Teacher Appreciation Week Resources: How to Say Thank You in Big Way

Are you preparing for teachers' appreciation week? We have put together a treasure trove of free printables and resources to help get you ready for Teachers Appreciation Week!

Teachers Appreciation Week is right around the corner!

Are you ready to celebrate? It’s a great opportunity to thank the special teachers that are working hard daily to make a difference in your child’s learning and development.

If you’re planning for a week of gratitude this fall, look no further for the best resources for Teachers Appreciation Week.

What is Teacher Appreciation Week?

As its name itself suggests, Teacher Appreciation Week is a week celebrated to honour and appreciate teachers and educators for the contributions they make in shaping their students’ life and career.

The week was first introduced in 1984 by the National PTA, designating the first whole week of May for the appreciation of teachers. Ever since then, the National Education Association in the USA has continued to observe the first week of May as the Teacher Appreciation Week, declaring it a National holiday to be celebrated in the country.

US Teacher Appreciation Week

As mentioned above, Teacher Appreciation Week is a national holiday celebrated in the USA in the first whole week of May. So, every year, anytime between May 01 and May 10 is the US Teacher Appreciation Week.

The week is dedicated to teachers, and they get extra credits and appreciation for the work and effort they put into teaching and mentoring their students to achieve their goals and aims in life.

Amidst the entire week, the first Tuesday of May is observed as the Teacher Appreciation Day and is the most celebratory day of the entire week. However, the celebratory, thankful, gratuitous appreciation for the teachers goes on for the entire week in the acknowledgement of them being special and important to the entire society.

When is Teacher Appreciation Week in 2022?

Well, the Teacher Appreciation Week is not so far, and it’s time that every school, university, teacher, student, and parent starts preparing for celebrating the week.

This year, the week will be celebrated from May 02, 2022, to May 06, 2022, with May 03, 2022, being the big Teacher Appreciation Day.

Importance of Teacher Appreciation Week

Well, for a fact, the ideas for celebrating and appreciating teachers started surfacing ever since the 1940s. However, it was only in the 1980s that the idea was finally recognized and officiated, and it’s all thanks to the recognition of the importance of appreciating teachers.

Here are some reasons that Teacher Appreciation Week is so important-

Their Efforts Mostly Go Unacknowledged

While many countries see teaching as a profession equal to other high-end professions, it’s different in the USA.

In the USA, teachers are one of the lowest-paid professionals, and their efforts mostly go unrecognized and unacknowledged.

People are hardly ever able to understand the hours of work they put into making education easier and more accessible for everyone while understanding and paying attention to the different needs and understanding levels of every student.

The Teacher Appreciation Week is a good time to recognize and acknowledge all these unseen and ignored efforts of teachers.

Appreciating and Crediting Teachers for Their Effort is Bigger Than Any Monetary Benefit

While money warms your pockets, appreciations and credits warm your heart.

The teachers will feel much happier, and the acknowledgement from their students, parents and employers will be worth more than any other monetary payment or reward.

They will cherish the celebrations and planning done for them for a lifetime. Moreover, it’s a good time to gift teachers with the things they’ll cherish and love as offerings from their students.

It’s a Good Way to Allow Teachers to Put A Little More Money in Their Pockets

As we mentioned, teachers have very low pay, and they often struggle to make their ends meet. However, during Teacher Appreciation Week, employers offer extra credits and bonuses to their teachers.

So, it’s a good time for teachers to get their well-deserved bonuses and credits while also receiving gratitude and thankfulness from their students, parents, and colleagues.

Ideas to Celebrate Teacher Appreciation Week

Teacher Appreciation Week is meant to celebrate teachers and credit them for their effort and contributions to their students’ life and society. So, the celebrations need to be different and focused on appreciating teachers.

Well, we have got you covered with multiple ideas that both staff and students can use to celebrate Teacher Appreciation Week.

Teacher Appreciation Week Ideas for Staff

The celebrations will start with the staff itself. It’s important for the senior teachers and school, college, university principals, and management to plan some ideas for appreciating their staff during the Teacher Appreciation Week.

