Meet the Teacher Template – Beautiful Designs

When you become a teacher, then you keep learning throughout your life. Yes, you heard me right. A teacher not just teaches but learns constantly. I am sure every teacher feels glad about learning as part of their journey. To teach, you must learn and only then you can get along with kids and parents of every generation. Yes, kids and parents have a generation gap themselves and a teacher who always does the job of bridging this gap.

Well! Let me come to the point now. You got it right and I am going to provide you with free templates related to teachers. All the teachers who read this post have a double bonanza. I usually offer this as I provide details along with the free templates. Every one of you can gain some idea about why this template, how to use and what to write in the templates. Teachers can copy too! At times you need to steal some ideas and impress kids and parents.

That’s exactly why you came here. We will offer you with free “meet the teacher templates” sample letters and great ideas too. Get inspired with the ideas we suggested here and make a great meet the teacher letter to win the teacher of the year award 2020.

Jokes apart, we shall now move into the actual topic.

What is it

Ok, for those who know already please proceed further and others just read this to understand about a meet the teacher template. When you first time meet the kids or the parents, then you need to give them an introduction about yourself, your passion for teaching, and how will you do justice to kids in their education.

Why should you do this? Parents handover their kids to teachers as they treat you as the second parent. Therefore, every parent must gain confidence in a teacher. This first impression makes you the best. You need to take an extra step to get emotionally connected with the kids and parents. Even for kids, you become a second mom as they spend more time with you in school. So get connected with them too.

Meet the teacher letter plays the exact role of allowing you to explain yourself to the newcomers. You may talk to them when you meet them in person, but before that this written letter will talk for you.

A gate pass indeed!

Why use a meet the teacher template

  • Impress the students and parents using a meet the teacher template as we have collected different formats which you can use for different occasion.
  • Provide a professional touch to the parents and make them feel glad about their decision.
  • Save your time in preparing a template and fill in details in this readymade template without compromising the uniqueness.
  • Connect with parents using these templates and make them feel happy even before meeting you.
  • Spend quality time in filling your details rather than wasting time in designing as we have done it for you already with utmost care.

Where can you use these templates?

  1. Use these templates when you want to meet parents for a discussion about the kids.
  2. Make use when you first introduce yourself to the kids.
  3. Whenever you meet with parents use different templates to express your thoughts better. Have a column for parents to fill their feedback as well.
  4. Send them emails periodically to update about their wards.
  5. Use them when you want to discuss any issues about kids to parents. Elaborate the details in the letter to give parents a heads-up about the meeting.

How does meet the teacher editable template PDF look like

Now, let us explain how this template looks like. You can download word documents and editable PDF templates. PDF templates add more professional touch when compared to the word document. No worries, as editing PDF these days have become simpler than editing a word document.

The PDF template will look like an invitation, colorfully designed and providing space to fill as many details possible. So you can imagine that a PDF meet the teacher template becomes your invite for calling parents for a meeting to meet with you.  At the same time, it will have different sections to let you introduce yourself, and much more. W

What components you must add to meet the teacher blank template and make it look unique

We shall now analyze the components that will make your meet the teacher letter look great. We call it a blank template because this will contain all the elements as mentioned below. However, we leave it to you to fill the details. But, read this section to understand rightly about what you can fill in those sections.

• Title – Meet the teacher – Here you can write meet with your name. Additionally, provide the reason for the meeting. “Meeting with Clara – First Day to Grade 1.” Simply write as meet the teacher and leave it. The choice we let you decide on it.
• Date and Venue – Under this section mention the date when you will meet with the parents or the students. The timing and venue details. In the coming sections, I will provide a sample from where you can get precise details about this section.
• Introduction – Write about yourself that includes your name, education, experience. Let this section contain more standard details apart from the specific like name etc. Mention your achievements as a teacher. Provide some samples about how you manage kids etc. this will instill confidence in the parents.
• Purpose of the meeting – Soon after you brief about you, make a point to quickly let know the agenda of the meeting. The first day to school, the first day to class, parents meeting to discuss their ward, and many more. Tell the reason briefly about why the meeting? Give a few details about the student in particular if you have called parents for specific meeting if any.
• Hobbies, favorites – You may wonder how mentioning your hobbies will help in a meet the teacher’s letter. But, this will give a detailed idea about the teacher to the parents and students. You can connect easily with them by mentioning your hobbies and favorites.
• Teaching Methodology – Brief about what strategy you use for teaching. How does that benefit kids of that particular generation? How do you plan for educating students on a particular curriculum etc? This section does explain your experience and successes. This will lure parents to meet you for the well being of their kids.
• Support expected – Then directly let know parents about your expectations from them. Even to students, you can let this know. Like what do you expect from them to make your plan work productively? Do parents need to help kids at home, do kids need to know how to use computers, etc? I am just giving you an example and based on your need list down the expectations. Keep it short and don’t make it look burdening.
• Feedback – Provide room for parents to fill their thoughts. They can either do it before or after the meeting. You can discuss and ask them to fill it. However, the existence of this section depends on the purpose of the meeting. If you meet kids for first-day class, this section might prove irrelevant. In the event of meeting parents, then this might help.
• Signature and contact details – Your name, email id, contact number and signature

Meet the teacher template ideas 

This one I will categorize based on the following criteria and give you an idea about which one you can use at what occasion.

  1. Meeting with kids of primary grade

When you first meet kids of Kindergarten, 1st grade or up to 5th grade you can design templates with posters and make it more colorful. Kids of that age will enjoy pictures than wordings. They can also quickly interpret images of fruits, animals, flowers, etc. For example, you can include pictures of your favorite food and so on. On the whole, limit your writing and play around with photos to add a colorful start in kids’ school life.

  • Meeting with students in middle school – Meet the student teacher template

However, for a middle school child meet with a teacher template you can use simple English and connect with them better. You can say that you love puzzles and give some questions so that they brainstorm to find answers. This way they will feel a little relaxed to meet with the teacher and at this age, they seem to have several perplexing thoughts about life.

  • Meeting with parents

This one you must keep it professional and follow steps given in the blank template making section and provide all necessary details. Give a detailed write up about you, your family, your hobby, passion. Make it more explanatory to let the parents gather confidence in you to handover their kid’s future to you.

  • Meeting with students and parents in high school

High school students need more support than anyone else. These students will have to study hard to choose the right career path. They need emotional support as well. Thus make these templates with more psychological points. Mention how you have handled students in the past, provide suggestions to cope up with such students at home. Apart from the usual details, here you need to include details that will act as a breather to parents bringing up tough kids.

Meet the teacher letter template free

Ok, in this section I would like to pen down a few sample letters for you. Feel free to copy them and make your teacher letter sensible. Let me give example under three headings namely, meet the teacher letter for parents, meet the teacher letter on the first day to high school, and meet the teacher letter for meeting with a parent and student together to handle a situation.

Note: I will not mention the usual stuff like name, personal details, and hobby, etc. You can fill them in the respective space given in the template with your details. My samples will contain the write-up part that you need to give importance while inviting a parent or a student for a meeting.

1st Sample – Meet the teacher letter – parents meeting one to one

Dear Ms.Jenny,

I am glad to invite you for a personal meeting with me to discuss admission to preschool for your kid. I am having 15 years of experience in handling preschool kids and have moved seeing two-generation kids. I am an easy-going person as well as know how to deal with little lads. I am passionate about bringing up kids right from the age of 5. This age kid will have a sharp grasping skill and hence tuning their brain requires real smartness. I have trained more than 5000 kids and proud to see them doing great even in their high school education.

Looking forward to meeting you with your kid on the coming Monday for a discussion to provide admission for your kid in my school. Keep it casual and let us meet to understand better to shape your kid for a bright future.

2nd Sample – Meet the student teacher template high school

Dear Students

Welcome to your first day class in high school. I am sure you have mixed emotions of excitement and anxiety about high school education. Stay assured that we can travel together and make a great future. I will walk you through all the experiences required to learn and grow as an adult. I have helped 7 batches walking out with flying colors till now. I am learning new things every day and can share my experience with you.

I would like to meet you all in person on the first day of school to know your strengths and aspirations. Come with an open mind to explore the world through education.

3rd Sample – Meet with parent and students to discuss an issue

Dear Sam,

I would like to meet with you along with your ward to discuss his non-performance in the examination. In the last two tests, he has not performed well. However, do not worry as this meeting will only throw light on how both of us together can help him study. With my 10 years of experience in training students of class 10, I am confident in helping you. I require your wholehearted support to monitor your child’s activity at home. His distractions at home cause all dip in his studies I guess. I am initiating this meeting to formulate a strategy and take things forward. Do not disclose this to your child and panic him as I have seen this occurrence very common among teenage children.

Please bring Bean along with you to the meeting to transparently deal with this challenge. Let all three of us take an oath to improve Bean’s education.

Meet the teacher newsletter templates

You send the newsletter to parents as a regular practice to discuss their wards activity in school. You can send this via email or post. Edit and use this template to print and send it to parents. Alternatively, you can edit save as an email.

Follow these steps to edit the newsletter template

  1. Click and download the template to your PC.
  2. Open the newsletter template in your PC and you can edit in the following order.
  3. First change your name, contact details. Find them in the template and each unique template will contain these details differently.
  4. Then edit your basic details like your family, childhood, education, and experience
  5. Next look into the hobby, passion or favorites section. Edit them based on your experience. You may leave a few wordings in case you find them good to go with.
  6. Then save the template to print or email.
  7. Additionally, you must remember that once you design the newsletter, the agenda alone will change during every letter and the remaining details will remain the same.
  8. Therefore highlight the agenda and make it more visible to catch the parent’s attention.

Meet the teacher invitation template

When we say an invitation, then you can imagine that it will look like a card. It need not contain more details as a letter but will include only basic details like name, meeting date, meeting purpose, and venue details.

