Can you contact us?

Absolutely! For general enquiries, please send me an email to danya (at) gosciencegirls (dot) com.

I try to answer all emails I receive, but please understand that it might take some time. (It’s only me running this site at the moment, and I prioritise family-time over screen-time, which means my inbox is usually overflowing. If it’s been a while and I haven’t replied, please feel free to nudge me.)

If you prefer, you can also add a comment at the bottom of a specific blog post.

You can also subscribe to the Go Science Girls newsletter to have all the latest posts delivered straight to your inbox.

And we’re on Facebook, Pinterest, Twitter.

If you are a company interested in advertising, product reviews or partnering with Go Science Girls, the Working With Go Science Girls page is a good place to start. Please note that I generally don’t accept guest posts on Go Science Girls, unless I have specifically put out a call for posts on my Go Science Girls Facebook page.

If you are interested in organising an interview or writing about Go Science Girls, please contact me on danya (AT) gosciencegirls (DOT) com. You may also wish to refer to our Press & Media page for more information.

Hope to chat soon!

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  1. Hi Danya, Your email address doesn’t seem to be working. Do you have an alternative one?


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