Ultimate STEM Resources Bank for K12 Students

Check out this massive collection of STEM Resources that includes websites in each of the STEM field, government resources, mobile apps, technology and career resources. Use it wisely.

STEM skills (Science, Technology, Engineering, and Math) are important for kids of next generation.

With our passion to make STEM resources to reach all those who are in need, we collected variety of resources including but not limited to programs, scholarships, websites and career resources.

These resources will help lay a strong knowledge foundation for young learners and prepare them for yet to come academic accomplishments.

Let us begin exploring various informative websites and resource links that motivate young learners towards a successful adult life with a better future.  

STEM Resources for Kids

STEM Websites:

Science KidsScience Kids offer everything your child requires to build their career concerning science and technology. Children will explore science activities, games, educational quizzes, lessons with illustrations, science fair projects, and many more.

STEM Career: STEM Career is a great resource for teachers, students, parents, and home-schoolers as it helps for understanding the STEM careers. Students can get benefits while searching for the best schools and academic careers.

eGFI: eGFI (Engineering, Go For It!) provides innovative ways to experience STEM through interactive sessions, games, puzzles, flashcards, digital magazines, etc. You can also find complete information about scholarships for STEM careers.

CSI-Web Adventures: This website seems like a gaming zone but it a great resource for learning forensic science. Children can gain forensic knowledge right from basic to advanced level plus explore handwriting skills and various science careers.

Kinetic City: Kinetic City is a treasure for all the young learners since they will find a treasure of science activities, games, experiments, and projects.

Code.Org: Discover the programing lectures in Python and JavaScript languages in the field of computer science. This website is the best inclusion to the school curriculums that help children to develop their first computer program and even develops various games on iPhone.

MathMovesU: Best and handy website for your elementary and middle school child to store a lot many surprising math tips in their brain. A great way to introduce mathematical concepts to younger children through the ‘Math Hero’ program.

Alice.org: Check out the innovative programming language that comes along with an integrated development environment (IDE), which helps in preparing visual demonstrations.

Mn-stem.com: This website supports young learners in making their adult lives successful by learning how STEM builds great careers. You can discover interactive games, study guides for free download, and high-standard educational programs.

Steam Powered Family: Steam Powered family is a one-stop solution for your child’s successful career! The main aim of this website is to thrive the love of STEM and STEAM in children by nurturing their limitless curiosity about things happening around them.

Bill Nye The Science Guy: Bill Nye, an American science educationalist also popular as an author, engineer, and comedian. He offers a detailed explanation of a lot many science experiments through shows, episodes, home demos, appearances, books, etc. on his website.

NASA Kid’s Club: Find a bunch of STEM projects and activities like building rockets, spaceships, etc. at NASA kid’s club!  

Extreme Science: Discover the exciting and classic science curriculums and real-world records in the fields of natural science, earth science, and plant cum animal kingdom. Also, students can find good science content for their science fair projects.

Exploratorium: Fun and exciting website to explore! Because this website offers fun learning experiences to young children in the form of interactive educational programs, visual demonstrations, and more.

EPA Students: This website is all about the environment! The great approach to explore environmental changes happening around plus help children improve their critical thinking skills. HowStuffWorks: An amazing website that offers plenty of science topics that explain the magical tricks of science to children. Not only students but also teachers can benefit by accessing the lesson plans and learning programs providing by the site.

Wabisabilearning.com: Check out the library of STEM projects, articles on STEM activities, resources, STEM tips, and Ideas at wabisabilearning.com. It is highly recommended and interesting to explore STEM.

STEM Laboratory: The STEM laboratory will take your teaching skills to next level by offering you various kinds of teaching resources and content on STEM challenges. Plan for less time and gain huge results!

Science Buddies: Enjoy STEM learning at home during the pandemic, covid-19! Explore the wonderful science behind STEM activities by discovering 1000+ STEM projects, project kits, ideas, etc. in a fun way!

Little Bins for Little Hands: Little Bins for Little Hands is an interactive tool to discover the wonderful world of STEM through hands-on science experiments. Find STEM videos and resources to keep your children the best in learning science.

PBSKids.org: PBS kid is a platform for online STEM learning that offers various demonstrations and videos that explain the awesome science of STEM.

