STEM Toys for Girls : 2019 Topmost Toys for Curious Girls

Today I am feeling to share something important to all parents of girl children. Did I mention feeling? Yes, because I want to connect emotionally with you to make you realize about girl children. Without our knowledge, we start becoming biased with our kids. Hey! Don’t get offended, but the statistical fact says that majority of the parents don’t provide the same importance in education to boys and girls. However, I am not going to debate this topic. I would like to talk about STEM toys and in specific for girl children.

What are the STEM Toys?

STEM means Science Technology Engineering and Math. STEM toys are the toys that allow kids to play with and also make them understand one or more concepts including science etc.

How is it important for girls?

It is certainly important for both genders. But we emphasize on girls because still, we find girl children requires more support from society. As a first step, let us start with getting them STEM toys to make their foundation strong. Every educated girl can, in turn, teach their kids when they become a mom like you and me at some point in life.

Let us use the STEM concept with girl children right from birth and improve their critical thinking ability.

For that, I have decided to present you with top 3 STEM toys that can be used by girls of age 1, 2, 3, 4, and so on till 14. I have listed 3 products for each age which will help you parents to purchase from Amazon based on your kid’s age. I have also provided the features, pros, and cons of the product. Continue reading or choose your kid’s age and check the review of toys.


Best STEM toys for girls

We have listed 3 best toys under each age group highlighting their best features. However, we also wanted to provide you with 3 best toys across age group. You can purchase these toys based on your girl’s interest and age. Find how they are helpful to you and share your feedback. Also, get into other toys details listed below this section and keep purchasing as a gift for kids.


  1. LEGO DUPLO My First Number Train Building Set 10558

858 customers on Amazon have reviewed this and 773 have given rating 5. Do I need to recommend this product? Kids of age 1 to 5 can play with this toy train. How does this provide STEM education? There are 10 blocks of different colors, a dog toy, 3 wagon bases. Kids can learn colors, numbers. Their fine motor skills and critical thinking skill is stimulated when they try to build a dog house, tunnel, etc. Above all, kids at this age love train toy and hence you can get closer to their heart and make them learn concepts in a playful way.


  1. Snap Circuit

This toy is a great one for kids above 5 years who can learn about problem-solving with the help of the detailed manual. There are 14 parts and more than 20 activities can be done using the electronics concept. Circuit engineering is now at their desk with this snap circuit kit. Let them know how light glows and switches work with this practical kit. 200 customers found this useful and have given a 5 rating.


  1. Smart Lab Secret Formula Lab

Chemistry is taught with this kit. Kids above age 8 can get benefitted with this toy. You can make them do more than 40 experiments with the chemicals given with the kit. Also, use easily available kitchen ingredients to add more activities to the list. Trust me, kids will give you more ideas. This kit is an inclusive package of the plunger, valve, base station, test tubes, spill trays, snap clips and much more. 231 customers have purchased this from Amazon for gifting and for personal use and found it useful. You can try too as kids can learn several chemistry concepts.


STEM Toys for Toddler Girls


Toddlers need some fun at home. They spend their time only at home at this stage. They will start speaking a few words at this time. Will stand up and walk with help first and then walk independently. At this stage toys that best suit them are not the small blocks or something. But go for toys that are big but not heavy so that there is no fear of choking hazard. Let us understand what Amazon has in store for STEM toddler girls. Colors will attract kids at this age.


Product name


Pros and Cons

Lego Duplo

Colorful Lego Duplo toy. Big blocks and hence kids can assemble them quickly. 92% of customers who used this has given rating 5



Animal train toy with 4 animals to be built on the wheel. Can be fixed easily and kids will love to watch them move with the wheels. There are 34 pieces packed in a box.

· This toy improves girls fine motor skills, language development, and counting numbers.

· The instruction manual helps parents to read and instruct kids

· Huge blocks and hence no fear of choking hazard

Grippies Builders


Bright colored STEM toy for toddler girls which gives more an introduction to Engineering concepts. 84% of customers feel great about this toy.

This toy gives an exploratory experience to kids. There are 30 pieces and can be combined to make a tactile exploration. Geometry is introduced to little ones with this toy. It is a magnetic play toy

· Bright colored attracting kids

· Soft plastic toy with no fear of any injury

· Kids will learn to construct as these are easy to use

· Metal balls might cause a choking hazard and we request parents to be aware.

Bath Blocks

Babies always have a fuss to take bath and these bath blocks area, great entertainer, to let kids take bath with fun. 61% of customers have recommended 5 ratings to buy this product for kids.


