Perfect STEM Programs for Girls (20+ Programs for Curious Minds)

The awareness to educate girls in STEM is wide spreading in the recent years. Hence I made an attempt to find out some best STEM programs offered across the globe. These are some among the ocean and I am glad to let you know that such programs are available across the globe which will help you empower girl children from childhood. We are morally responsible to make the society improve and I welcome all of you to enroll your kids in these programs and get benefited.

Best STEM Program for Girls

CLC – Canada Learning Code

Canada Learning Code is a charitable educational organization of Canada. It ensures that the women, youth and the disabled people of Canada have access to digital technology in this changing world. To fulfill this objective it provides various learning programs for each of the above-mentioned communities.

  1. Girls Learning Code:

Girls Learning Code

This program is designed to educate the female, non – binary youth and Trans.

This program is especially for beginners and the age group should be 3 to 12.

The candidates in Girls Learning Code learn about web making, game developing and art-making. They have the capability to develop the technology in their own way.

Advantages of this program:

  • The learners are able to develop technology
  • There is no particular fee to pay. The learner can pay the fee according to his capacity.

Candidates can register themselves for the workshops offered in this program on the official website.

  1. Kids Learning Code:

Kids Learning Code

Kids Learning Code is for the youth of age 3 to 12 years. This program is designed for beginners so there is no pre-education requirement.

It teaches the candidates about web developing and makes them the creators of technology from the consumers of technology.

Advantages of Kids Learning Code:

  • It enables kids under 12 to create technology.
  • No pre-education is required to attend the workshops offered on this program.

To attend the workshops of this program you should visit the official website and register yourself for the venue.

  1. Ladies Learning Code:

Ladies Learning Code

This program is specially designed to teach the women, but the Ladies Learning Code welcomes adults of all ages and genders to learn the technology.

It teaches the learners about WordPress, Python, Ruby, Artificial Intelligence, web design and HTML and CSS.

Advantages of Ladies Learning Code:

  • This program decreases the tech gender gap.
  • Beginners can be experts in digital technology.

You need to register on the official website to attend the workshops.

  1. Teachers Learning Code:

Teachers Learning Code

Teachers Learning Code is designed for teachers with no coding experience. This is a beginner course. It enables the teachers to teach the fundamentals of programming to their students.

It provides various training, workshops, and conferences to teach the teachers about coding.

Advantages of teachers Learning Code:

  • It allows teachers to be an expert in coding
  • It helps to begin technology education in schools.

In order to attend the workshops, teachers need to visit the official website and register there for the program.

  1. Teens Learning Code:

Teens Learning Code

Teens Learning Code is for the people of 13 to 17 years. This includes the female, youth and Trans.

This beginner course helps the students to turn ideas into reality, teach them problem-solving skills and much more.

In this program, the teens learn about app design, web design, networking, etc.

Advantages of teens Learning Code:

  • It helps to make the future bright by making the teens the creator of technology.
  • It enables teens to take decisions like elders.

To attend the workshops of Teens Learning Code you need to register yourself for the program on the official website.

SWE – Society of women engineers

Society of women engineers (SWE) is a unique educational organization located in Chicago. The aim of this organization is to help the women in achieving their successful career as an engineer and let them grow in the engineering profession for a happy life.

Society of women engineers has around 40000 members worldwide. It provides various programs for a successful engineering career. We discuss them one by one in this article.

  1. Professional Membership Program:

Professional Membership Program


There are various membership programs offered by SWE for the students for a better engineering career.  Membership programs are open for both male and female. A membership program starts on 1st July and ends on 30th June of every year. The joining process and the renewal of the memberships begin on the month of April.

To apply for this membership you should visit the official website.

Advantages of Professional memberships:

There are so many advantages of these membership programs. These are –

  • The members get access to the advanced learning center for better learning and development
  • Membership allows different training programs for leadership and option for career management.
  • It allows you to be a part of the engineers’ community locally and globally.
  1. Collegiate Membership Program:

Collegiate Membership Program

This program helps the members to achieve their career goal as an engineer. The college students studying engineering or willing to study engineering are eligible for this membership program.

One can apply for this program by visiting the official website of SWE.