Math Playground: This website is jam-packed with plenty of math games, problem-solving questions, logic games, number puzzles, and many more! Explore, experience, and enjoy the math fun! Best tool for middle and elementary school children.

CoolMath4Kids: Best destination for students, teachers, and parents to find math puzzles, brainteasers, and fun games! Also, the best training site for students right from kindergarten to middle school.

Playdough to PLATO: Prepare your children for their techy future by exploring the PLATO pack of 40+ STEM activities and 150+ print and play STEM centers.

StudyPlans – Studyplan’s Science page provides great resources for Science hungry students and teachers.

HowtoSTEM – HowtoSTEM is full of useful STEM articles and free resources, as well as STEM career profiles and links to inspirational people. It is a valuable resource for both teachers and parents.

BioBus STEAM Challenges – A brilliant resource for kids and parents to explore variety of STEAM challenges and participate in them.

CodeWizardsHQ – Teaches online coding classes in the most fun and effective way. It also offers high school coding internships.

Science Experiments

Science Fun: Science fun offers a lot of science experiments along with images and videos for your elementary and kindergarten school kid! Also, enjoy Virtual science learning and Virtual summer camps being at home.

Goodhousekeeping.com: ‘Goodhousekeeping’ is your one-stop destination for fun science experiments, science kits, and hands-on science activities! Get hold of your lesson plans with these online science experiments!

ScienceBob.com: Here you will find safe and successful science experiments that you can easily investigate anywhere! This website also helps for your research documentary, you need to click on ‘Research Help’!

Mommypoppins.com: Find the easy and quick science experiments that your child can do on his/herself and with little supplies at mommypoppins.com. Worth exploring!

Happyhooligans.com: Explore science through art and fun play! You will find hands-on science activities for kids of all ages! Also, get quick ideas for your science fair projects and in-class demos.

Weareteachers.com: Make your job of providing the best science learning experience to your children through ‘weteachers.com’! Here, you will discover the best educators that teach science with a variety of classic experiments, teaching notes, and ideas!

Kidsactivities.com: Discover the best science experiments that cover up concepts right from chemical reactions to outer space at ‘kids activities! Find the best science projects for your child to try!

CoolScienceExperimentshq.com: Get deliver the amazing science experiments to your inbox absolutely at free cost, just by clicking on Newsletter! There is no end in finding out cool science experiments at cool science experiments.

Redtri.com: Redtri.com is an amazing website offering everything required for children right from science experiments to ideas for their best adult lives! Parents are lucky to have this website handy!

Howwelearn.com: Blow your child’s mind with hundreds of science experiments that you can easily investigate with the home supplies!

World of Science – Another brilliant resource that gives collection of websites / blog pages where you can find science for kids content.

Chemistry Activities

Education.com: Learn the limitless library of chemistry activities, important chemical concepts, and chemical laws by exploring education.com! Join here and get free access to 30,000+ worksheets, lesson plans, educational plans, and hands-on activities.

Fizzicseducation.com: Best resource for children of all ages where they will find chemical activities plus science shows and holiday workshops. Interactive tool to learn everything about chemistry!

Sciencebuddies.com: Explore chemical activities and reactions through STEM lesson plans and teaching resources! Here you will find interesting and exciting chemical projects to try at home.

Lovemyscience.com: Make your chemistry learning experience easy and fun by investigating several chemistry experimentsAll the experiments are listed in alphabetical order to find particular activity easily with reference.

Thoughtco.com: Improve your skills in the field of chemistry by experiencing the real world through thousands of resources useful for both teachers and students!

iexplorestem.com: Learn chemistry through fun games and exciting real hands-on chemistry experiments absolutely for free at ‘iexplore’! Also, find free resources on hundreds of STEM activities.

Steve Spangler Science: Check out cool chemistry science experiments that ignite your love for science! Join the steve spangler science club and work together to build your child’s STEM career.

3plearning.com: Best interactive and learning tool that creates amazing chemistry learning experience! You can also have a 30-day free trial to resources where there is useful information and chemical facts in the world of science.

Babbledabbledo.com: Discover the best range of chemistry experiments that are perfect for your science fair events and classroom demos!

 Edu.rsc.org: Are you looking for a chemistry experiment that comes along with worksheets and practical videos? Then, you are at the right place to discover thousands of resources that reveal chemical sciences.