These templates contain many varieties across classes and you can choose them based on the purpose of your meeting with the parents, students or both.

Meet the teacher event

In general, a very informal meeting with the teacher becomes an event in many schools. This meeting will ease both parents and teachers to know each other. Parents will come along with their wards and move around the school to know the amenities offered there. Also, they will get a chance to meet with the teachers to understand better. Both parties talk freely exchanging their past and even sometimes parents and teachers get to know that they shared common schooling. This event provides an opportunity for parents to know about their kid’s teachers better. In some schools, this event follows lunch or dinner.

Add fun but how?

Now, I would like to add some fun to a teacher’s life. Yes, you can make the teacher meeting event fun too.

Do not keep it formal by just meeting and talking to them. Instead, you can arrange for some events to involve parents. Allow them to become students for a day. Make some games and let them participate. Have some activities where parents and children can work together to understand their connectively. This will also help you to assess their engagement with kids. You can observe this before meeting with them and then guide them. Trust me, you add fun to parents but learn serious things from them about them, their kids and their association with kids.

Tips to make the meet the teacher occasion successful

Finally, I would like to give you pointers to host the meet the teacher program successfully. You have got all the templates intact on this site. Also, we shared how to use them and even some inputs about what to write, etc. Now, assume that you have called parents for the meeting with the invitation. Understand your next action to make a strong bond between parents, kids, and yourself.

  1. Use the free invite template and call parents for a meeting
  2. Soon after they arrive, give them the meet with the teacher letter and yes you need to personalize letters for each parent. Allow them to read that to get to know you better. Explain the purpose of the meeting. Provide space for their feedback and ask them to write before meeting with you.
  3. Then you can address the gathering commonly and even arrange for some cultural activities. All these make the parent feel comfortable and purely optional.
  4. Now, offer some snacks or food before you meet them personally.
  5. Finally, meet with each parent individually with their kids. All your effort will reap benefits as parents will now have an impression about your school and you.
  6. Explain to them what you wrote in the invite and ask the views of parents about their kids.
  7. Make a note of the discussion to check if the kid progress before the next meeting. This will add more value to the meeting and parents will feel glad about handing over their child to the right teacher.

Turkey Hat Template For Kids (Print, Cut & Play)

If you are looking for Turkey Hat Template for kids, you have come to the right place. We have provided free to print, cut and play templates. Download and use it for your kids.

The Close Association of Thanksgiving and Turkeys


You might often have wondered about the significance of turkeys during Thanksgiving. After all, such a revered dish is bound to have some connection with the holiday. If you think so, you’re absolutely right. There is a simple albeit great story that beautifully explains the bond that turkeys share with Thanksgiving. And it goes something like this.

The earliest celebration of Thanksgiving dates back to the 17th century. More specifically to the year 1621. Pilgrims and Indians, happy with their successful harvest, wanted to express their gratitude towards the almighty. To do the same, they set out to prepare a feast where they could show their thankfulness while enjoying the festivities of the celebration.


The turkey is a native bird of North America. Hence, it was readily found and in abundance. This made it an easy game for colonists. This simple reason slowly molded into the primary reason why Turkey is the official bird cooked during Thanksgiving. Over time, the bird was idolized and it became the perfect choice of food for the holiday.

However, turkeys aren’t popular in Thanksgiving only as a desired cuisine. There is another reason why they are so revered on this glorious holiday. This reason is turkey hats. A turkey hat is a popular headgear that everyone loves to wear during this time. So, what are these turkey hats, you might ask. Let’s find out.

Turkey Hats


Countless people across the world celebrate the Thanksgiving holiday. However, not everyone is matured enough to learn about the origins of the holiday. In fact, they might not even know about the festival that they’re celebrating. Yes! We are talking about children. However, this doesn’t mean that cannot participate in the enthusiasm of the holiday.

With turkey hats, you can ensure the same. Turkey hats are traditional headgears worn by people during the season of Thanksgiving. These hats ensure that kids and elders alike can dive deep into the festivities without needing to understand the reason why they’re doing so. As a result, they are the best way that you could invest your time in for your kids’ joy.

You already know everything there is, to know about Thanksgiving. Now, let’s get deep into the crux of why you’re really here. It is time that we learned how to create one of these goofy, little turkey hats.

Preparation The Materials


Making a turkey hat is quite as difficult as you might presume. In fact, you can find all the materials that you require within your home. Let’s catalog and see if you might have some of the tools required for creating that perfect turkey hat template. Few of these materials include:

  • Construction papers of various colors – preferably brown, red, and orange
  • Black marker
  • A stapler

Go on now. Check if you have all these materials. And once you do, return and we’ll get the materials ready for use. Don’t worry, we’ll still be here to assist you with the process.

What, you already procured them? Fantastic! Let’s prepare them and hasten the process of making the headband. Here’s what you need to do:

  1. Get that brown construction paper and cut a long strip of it. In our process, we made the strips three-by-eighteen inches each. If you want, you can follow the same.
  • Repeat the same process for the construction papers as well as the other colors as well. If you want, you can make these strips super-long, irrespective of the sizes that we mentioned above. Just use some longer construction paper, and you’re good to go.
  • From the remaining construction paper, cut a large circle. This circle will serve as the turkey’s head. If you want, you can use the templates that are consequently provided within this article.
  • Finally, you need to cut out small orange and red circles. These orange circles will be used for the turkey beaks. The red circles will be used as red teardrops for the snood. If you face difficulties while making the snoods, don’t worry. Templates have been provided for them as well.

And there it is. You have all the pre-requisites for making the turkey hat. Now, it is time to start working on the same.

Steps For Making The DIY Turkey Headband


If you liked our templates … check out the below free printables:

Crown Template for Kids
Turkey Feather Template for Kids

Let’s go on then. No time to waste. Let’s get into the essential part and start making the turkey hat as well. Preferably, invite your children into this activity as well. They are sure to enjoy the process equally as much as the final turkey hat as well. Alright then! That’s enough talk. Let’s dig in and get familiarized with the steps for creating the turkey headband:

  1. Start by measuring the brown headband strips around the heads of your children. If they fit right, perfect! If they don’t cut down the headband according to their head size.
  • Now, lay the brown headbands on a table. Make turkey faces on the headband the brown circles. If you want, you can use the marker to add the eye and other such delicate features. Add beaks using the orange construction paper and the snoods with the red paper.
  • Its time for the feathers now. Use the remaining colorful paper strips for the task. Fold the strips in half gently. Take care not to make a crease in the middle as you’re folding the strips. Attach these folded strips around the brown headband.

  • Use the stapler to make sure that these feathers are now attached to the place.
  • By now, most of your turkey headband should already be in place. Finish the hat by stapling the ends of the hat to form it into a hat. Use the measurements that you took earlier for this.

And that’s all. Your DIY headband is in place now. Let your children dress up with it and goof around your home while you prepare for the holiday. In fact, let the grandparents wear these and goof around with the children as well. If they are like the other grandparent-grandchild duos that we know of, they are bound to wear those hats for the entire day.

Printable Turkey Craft Template


We promised before that we would provide the printable turkey hat templates. Here they are. With these templates, you will be able to ease the entire process and make it slightly easier for you as well as for your kids.

Uses Of Turkey Hats

So, we have covered most of the aspects associated with turkey hats. However, there is still one aspect that we are yet to cover. That is the various other ways of using these turkey hats. Our guidelines above are universal. They will help you to design all types of turkey hats that you want.

Now, it is time to see the ways in which you can use these turkey hats. There are innumerous ways in which you can use these hats. Here are some of those ways:

  1. Turkey Hat With Wings – With the Turkey Hat With Wings form, you could use the turkey hat to show as if it were flying. This can be easily done with the help of gigantic wings.
  • Handprint Turkey Wings – Handprint turkey wings are one of the ingenious ways of designing a turkey hat. In this method, you use the hand impression of your little one to design a beautiful turkey wing. This process makes the entire activity even more exciting.
  • Sponge-Painted Turkey Hats – The name of these turkey hats accurately describe them. They are created with the help of a sponge and a combination of bright colors. In this way, you can create a turkey that really enhances your turkey hat and makes it even more vibrant.

  • Turkey Pop-Up Hats – In our opinion, the turkey pop-up hats are one of the cutest hats that you can get your hands on. Created on a paper plate, the turkey headband stands upon your plate. And instead of using a headband, you create a hole within this plate and place it upon your child’s head.
  • Turkey Cone Party Hats – Remember those cone party hats that your child was gleefully wearing at his/her birthday. What if we told you that you could give him/her that experience again? The procedure of making the turkey hat still remains the same. The only difference lies in the fact that instead of creating a headband, your child will be using a cone party hat.

30+ Stunning Turkey Feather Templates (Free Download)


Wild turkey feathers are one of the most sought-out commodities around the world. Usually, these features are used for decorative purposes. And their demand increases especially during the time of the Thanksgiving holidays. However, you need to keep in mind that procuring these wild turkey feathers isn’t easy. In fact, you might often encounter periods wherein you need to pay extravagant prices just to procure them.


However, what if we told you that there was an easy way to procure these turkey feathers. To help ease your pain, we have brought forward numerous turkey feather templates that you can use to implement for creating such feathers on your own. Keep reading on as we divulge information regarding how you can create such a template.

What Are The Uses Of A Turkey Feathers?


Turkey feathers can be used in various ways for your home when you are celebrating the holiday of Thanksgiving. Here are a few ways in which you can accomplish so:

  • As a full-body mount – Using turkey feathers as a full-body mount is one of the rather obvious uses of turkey feathers. In order to do this, you need to have your turkey caped for hanging on the wall or you can use a flat wall mount to utilize most of the feathers.
  • For fletching arrows – The second way by which you can utilize your turkey feathers is to use them for fletching arrows. This is one of the easiest ways in which you can utilize your turkey feathers for decorations. All you need to do is to split your feathers with a razor-sharp blade. After splitting the feather, trim it and lightly sand it. However, the catch of this method is that you will only be able to use only the wing feathers for your purpose.