Advantages of collegiate membership:

  • It provides a scholarship program for the students, so the students with low money can apply for this membership.
  • This membership provides professional development, leadership, and management skills to the students.
  • After completion of the course, the members are eligible for an internship at SWE career center and later full-time employment.
  1. Global Membership Program:

This membership is made for the people belonging to the low and medium-income background. This program offers a discount of 33% for middle income and 66% for low-income people.

To apply for this membership you need to visit the member portal of SWE.

Advantages of global membership:

  • It provides career management and professional development via an advanced learning center.
  • Global membership provides training for leadership and management skills to the students.
  1. Life Membership Program:

Life Membership Program

A member can be a life member of SWE by paying 2000$ at its donation portal.

Advantages of life membership:

  • The member applied for life membership will get unlimited access to all members of SWE for lifetime
  • The members get a special invitation for SWE’s annual conferences.
  • There is no need to renew membership every year.
  1. Joint Membership Program :

Joint Membership Program

Joint membership allows both professional and collegiate members under one program with a discounted price. The aim of this program is to improve the opportunities in networking and professional grow of the engineers.

Advantages of joint membership:

  • Both membership facilities can be obtained at fewer prices.
  1. K -12 Educator Membership Program:

K -12 Educator Membership Program

This membership program allows the member to be an educator at SWE. Because SWE has the aim to enable more women to become engineers, this membership will support in their need of educators.

To apply for this membership one can visit the member portal of SWE.

Advantages of K-12 membership program:

  • It helps you to build a better career and you will be one of the educators at SWE.

WEPAN – Women in engineering proactive Network

WEPAN (Women in engineering proactive network) is a nonprofit educational organization. The main purpose of this organization is the success of women in engineering. It takes initiatives to educate the people the advanced cultures of engineering.

It offers many membership programs to help the members to achieve their goals. Basically, the membership of WEPAN is divided into three following categories –

  1. Institutional Membership
  2. Corporate Membership
  3. Individual Membership

We will discuss all the three membership programs in this article.

  1. Institutional Membership:

Institutional Membership

This membership program is designed for colleges, universities and government institutions to get the advantages of WEPAN’s institutional membership programs. This plan helps its members to work together to make advanced engineering cultures and make various workforce for the future.

If you want to be a member of Institutional Membership, visit the official website of WEPAN.

Advantages of Institutional membership:

  • Once you become a member of this membership program, you will get unlimited access to WEPAN members.
  • You can get direct access to the WEPAN board directors.
  • Direct access to WEPAN networks.
  1. Corporate membership:

Corporate membership

Corporate membership is composed of various programs that are offered to all type of businesses and nonprofit organizations. Business owners, executive officers, engineers, human resources, organizational development directors, recruitment and community engagement managers, and engineering managers can be the members of the corporate membership program.

To become a member of the corporate membership program, one should visit the official website of WEPAN and register himself/herself for this program.

Advantages of corporate membership:

  • Campus recruitment and job placement are made easy by the use of WEPAN’s extensive campus network.
  • It helps to grow the corporate leaders by collaborating with the college faculties with the help of WEPAN’s network.
  • Creates a good working environment by developing professionals.
  1. Individual membership:

Individual membership

The individual membership program is for the people interested in the success of women engineering.  Anyone willing to become a member of WEPAN individual membership program should visit the official website.

Advantages of individual membership:

  • The individual member can get direct access to the network experts of WEPAN. The experts can help individuals to succeed in their career.
  • It helps women engineering to succeed by developing leadership at all levels.
  • It allows the professional development of the candidates by arranging web seminars, conferences, and meetings.
  • It improves the knowledge of the candidate by the women in STEM knowledge center (WSKC).

SO – STEM Oregon

STEM stands for Science, Technology, Engineering, and Mathematics. STEM learning is a system of teaching where real-world learning opportunities are provided to the students.

STEM Oregon is a part of the University of Oregon. It is a combination of 13 STEM Hubs. STEM Oregon ensures that every student of Oregon has access to the STEM learning process and builds an innovative and bright future.