The purchaser suggests kids of age 3 and above to play with this toy. But I feel with parents support toddlers can play with this. Creating ball runs and waterfalls are really fun for kids

· Children can learn math and engineering with this toy

· They can observe the colors

· Kids play in the water and have fun as well

· No choking hazard, these are made with bacteria resistant EVA and does not have PVC



STEMs toys for girls 1-year-old


Girls of age 1 need toys that are bright, interactive and which will improve the fine motor skills. It is the time they start talking and hence STEM toys that are interactive will allow them to communicate and enjoy. Let us look at 3 best toys for age 1


Product name


Pros and Cons

Spinagain Toy

89% feel satisfied with this toy for their kids. Stacking is fun for little girls and they see them spinning once they are done with stacking.

Kids can stack and learn about arranging in order. Then have fun looking at them spinning. Finally, become naughty to pull the corkscrew pole from the base and make them all tumble.

· Discs are colorful and come in flower and star-burst shapes. Kids can learn about size, shape, and color.

· ABS plastic is safe for kids and is free from BPA

· Improves hand-eye coordination for kids, and enhances visual-recognition skills.

3D puzzle construction set

Kids can learn about magnetism and explore attractive and repulsive properties. 84% of the buyers rated this product 5 and recommended to purchase.

There are 24 plastic bars but has a strong magnetic attraction. Further, the 16 lightweight balls that are made up of steep and are hallow. Kids can take help from elders to construct 3D structures.


· Bright color to activate the kid’s brain functioning.

· Sense of proportion is developed for toddlers

· Kids can learn about basic shapes, physics, and construction of 3D architectures

· Improves problem-solving ability.

Explore and Grow Busy Gears

73% of buyers are happy about this product. It is a musical and light-up toy.

Helps kids to improve their motor skills and they can play the music by pressing the button and along with music kids can see the spinning and swirling gears.

· Many colors and size enable little ones to understand counting.

· They can clutch the gears to activate the fine motor skills.

· Convenient carry handle will let kids move them handy from one place to another.


STEMs toys for girls 2-year-old

Girls at the age of 2 develop very important milestones like walking, running. Socialization, imagination power which are an integral part of one’s life begin to develop at this age. So, the toys that allow them to imagine, think and bring on creative ideas should be introduced. My recommendations for this age will include.

Product name


Pros and Cons

Picasso Tiles

91% of customers rated this product with 5 stars. It helps to improve creativity and builds imagination power.

There are 100 pieces of magnetic building tiles which can be arranged to create a 3D masterpiece. Children can develop a strong sense of color, shapes, numbers and magnetic polarities as well. Can develop recreational ideas in children

· Can be used for multiple parties, so help to develop socialization, confidence.

· Encourages the development of creative ideas.

· As the tiles are magnet-based, easy to construct and store.

· Can help to develop child-parent bonding

Melissa &Doug Deluxe Jumbo Cardboard Blocks

70% of buyers were completely satisfied with this product. Brings out imagination and helps develop creativity

This includes 40 blocks in three different sizes made up of extra thick black cardboard with extra strength to uphold 150 pounds. Colorful graphics to enhance interest and develop creativity

· Lightweight and easy to stack

· A great option for screen-free fun

· Easily cleanable surface. Help to develop a sense of identity by flexing every muscle of developing a child

Melissa & Doug Geometric stacker Toddler Toy

70% of people were fully satisfied with this educational geometrical toy. It helps to strengthen hand-eye coordination

It Features 25 colorful wooden pieces of rings, octagons, and rectangles that can be stacked on three rods by matching them

· Durable child-safe material

· Helps to build multiple skills.

· Develop a sense of color shape and size differentiation.


STEM toys for girls age 3

Toys for Girls at the age of 3 years should develop shape recognition, imagination, building and motor skills, socialization. Let us see the three best toys for this age group.


Product name


Pros and Cons


89% of buyers are fully satisfied with this product

Building toys with 32 pieces of magnets in attractive colors. Can be converted into various 3D geometrical shapes

· Develop Tactile, spatial skills

· Open-ended play

· Develop imagination

Toy shine Magnetic Fun Way to Learn Numbers and Drawing Board with Cue Cards

You must be the first one to provide a review for this multicolor educational toy. Worth purchasing per my opinion

Includes magnetic canvas with 46 magnetic shapes that can be stuck on the panel

and 164 pattern booklet

· Helps to learn about shapes.

· Develop mathematical skills

· Compact and portable

· Learn with fun

Play22 building toys

86% of buyers are fully satisfied with this product.

Multicolour robot kit allows kits to assemble different engineering sets with 40 connecting bolls, squares, triangles and other shapes. Non-toxic plastic safe for kids

· Develops Literacy and spatial awareness.

· Increase understanding of building and improves fine motor skills


STEM toys for 4-year-old girls  


Toys for 4-year-old girls should focus more on learning activities including various mathematical skills and motor skills. The 3 best toys for this age group include:


Product name


Pros and Cons

The first step with Numicon kit

100% of buyers rated this multicolored paper and board toy with 5 stars

Includes 3X threading laces, 1 baseboard, 0-10 number cards, feely bag, book number, 32 shapes and much more to help kids improve their

· Introduction to basic mathematical skills like addition, subtraction, multiplication.