Math Resources for Kids

Math Blaster: Explore the futuristic online math educational website that teaches maths in the magic of adventures! You can enjoy the membership and get access to the world of mathematics.

Education.com: Are you looking for free math games, lesson plans, worksheets, activities, and more? Then, this website is perfect for you because you will get all the math requirements for your child’s futuristic career.

Fun Brain: At Fun Brain, children learn important mathematical concepts at their fingertips by watching educational videos and playing a variety of games.

Mutiplication.com: Kids from second grade to high school can stop at this website to find math skills in a fun and educational way. Even parents and teachers can find resources that improve their teaching skills!

Hooda Math: Stop here to access online math games and many more classroom activities by grade and by subject! The main goal of this website is to engage your children with better logical and reasoning skills in maths through games and online activities.

Learn Zillion: Learn zillion helps children to enjoy high-quality math education for a high-quality curriculum by investing less prep time! The resources available on the website are completely free for parents and teachers!

Manga High: If you are looking for free subscription packages on comprehensive mathematical concepts, Mang High is the right place for you. It offers free resources for classroom activities and engages your children for hours to excel in maths.

Math Playground: Make your child excel at wonderful maths by exploring innovative logic games, stories, videos, and adaptive quizzes! You can have free prints on word problems that help students to find solutions easily.

Math Game Time: Check out all the key mathematical concepts right from additions to Time and Money for all grades from pre-k to 7th grade. You can have mobile access to make it easier for you to take prints of worksheets, images and download video demonstrations! Isn’t it cool!

Crypto Kids: Crypto kids is a supported website by NSA and offers code-making and breaking cryptology skills to students! Also, they can explore the high school to college educational programs plus resources to support a good academic career for students.

Cool Math Games: As the name suggests, cool math games offer a variety of fun games and activities that improve your child’s math skills. Online Jigsaw puzzle activity is the best online program to engage your child in maths.

AOPS Online: Not only offers support to classroom lessons but also it provides advanced online math education that supports after-school! Besides, students from grades 5 to 12 can benefit from the interactive math curriculum with problem-solving strategies.

Aleks: At Aleks, learning math is easy because it is a pack of interactive math lessons! The best online math education website, which lays a strong academic career for your child.

Buzz Math: Buzz math saves tutors time through correcting tools and records the student and classroom data in no time. Get the real-time learning experience through differentiation tools!

Cue Think:Improve your math critical thinking and problem-solving skills at cue think! It is the best interactive math tool that works on new presentation-based calculations.

Dragon Box:Enjoy the incredible math learning experience with your child at dragon box! Create an amazing educational environment for students by exploring award-winning learning apps.

Corbett Maths:Find 800+ mathematical videos and worksheets, revision cards, and class quizzes at Corbett maths! Also, you can get 20+ math books home delivery with special discounts!

Math is Fun:Simple, concise, and direct explanation of maths concepts made this website a great addition to parent and teacher’s math library. The highly recommended and precious site to explore maths in creative and fun ways!

Prodigy Math Game:Prodigy makes math learning an exciting experience either at school or at home as it connects in-class and at-home learning concepts. You can create a free account and get access to free math resources that make virtual math learning a great success. 

Teacher Vision:A great supporting online learning website to teachers and parents during this pandemic! It offers innovative teaching strategies with thousands of lesson plan techniques and worksheets.

Math TV:Math TV is a great successful media communication that delivers thousands of math educational videos and demonstrations. Register to math TV and explore problem-solving strategies with suitable examples.

TES:TES, the biggest online teaching community that provides free access to the study materials, worksheets, and report templates granted by talented educators. Searching for resources is easy as it is classified on a grade basis! 

Teacher Tube: Teacher Tube is an identical version of YouTube but only restricted to educational videos. It offersa bunch of videos demonstrating core school math lessons. 

Math Goodies:Are you searching for free resources on math topics such as Symbolic Logic, Geometry, Circumference, and Area of Circles and Percentages? Math Goodies is perfect for you to explore advanced mathematical concepts through puzzles, worksheets, and award-winning certificates. 

Math-Aids:Get free worksheets for teachers, home-schoolers, parents, and students on this website! This website encompasses 1200+ unique worksheets and 94 different math concepts. 