  • As feather wreaths –  To create a feather wreath, you will need to procure a styrofoam wreath from a craft store and trim certain turkey feathers to about 4″ in length. With the help of glue, you can overlap them to create a waterfall effect.

DIY Process For Making A Turkey Feather From Paper


Remember how we were talking about the difficulty in procuring turkey feathers? Well, this is one of the easiest solutions that you can use for creating a turkey feather without spending a huge amount of money for the same. Simply with the help of a few steps, here’s how you can create a turkey feather from paper.

First, you will need to procure certain prerequisites. These include:

  • Scissors
  • Glue
  • Paint
  • Paper


Step 1: Start by drawing the outlines of the various shapes that will be involved in creating the turkey feathers. The most primary shapes that you will be using include triangles, ovals, and circles.

Step 2: Once you’re done with this, ask your children to paint this outline with the colors of their choices. In this step, allow your children to tap into their creativity and develop a template that is out-of-the-ordinary. Allow the paint to dry before you move on to the next step.

Step 3: Once the paint has dried, start to cut out the outlines that you drew on the paper. If you are allowing your child to use the scissors ensure that they are well-placed and are cut properly with the help of scissors.


Step 4: Now, it is time to start gluing each of these shapes into one another to create art that is decorative in every sense of the world. Start by gluing a larger circle on the paper. On top of it glue a smaller circle. These two circles serve as the body and the head of the turkey respectively.

Step 5: Once this is over, cut out a red oval which will serve as the distinct, fleshy protuberance that the males are known for. Once you’re done with this, glue the circle eyes on the smaller circle which is serving as the head of the bird.

Step 6: Now it is time to attach the beak of the bird. Attach the beak of the bird on the smaller circle serving as the head. Now, you need to be careful while doing this. Ensuring that you attach the beak in such a way that it slightly overlaps the yellowish, fleshy protuberance.


Step 7: Now, you need to start gluing the wings of the turkey into place. Glue all the large oval feathers in such a way that it appears to be stuck at the end of the body. Now that you’re done with this, you need to move on to the final step of the process.


Step 8: Finally, when you’re done with this, glue the oval wings to the side of the body and the two triangled-shaped figures at the bottom of the body. these triangle-shaped figures will be serving as the feet of the turkey.

Templates for Turkey Feather


Now, you might be thinking that drawing each of the shapes for the turkey feather might be quite complicated and time-taking. And in reality, it is. Therefore, to help you ease up this process, we have provided some of these shapes in the form of a template below.

How Can Kids Use Turkey Feather Template?

The turkey feather template can be highly beneficial in improving the creative thinking process of a child. Owing to the upcoming Thanksgiving festivals, parents will soon require turkey feathers for decorating their homes. By enabling children to work on creating these turkey feather templates, people can enable their children to become more creative.


Moreover, if you organize a competition between your children, you will get access to innumerous turkey feather templates, all of which are bound to be unique. There will never be two turkey feather templates that are the same.  

Balancing Chemical Equations with Ease (100 Free Worksheets)

In this article, you will learn about how to balance chemical equations easily with simple steps. Feel free to download our free worksheets with answers for your practice.

Balancing Chemical Equations Tips Tricks Worksheets

Parts of a Balanced Chemical Equation

Before you start balancing chemical equations, it is important that you become firmly acquainted with the various part of one. Every balanced chemical equation consists of two parts: the reactant side and the product side. Both of these sides are separated by the means of an arrow.

On the left side of the arrow, you will find the reactant side. This side represents the elements which are used for initiating the experiment. On the right side of the arrow, we have the product side. This side is used to display the elements or compounds which are generated from the chemical process.

The Need for Balancing Chemical Equations

Ever since you started learning about the field of Chemistry, your teachers might often have stressed upon the importance of balancing chemical equations. But have you ever pondered on the reason behind this? Why do you need to respect the law of the conservation of mass? Quite simply, you need to balance your equations to follow the law of conservation of mass.

Law of Conservation of Mass: According to the law of conservation of mass, the mass of products that are derived from a chemical equation should mandatorily equal the mass of the reactants.

Minding the law of conservation of mass while balancing equations is quite important. Not only does it help you to prevent errors, but it also assists scientists in knowing the quantities of reactants to create a particular product that they want to make. Moreover, the law also helps chemical manufacturers to increase the efficiencies of their processes.

When Should You Start To Balance A Chemical Equation?

As soon as you derive a chemical equation stating the reactants and the products, check out if the number of atoms on either side are equal to each other or not. In the event that you detect the numbers to be uncommon, rest assured, you should start balancing the elements and compounds on either side of the chemical equation.

How Should You Balance A Chemical Equation?

The primary aspect that you need to keep in mind while balancing a chemical equation is this; the entire process is completely based on trial and error. When you start to balance a particular chemical equation, you will need to go through several processes before you stumble upon the right coefficients to balance the number of atoms.

Another aspect that you need to remember is that balancing chemical equations requires a lot of practice. Once you perfect the practice of balancing, you can become completely reliant on your intuition to lead you through the complete process.

While balancing your equations, you need to follow certain simple stems. Here’s what you need to do:

  1. Start by counting the number of atoms, present for each element on the side of the reactants as well as the products.
  1. When you find out that certain elements are not balanced, place the required coefficient that is needed to balance the elements.
  1. Once you are done with this, check out if the number of atoms for the other elements is also equal on both the sides.
  1. Repeat the process until you find out that all the elements on both the sides of the chemical equations are balanced.

As aforementioned, the process in itself is quite simple. However, it takes significant practice before can start to balance these equations completely with your intuition.

An Easy Example To Get You Started With

Now that you know the steps, you are wholly capable of balancing chemical equations. Let’s solve some of them, shall we? With the help of above-mentioned steps and a practical example, you will be better able to understand how the entire process works.

Do not feel anxious if you feel that you are still not ready to solve these problems. With our method, even your toddler sibling will be able to understand how chemical equations are balanced. And if still feel a tad bit confused after solving all these equations, try to solve a few more of such problems. Remember what we advised in a previous section: You will need significant practice before you can confidently start to balance these equations with your intuition.

Let’s start with this example. This equation represents a reaction between two Iron Oxide (Fe2O3) and Carbon (C). The products formed are Iron (Fe) and Carbon Dioxide (CO2).

Fe2O3 + C        →       Fe + CO2

Alright, so we have our equation. Let’s begin to balance the equation with the help of the steps mentioned above.

Step 1: Start by counting the number of atoms present, for each element on the side of the reactants as well as the products.

Fe2O3 + C        →       Fe + CO2


On the reactants side, we have:

  • 2 atoms of Fe
  • 3 atoms of O
  • 1 atom of C


On the product side, we have:

  • 1 atom of Fe
  • 2 atoms of O
  • 1 atom of C

By comparing the number of atoms present for each element on each side, you might have determined that the reaction is obviously not balanced. Therefore, let’s move on to Step 2.

Step 2: When you find out that certain elements are not balanced, place the required coefficient that is needed to balance the elements.

Let’s start by balancing the oxygen atoms. To do this, make the oxygen atoms as six on either side of the chemical equation.

2Fe2O3 + C      →         Fe + 3CO2

On towards the next step now.

Step 3: Once you are done with this, check out if the number of atoms for the other elements is also equal on both the sides.

Now that we have an equal number of oxygen atoms on either side of the equation, let’s check out if the other elements of the equation are equal or not.

2Fe2O3 + C      →        Fe + 3CO2

On the reactant side, we have:

  • 4 atoms of Fe.
  • 6 atoms of O.
  • 1 atom of C.

On the product side, we have:

  • 1 atom of Fe.
  • 6 atoms of O.
  • 3 atoms of C.

As you can see, the elements of iron and carbon are still not balanced. Therefore, it is time that we move on to the 4th step.

Step 4: Repeat the process until you find out that all the elements on both the sides of the chemical equations are balanced.

Alright, let’s start balancing the equation again and this time, let’s balance the number of iron atoms first. On the reactant side, we have 4 atoms of Fe while the product side has 1 atom of Fe. To balance them, we need to place 4 atoms of Fe on the product side.

2Fe2O3 + C      →        4Fe + 3CO2

Now, on the reactant side we have:

  • 4 atoms of Fe.
  • 6 atoms of O.
  • 1 atom of C.

And, on the product side, we have:

  • 4 atoms of Fe.
  • 6 atoms of O.
  • 3 atoms of C.

The only element that remains to be balanced now is carbon. This can be easily done considering the fact that carbon exists only in a singular form on the reactant side. In order to correct this, we need to place 3 atoms of carbon on the reactant side. The chemical reaction, hence, will turn out to be:

2Fe2O3 + 3C    →         4Fe + 3CO2

On the reactant side, we have:

  • 4 atoms of Fe.
  • 6 atoms of O.
  • 3 atoms of C.

And, on the product side, we have:

  • 4 atoms of Fe.
  • 6 atoms of O.
  • 3 atoms of C.

And there you go. Perfectly balanced as all things should be (Yes. We are Marvel fanboys as well).

Essential Tips for Beginners

As you become further acquainted with balancing chemical equations, it becomes quite easy for you to solve them. However, it still maintains a certain level of difficulty at the beginner level. As a result of this, you might find yourself shying away from the equations and procrastinating to the level where you get totally and utterly repulsed by them.

