Taste-Safe Science Experiments for Kids

Science activities that are taste-safe for your active kid (who puts everything in his/her mouth) 🙂
Almost all of these activities are not only ‘edible’ but also  ‘taste-safe’. Check our  edible science activities here.

Taste-safe Activities for Kids

Have you tried one of the above activities? How did it go ?

Please Note ...

Though all the activities listed in this page are taste-safe , don’t consider them as a replacement for food. Some of the products may not taste good! If your child is allergic to specific products, be advised to keep that away from home.  You can also try our edible science ideas .

We seriously advise adult supervision at all time when your kid tries these activities at home. That way, parents / adults can decide whether an activity is suitable for your kid’s skill, age and preference. For more information, click here.