Nov 252019

Respiration in Plants – Live Proof

respiration in plants science activity

Do Plants Breathe? Do a simple science experiment with your kids to show respiration in plants.  On a winter Sunday afternoon, my daughters and I were taking a stroll in our garden, enjoying the sun.…Continue Reading

Oct 242019

Candle Under Glass Experiment

We did this cool candle and glass experiment last week. The experiment teaches of role of oxygen in fire and its presence in the air. This one takes less than 5 minutes to complete it.…Continue Reading

Jul 212019

Science Behind Making Butter

DIY Homemade butter - Edible Science for Kids

Hello friends and especially to all the super mom’s out there!!! Today we have come up with another simple and easy science experiment but this time not only science we can call it as ‘Edible…Continue Reading