However, there are certain tips that help you during such a stage. When you are beginner, you will be solving quite easy problems compared to those you might see in your Chemistry books. During such times, you will need to keep two essential tips in your mind. These tips will help you to easily balance the equations with ease. These tips are:

  • Start Balancing With Single Elements – Attempt at balancing those elements first which occur in the form of a single molecule first. Owing to their single nature, they are easily flexible and their coefficient can be easily changed as and when needed in further steps.
  • Balance the Hydrogen and Oxygen Molecules at the End – At the beginning, you will come across a lot of equations involving hydrogen and oxygen molecules. Whenever you encounter these, you should interact with these at the end. This is because hydrogen and oxygen molecules often occur together in both the reactant and product side. Once you are done with balancing other elements, focus on these.

Format for Writing a Balanced Equation

Now that you have balanced the assigned chemical reaction, you might be wondering if there is a format for writing these balanced chemical equations. In actuality, there is not said format that you need to mind for arranging the balanced equation. However, it has also been noticed that people in the field of chemistry often prefer to write solid elements and other compounds first, followed by the gaseous elements and single elements. This often acts as an unwritten rule which is followed by a lot of people around the world.

The Coefficients in a Balanced Chemical Equation

Up until this point of balancing your chemical equations, you might have known about the various facets surrounding the chemical equation. But there is still one significant aspect of balancing which we haven’t discussed: The role of coefficients while balancing equations.

At some point or another, you might have certainly wondered how are these coefficients be used while balancing the equation. After all, we cannot magically create or destroy elements during a chemical reaction. The Law of Conservation of Mass prevents this. In actuality, these coefficients define the ratios. For the reactant side, the coefficients define the ratio in which the substances are being used. And for the product side, the coefficients define the ratio in which the substances are being produced.

What a Balanced Chemical Equation Does Not Tell Us

Balanced chemical equations are highly informative in nature. They divulge a lot of information which is implemented for deriving the desired results from the reactions. However, there are certain aspects which balanced chemical equations don’t make you aware of just by solving the equations. The most prominent aspects amongst these are the subscripts used.

Take, for example, the last chemical equation which we balanced.

2Fe2O3 + 3C    →         4Fe + 3CO2

Now, if you notice, the element Fe has the subscript 2 beside itself, signifying the number of atoms. But if you notice on the product side, element lacks any subscript. This is quite similar to the oxygen element as well. On one hand, it has the subscript 3 while it has the subscript 2 on the other hand.

In spite of all this, the total mass of the individual atoms present on both sides of the equation is equal to each other. This is due to the Law of Conservation of Mass which ensures that matter isn’t created nor destroyed during a chemical reaction. This is also the reason why the total number of individual atoms are equal on both the reactant and product side.

Rules for Balancing Chemical Equations

By this point, you might have become nicely acquainted with balancing chemical equations on your own. Resulting, the rules associated with balancing chemical equations must also have become imprinted within your mind. It is with the help of such rules that you can easily balance the assigned chemical equations. However, it is equally important that you put these rules on paper and revise them once thoroughly.

Here are a few of the most prominent rules, include:

  • Keep The Placement of Reactants and Products in Mind – In every chemical equation, there are two parts to an equation. These parts are separated by an arrow. While writing down the chemical equation, take care to list all the reactants on the left-hand side of the arrow. Similarly, you should take care to list all the products on the right side of the arrow.
  • Ensure That The Right Arrow Is Placed – In most cases, the reactants and the products are separated by a single-sided arrow. This signifies a reaction which is irreversible or is unchangeable after a certain stage. However, in certain situations, the reactions occur at equilibrium. This means that reaction at any forward rate results in a reverse reaction. In such situations, the arrow used is two-sided, i.e. facing towards the reactants and the products.
  • Emphasize on The Law of Conservation of Mass – While balancing the equations, it is of a predominant nature that you keep applying the Law of Conservation of Mass. This is because matter can neither be produced nor destroyed. Keeping this law in mind greatly helps you while balancing equations. Whenever you find an element which has more or less number of molecules, you can easily place a coefficient to balance it.
  • Start With Independent Elements – When you start to balance the equation, start by balancing the independent elements. These are the elements which appear in individually in the equation. If there is no such element or if these elements are already balanced, proceed with the elements that exist in conjunction with other elements. Once this particular element is balanced, you should proceed on to balance other elements until all the elements are balanced.
  • Balanced Only With Coefficients – While balancing the chemical equations, balance them only by placing coefficients in front of them. By no means should you add subscripts because this will completely change the formula of the particular reactant or compound, causing a change in the entire meaning that the equation wants to render.

Balancing Chemical Equations with Matrices

Up until this point, you have been balancing chemical equations by the means of trial and error. The process was simple, you had to place a coefficient, check if the other elements were balanced or not, and repeat all the steps until you had all the elements balanced.

However, it won’t be long before you face even tougher balancing problems. And you will face innumerous problems while using the trial and error method for such tough equations. Therefore, on such occasions, you will need a more versatile method for solving the problems.

Fortunately, there is one such methodology for solving chemical equations. This method involves a matrix which you can use to easily solve even the toughest of equations. Here are the steps that you should follow while solving chemical equations:

  1. Start by placing an alphabet which acts as a variable coefficient for your elements.
  2. Arrange all the elements in a column matrix format, as per the subscript values.
  3. Solve each of these matrices and generate the various equations.
  4. Individually equate all these equations and place the values generated into the other equations that you generated in Step 4.
  5. Assume a particular number for each of the values, such that, neither of the values that you derive appear in the form of a fraction and use this number to find out the values of the other coefficients.
  6. Finally, place these values into the initial chemical reaction to derive your balance equation.

Let’s use a simple example to understand this process. Take this chemical equation for instance:

NO + O2          →        NO2

Now, this is quite a simple equation. In fact, you might have even figured out how to balance this equation. In spite of this, we will use a simple methodology to help you understand how the entire process works.

Step 1: Start by placing an alphabet which acts as a variable coefficient for your elements

You can use any alphabet as a variable coefficient. For our purpose, we will be using alphabets X, Y, and Z. We will be placing them in this order:

X NO + Y O2   →        Z NO2


Step 2: Arrange all the elements in a column matrix format, as per the subscript values.

You should always follow a format for arranging the elements in a column matrix format. First, start by counting the number of atoms present for every individual occurrence of each element. From our first equation, we can derive that:

No. of N atoms = 1 + No. of N atoms = 0 → No. of N atoms = 1

No. of O atoms = 1 + No. of O atoms = 2 → No. of O atoms = 2

According to this format, we will separate the values of each of the elements according to the number of atoms present. Each of these positions will display a value depending on the number of those elements at that particular location. Hence, this is how we will display the values of the elements that are separated into the form of matrices:

X  + Y             Z

Notice that value signifying the elements show that each of the elements acquires a particular row. In essence, the nitrogen element acquires the first row while oxygen acquires the second row.

Step 3: Solve each of these matrices and generate the various equations

Once you have the matrices, you need to solve them and generate the required equations for them. The equations that you generate, generally, depending on the number of elements present within the equation. In this case, we have two elements. Therefore, the equations that formed are:

  • X + Y0 = Z or X = Z (Equation i)
  • X + 2Y = 2Z (Equation ii)

Step 4: Individually equate all these equations and place the values generated into the other equations that you generated in Step 4.

We have already generated the value of the coefficient X in Equation i. The value of X that we have generated is Z. Therefore, it is time that we focused on Equation ii.

X + 2Y = 2Z

According to Equation i, X = Z. Therefore,

  • Z + 2Y = 2Z


  • 2Y = 2Z – Z
  • 2Y = Z
  • Y = ½Z             (Equation iii)

Step 5: Assume a particular number for each of the values, such that, neither of the values that you derive appears in the form of a fraction and use this number to find out the values of the other coefficients.

Once we have generated the final equations, it is time that we used them to generate the final values for our coefficients. In order to do this, we need to assume a particular value for each of the variable coefficients, such that the result does not turn out to be a fractional value.

Let’s start by assuming that the value of Z = 1. If Z = 1, then Y = 1/2 (according to the Equation iii). However, we don’t want a fractional value as our result. Therefore, let’s assume that Z = 2. Now that Z = 2, therefore Y = 1. Resultingly, the value of X = 2, since X = Z (as per equation i).

Step 6: Finally, place these values into the initial chemical reaction to derive your balance equation.

The equation which we had at the beginning, was:

X NO + Y O2   →        Z NO2

According to the results generated by, the value of the variable coefficients stand as per the following:

X = 2

Y = 1

Z = 2

Let’s place these values into the equation. Upon doing so, we get:

2NO + O2        →        2NO2

Therefore, on the reactant side, we have:

  • 2 atoms of N
  • 4 atoms of O

And on the product side, we have:

  • 2 atoms of N.
  • 4 atoms of O.

As there you have it again. A perfectly balanced chemical equation solved with the help of matrices.


Balancing Chemical Equations with Odd Number of Atoms on Elements

Another area wherein balancing becomes a tricky affair is during the presence of odd subscripts or atoms of an element. Let us take into consideration, this particular equation:

NH­­­3 + O2        →        NO + H2O

The first thing that you will want to do in such cases is to balance those elements which are present in odd numbers on one side but are present in even numbers on the other side of the chemical equation. In this case, we have hydrogen following such a suit. Let us balance this out first.

2NH­­­3 + O2      →        NO + 3H2O

Now, we need to balance nitrogen to equate the reaction.

2NH­­­3 + O2      →        2NO + 3H2O

At this point, all the elements present in our chemical equations are balanced… except for oxygen. Hence, you will need to find out a coefficient which can effectively help you to balance the oxygen molecule present on the left-hand side of the reaction. On the reactant side, we have 2 oxygen molecules while on the product side, we have 5 oxygen molecules. Therefore, we will need to find a number which, when multiplied by 2, gives us 5 as the answer. Let this number be x.

  • x . 2 = 5
  • x = 5/2

Therefore, let us place this value into the equation.

2NH­­­3 + 5/2O2        2NO + 3H2O

Finally, we need to eliminate the fractional part of the equation. Let’s do so by multiplying the entire chemical equation with 2.