· Develop fine motor skills.

· Help to learn about patterns, number counting, sequencing

LeapFrog Explorer Learning Game Mini Game Greatest Hits

71% of customers rated this educational toy with 5 stars

Action-packed arcade-style gaming experience. Includes 2 sugar bugs, monkey soccer, 2 jewel trains, and number bash.

It requires batteries.

· Improves basic mathematical skills like addition, subtraction, problem-solving

· Introduction to dental hygiene

Creative’s Practice Maths At Home Addition, Multicolor

No reviews found but a great toy and worth the investment


It includes 1 board game, 4 pawns, and dice along with play rules and addition practice book

· Develop an understanding of addition and how to sum two numbers.

· Restricted to only one mathematical functionality i.e. addition


STEM Toys for 5-year-old girls


Toys for girls at the age of 5 years should focus on motor skills, analytical skills cognitive skills, development of vocabulary and imagination power. The best games with these features for the age group include:


Product name


Pros and Cons

Smartivity Edge Jungle Safari

This product enhances smart learning

Contains 6 augmented reality coloring sheets and a free android and iOS app.

Characters come to life with the colors and texture used by children. Includes educational games and quizzes for smart learning

· Improves vocabulary, spelling skills, general awareness.

· Enhances creative skills, motor skills, and analytical skills

· Act as a bridge between the physical and digital world

BeGenio Easy Fun learning

87% of users have given 5-star rating.

This board game allows kids to learn mathematics presented by BeGenio. Wonderful dice game.

· Develop a better understanding of addition.

· Helps to understand basic facts regarding addition.

· Helps to find the sum of two numbers

The Thames and Kosmos Kids First Aircraft Engineer

69% of the buyers were fully satisfied with this product.

Contains 70 colorful and chunky pieces and simple assembly instruction to build 10 different models

· Aircraft Engineering for preschoolers

· Helps to develop a common sense in children to understand how and why


STEM toys for 6-year-old girls


Toys for girls at the age of 6 years should be more attractive and focus on spatial awareness, stimulate creativeness. The 3 best toys for this age group include:


Product name


Pros and Cons


85% of customers considered this product as 5 stars.

There are 12 pieces of triangles, 18 squares with a total of 30 pieces. Made up of BPA free ABS plastic. Can be converted into 2D and 3D models with these magnet-based pieces

· Includes more complex shapes so help develop the brain.

· Colorful high-quality magnet develops reasoning, spatial awareness, scientific thoughts.

Zephyr Mechanix- Robotix


Contains 8 models, 114 pieces, motor and gears, screwdriver and spanner. Flexible metal motors and gears. Robotix motors and gears that can be meshed together in different ways.

· Provides insight into the child in the subject of the motion.

· Helps to understand how gears can be used to create different motions

Start Right – Flash Cards

91% of buyers were completely satisfied with this product

Help recall important and basic concepts of basic math. Used by all leading schools worldwide and parents all around the world. Having 52 division cards with a binder ring. This ring helps a kid to handle the cards. Best way to learn to count.

· Remove common math misconceptions.

· Helps to build a foundation of basic math.

· Contains pictorial representation and definitions.


STEM toys for 7-year-old girls


STEM toys for 7-year-old girls should be able to develop visual discriminations, understanding of more complex mathematical concepts like multiplication, division.


Product name


Pros and Cons

Creative Educational Aids Learning pack


Contains 4 sets of flashcards namely 144 cards. 4 different boards helping kids to learn many tricks.

· Helps to develop concentration, visual discrimination.

· Helps to improve eye-hand coordination and problem-solving skills.

Learning resources geometry/math helper

63% of buyers were fully satisfied with this product

16 piece set with various multicolor geometrical shapes along with simple instruction manual. Helps to understand various 2D and 3D shapes

· Teach mathematical skills in a very interesting way.

· Helps to understand the concept of edges, verticals, sides, perimeter, and area

Say Cheese Multiplication tables Math Game STEM Toy Math Manipulative and Resource for Kids Age 7 Years and Up

49% of users have given thumbs up for this toy


It consists of 100 glossy cheese coins numbered from 1 to 100, coin bags and plays arena

· Improves skills at time tables.

· Can involve both kids and Parents.  Helps to retain the learned concepts in a better way

STEM Toys for 8-year-old girls


STEM toys for 8 years old girls should develop advanced mathematical skills, strategy, problem-solving and quick thinking. The best three games for this age group are as follow:


Product name


Pros and Cons

Chalk and Chuckles Long Legs


Includes 4 wooden rulers with sliding monsters, 2 wooden number dice, 24 cards, instruction sheets

· Helps to develop basic mathematical skills like counting, basic operations.