Decorate the Teachers Lounge

While teachers spend most of their time in the classes, they spend their free time in the teachers’ lounge. So, it will be a good gesture to keep it decorated for the teachers during the Teacher Appreciation Week.

You can put up balloons, ribbons, and flower decorations. It will also be good to offer better refreshments in the teachers’ lounge during the Teacher Appreciation Week.

Plan a Day Full of Enjoyment and Pampering

You can plan a picnic for your teachers or offer them vouchers to a nail or spa where they can relax and pamper themselves and let loose into the feelings of self-love and appreciation.

Add in Some Bonus on Their Paychecks

While gestures are more important, it never hurts to show the gesture of appreciation and gratitude with some money. The Teacher Appreciation Week can be a good time, among other times to add a bonus to your teachers’ paychecks to acknowledge their efforts and hard work.

Give Extra Breaks to the Teachers

Teachers hardly ever get many breaks as they hustle between their classes. During the Teacher Appreciation Week, bless them with some extra breaks. You can plan activities for students or a simple read-aloud session in the classrooms so that even teachers can sit in their chairs and have a few extra minutes of relaxation during their working day.

Give the Teachers a Break from Their Daily Formal Wears

Your teachers dress up in formals or probably uniforms all the year. The Teacher Appreciation Week can be a time to give them a break from these formal wear, allowing them to flaunt their more casual and day outfits.

Teacher Appreciation Week Ideas for Students

Teachers work for their students. So, it’s a duty on the students’ part to acknowledge their teachers’ hard work and be grateful to them for their mentorship. Being thankful and saying the same to the teachers would be all any teacher or educator would want.

However, since it’s their week, students should go far and beyond to show their gratitude to their teachers.

Here are some ideas to apply-

Leave Flowers and Cards on Your Teachers’ Desks

Some words showing your thankfulness and gratefulness with some special flowers on your teachers’ desks will bring a huge smile to your teachers’ faces. It’s a good way to simply start the celebrations for your teachers.

In addition to leaving flowers and cards on their desks, students can also get together to decorate the classrooms for their teachers and plan some treats and snacks for them.

Establish a Fund for Your Teachers

Many times teachers wish to get some additional training and certifications but are not able to do so due to financial constraints. Establishing a fund for your teachers and gifting them the same so that they can go ahead with their training and certifications is an excellent celebratory gesture that your teachers will love.

Decorate Your Teachers’ Doors

Go ahead and decorate your teachers’ doors using different ideas that show your gratefulness and gratitude towards them.

Don’t worry; we have got some door decoration ideas for you in the further sections.

Plan a Treat for Your Teachers

All the students can get together and plan treats for their teachers, putting together their teachers’ favourite snacks.

If you’re confused about what snacks you can add up, you need not worry. We have some brilliant snack ideas that all your teachers will love.

Get Some Gifts for Your Teachers

Another great way to celebrate Teacher Appreciation Week is to get them gifts that they will cherish and enjoy for a lifetime.

You can try to find out things that your teachers love or are wanting to purchase for a long time.

You can even get them DIY gifts.

Teacher Appreciation Week Gift Ideas

If you’re confused about the gifts that you can get for your teachers during the Teacher Appreciation Week, then the list below will come as a blessing to you. Here are some amazing gifts that you can get for your teachers-

A Customized Piece of Jewellery

It will be a great idea to gift your teachers a customized piece of jewellery, especially the female teachers. You can find many options for such jewellery.

For customization, you can get your teacher’s name written on the piece of jewellery, or you can add a thank you note on the piece of jewellery.

A good idea will be to get this customized necklace that offers enough space for your text and will be a great gesture and gift showing your gratitude towards your teachers.

This Amazon link below is a great option for you to try:

Teacher’s Supplies

What can be a better gift for your teachers than the stuff they can constantly use at their job. It will be a great idea to gift some teacher’s supplies to your teachers to save them some costs of getting the things they need to get their work done.

