Make Your Own Construction Set With Cardboard Slots: DIY Project by Tinkering Studio

In this video, Tinkering Studio demonstrates how to build your own cardboard construction without any connectors, the slotted construction fits for connections between all different kinds of cardboard pieces without the use of tape, glue, or other adhesive materials.

Note: This constructive set and kids activity is accessible to everyone, as a family, from 6 years old with appropriate support.

Take a look at this demonstration presented by Tinkering Studio.

Make Your Own Slotted Construction Set


Creative DIY workshops for kids and adults by using cardboard, art supplies, scissors, and you can create a construction set with interlocking slots yourself by following this Craft DIY Project Video Tutorial created by Exploratorium‘s Tinkering Studio. Building and constructing with recycled materials such as cardboard is certainly spending quality fun-time with our kids.

In this craft demonstration, we will learn how to create or build different constructive structures with the use of various-shaped cardboard pieces. We will learn how to put it together again and again in many ways.

We can build various constructive structures by using different-shaped cardboard sloats by cutting narrow-triangles cuts on the sides of cardboard circles, squares, triangles, and other shapes and joining them without any glue or tape! It will be an interesting activity. Let our little ones spend their hours of experimenting with the types of structures they could build. Moreover, you can enjoy and learn more productive DIY activities by visiting the site:

Checkout Build Your Own 3D Structure : STEM Challenge for Kids

Demonstration Explanation

Here, in this tutorial of Tinkering Studio, the narrator gathers some cardboard pieces, art materials, a scissor and other stuff for building cardboard-slots construction DIY projects. First, he draws some circles on a cardboard as we can see in the video by using the shape of a round tape. Then, he uses a scissor to cut the drawing in different shapes (we already discussed it earlier, for example, squares, circles, triangles, etc). Now, he makes narrow triangle cuts about a third of the way through on all sides of the shapes. This way, he creates interlocking slots. After making the triangle cuts on them, he collects them and paints them with different attractive colors, and also decorates some designs on them. Now, he puts two on one side or snips out the corners. Remember, they don’t have to all be the same, but the cuts shouldn’t ever go more than half-way through the shapes. Now, the construction set is ready to  build various structures in different manners. We already saw it in the beginning of the tutorial. Now, it’s your turn. Wohooo, now Go Crazy with triangle placement.


Lay the interlocking slots out and let the kids build!

Here, we have a list of challenges to get kids started…

  1. Build the tallest structure possible using 10 slots;
  2. Build the longest construction possible using 15 shapes;
  3. Build one that looks like an animal;
  4. Build a structure that looks like a tree;
  5. Work together to build a constructive structure with all the pieces;
  6. Build a structure where every piece connects to at least two other shapes.

It will inspire a kid for the better creations. Each kid’s creation set will seem unique as they all have their individual thinking flows and imaginations, let invent their own shapes and slots, and let them follow their own impressions! If you are doing it with a group of kids, and if someone has built a structure that he/she is happy with, let them take it his or her home and it will inspire them. And enough to make them more creative and constructive.

Aims To Make Zero Waste Creative And Constructive Playthings For Children With Recycled Elements

Making zero waste playthings for our kids, whether it’s animating your world or Cranky Contraptions, so that the afternoons will never pass with boredom, Exploratorium is always ready to go! Take your time to make children’s DIY craft and activities.

It is not necessarily always to go and buy something ready-made but to recycle, transform, reuse to avoid wasting everything at the same time. So yes, some DIYs take time. But for those who are in a hurry, there are activities to do with cardboard. Easy to find, economical without any risk for the little ones, cardboard crafts become the ally of rainy days spent inside the house Tinkering Studio DIY projects.

IN our magical planet, nothing is lost, or nothing is created, everything we see through our eyes is just a transformation from one to another. Especially cardboard, which we recycle into unique toys to amuse kids with simple materials, and a little imagination!

If there is one material that lends itself easily to recycling, it is cardboard. Solid, rigid, but too much, easy to handle, the cardboard lends itself to many transformations to become an impregnable fort one day, a green tree structure the next day. The cardboard is the medium that is used without moderation for little ones to discover the joys of hand-made, and specially to avoid buying playthings and readymade activities set that they will eventually get tired of. Discover cardboard-slot craft construction ideas for children using these videos.


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