4NH­­­3 + 5O2    →        4NO + 6H2O

And there you have it. The equation becomes perfectly balanced.

A Few Examples worth Mentioning

Now that you have covered everything that is to be learned about the basics of balancing chemical equations, you should get yourself acquainted with certain worthwhile chemical equations.

  1. Chemical Reaction for Photosynthesis

6CO2 + 6H2O              →        C6H12O6 + 6O2


  1. Chemical Reaction for Cellular Respiration

C6H12O6 + 6O2                                CO2 + H2O + ATP

  1. Chemical Reaction for Ammonium Nitrate and Water

NH4NO3 + Water       →         NH4 + NO3


  1. Chemical Reaction for Magnesium and Hydrochloric Acid

Mg + HCl               MgCl2 + H2


  1. Chemical Reaction for Lithium and Water

2 Li + 2H2O            2 LiOH + H2


  1. Chemical Reaction for Calcium Carbonate and Hydrochloric Acid

CaCO3 + HCl         CaCl2 + H2O


Balancing chemical equations 100 worksheets with answers

Using Games and Apps to Learn About Balancing Chemical Equations

It has not escaped our sights that a technologically-savvy world such as ours often uses technological means to better understand any newer concepts that they come across. Keeping this factor in mind, we have brought for you two of the greatest means by which you can enhance your skills at balancing chemical equations while simultaneously enjoying it via your smartphones of computers. Here are the means:

  1. Balancing Chemical Equations – We often encounter situations in which, whatever we do, we fail to solve the equation that has presented itself to us. And let’s be honest, all of us have been there at some point in our lives. It is in such situations that you might find the need for additional help. And this is exactly what Balancing Chemical Equations aims to do. With the help of this application, you will be easily able to balance the toughest of chemical equations. All that you need to do is to enter the unbalanced reactants and products and by clicking a button, the app displays the balanced chemical equation. You can find the Balancing Chemical Equations application on Google Play for free. Here’s a link for the same.


2. The Balancing Equations Game from PHET – Now, an application can only go so far as to keep you engaged. But this is completely contrary to what games can do at keeping you engaged. One of the most engaging games comes from PHET. At their website, you will find the Balancing Equations Game. Upon choosing the option, you are redirected towards a screen for choosing the difficulty of the game. This game is quite interesting. Having tried it out ourselves, we can assure you that not only is it engaging and entertaining, but it is quite informative as well. Therefore, it is one game that you should play if you want to get better at balancing chemical equations and get entertained for a while. Here’s a link to their website.

Crown Template For Kids : 15 + Free Printable High Resolution Templates

Girl Crown Template

Paper crowns always add fun to the children’s play. Especially, during any events for example-birthday parties, special events or just a casual dress-up, a crown is a perfect accessory and also pretty handy for any event. What are you waiting for! Let us create some opportunities or help our kids to add more fun to their crafting slot.

Colorful Crown Template

Make easy crowns using our free printable crown templates to color, decorate, and make into fun crown crafts. These printables are used for not only for personal use but also for non-commercial use as well. Our free crown templates are easy to download and use. In addition they are great to decorate and assemble in order to make your own royal paper crowns. As an added bonus, you can dress up your paper crowns with few jewels and colourful stones or just keep them simple and sleek. So, have a look at our wonderful collection of crown templates that excite kids and inspires them to make their own crowns at home or in the classroom or in the craft session. That is the reason I am very much excited to explain you all about crown making ideas. Continue reading to learn how to make paper crowns at home with few supplies.

Things required to make easy crowns
Animal crown template

Paper crowns are inexpensive, handy, customizable, and relatively easy to make and use. To start making paper crowns at home, you will need few essentials. Let us see what they are!
Halloween crown template

  • thin cardboard (poster board or old cereal boxes work well)
  • scissors
  • paint, crayons, or felt-tip pens
  • foil gift wrap or construction paper
  • stapler
  • glue
  • Optional: stickers, markers, glitter, shapes cut from construction paper

Girl Crown Template



Step-1: Creating a Paper Crown from your favourite Template

Browse our great collection of crowns and download any crown template easily and directly from our page. Once you find the perfect crown template, take a print of the template at home or any local library or any print shop. Since we have all kinds of crown templates, you can find your desired template easily in our page.
crown template princess


  • If you are looking for a princess crown template, then choose the templates that have softer shapes and curves. The more delicate, the better.
  • If you are searching for a royal crown template, look for templates with jagged shapes.

Step-2: Tracing on a color paper

Pick any tracing craft paper and place it on top of the printed crown template for tracing. Trace the shape and outline of the crown carefully to give a professional look. You can use the dark color markers for tracing. Then copy the outline of the crown template from the tracing paper (that have outline of the crown template on it) on to a thin cardboard.
crown template for preschoolers

Step-3: Cut out the template

Follow the out lines and carefully cut out the thin card board. You may need a pair of new scissors to avoid the mess that happens with the old scissors. If the selected crown template has two parts, line up the edges and staple or glue them together.

I suggest adults to assist kids in this step if they are performing this activity on their own.
ancient crown template

Step-4: Wrap it with a gift paper or foil

To give our crown template an attractive look, cut the gift wrap the same length of the cut thin card board. Again you may need to staple or glue two pieces (card board and gift warp) together.
crown art template

Another good option to make your crown look attractive is–if you want to give your crown a special color (such as silver or gold), you need to paint it first using spray paint or acrylic paint. Let the paint dry, then trace it, then cut it out.
kiddie crown template

Step-5: Reinforce the crown

Cut any extra pieces of your crown after stapling or gluing the card board and gift wrap to give it a clean and neat appearance.
crown template for king

Step-6: Decorate the crown

This is the favourite step for any kid in their craft session. What would be the best thing other than decorating their own crafts? You can see sparkles in their eyes as well after finishing the decoration of their craft crowns.
crown template for adults

Now it is time to decorate your crown the way you want. Make cool and unique designs using markers, crayons, and colored designs. In addition, you can also paste some jewels and gems to bedazzle your crown. Also, sprinkle some glitter on the crown to give it a royal and shiny look. Don not forget to allow your decorations to dry completely to prevent ripping.
Crown Template For Kids

Let the creativity flow and here are some decoration ideas to make your crown look awesome.
crown template cut out

  • To create a royal crown, you can use gold glitter glue, and blue, green, red, or purple gem stones.
  • If you wish to make a creepy crown, use black glitter glue, and gluing on some plastic spiders and purple or black gem stones.
  • To make a princess crown, use silver or gold glitter glue, and pink or purple gem stones.
  • To create a crown fit for an ice queen, consider using a lots of silver or iridescent glitter glue. Use lots of blue and blue gem stones.

crown template for headband

Step-7: Wear it and Fit the crown

Place the crown template around the wearer’s head and circle the cut out crown. Make sure the edges of the cut out crown should overlap and make a pencil mark where the two edges overlap. Now you can remove the crown from the wearer’s head. Line up the edges and glue or staple them together at the pencil mark. Let the glue dry before wearing your crown!
crown template for cake

Following these few simple steps and that you are on your way to create a crown that will wow at the party.

We offer a wide range of different paper crown templates such as zigzag crown, tiara, prince, princess, and Super hero headgear and king versions. These paper crowns will become the perfect accessory and stand-out at the party if your child decorate or color it vividly. Try our professional looking paper crown templates with your kids without fail – they are not only cute but also creative, and best of all, they’re free and easy to use.

Family Tree Template For Kids (15+ Designs Showing 3 & 4 Generations )

Family Tree Template For Middle School

Are you looking for family tree templates for kids? You are in the right place.

“Being a family means you are a part of something very wonderful. It means you will love and be loved for the rest of your life.” –Lisa Weed

“Family is not an important thing. It’s everything.” –Michael J. Fox

“The memories we make with our family is everything.” –Candace Cameron Bure

Are you wondering seeing all the sweet and cute family quotes!? Hope you couldn’t catch my point. J Today, we are going to learn about family and family tree. Excited!! Who doesn’t love family!!? “In time of test, family is best.” –Burmese Proverb Hahhaha…I won’t bore you with more quotations. Let us get into the topic and teach or educate our children about the importance of family tree in a fun way.

Kids learning about their family history through family tree helps them develop a better sense of who they are and why they look and act the way one’s ancestors do. In addition, creating a family tree is an art and one of the productive activities that kids can do in different ways while learning about their family history.

Family Tree Blank Template For Teachers


Family Tree Photo Template



What is a family tree?

A family tree is a diagram representing family lineage or genealogical data in several formats. It is developed for the purpose of recording or documenting a family history and tracking it in an easy way. Simply, a family tree is a root chart of a family showing relations between people in several generations of a family. The people may include parents, grandparents, and great grandparents.

Different types of family tree
Family Tree Templates For School Projects

Family tree representations can come in a variety of formats for ex; it could be a simple diagram or a complex one. The main purpose is to record family lineage. It can be a fun, easy, and quick project or it can be more long-stretched depending on the amount of research required to document a family history.

Family Tree Drawing Template


However, young children always prefer the easy family trees whereas the older kids will have more fun filling out more extended and complicated family tree charts. We have compiled a great and awesome list of easy and fun printable family trees for young kids, larger printable family trees for older children, and more complicated family tree charts for kids who love a challenge. J Browse and explore our most popular family tree templates that help you to quickly organize your family information.
Family Tree Template Aunts Uncles Cousins


The green family tree for kids to color

The drawing of green family tree is pretty ideal for younger kids while tracing their family information. It is very simple to create. All you need to take print out the picture or simply ask your kids to draw a tree on a white paper and color it in green. You can see in the picture uploaded. Now ask your kids to write the names of your family members inside the empty spaces or just paste the pictures of them.

