We all love jelly beans and especially children go crazy about jelly beans. My children are no less, they have a huge taste for jelly beans. So, I thought to turn their interest on jelly beans into a science exploration activity and I won in this super thought using jelly beans. Exploring science activities using jelly beans would be great during Easter vacation and of course anytime of the year.

Science Experiments with Jelly Beans

Science Experiments With Jelly Beans

Here are the fun simple and easy jelly bean science experiments you can do with all those leftover jelly beans from the egg hunts and Easter baskets. Have a look!

1. Science for Kids: Jelly Bean Taste Test

Science for Kids: Jelly Bean Taste Test is such an easy science experiment even the littlest to enjoy doing. Best suits to children aged 5 and up and the experiment is exciting and interesting since it involves eating jelly beans. An excellent way to explore the relationship between sight and taste by just using simple ingredient you have right in your snack rack. Also, kids explore and learn how our perception of colour can impact taste. Sounds interesting right?

Just grab a handful of jelly beans and get ready to do this fun science experiment: Science for Kids: Jelly Bean Taste Test

2. Jelly Bean Pre-School Science Experiment

Super fun science activity that combines science and sensory play! Kids can easily adapt the experiment since it is so easy and requires very simple ingredients which makes kids feel excited and interested to investigate.

Click on: Jelly Bean Pre-School Science Experiment

3. Dissolving Easter Jelly Beans Science Experiment

Easy, quick, and inexpensive jelly beans science experiment to explore Easter Science. Introduce kids to the idea of critical thinking and making predictions i.e. thoughtful guesswork about the end result of the experiment. Wonderful pre-school science experiment to watch and understand the simple science behind the outcome.

Check out the instructions step-by-step and start the investigation to have hassle free experience: Dissolving Easter Jelly Beans Science Experiment

4. Jelly Bean Color Science Experiment

Here is another easy, fun, and messy free science activity that will definitely bring a serious WOW expression on your kid’s face. Younger and older children can perform this investigation on their own. A great opportunity to learn about dissolving properties of jelly beans for the kids while having great fun too.

If you are interested to investigate this experiment, click for Jelly Bean Color Science Experiment to know how to set up an ice excavation.

5. Multi-Sensory Jelly Bean Science Experiment

Kids are always curious about experiments that just looks like a magic! Conducting multi-sensory jelly bean science experiment is more like a magic and fascinating using simple ingredients available in our home. You can set up this simple experiment at home or school or an exploration centre or an event to help students and children of 3-5 grades learn more about ice. Even pre-schoolers enjoy watching magical outcome of the experiment!

Get the more details of this super cool experiment – Multi-Sensory Jelly Bean Science Experiment

6. Jelly Beans Color Science Experiment

This is a STEM experiment and is a great way to start conversations with children about how colors change. Opening up children’s minds to learning and having fun is awesome while doing jelly beans science experiment. All you need are three easy supplies to get this started and you’re children will be learning in no time at all. Sounds interesting and exciting right?

Does the jelly beans change color when added to water? See the beauty of color changing by investigating this cool and classic science experiment: Jelly Beans Color Science Experiment

7. Jelly Beans Candy Chromatography Science Experiment

This is a fantastic jelly bean science activity that can be done anytime of the year. Keeping a jelly bean for this investigation let kids learn about how jelly beans gets its color using a science technique called chromatography – separating the different components of a mixture. Also, kids of all ages get amazed watching the magical results and feel more excited about the concept chromatography with just some supplies around the home.

Are you looking for complete details of instructions to candy chromatography!? Click on: Jelly Beans Candy Chromatography Science Experiment

8. Jelly Bean Coding Activity for Kids

Hands-on science activity that works on the idea of coding. Instead of using just materials you use simples or numbers, also known as a code. How the coding concept works on jelly beans and what is that magical trick behind it? Let us learn here: Jelly Bean Coding Activity for Kids

All these simple science activities are easy to perform while having a ton of fun. All kids are at different levels of learning and curiosity towards science. My goal with this blog is to help equip you with enough resources to be excited about sharing this with your child.

The collection of science experiments attached here are unique and are a great replacement to your pretty boring science activities. Happy Experimenting!


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