You can choose from different sets of teacher’s supplies combos. For instance, you can gift planning books and registers, markers, dusters, magnets, set of pens, and the range of options here is pretty huge.

You can check out the combo hereinbelow on this link for purchasing the gift quickly:

Teachers need to handle a lot of papers and documents as they go through tests, assignments, results, mark sheets, etc.

So, a paperweight will always come in handy for them. Moreover, an appreciative message on the paperweight will make the gift a lot more meaningful and thoughtful.

Also, you can search for elegant looking paperweights so that they may serve as a decor item on your teacher’s desk when not being used as a paperweight.

Something that we found on Amazon and can suggest as an amazing gift is:

A Thoughtful Gift Basket

If you’re willing to go quite on the higher end of the budget, you can plan to gift your teachers a well-designed gift basket with a combo of multiple items. You can choose items as per your choice. Now, this seems like a combo of teachers’ supplies as mentioned as a gift idea above. However, this is different.

You can choose other daily household use items too. One amazing combo that we can suggest is available on Amazon with a fantastic basket containing a ceramic mug, pen holder, bookmarks, and pouch. All the products are customized for use by teachers, so it will also have a personal touch to it.

You can check out the gift basket on the link below:

A Teacher’s Notebook/Journal/Planner

You may always find your teacher using a notebook or planner. So, what better than gifting one to your teachers. You can choose a planner that suits your teachers’ needs.

Additionally, you can find planners with thoughtful messages on them so that you can dedicate those messages to your teachers and add a personal touch to your gift.

A good journal for gifting to checkout is on the link below:

Snack Ideas for Teacher Appreciation Week

Now, if you’re planning to treat your teachers or you simply want to have a part on the Teacher Appreciation Day or during the entire week at your school or university, you surely need some snack ideas.

Well, let’s explore some palatable, delighting, and yummy snacks that will be great for your Teacher Appreciation Week gift treats parties, and celebrations.


Well, you can never go wrong with cookies at a party. Everyone loves to have cookies and they’ll be great to have at your parties and celebrations.

Moreover, you can get some assorted cookies packs and bundles to gift to your teachers. The good part is that you never run out of options with cookies.

You can choose from different flavours and types. Also, if you’re feeling like keeping it personal, you can bake the cookies yourself given that it’s quick and easy.


If you’re having a huge celebration or party, you will need something more than just cookies. You need something that can serve the appetite. In that case, pizzas/burgers can be good snack options.

You can set up a mini pizza or burger bar where there are several options for toppings and sauces so that your teachers enjoy the party to the fullest.

Soft Drinks/Smoothies

What would a party be without anything to drink? Well, of course, we are not talking about hard drinks here.

But you can set up a Juice Junction or a Smoothie Station from where everyone can pick a glass of their favourite fruit juice or smoothie and raise a toast appreciating teachers and their efforts.


Well, you also need some desserts for your Teacher Appreciation Week celebrations. What could be better than some muffins and cakes? In fact, it will be a great idea to have a customized cake and have all the teachers cut the cake together as they celebrate their special day and week.

Teacher Appreciation Week Door Decorating Ideas

In a previous section, we mentioned that decorating your teachers’ doors is a great way of celebrating Teacher Appreciation Week. However, you need ideas for decorations. Putting up some balloons and flowers looks ordinary.

You need something that’s unique and truly shows the gratitude you feel towards the teachers.
Well, let us help you with some brilliant door decorating ideas.

An Attractive Poster with a Quirky Message

You can keep the decoration simple and quick by simply putting up an attractive poster of your teacher’s door with a quirky message that says appreciative words for your teachers.

You can go for ideas like pasting your teacher’s face cutout on a superhero body or simply printing messages saying that your teacher is just amazing and you love their classes.

You can find some references for poster door decoration on the link below.


Newspaper Decoration on the Door

Now, this is quite a different, unique, and most importantly a cost-effective idea. You can grab some newspapers, put them up on your teachers’ doors and decorate the door in a way that flashed the news that your teacher is the best.

You can be as creative as you like. You can simply paste newspaper in the background and paste your text above it so that it gives the impression that the text is on the newspaper.