Simple Family Tree Template


Easy printable family tree chart with clouds

This is another simple and easy family tree chart. Just simply draw the stem and branches of the tree without leaves. Also ask your kid to draw some clouds on the branches instead of leaves. That’s it, you are done!! Kids can paint the clouds in light green color in which they can write their family ancestors names or paste pictures.

Family Tree Template With Siblings


A family tree with faces

This tree representation is also ideal for kids who are genealogy beginners. It is an easy way to include parents along with their children.

Family Tree Template With Photo


3 Generation Family Tree Chart for the Older Child

This ancestry tree is an encouraging activity for your child to include his/her family lineage. You can also extend this to a 4 generation family tree chart but it requires a little research tracing his / her roots back to his / her great-grandparents.

Family Tree Template For Middle School


Maple tree family chart

This is quite a usual and attractive family tree representation template for kids. There is a lot of room to be creative with family photos and names. Simply find some photos of family members and glue them in.

Family Tree Template Starting With Grandparents


Butterfly tree family history format

This is the kid’s favorite family tree representation as it includes butterflies. Butterflies always make anything or place beautiful and colorful. The same way our family tree with butterflies look more attractive and colorful. Kids get excited to paint the butterflies and paste pictures of their family ancestors.

Family Tree Template Fillable


3 Generation Family trees

We have included a lot of funny and interesting 3 generation family trees using different shapes that include apples, hearts, bunnies and butterflies. The entire illustration is such a cute and adorable representation that attracts your kids instantly. The tree at the background looks cool and suggestive in context of the family tree.
Family Tree For Kids Template


4 Generation family trees

These are for those children who are really interested in their family background. These templates are handy while researching about their family across 4-5 generations. With a nice and elegant bright colors at the background makes them a decent look.

Extended Family Tree Template


We have learned different types of family tree representations. But not sure where to begin!? Here are few important and simple steps to follow to create beautiful family lineage trees.
Butterfly Family Tree Template


  • Gather information what you already know about your family
  • Talk to your relatives
  • Focus your search
  • Put it on paper or document the information
  • Search the Internet
  • Discover your local Family History Center
  • Explore specific websites
  • Organize your new information
  • Share your research
  • Plan your next step

Colorful Family Tree Template For Kids


Important Information that is Often Included in a Family Tree Chart

A family tree includes a critical information about a family which include individual names, relationships between different family members, marriage and death dates and their age at the time of death are documented.
Family Tree Chart Template


You don’t have to create an exaggerated or complicated family tree for the kids. A simple diagram will also work wonders to help them make the family tree filled with right connections. However, the more information or research on the family history including photos, will help them remember who this person was and why they are part of the family.

All our free Family Tree Templates and formats come up with cute and interesting cartoon tress to make the project more fun and exciting for the little students. Also all the family tree templates are free to customize and download in a format type preference.

Free Book Templates for Kids / Students (10+ PSD Layered Files)

Comic Book Template

Kids and books are no separate topics. Kids read books and most of the books are meant for kids beginning from the coloring book to the great novels. Kids live with books at every stage in their life and hence today I decided to provide book templates for free. Yes, parents and teachers always look for some innovation to engage their kids. Also, they need to be really good to educate kids. With that intention, I have designed these book templates for kids.

Check out our book review templates for kids

I am giving it for free download for personal use. Download them and print them as many based on your need. Wondering what are these book templates and how to use them? I understand and hence I am not stopping at giving you free templates, but getting into the details about what are they and how to use them.

Comic Book Template

Going one step beyond to share with you the best ideas to use these as well. I am sure you feel glad now. Get going to read and in the end, you will be a pro in designing your own book templates and making your kids have a fantabulous time.

What is a book template?

In general, we call something like a template when they are ready for utility. The best example to relate to includes the certificate template. Any completed work, be it studies, sports or anything requires a completion certificate mentioning the successful completion of the job. This is how a certificate is used. When I say template, then it is pre-made and only blanks such as name, date, signature details to be filled and issued. Similarly, a book template for kids means a readymade model that will contain the details about the book you are planning to make.

Uses of Book template?

Back To School Book Template

Let me make it clearer, we will provide you with the outline and you can use them as your cover, front page and develop a book. Still sounding confused? Fine, I will tell you with an example. Let us say you want kids to color and you do not want to buy a color book but allow them to color creatively. So you ask them to take a paper and color. They will love to mess up with colors and they enjoy it too. When they make this a habit and color in several papers, then now you feel tensed to collect them. There are these book templates will help you. These comes with a front-page and bank page. You can print them and punch them in the center to include the papers and make it a coloring book. Now, you get my point I guess. Yes, these are templates that are predesigned with themes and vibrant colors allowing kids to use these templates for all their fun activities.

In one word, book templates are useful to engage kids, make them creative, and allow them to improve their creative thinking ability.

What are the components of a book template and How to make one?

Book Template Party

We will explain the basic components of the book template and the steps included in making a template on your own. However, you can feel free to download the templates that we have collected for you and print them to make your life easy.

Book coverTheme, design, color The front page is the first and the foremost part of a book template. As per the famous saying, the first impression is the best impression you need to keep this page great looking to bait kids to get glued to them. How did we achieve this? We use a word document, InDesign and other methods to design the template. Here I will explain to you using MS Word so that you can try making one.

Printable Book Template

Start with a new page and insert an image aptly suiting the book topic. In case, it is a math activity book, then include mathematical expressions. Then create space for the title. Draw a border around the title and choose colors that are bright and attractive. Optional, leave space for writing the name, and age or class of the kids. This is like an inbuilt label to the book.

Book Pages – Then insert a few blank pages and these are the places where kids will show their talents. Have a theme and make some borders here and leave empty space for kids use. For example, if it is about animals, then choose a border relevant to it. You can find many from online site and choose from them. You can make these pages as creative based on your imagination.

Robotics Book Template

Last Page – Like the cover page have a colorful last page in which you can even print some gist about the book. This will help parents to understand this book before they download and use.

Under Water World Book template

Save the work and the book template is ready for download now. Print them and tie them using a binder to give it an authentic book look.

How to use – Book template for teaching

I am glad that you understood the right way to make book templates. Now, let me help you to use these books with different activities for teaching kids

Picture Pasting Activity Book TemplateDownload

  1. Coloring activity – The color activity book template presented here suits all age group kids. We have given separate templates which you can collate and tie them for smaller kids. Alternatively, use the cover page and end page but use blank papers for older kids to draw and paint. You can also have a marking system on the last page and ask kids to rate their own drawing. Positive way to let kids know the area for improvement.

Coloring Book Template  


  1. Picture pasting activity – Use this activity book for kids to make them relate things and cut and paste them. Here depending on the age you may provide the different theme and ask them to make a picture album. If elder kids, then let them name the picture and write a small intro about the pictures.
  1. Story writing activity – The best activity for grownup kids and teenagers. They will feel great about expressing their thoughts in writing. You can make them improve their vocabulary. There are two activities in this and in one you can ask them to craft their own story and another is to rewrite the existing story. You decide and allocate activities to kids.
  1. Cooking recipe – This is a great way to teach small cooking recipe to kids. Ask them to make note of the ingredients, do the cooking and summarize the instructions. Use the book to allow kids to take notes and they will enjoy doing it. Also, for small kids, you can let them paste pictures for the ingredients. The court is yours and be innovative to expand the kid’s knowledge using the book templates.
  1. Science activities – Finally, let me tell you my way of using the book template. I will use the book for teaching science experiments to kids. Will choose one book for each experiment. I prefer using a blank book template and ask kids to design the front and the back cover. Then we will use A4 papers to fill in the steps involved in completing the experiment with the results. Finally, we will bind the front and back cover with the papers to make it book. Great assignment to kids and trust me they will learn several science concepts this way in a quicker time.

Amazing Show Book Template


How to use – Book template for students

In this section, let me explain about one activity that will make kids learn math. Here I am going to use a blank check template to learn science. Did I first say math and now science? Do you think I am confused? No, I am not. You can use this blank checkbook template to learn science experiment.

Do a science experiment with kids by explaining them from scratch. Use the book template to fill details as mentioned in the above section. Coming to this check template, in this, you can ask kids to list the pricing and find the total expenses involved in making the experiment work. They can fill that in the check and understand math as well as the value of money. 

Astronauta Book Template

Final takeaway

As I mentioned in the beginning, I am glad to have explained the details about a book template. Now, I am sure you will start downloading my templates. These are for free and I am confident that these will be of use to you in all the activities you do with kids.

Make every vacation useful using these activity templates. Feel free to let us know your feedback and we can constantly work towards improvement.

Book Review Template for Kids (Tips & Activities)

Aren’t your kids interested in reading more books? How can you enhance their understanding skills after reading a book? 

Here is a solution ! How about asking them to write a review? Don’t be funny you say ! No, I am just saying if you have colorful “Book Review Templates” for kids, you can actually ask them to write what they understood.  

Ask your kids to share their point of view and discuss about it with their friends and family. While this is a small circle, writing a review about the book will help them introduce it a bigger circle or people, at the same time improve their thinking and writing skills.

You might want to check out book templates for kids, who are interested in compiling or writing a book. 

book review template

Your kids read books? Do they have the habit of sharing their view about the books? Do they share their review about every book they read? Or do you want your kid to write review about the books they read? Do you want to teach them on how to write a book review? Well, this topic is help and satisfy all the above needs.

Yes, In this article we are going to see in detail about what is book review and how to make your kids write a book review. We are here to help you with the wonderful set of templates that will help teach your kids and encourage them write review about books. All you have to do is just a click away, select the template you like from here, download it, print and teach your kids on how to write a book review with the help of it. All these templates are available for free and you can download and use it anytime, anywhere.

What are Book Review Templates?

