20 Surprising Science Experiments with Salt (Kids Will Love Them)

Our houses have many ingredients that serves as a key component for performing a lot many simple science experiments.

I am sure, you would never imagine how useful SALT can be around your home to engage your kids with fun learning and to explore the world of science around you and your kids.

Science Experiments with Salt

Science Experiments With Salt

All the experiments are super fun, simple, easy to do, no messy, easy to set up, and especially unique science activities. Here we go!

1. Salt Painting Science Experiment

Salt Painting Activity

If you are looking for a simple science and art project, then this awesome salt painting science experiment is a great way to explore about simple concepts of science such as absorption. Pre-schoolers and home schoolers find this experiment a great way to learn science concepts.

Find more details of this amazing science experiment here: Salt Painting Science Experiment

2. Desalinization Science Experiment

Desalinization science experiment

The word ‘Desalinisation’ is an intimidating word for young children. But believe me, with this spectacular science experiment kids easily learn marine biology hands-on.

Supplies and instructions for desalinisation are found here: Desalinisation Science Experiment

3. Floating Egg Science Experiment

Floating egg in Salt water experiment

What happens to an egg placed in the salt water? Did you know that an egg can be floated in the water? Simple salt water experiment to teach kids about density and fresh water in a fun and entertaining way. Awesome kitchen science experiment for children of grades 1-5.

Are you interested in learning the complete instructions of the experiment? Click on Floating Egg Science Experiment

4. Make Ice-Cream in a Bag Science Activity

Ice cream In a Bag - salt & Ice cubes activity

Kids will love to make their own ice creams and end up with a great tasting desert while learning a lot of chemistry science. This is such an awesome kitchen science experiment that finishes in 10 minutes. How cool is it!!

Engage your kids in making ice cream with complete instructions. Find details here: Make Ice-Cream in a Bag Science Activity

5. Melting Ice Salt Science Experiment

Melting Ice Salt Experiment

Children will learn how salt melts ice with this super cool science activity. It seems simple and easy but encourage kids to explore a lot of science.

Do not miss to check out Melting Ice Salt Science Experiment for more information in detail.  

6. Grow Salt Crystals Science Activity

Growing salt crystals experiment

Growing salt crystals is a simple science experiment that is popular to make kids learn about chemical reactions involved to form crystals. Fun and engaging Easter Science Activity! Kids will have a ton of fun while learning how to grow salt crystals at the same time.

Get more details of the experiment here: Grow Salt Crystals Science Activity

7. Ice and Salt Science Experiment

Ice and Salt Science Experiment

Here is an awesome science activity fills the days of the children in grades 1-7 with some simple science concepts. It’s a fun STEAM (science, technology, engineering, art, Math) activity for kids.

Check out here, Ice and Salt Science Experiment

8. Sticky Ice Science Experiment

Sticky Ice - science experiment

This kid’s friendly science experiment with ice is simply too cool, quick, easy, and little magical. Kids will get to learn about freezing point of water and its effects on salt in a fun way. Challenge your children to lift the ice cube just using a thread!  

Click here Sticky Ice Science Experiment to learn full description of this super classic science experiment.

9. Egg Geodes Science Experiment

Egg Geodes science fair project

Fun and successful science fair project with egg geodes make the children sharp in developing their critical thinking and questioning skills leaving a wow factor on their faces.

Want to give it a try!? Click on Egg Geodes Science Experiment .

10. Homemade Slushy Drink with Ice and Salt Experiment

Make a slushy drink

Let your kids learn about freezing and melting points while having fun in making homemade slushy drink on their own. This simple science activity offers a great alternate method of making ice cream and cooling drinks very quickly. Sounds entertaining!!