Alternatively, you can take newspaper pieces and cutouts and arrange them on your teachers’ door in a way that it reflects breaking news in the newspaper.

Here’s a reference link for you to get a better understanding of this decoration idea.


Pasting Messages on Your Teacher’s Door

Another simple and cost-efficient way to beautifully decorate your teacher’s door is to simply write up messages, decorate those messages by using colours and glitters and pasting them in a decorating and appealing pattern on your teacher’s door.

This decoration idea has a much more personalized appeal to it and your teachers will love reading the messages every time they walk through the door. Moreover, they can later keep those messages safely with themselves and keep revisiting them from time to time.

Teacher Appreciation Week Messages

You always want to show gratitude to your teachers. However, when it comes to writing a message for them, you somehow go blank and your message card just remains without a single word on it.

Well, you need not worry about writing a message, especially if you’re struggling to put words together in your message. It’s the feelings that matter. Your message must say what you feel, and then, who originally wrote the message doesn’t really matter.

On that note, let us help you with some message ideas for Teacher Appreciation Week:

  1. It’s your effort and mentorship that I am able to identify my capabilities and work on my talents. I am blessed to have a wonderful teacher like you to help me with every step I take forward on my road to life.
  2. You not only educate me and help me with my academics but you offer me a whole new perspective on life by helping me explore myself and my talents. It’s a pleasure to have a mentor, guide, and teacher like you.
  3. When I was struggling with my grades, you helped me with my studies, and thanks to you, I am doing much better with my academics and life. It’s a blessing to have a teacher and guide like you.

Teacher Appreciation Week Quotes

Your messages can become more beautiful if you add a good Teacher Appreciation Week Quote to them. So, let us help you out with some good and popular quotes for Teacher Appreciation Week.

“Better than a thousand days of diligent study is one day with a great teacher.” – A Japanese Proverb

“True teachers use themselves as bridges over which they invite their students to cross and then having facilitated their crossing, joyfully collapse to encourage them to build bridges of their own.” – Nikos Kazantzakis

“A good teacher can inspire hope, ignite the imagination, and instil the love of learning.” – Brad Henry Love

“Teachers don’t simply teach. Teachers Inspire!”

“It takes a big heart to shape little minds.”

Thank You Note for Teacher Appreciation Week

Teacher Appreciation Week is mainly to thank teachers for their contribution to shaping young minds and talents. So, how can the week ever be complete without a thank you note to the teachers? here are some ideas for you-

Your effort to teach matters. Thank you for sharing your valuable knowledge with society.

You are the building blocks of society. Thank you for shaping young minds and talents so beautifully with all your effort and hard work.

A teacher is responsible for making others successful in their profession. Thank you for building so many successful careers and establishing professionals by choosing teaching as your profession.

Teacher Appreciation Week DIY Gift Ideas

While there are many other presents that you can pick from the market and gift your teachers, a DIY gift will have a more personal touch to it. So, if you wish to present a DIY gift to your teachers, here are some ideas for you-

Handmade Scrapbook

This can be an individual or a collective effort of all the students in the class. You can gather with your classmates and prepare a handmade scrapbook by writing messages and thank you notes for your teachers.

You can also share your favourite memories with your teachers and even add photographs with them if you have some.

Personalized Poem/Quotes Cards or Gift Items

If you’re a creative person with a knack for writing, this will be a great DIY gift idea. You can pen down a poem dedicated to your teacher and gift them a poem card. Alternatively, you can get your poems printed on other useful items too, for instance, a paperweight, journal, etc.

In case you’re not able to pen down a poem, you can even write a personalized quote and get it printed on a t-shirt or coffee mug, etc.

DIY Bookmarks

Your teachers are always in need of bookmarks. So, you can make some beautiful bookmarks for them. You can add your creativity to these bookmarks.

They can be simple quotes or paintings in rectangular shaped cardboard to serve as bookmarks. Alternatively, you can decorate the bookmarks with some tassels or other embellishments.