First of all let us see what is book review template and what are the components in it to be filled. As the name says, it is nothing but the template to write review about books, which will help you teach your kids on how to write a book review and what all needs to be included/excluded while writing a book review. Below are some of the components that needs to be filled in order to complete a Book review.

book review template for high school

  • Title – Name of the book
  • Author/Illustrator – Name of the Author and/or Illustrator of the book
  • Word difficulty – They need to predict the difficulty level they had while reading the book. For Example, Too easy, Just right, Medium, Too hard,
  • Did your like the book/Rating – This is to rate the book. As it is for kids, it can be represented with the STAR rating. If not, by numbers. For example, 4.2 out of 5. Or you can ask them to describe the book in one word by proving them a set of words to choose. For example, Exiting, boring, impressive, stupid, funny, sad, heart warming, interesting, excellent, entertaining, educational and so on.
  • Summary in one sentence – Ask them to summarize the story of the book in a sentence, that needs to be short and crisp.
  • Characters – Describe in brief about the character involved in the book.
  • What was your favorite part of the book? / What I liked best – This will help them recollect the memories of reading the book and describe their favorite part in the book.
  • What I didn’t like – Ask them to summarize the part of book which the kids did not like
  • Draw your favorite character from the book – If it is a picture book or activity book that would contain more pictures and images, then you can guide them to draw their favorite character from the book.
  • Draw your favorite scene from the book – every kids will have a favorite part from the book and you can encourage them to visualize their favorite scene, which in-turn will develop their drawing skills also.
  • Recommendation – They can tick mark the box. For example, Highly Recommended, Reasonable, Not recommended.
  • Reviewer Name – Your kids name who is writing the review.
  • Date – date on which the review was written.

These are few of the points that must be covered as part of a book review. Apart from this the kids can add anything extra as part of the template while writing the review.

How to make one?
book review template for childrens books

Are your kids exited to write a book review? Wondering how to guide them on it? Then we are here to help you, as we have provided wonderful set of book review templates for kids in this page that will attract your kids. Do you want to make one on your own? Well, that is allowed as well. All you have to do is to just chose your template from here and download it for free. As we have designed it for your ease, you can just edit the template as per your need by changing the font, background, borderline of the template etc and create/make your own Book review templates within seconds,without spending even a single penny from your pocket. Is it not amazing? Create one instantly and help your kids write a book review.

Uses of Book review template?

book review template for middle schoolDownload

Let us see below the uses of writing a book review.

  • Will help the kids to improve their creative writing skills and reading comprehension.
  • Will encourage the kids to share their opinion
  • Will help others to decide on whether to read/purchase the book or not.
  • Will provide the in-depth analysis of the story and content of the book.
  • Will capture the main theme of the book and help readers understand the author’s style.

These are few of the benefits of writing a book review. Apart from these it will improve their book reading skills and increase their interest to read more books and write review for those.

How to use – Book review template for teaching in classroom

book review template for primary schoolDownload

In order to help teachers with book review templates and few sample activities that would help them teach in the classroom,we have listed few activities as below to make their work easy:

  • Providing Sample Book review – You can take few sample reviews written by others for a book and share it in the classroom for the kids to basically understand what is a book review and what are the basic elements and points to be captured while writing a book review. Best source to teach them is from the famous/favorite magazine or even newspaper.
  • Together read a book review – Pick up an appropriate and favorite book review and read it aloud along with the students in the classroom. Cover everything from title of the book, author, brief summary of the book, strengths and weakness and your own personal opinion about the book.
  • Provide a book to review – Provide a book or a short story to read in the classroom and write their review about it. Encourage them to make note of the key points of the story Post which you can read the review they have written and correct those along with the students.
  • Questions about the book – Provide a book review template template and guide them with few questions that will help them recollect the incidents in the story and come-up with a good review. Questions should cover on the genre of the book (whether it is Comic or fantasy or detective or humor),  about the favorite part of the book, likes and dis-likes, about the main characters of the book, briefly about the author of the book, did they enjoy reading the story, etc. Also ensure to have their reviews explained in details. 
  • Classroom flip book review activity – Prepare a flip book with an interesting topic and introduce it to the students. Provide them with a book review template from him as per your wish and let them write review on the flip book. This will help them improve their thinking capacity as well.

 How to use – Book Review template for students

book review template for year 5Download

Making children write a book review is a great way to motivate them to read lot of books. Having said that let us see few activities  that will help them learn and write a good and perfect book review.

  • Book review activity Packet – You can choose a sample book for the students to read, be it a short-story or fun book or a comic story. To start with you can provide them a book under their favorite genre which will help them read it with full involvement and write a good review. Then you can choose a template from here for there to express their thought and opinion about the book and write a review.
  • Character book review Activity – Decide a book for the student to read, preferably a picture book or fun book. Later you can collect the pictures of the different characters in the book and make cards out of it. Once the student completes the book, you can provide these cards carrying different characters in the book and as them to write review about each character. This will help children to understand and judge themselves with how much involvement they have read the book.

All the activities listed above looks awesome right? Waiting to involve your kids/students in reading books and write a review for the book? Then you can involve them in any of the above activities. To start with, you can make them read a book of their favorite genre, which will help them practice writing a book review at initial times.

Can Book Review Template help kids to learn science?

book review template ks1Download

In order to make students develop their interest towards science, you can introduce it to them through book review activity as well. Wondering how? Here is an example for you to help them develop their interest towards science. You can create a Flip book with different forms of energy (like heat, sound,chemical,thermal etc) or any other science related topics like state of matter or chemical changes, with the pictures related to it. You can ask students to make a research on each of the picture in the flip book, hence introducing science to them.

Help them in understand it which in-turn will make them write good reviews. Later, once they complete the flip book, provide them with few book review templates and as them to write their opinion about each science topic in the flip book, that will help them know their understanding about the science and develop interest towards science. Similarly you can make them read various science related fun books (like 11 Experiments That Failed or Ada Twist – Scientist) which will introduce science to them and ask them to write review for the same.

Tips to help your kids write a book review


book review template ks2Download

Writing a book review is not an easy task for the children at initial times. Below are you tips which will help you guide your children to write a good book review.

  • Motivate them to make note of the important points while reading the books. This will help them remember the favorite characters and scenes in the book.
  • Make them ask questions about the book to come-up with an perfect book review.
  • Guide them to have a structure for the book review they write. For example , starting from the Author to the strength and weakness of the book.
  • You should be ready to proofread it at the end. Once the kids complete writing a review, you should have a check on it for any spelling mistakes, meaning of the phrases and help them correct their mistakes in the next review.

Do’s and Don’ts of a Book review

my book reportDownload

Having discussed in details on how to write a book review, we shall now see the do;s and dont’s while reviewing a book.

  • Provide a short phrase/title that will explain your review’s content.
  • Be very specific in describing what you liked or did not like in the book. Do not generally say “it was bad”,”not satisfactory”. Describe why was it bad and not satisfactory.
  • Do not drag the review too long. Make it crisp and brief. Do not completely summarize the book.
  • Do not criticize it badly just because it was not as how you expected.
  • Describe your favorite character and be very careful and conscious in what you say about the story to avoid controversies.

Following these  points along with the tips, you can select any of the activities along with the book review template from our page and teach your kids on how to write a good book review.

Free Postcard Template for Kids (For Christmas, School & Thank You)

Being with kids is really a great experience. But making them do something constructively is indeed challenging. Rest assured these postcard templates will be useful for each one of you who is thinking of engaging kids in a productive manner.

Wondering how will this postcard template help kids? Don’t worry, find the details in this article and at the end, you will not forget to download free postcard templates for your perusal.
blank postcard template for kids


Christmas Post Card

Uses of a Postcard template 

  • They can be your giant-size business card in case you are opening a play school for kids
  • Could be a mini information sheet to print and advertise your business
  • Even they can be used as informal office memos
  • When coming to kids specifically they can be used to make some art and you can hang them on wall
  • Also can be used a stick-on-fridge reminder to let kids know about their work schedule, play time, etc
  • It can be used as a flash card and you can print a picture and details about it on either side and ask kids to use them to understand.

christmas thank you card for kidsDownload

fathers day post card

How can kids use it

For example, I use this to write the instruction for carrying out an experiment on one side and leave the other side empty. Hand over the cards to kids and then we conduct the experiment.  Now, I ask them to write about their observation on the other side. I get overwhelming responses from kids.  Yes, feel glad that I teach them something new every day.

Smaller kids who cannot write can be asked to draw, color or simply put a tick or an into (X) mark to let us know what they understood from the experiment. In general, my personal experience with kids in using these cards is awesome. They will compete to get these cards and thus I inculcate interest in them for understanding science.

Do not worry if you are not a teacher or you don’t have small kids to interact with. Still, download these templates for free and give it to kids in your community and let them have fun.

free post card templates for kids school projectsDownload

blank postcard template

How to make a postcard template for kids 

While we give these postcard templates for free, we also would like to let you know how to make this. These are simple to make and you can even make this an activity for kids and help them make their own postcards. You can try during this Christmas and allow kids to decorate the postcard with beautifully designed Jingle bell tree and Santa Claus. They can have fun with them.
greeting post card template for kids

postcard template with lines

Things required for making a postcard template is just your laptop or PC with a word or excel software.

  • Open a new page and insert a picture relevant to the event and that kid loves the most. The typical dimension of a postcard is 6 inches in length and 4 inches in height. However, image need not be of the same size. You can place them in a corner or center and giving place for decoration by kids after printing them. The fun part is making kids decorate the cards.
  • Then from the MAILING tab choose LABELS option found second from the left next to the ENVELOPES. Upon clicking this you will be able to choose options from the LABELS window.
  • From the options under the product number, you can now choose POSTCARD from the list down menu. Click NEW DOCUMENT and you can see 4 copies of the picture you inserted in the grid. Each one is the front side of the postcard. Add text, resize the picture and make changes per your wish at this step.
  • Save the document once done and it is now ready for printing.

 free printable christmas postcard templates

It might look simple and you can try in your leisure time. However, we have provided postcard templates for kids and they are free to download. Simply click on the download icon and save the template to your PC. Then double click to open and print it.
school postcard template for kids

There are several ideas for postcard templates for kids

Get inspired with few of them given below

Merry Christmas Post Card Template

Postcard template for Christmas – Use these templates and have a fun time with kids during Christmas. You can print the event details on one side leaving the other side blank for kids to express their talent. Alternatively, use postcard templates with drawings and unwind kids coloring skills. In case the kids are grown up for they feel coloring activity childish, then ask them to decorate the card with beads, etc.
free printable christmas thank you card template

Science activity postcard template – These cards can be used to describe the science activity and they can be given to kids during the summer camp. They can refer them for trying the concepts on their own.


