who are underprivileged but has the fire to learn and grow.

How much is paid

The selected applicant is awarded USD 500 . Anyone can apply but as per the qualifying criteria mentioned.


We have listed the student’s criteria as a checklist to know who can apply for this program.

  • Children who have applied for a STEM-related UG program in an accredited university
  • Having a grade point average of 3.0 and above
  • Having a track record of taking part in STEM events with certificates
  • Took part in community events and able to submit proof
  • Submit the document to explain the need for financial assistance
  • Good language skill and flair for learning

Documentation work

The above-mentioned criteria are the qualifying criteria. Once all the relevant papers are collected, then one must submit them online to complete the documentation work. All copies supporting education related to STEM is considered as eligible documents. Mainly the financial status document to be provided to explain the financial condition will help complete the process.


 The next upcoming scholarship timelines are:

  • Last date for submitting the application with relevant details 31st Jan 2020
  • Scholarship award selection results declared via email on 25th Feb 2020.

Guidelines to apply

Apply by filling the following details and send an email to us.

  • Personal details – Name, Email Id, contact number
  • College details – Current college or the college you intend to attend
  • Course details – GPA, graduation date and main course selected
  • Essay – Write an essay not less than 600 words about the reason you have taken STEM subjects in your curriculum. Mention your contribution on that subject to the society. What will you do with the award money?
  • Proof for STEM work – Project photo, video, certificates, awards, etc that will let us know your achievements in STEM work.

We will confirm your submission in 5 working days. However, that confirmation should not be considered as scholarship. The results will be announced on 31st Jan for whom we have chosen to provide a scholarship.

Selection criteria

Our team will review the applications. We will rate the candidature on a scale of 10 with 10 being the highest. The score distribution will be decided by our team. Remember that your essay and actual STEM work carries more weight. Also, your financial need helps us take the final call. Thus make sure you provide all necessary documents to allow us support you with funding.

About us

As mentioned already, we are working towards uplifting girl kids in education and career. We at Go Science Girls, motivate girls to learn in a playful way but master the Science, Technology, Engineering, and Math concepts. With that being the motive we provide many experiments for kids. As an extension, we wanted to support girls who have a flair for studies but could not afford for the same as they are financially weak by giving them this scholarship award.