Virtual Teacher Appreciation Week Ideas

While Teacher Appreciation Week is special, it’s become challenging to celebrate it in person with one another due to the pandemic. Even though the pandemic outbreak has subsided and things are going back to normal, there are many places where things are still virtual.

So, what if you need to celebrate Teacher Appreciation Week virtually? Well, here are some ideas-

A Video Message for the Teachers

Videos are all the craze these days. So, it will be a great idea to create a video message for your teachers thanking them for their hard work and contribution.

You can add your voice clips and video recording, photos, and other creative things in the video and even let it stretch a bit for the time so that it works out as a short movie appreciating your teachers.

Offer Some Relaxation to Your Teachers

You can gift them a spa or other gift cards and vouchers for relaxing activities. Your teachers will definitely appreciate this gesture.

Plan a Virtual Party

You can plan a virtual party with your teachers and students on platforms like Google Meet, Zoom Meeting, Discord, or any other social media channel.

You can even arrange for snacks to be sent to the doorsteps of the people joining the virtual meetup and everyone can have a good time sharing stories and talents.

Teacher Appreciation Week Basket Ideas

Well, we have briefly covered this topic in the previous sections mentioning how you can present your teachers with a gift basket or combo. But let’s have a look at it in more detail by sharing some ideas for different baskets that you can prepare for your teachers.

Teachers Supplies Basket

A teacher’s supplies basket can be the best basket idea ever. Your teachers will appreciate nothing more than getting the things they need regularly.

You can prepare a basket as per your creativity and idea. Some things to include in this basket will be pens, journals, markers, duster, bookmarks, paperweight, pen-holder, etc.

Snack Basket

If your teacher is a foodie, then it will be great to give them a snack basket. A snack basket is also good for teachers with children.

You can put your teacher’s favourite snacks in the basket such as cookies, muffins, gummies, chocolates, soft drinks, chips and other packages of snack items, etc.

If you want to keep it personalized, you can even bake the cookies and muffins yourself and give a try on homemade chocolates too.

A Basket with High-End Things

If you’re not on a budget, then it will be a great idea to prepare a luxury basket with high-end things for your teachers. You can put gift cards, personalized coffee mugs, personalized journals and bookmarks, snacks, and other things like that in such a basket.

A good idea when thinking about such a high-end basket would be to get together in a group
and present the basket to the teachers collectively.

Teacher Appreciation Week 2022 Freebies

Now that you have got so many ideas about Teacher Appreciation Week, you surely want to try them all.

However, gifts and everything else cost money, and you always look for some freebies when you’re spending so much. Well, don’t worry at all. We have got some freebies for you in different categories-

Happy Teacher Appreciation Week Cards

Gift your teachers with a beautiful Happy Teacher Appreciation Week card having some thoughtful quotes, messages, doodles, and drawings on them.

Best Teacher Ever - Teacher Appreciation Week Card


Teacher Appreciation Week Card - The World Needs Teachers Like You.


Teacher Appreciation Week Card - Thank you for being my teacher


Teacher Appreciation Week Card - Thank you for being my teacher


Teachers Appreciation Week Card - Best Teacher


Teacher Appreciation Week Flyers

Get some flyers to decorate your classrooms and teachers’ doors for the Teacher Appreciation Week.

Teacher Appreciation Week Flyer 1


Teacher Appreciation Week Flyer 2


Teacher Appreciation Week Banners

What’s a celebration without a banner. It will look good if all the classrooms in the schools
and the university has Teacher Appreciation Week banners.

Here are some free options.

Teacher Appreciation Week Banner 1


Teacher Appreciation Week Banner 2


Banner for Teacher Appreciation Week


Teacher Appreciation Week Banner 4


Posters for Teacher Appreciation Week

Posters come in handy for decorating your teacher’s doors and classrooms. If you’re looking
for some beautiful posters for decorations, here are some free options to choose from.

Poster for Teacher Appreciation Week 1


Teacher Appreciation Week Poster 3


Poster for Teacher Appreciation Week


Teacher Appreciation Week Poster 4


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