Welcome back to school postcard template – Another excellent use of the postcard is to greet kids when they come back to school after summer vacation. They will feel excited to see personalized postcards on their first day to school. Print a few words about them and paste their picture and wish good luck for a brand new academic year.

post card template for kids school project
post card template for students

What is a postcard template for kids

These are nothing but postcard size paper printed with stunning designs which can be used for many purposes as listed below. Especially they are good to go as a gift card for kids on many occasions. This will be of great use when kids are traveling as they can spend their past time showing their creativity here. Carry some postcards and color pastels to keep them do away with boredom during a long distance journey.
post card template for kids

Final thoughts

Postcards for kids can be used in many ways for kids and choose a colorful card as kids love colors. Instead, go for a blank card and let your kids make it colorful.

In summary, use these cards to the best of kid’s fun. They can enjoy using these cards and let them collect as many cards for their pleasant memory.

Free Blank Check Templates for Kids (Activities for Kids Included)

In this article we will get to know the importance, uses and methods of teaching our kids  to fill a blank check and of-course, set of wonderful Blank check templates as well.

Teaching your kids about filling the blank checks will also improve their math skills at a young age.

Free Blank Check Templates for Kids
Are you a parent who is interested  in teaching your kids about filling a blank check? Are you a teacher looking for beautiful and most attractive blank check templates to teach your students? Well, then you are on the right page.

Yes, we have designed and created wonderful set of blank check templates that will attract your kids and they would willingly learn to fill it. 

Also we would discuss about few activities that will help to teach the kids and few to make them get involved in writing the checks.

blank check template for kids


blank check template for kids


Black Check Templates for Kids

fillable blank check template


First of all let us see what is Blank check and what are the important component in it to be filled. As you are aware, these help in money transactions instead of involving the real cash. Below are the important fields that you must teach and ensure your kids to fill while they use it.

  • Name and Address(Payor) – Name and address of the Account holder at the upper left. Ensure while teaching them, to write the correct name as mentioned in the Account details. Try to let them know the correct case in which it has to be written. For example: Marry William Smith should not be written as marry william smith or Marry william smith.
  • Check number – Check number at the upper right corner.
  • Date – Date on which the check is issued or when it can be used for withdrawal. Make them understand and write the correct date format. (MM/DD/YYYY)free blank check template

  • Pay To the order of(Payee) – Name of the person or organization to whom you are paying. Again, correct Name with spell check needs to be taught to your kids in order not to get rejected.
  • Amount – Write the check amount in Numerals with correct decimals. For example: 290.50. Ensure to teach them draw a line after the amount without any space and make them understand it may lead to mishaps.
  • Amount in words – Enter the check amount in words. For example: Two Hundred ninety and 50/100. It is advisable to denote the decimal as a fraction of 100.
  • Memo – This is a optional field, where you can mention for what purpose this check is issued.
  • Signature – Most importantly teach them to put their correct signature. Also teach them not to sign an empty check.

blank cheque template editable


How to make DIY Check Template?

Feeling excited to teach your kids with the blank template? Wondering how to make one by yourself for your kids? Well, we have paved way for that as well. All you have to do is to just chose your template and download it for free. As we have designed it for your ease, you can just edit the template as per your need by changing the font, background, borderline of the template etc and create/make your own Blank Check templates within seconds without spending even a single penny from your pocket. Sounds awesome right? Create one right away and teach your kids 🙂

Fillable blank business check template


blank cheque template printable


Uses of Blank check template?

Let us see below the uses of teaching these blank check templates for your kinds.

  • Will improve and enhance their math skills
  • Will help them learn and handle their money transactions on their own.
  • Helps improve their way of handling the numeric values
  • Most importantly you can send them on picnic or vacation by giving them checks instead of real money to spend on their expenses, as it is really unsafe for them to carry cash.

These are few of the benefits in teaching them to fill checks. Apart from these it was personally improve their self-confidence of handling their own accounts and many more.

free printable check pdf


How to use – blank check template for teaching

free blank check template pdf



Activities that you can do with blank check template for classrooms

In order to help teachers who would like to teach and make use of using these blank check template in classroom, we have listed few activities as below to make their work easy:

  • Way to Practice writing large numbers – This is one of the best way in which you can teach them practice large numbers both in standard form and written form. You can orally ask them to fill a particular amount and check if they have written it correctly or not. For example: if you say Rs.1,05,000, ensure to check if they are able to write it in the correct denotation with proper zeros and commas. At the same time writing the Amount in words with perfect spelling and cursive.
  • Money Math skill with Blank checks – You can provide these blank check to improve the addition and subtracting skill of your students. Assume they go to a store for purchase of books. Provide them the list of books they would purchase and the cost of each. You can provide an imaginary amount they have in their account. Ask them to add the cost of all the books and fill the check based on their Account balance. For example : you can download the blank checks from our page as per your need and provide 2 each for a student and explain the scenario for them to fill the check and learn.
  • Filling blank check for classroom – Instead of using direct money for the classroom expenses, you can use checks for and assign the task of filling the checks for classroom related expenses to the students and train them on how to fill the blank checks.
  • Blank checks for events – When you conduct any events or competition in the classroom you can make different student every time to write the checks for the items purchased and the various expenses involved during the event.
  • Classroom Economy Blank Check – Download these blank check templates as per your needs and make booklets from it. Issue a booklet to each student. Pay them monthly, weekly or as and when you want encourage them or when they do things on time etc. Make them pay fines and expenses from the earned credits. Do this activity for a month or year. Assign a classroom leader to monitor the over all activity. At the end of the year cross check all the checks and ask the student to tally the income and expense and provide a final account balance. This will really help the students to manage their money and encourage to earn credits.

blank check template for teaching kids


How to use – blank check template for students

Making students fill the blank checks by themselves is a great way to make them understand how it can be used. Having said that let us see few activities  that will help them learn it:

  • Activity with characters – You can assign a real character to each student, where each character will have an occupation, their monthly income, annual income, expenses and their like style. Each student can be paid weekly or every two weeks. And they need to use their checks to pay their expenses based on their income. May be after a month u can imply few other expenses like medical, accident, repair charges and ask them to tally the income and expenses for the month through checks.
  • Activity with a Grocery Store – You can provide a worksheet with few grocery items for the students to purchase with different categories like dairy, vegetables, fruits etc. Each student can shop under 3 categories and need to fill three different blank checks for the items purchased under each category. This is make them get exposed to the shopping world, will help them understand on the prices of different items, will improve their addition, subtraction, multiplication and different math skills in a quick turn-around time. We can also get to know if they are able to squeeze their expenses with in the income.
  • Activity with scenario – Before starting the activity issue 2 blank checks for the students. Provide them a scenario which they need to analyse and fill the check. For example: Write a check on July 10th, 2019 to the school for Rs.2500 for a Dress purchases for the school event. This activity will help them analyse the sentence and fill a blank check accordingly.
  • Activity through saving concept – This activity can be used for a higher grade students were they will get to know on how to save money and the calculation of interests while saving money. Provide them the blank checks to fill. Here goes a sample scenario, Assume the student is issued with a check of Rs.25,000, which is deposited in a bank under savings account for 5 years. 5% Interest every year gets added for 5 years. Now ask the students to write a check to withdraw the amount after 5 years along with the interest amount. This will help the students improve their interest calculations.
  • Activity with real fun – This activity will get to know the students about the stock Market. You can do it precisely in as many days a you want. To explain I have considered it for a week. First make them understand about the stock market and introduce it to them. Secondly, make them invest, say Rs. 14,000 on 5 different companies through checks later based on the increase and decrease in stocks prepare them to write checks to withdraw the investment.

All the activities sounds interesting right? Waiting to make your kids understand and develop there math skills as well? You are provided here with the enormous number of various styled blank checks, which you can download for free and may your kids/students practice and teach them.

Learn Science using Blank Check Templates

In order to make students develop their interest towards the nature of science you can conduct a simple story telling activity related to science. Wondering how? here it goes.

Material you would need is the filled checks with different date, fonts and names. You can make few small groups and provide each group with a envelop with set of six checks , of which three are common for all the groups.

Throw them a scenario(For example – Relate the increase in cost of leaving with science) and ask them to write stories based on the given checks. Since there are three common checks placed in every envelop, we will get to know the scientific knowledge of the student and how they relate it to the reality.

Later you can have a group discussion with all the stories and have it narrated by a student from each group. Science is  not constant but tentative. This will help students to improve their thinking ability, creativity and predict their observations. Logical thinking and imaginative skills will also get developed.

Do’s and Dont’s of a blank check Template

Having discussed in details on how to write a check and assuming the kids are ready to write on their own, let us quickly teach the do’s and dont’s while filling it.

  • Make them fill the check clearly and legible to all.
  • Insist them clearly that they should not cross anywhere while writing a check.
  • They need to cross-verify the details entered and ensure they have sufficient balance to withdraw the amount
  • Try to place it inside an envelop
  • Do not issue a blank check to anyone.
  • Sign the check with proper size and style as in the bank records.
  • Avoid writing anything extract apart from the required fields

Enjoy downloading our free printable blank checks and enjoy teaching your kids 🙂