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GoScienceGirls' Review of Geomag Panels
In this review article, I would like to share my personal opinion about the Geomag panels. I have two daughters aged 7 and 4 respectively. I used to spend a lot of time playing with them but in an educative manner. I make sure to gift them toys that not only make them feel happy but give them some knowledge as well. That is how I came across these Geomag panels. In one word I can say that this toy is the best replacement for LEGO blocks. Let us understand in detail about Geomag Panels and feel glad that you identified the best gift for your kid aged 5 and above. I assure that this toy can be played by anyone and there is no upper age limit. Playing with toy enhances the fine motor skills and improves hand eye coordination. Only because of some small parts we suggest kids under age 5 should not use this.

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Brief Intro About Geomag

Switzerland based Geomag company is keen on producing magnetic toys to kids. This will allow the models constructed to get fixed easily with the help of the magnetic attraction. They are a pioneer in manufacturing magnetic toys for more than a decade.


About Geomag panel


This is a toy that contains panels made in plastic, steel non-magnetic balls, and magnetic rods. Previously there were many rods colorful, shining with metal balls but few panels produced by Geomag. The purpose of this product is to allow kids to make solid shapes with the help of the panel


This comes in a set of 32, 50, 68, 83, 114 and 92 pieces including magnetic rods, steel balls, and panels. I will be giving you details about the 68 piece set which I bought to play for my elder kid. Let me also tell you how it turned to be a useful gift for my younger one as well.

This 68 pieces set consist of 24 rods and these are not colored but silver rods. Both the ends of these rods are magnetic representing north and south pole. The 20 steel balls are nonmagnetic. Remaining 24 pieces are the panels which are made up of plastic material and they come in different geometric shapes. These are in different colors and to be precise there are 5 triangles red in color, 12 green triangles, 10 baby blue square panels and 2 blue panels which are larger in size.


What can be done with this product and how kids can use it?


  1. With the help of the panels, kids can learn colors, shapes and fundamental geometry. My toddler can identify shapes and color. Yes, there is spherical balls, cylindrical rods, square, triangle, pentagonal panels. Red, blue and green colored panels. You can buy more sets to get a mixture of colors and shapes.

geomag panels construction of 3d structures pyramids

Image Credit: Aldo Cavini Benedetti

  1. Grown kids above age 5 can use this toy to construct simple structures and thereby understand geometry dimensions like height, length, diameters, etc.
  1. Elder kids can construct 3D models and panels giving them a solid shape. Rods and steel balls help them stay fixed. The creativity and logical thinking ability of kids develop and they can master the art of constructing different models. This way it is better than the LEGO block.
  1. Older kids can be taught magnetism, gravity, and geometry. Yes, when they try to fix two rods few may repel and others may attract. SO there they understand the invisible force called magnetism. The polarities north and south can be understood. They will know that opposite poles attract each other and like poles repel.

Then now coming to gravity it is the force from the earth that pulls things downwards. This can be learned by constructing a maze game and move steel balls on the plate by keeping the rods below.

They can construct architectural buildings like bridges with the help of the panel and rod thus has a greater scope to become engineers and architects.

geomag panels construction of architectural shapes bridgesImage Credit : Karl Horton

  1. With all these activities, kids can develop spatial thinking skill and learn to make different shapes. For instance, they will know the number of sides of a square, triangle, and pentagon. They can relate pentagon and triangle in one way and square and pentagon in another way. So they will become experts in fixing shapes.


Best Features of Geomag panels


  • As mentioned in the uses section Geomag panels can be used to learn concepts and play as well. Kids are fond of playing and we adults want to teach them concepts. Using this toy both the purpose gets resolved.
  • Many numbers of rods, panels, and balls open an avenue to construct different models at the same time it can engage more kids.
  • It is not necessary that one full pack is used by a single kid at one time and the concept of sharing is taught to kids.
  • They become responsible when they deal with many parts and develop the habit of counting and collecting them to keep them in one box
  • They can identify different metals and nonmetals with the help of the magnetic rods.
  • Kids can understand STEM concepts using this toy that include Science, technology, engineering, and Math.


Things to be improved


  • Having spoken about the benefits and the best uses, let me also tell you the tough time I faced with the toy. The plastics are not sturdy, but they form the base for fixing the rods. Therefore the plastics break easily which must be considered by Geomag and provide a better quality plastic.
  • However, their magnets are extremely strong that sometimes they disturb getting fixed to the not required part of the construction and makes kid lose interest in the game.
  • The packing can have some boxes for the steel balls as kids find it difficult to deal with the rolling balls.
  • The provider can also consider providing polyhedron shaped balls which will not roll as the steel balls.
  • The polarity of the magnet can be marked to help kids handle them quickly for making their construction easy. But this is not mandatory as it will help kids to learn the polarity better when they test with each rod.


Caution note for adults’


I agree it is a play toy but that does not mean you can allow kids to handle them alone. The small balls cause a choking hazard and monitor kids not to swallow. Similarly, the magnet rods should not be put in the mouth as they may get attracted in the intestine and cause serious health issues. Do not use any broken panels which may hurt kid’s hands.


Finally, make sure not to keep magnets near computers and magnetic media which will cause interruption and lead to malfunction of the systems.


5 more similar products for you to compare


I do not want you to go choice less and hence adding these 5 products letting you compare with Geomag to purchase the best. Also, you can consider gifting a different product to kids if you already have Geomag Panels.


  1. Happy Genius Magnetic Blokcs – Amazon Link – This contains 110 pieces and all are magnetic blocks of different shapes with an instruction manual. There are no steel balls and magnetic rods so kids of any age can play it safe. Different size, shape and color combinations are there within the 110 pieces and hence kids can learn construction plus magnetism.
  2. Magz Electrobix – Amazon Link – There are 40 blocks magnetized and consist of lights. Apart from the usual building concepts and magnetism now kids can be taught about light as well. Feel great to include one more science lesson in a playful way with the help of Magz Electronix 42 piece magnetic light upset.
  3. Magnetic Stick N Stack – Amazon Link – 72 pieces including 60 magnetic tiles, stile mags – 12, and these are made with powerful magnets. These are marketed with the aim of allowing kids to make a model of car, airport, etc. The powerful magnets are 3 times strong when compared to the usual magnets. The stile mags help in adding letters, pictures, and shapes to the creation.
  4. Goobi Juniors – Amazon Link – This is best suited for toddlers as they contain magnetic rods but encapsulated in plastic molding with steel balls fixed inside. So no choking hazard and kids can make any model with magnetic force. However, the magnetic force is strong enough to allow the construction to remain fixed.
  5. Exasticks Magnetic Blocks – Amazon Link – With 32 square and 32 triangular panels’ kids can construct even a car model as they also provide wheels with this set. The magnetic colorful panels stay fixed letting kids think logically and make different models. Also, the exclusive bag offered with the set makes the life of parents easy to collect and store them for future use.


I am glad to recommend you all to choose the Geomag Panel as the fundamental magnetic toys as they are worth the price and develop the critical thinking skills of kids.

Disclaimer:This post contains affiliate links from Amazon. An affiliate link means that when you purchase using the link provided in this page, I would get a small referral fees WITHOUT any extra cost to you. I highly appreciate your understanding and support.

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