In our edible science sections, today let us look at the easiest way to make sherbet not the ordinary version but a fizzy version.

Kids can have colorful sherbet with joy!

Delightfully Fizzy Sherbet - fun science activity for kids

We will always watch out for science exhibitions and will pack our bags to visit them with family. We always wanted to make our kids learn science in a fun way. With the same enthusiasm sometime back we attended a science exhibition and really had fun and learned so many concepts.


This is where I got some ideas of making sherbet fizzy version at home. It is because we could not stay for long as we had a long way to drive back home.

We know that this experiment was missed on that day. So what, I am doing it at home. This is the way I did and I want to share it with you all. My kids felt really glad we did this at home.

How to make fizzy sherbet - edible science that kids can make (and eat). Kids love this! From Go Science Girls

Suitable For

Edible science fun activities help kids to understand chemistry in an easy way. These reactions are great to see in real-time. My elder one was 5 years, 4 months and the younger one was less than 3 years old.

I tried this with them and both had fun in a different way. Elder one learned many concepts as well. So do not worry about the age and you can try with kids at any age. They will learn things based on their knowledge. 

I got inspired from the recipe posted in CSIRO site and used that with some modifications to make my sherbet fizzy version. Actually, this site is a good one which has many DIY activities for kids to learn science.

What can you expect from this sherbet? Fizzing sound, great flavor, sweet taste, and really fun. I have posted this in my collection of activities that can be done in less than ten minutes, because it does take not more than 5 minutes to prepare this sherbet.🙂

Fun Science Fact

How does it make a fizzing sound? It is because of the reaction that happens chemically between the acid and the base. Which is the acid here? Yes, citric acid. What about the base? It is the baking soda. Both these react with the water present in the saliva and make a sound as well as bubbles in the tongue. The bubbles are nothing but CO2 – carbon dioxide.

What will you require to make this sherbet fizzy version at home

( As usual, we used things available at home or got it from my nearby store. However, posted the online links for your reference.)

Homemade sherbet ingredients

  • 1 tsp baking soda (sodium bicarbonate)
  • 1 tsp citric acid
  • 3 Tbsp icing sugar
  • 2 Tbsp flavoured jelly crystals
  • bowls & measuring spoons

Check out for citric acid and baking soda at your local store where you buy things to make sponge cakes. Don’t worry about the name of baking soda as it is called bread, cooking soda or bicarb soda. Citric acid is a usual preservative which is added to food for giving a sour taste can be added without any worry.


The powdered version of sugar is called icing sugar which you can prepare by just grinding the sugar crystals in your mixer. I always do this as it is cost-effective. There is no difference from this one and the one available in the shops but for the cost. I prefer a cheaper and healthier version always.

Blend regular white sugar into superfine icing sugar

Steps to make this sherbet 

1. Measuring the ingredients

Involve your kids and ask them to measure all the ingredients as mentioned in the above section. Monitor and guide them based on their age to do this work. Talk to them and explain about measuring and thee taste of different items. Also, ask them to guess the taste when all are mixed.

Measure, pour and stir - kids making sherbet in the kitchen
2. Mixing and tasting!

Let them get all the ingredients on the table and ask them to do the mixing work. This work they truly love and my two kids used to fight for doing this. Allow them to lick every time when they mix one item and tell the taste. For instant sugar will taste sweet, citric acid will be sour. The crystals with different flavor and color will make them look great and taste differently. When all this mixed with baking soda kept on the tongue will produce the fizzy sound and feels great.

Edible Sherbet: Science that kids can measure mix pour and taste - Go Science Girls

We tried with the following flavors with different colors. Yes, jelly crystals are the owner of this coloring section.


  1. Yellow – pineapple
  2. Pink – raspberry
  3. Orange – Orange
  4. Blueberry

Kid-made sherbet fun kitchen science

This sherbet, when made for the first time, will add a lot of pleasant surprises to you and will activate our sense organs. The colors for eye, taste for the tongue, and much more. You can see them soapy and fizzy, taste them sour and sound fizzing. Overall you will get a new experience.


Remember to consume them in small quantity as too much will make you feel kind of unpleasant. Do not panic, however. Just a caution though. Let the kids lick to have fun.

How to make sherbet: fun acid base chemical reaction science activity for kids

Additional point is that this homemade sherbet has a long shelf-life. Yes, they are good to be stored in airtight containers for ages. Make sure it is dry to retain its life.


I also tried spraying this sherbet to Tisha’s strawberry salad and she was so happy to eat a new fruit. Yes, she got convinced that it is a new fruit. This way you can make kids eat a variety of things adding this as a flavor to it.

It’s time to share details to have additional fun. Yes, click here for more ideas and all these can be tried at home with things available in the kitchen.


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Are you excited to make sherbet with your kids? Choose the color and the flavor from the below picture. Yes, you can have great fun with kids.

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