Nov 072019

DIY Robotic Articulated Hand

DIY Articulated robotic hand

Let’s make an articulated robotic hand that can be controlled with kid’s finger movements. This is an activity that will describe the finger movements to kids with an easy explanation. You can also try this…Continue Reading

Oct 242019

Candle Under Glass Experiment

We did this cool candle and glass experiment last week. The experiment teaches of role of oxygen in fire and its presence in the air. This one takes less than 5 minutes to complete it.…Continue Reading

Sep 232019

DIY Borax Bouncy Ball -Experiment

Borax Bouncy Ball Experiment

I am once again enthused to demonstrate Borax Bouncy Ball Experiment to all of you which we tried at home with my two little angels. It was a winter holiday and found snow all around.…Continue Reading

Sep 092019

DIY Borax Crystal Flowers

Crystal Flowers For Kids Go Science Girls

We made borax crystal flowers this week! This is more exciting and easy activity for kids. Sounds amazing right!! So continue reading the post to know how we can make attractive crystal flowers at home.…Continue Reading