· Increases creativeness

Snap Circuits Jr. SC-100

88% of customers were fully satisfied with this product

Contains 30 parts, instruction for about 30 different projects like flashing light, volume siren

· Provides knowledge about electric circuits.

· Can build more than 100 different projects.

TeDCo Bio Signs Human Anatomy-Torso

50% of buyers rated this product as 5 stars

Includes various systems of the human body like respiratory, gastrointestinal, urinary. 8piece model with magnified and cross-sectional detailing of the torso

· Helps to develop basic knowledge about human anatomy.

· Develop an understanding of the functionality of various systems.

STEM toys for 9-year-old girls


STEM toys for 9-year-old girls should include more complex science principles and develop analytical, motor and practical skills. The best toys for this age group include:


Product name


Pros and Cons

Smartivity Roller Coaster Marble Slide


Multicolor 131 puzzle pieces, instruction booklet, learners log helps to understand fundamental principles of STEM subjects

· Develop analytical skills, motor skills, and practical skills.

· Introduce to gravity, momentum, centrifugal force and various other principles of physics.

Smartivity Knock ‘EmRock’EmKubbs


220 puzzle pieces of high-quality engineered wood, instruction booklet, learners log helps to understand fundamental principles of STEM subjects

· Develop analytical skills, motor skills, and practical skills.

· Introduce to gravity, momentum, trajectories, centrifugal force and various other principles of physics.

Logic Roots Math Builder Manipulative Number Scrabble Board Game with Equations and Arithmetic Skills

53% of buyers have given a rating of 5 stars

126 play tiles made up of cardboard, terrain board, cement bag.

Best for math learning and education

· Helps to master 4 basic arithmetic equations.

· Improve strategic thinking to make bigger equations and implementation of BODMAS


STEM toys for 10-year-old girls

STEM toys for 10 years old girls should be able to improve problem-solving skills, observational skills, hand-eye coordination. The best STEM toys for this age group include:


Product name


Pros and Cons

Math game Shifu Plugo count

89% of buyers were completely satisfied with this product

Fun memory matching game/app with attractive multicolor to understand mathematical concepts

· Improves hand-eye coordination, visual discrimination, observational skills

Annie 7- in-1 Educational Rechargeable Solar E Kit


Contains 1 motor with pc board, 4 wheels, 1gear with the shaft, 1 shaft, 2 sponges, 1 solar panel, 1 battery case, 2black sponge and 2 trays of plastic parts.

· Easy to assemble.

· Can work on both batteries and solar power.

· Helps to understand the working of solar energy and advantage of natural resources

Educational card game – Geometrical riddles

67% people have voted 5 stars to this game

Helps to build conceptual clarity of algebraic identities. Fun-filled riddles help generate interest in mathematics

· Hands-on in assorting the patterns, geometrical puzzles and teaches math to the brain as well tickles the funny bone

· Overall, develops the mathematical concepts


STEM toys for girls age 12


STEM toys for girls age 12 require including more complex topics of science and mathematics. The 3 best toys for this age group include:


Product name


Pros and Cons

Toysmith Liquid Motion Bubbler Toy

65% of buyers rated this with 5 stars

On flipping the bubbler the liquid elements inside it squeeze, slip and float to the bottom. This soothing view is the source of entertainment

· Multicolor made up of unbreakable plastic

· Easy to handle and crack-resistant design

Elenco 2-in-1 Gearbox

36% of users have found this toy best for their kids


Contains 2 gear sets for different speeds. It is perfect for robotic projects.

· Builds the basics of mechanical engineering.

· Does not require any soldering.

ElencoAmerikit learn to Solder Kit

68% of customers rated this as a 5-star product

Includes Solder, soldering iron and wire cutter.

· Help to develop the concept of mechanical engineering.

· Helps to understand the soldering process clearly.


STEM toys for girls 14 years old


STEM toys for 14 years old girls should include complex concepts related to STEM subjects for their better understanding. The 3 best toys in this class include:


Product name


Pros and Cons

Pantheon Circuits STEM electronics

72% of adults have found this useful for their adolescent aged kids

Best fit for kids up to 15 years. Contains 64 pieces and allows kids to do 600 projects.

· Introduces electricity concepts to kids.

· STEM way of teaching electronic science to teens.

Toysmith Magnetic Levitator Science Kit

More than 200 purchasers have shown complete satisfaction with this product

Contains antigravity magnets. Repelling magnets make levitator to appear as if floating

· Teaches about basic concepts of magnetism.
Demonstrates the antigravity concept

Tedco Magnetic Sand Timer Science Kit

Contains magnetic sand sculptures, glass globe, and metal base

· Teaches about basic concepts of magnetism.

· High-quality packing


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