The STEM Hubs are –

  1. Central Oregon STEM
  2. East Metro STEAM
  3. Frontier Oregon STEM
  4. Greater Oregon STEM
  5. Oregon Coast STEM
  6. Portland Metro STEM
  7. South Metro – Salem STEM
  8. Southern Oregon STEM
  9. Umpqua Valley STEAM
  10. Lane County STEM
  11. Columbia Gorge STEM
  12. Mid – Valley STEM – CTE
  13. Northwest STEM

STEM Oregon provides three main resources for the students. These are –

  1. Computer science teachers association (CSTA)
  2. Next-generation science standards (NGSS)
  3. Common core state standards (CCSS)
  1. Computer science teachers association (CSTA) –

Computer science teachers association

Computer science teachers association is designed to teach students about computer science. The CSTA team ensures that every student gets the proper knowledge of the subject and they don’t feel that the subject is hard.

To join in this program one should visit the official website of CSTA and register himself/herself there.

Advantages of CSTA program:

  • This program helps the students to develop their skills in computer science.
  • It provides various educational videos to students to keep them always up to date.
  • It introduces the candidates to various coding platforms to improve their programming skills.
  1. Next-generation science standards (NGSS) –

Next generation science standards

This program provides the students the advanced science education and enables them to understand the science standards by doing experiments. It teaches how to develop science standards using the NGSS development process.

To learn more about NGSS you can go to the official website of NGSS.

Advantages of NGSS program:

  • It makes the science learning process easy for the students.
  • It teaches the students the international scientific standards.
  1. Common core state standards (CCSS) –

Common core state standards

Common core state standards are made to provide the students with a high-quality education in mathematics and English. This program also takes care of the knowledge of the students while graduating from high school so that they can succeed in college and in their career.

Visit the official website to know more about CCSS program.

Advantages of the CCSS program:

  • This program ensures that the students are well prepared for college, career, and life.
  • These standards provide students the best quality learning by collecting the information from various sources and international models.

DP – Discovery place

Discovery place is a leader in STEM learning process located in Carolinas. It allows people of all ages to learn through the STEM process and transform their dreams into reality.

Discovery place includes four science museums and various education programs to provide a successful STEM learning environment.

The programs of discovery place are –

  1. School programs:

School programs

School programs of discovery place are the classes, field trips, workshops, outreach, home classes, and geographic day time shows. These programs are available for people of all ages.

You can apply for this program by visiting the official website of the discovery place.

Advantages of school programs:

  • School programs provide practical education to the students.
  • It includes various activities to provide a complete learning experience.
  1. Educator programs:

Educator programs

Discovery place offers education studio and educator membership to the teachers under the educator programs. All K – 12 teachers are eligible for these programs.

To join in this program the teachers should go to the official website of discovery place.

Advantages of educator programs:

  • It allows accessing to science museums around the country.
  • It helps the teachers in STEM professional development.
  1. Family programs:

Family Programs

Family programs include national geographic live and charlotte mini maker fair. These programs allow the members to explore nature by national geographic life and showcase your creativity by charlotte mini-market faire. It is available for people of all ages.

You can buy the tickets for these events by visiting the official website of the discovery place.

Advantage of the family program:

  • It allows family members to attend the show.
  1. Youth programs:

Youth programs


Discovery place provides youth programs during the vacations to ensure that the students are engaged in some educational activities. Camps, girls in STEM and scout programs are some events of the youth program. It allows students of 10 to 17 years to attend the events. 

For applying for these programs you should visit the official website of discovery place.

Advantages of youth program:

  • It not only keeps the students engaged during the vacations but also allow them to learn many things to enhance their knowledge.
  • It allows the students to learn out of the school syllabus.
  1. Adult programs:

Adult Education

Adult programs are arranged for the adults to provide them a holiday experience. Adult programs are composed of events like science on the rocks, make and mingle and national geographic live.

People above 21 years are eligible for adult programs. To participate visit the official website of discovery place.

Advantages of the adult program:

  • It provides adults with a place to get together and learn science

Final suggestion

I agree that there is an exhaustive list of programs offered by many institutes. These are the few listed which I felt are the best. However, I would request you all to share more links and let us exchange information for the benefit of all girl children across community.

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