Get the complete description about this classic science experiment here: Homemade Slushy Drink with Ice and Salt Experiment

11. Salt Vibrations STEAM Activity

Salt vibrations - visual sound activity

Here on it is not intimidating to understand the concept of sounds. Easy and fun science STEAM activity that teaches kids about sounds caused by vibrations. In fact, kids are allowed to enjoy this demonstration that actually shows kids the sound waves in action. Click on Salt Vibrations STEAM Activity

12. Salt Water Experiment Ocean Science

Salt water science

A terrific salt science experiment for pre-schoolers! An awesome kitchen science experiment to teach kids about density of salt water versus fresh water. This experiment offers great time to learn about the difference between fresh river water and salty ocean water. What a cool activity!

Click on Salt Water Experiment Ocean Science to find more details

13. Growing Gummy Bears Science Experiment

Growing Gummy Bears

Have you ever wondered of watching growing gummy bears? Do you think it is hard to witness? Absolutely not! Do this simple science experiment to show how this common kitchen hold mineral effects gummy bears?

Check out here to find simple step-by-step information and instructions: Growing Gummy Bears Science Experiment

14. Rainbow Salt Circuit Science Experiment

Rainbow Salt Science Experiment

Creating an electric circuit using common kitchen hold mineral i.e. salt is an amazing experience for the kids. A great hands-on examination on circuits making kids scientific knowledge on power and circuits little more interesting and exciting.

Are you interested in creating your own salt circuit with water? Then click on Rainbow Salt Circuit Science Experiment

15. Cleaning Pennies Science Experiment

Cleaning Pennies Science Experiment

All the kids love to play with pennies and while playing they even observed at times some pennies look dull and some other look bright. Just remind your children about this and ask them to guess what the reason behind that is. Let them explain their versions and then explain them about this cool science experiment. They love to do this hands-on activity to watch the magical results of cleaning pennies. Just browse Cleaning Pennies Science Experiment

16. Salt Pendulum Science Experiment

Salt Pendulum Science experiment

Salt pendulum is a fun art and science fair project for kids of all ages. Let your kids explore the science behind changing times and pendulums hands-on. While investigating the experiment ask your child to predict the time according to the movements of pendulums and predict what impacts time change. Also help them to understand the concept by explaining how salt effects this experiment in a fun way.

Find more details of the experiment here: Salt Pendulum Science Experiment

17. Popcorn and Salt Science Experiment

Popcorn and salt science experiment

Let your kiddos think about their own scientific thought process with this easy and simple science activity to do with salt and popcorns. Using just three ingredients you can bring a lot of change in your child’s scientific knowledge. Easy to set up experiment with great results, highlights the difference between mass and volume using kid’s most favourite snack.

Are you ready to experiment with popcorns and salt : Popcorn and Salt Science Experiment

18. Lava Lamp Cool Science Experiment

making lava lamp by kids

An excellent way to explore density of liquids using simple ingredients you have right in your kitchen. Fun way to explore density of liquids and great opportunity to practice mixing colors. Besides, this is an easy going science and sensory play experiment as it makes children much more excited and attentive to study the simple science concepts using salt.

Click on Lava Lamp Cool Science Experiment for more information.

19. Static Electricity Balloon and Salt and Pepper Experiment

Exploring Static Electricity with salt, pepper and balloon

Children might have observed a balloon sticking to something like hair strands, comb, salt, etc.  Throw a question to your children on the magical science involved in this process of sticking to things. Static Electricity Balloon and Salt and Pepper experiment is all about explaining static electricity in a fun way. Isn’t it excited? Best and simple science experiment for your elementary children : Static Electricity Balloon and Salt and Pepper Experiment

20. Solid-Solid Separation science Experiment

Solid Separation experiment

An amazing easy fun science activity that teaches kids to understand about three science concepts i.e. evaporation, sedimentation, and filtration. How amazing is it to explain the three main science concepts while performing a single science investigation.

Click on Solid-Solid Separation science Experiment

So, here are the simple and easy science experiments to do with common kitchen hold mineral, salt. There is a lot of science involved in these super cool experiments that will surely amaze you and your kids. Simple science experiments that everyone will love! Fun and fascinating experiments for toddlers, pre-schoolers, and even some are perfect for older kids. Have a look and enjoy experimenting with salt. Happy Experimenting!!

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