Khan Academy:Khan Academy works with personalized learning, accurate content, and a variety of tools to introduce math in a different and fun way. Build a great career in the field of maths. 

Wolfram MathWorld:This website is a boon to high school students among other sites because it comes with ‘Mathematica Technology’. Free resources available!

Get the MathGet The Math is all about Algebra but relates different careers associated with mathematical concepts. Created for middle and high school children! 

NRICH: Get access to classroom-based research by improving the problem-solving skills available at NRICH. The “Ask NRICH” feature helps to get an interactive session with the well-experienced tutors! 

AAA Math:Explore unlimited athematic lessons at free cost and let children easily interact with the teachers and improve math skills. Find number problems along with word and graph-based information! 

Math Open Reference:The website covers mathematical conceptslikeradiance, angle, measurement, and degrees. Scientific calculators and graphing are the interactive math tools found here to explain maths with examples. 

Figure This: ‘Figure This’ is an online website that offers math challenges digitally with real-world examples. A free math tool for teachers! Explore and enjoy digital math content.

Mathopenref:Useful mathopenref to introduce triangles, constructions, circles, and arcs, and exciting angles to middle schoolers.

Math Maven’s Mysteries:Math Maven’s mystery is a great help when your child had to face maths challenges and crack them smartly! This website is for upper elementary students!

Math Monday:Looking for creative ways to keep your young learner active in learning maths at home during this pandemic? If so, Math Mondayis your solution as it offers students mathematical concepts through a different approach like weekly live sessions. 

Math Games:Is your child facing issues in learning maths at home? Introduce him/her to this website where he/she will find a variety of useful math games. Also, they learn maths by customizing their worksheets by following video demonstrations! How cool is it?

National Library of Virtual Manipulatives:Learn maths virtually through hands-on online activities and challenges. It is suitable for kids of all ages right from pre-k to 12th grade.

Primary Games:Free online math games available at primary games for primary school students to strengthen basic math skills like counting, fractions, etc. 

Wodb.ca:Find the mathematics logical reasoning for every shape and calculation in maths by exploring thought-provoking puzzles and challenges! Here, kids compare 3-4 pictures and can find the reasons by relating each picture to the other. 

Sheppard Software:Sheppard software is an excellent online tutorial that helps students learn maths through hundreds of math activities. Kids can play educational games online for free!

Oxford Owl:Help your child or student develop math skills through free activities and expert advice at Oxford Owl. Also, enjoy book activity which reveals a lot of activities relating all subjects to maths.

Third Space Learning:The best website that supports home learning and offers free home learning packs suitable for KS-1 and KS-2 grade students! Additional support for parents to engage their kids in learning maths during a pandemic.

Moose Math:Explorethe award-winning educational website and app that supports almost all handsets and helps your kid excel at maths at home! 

Brain Pop Jr.:Brain Pop Jr. is an excellent approach to introduce your child to various mathematical concepts like time, money, and more. Children learn math creatively and excitingly by watching math movies!

Splash Learn:Splash Learn is the best engaging online math teaching website that creates scholars in maths by laying strong math foundation skills. Comprehensive learning strategies developed by expert tutors!

IXL:Enjoy a personalized math learning experienceat IXLtrusted by over 80 billion students and teachers. Explore the benefits of IXL right from Kindergarten to Class 12. 

CK-12:CK-12 is a pack of educational information related to all the subjects like maths, science, photography, etc. You will find practice worksheets, study guides, and real-world simulations!

ABC Mouse:ABC Mouse is a subscription-based online learning program for students of ages 1-9! For a 30 day free trial period, you can try various math concepts online and explore the benefits of this website.

Brighterly: Are you searching for easy and affordable math for kids? Browse no more, as Brighterly teachers will take your kids’ knowledge to the next level.

Mobile Applications for Middle and High School Children

Apart from the above listed online learning apps, here is the exclusive list of math apps that are suitable for both iOS and Android. 

Mathway:Mathway is an exclusive math app that helps students to excel in performing algebra calculations with an explanation. 

Brilliant:Brilliant is a great addition to your mobile as it replaces the classroom lectures with hands-on and interactive tutorials. The tutors here are award-winning professionals, and researchers build confidence in students while learning maths hands-on.

Kahoot:Kahoot is a game-based app that teaches maths uniquely through online games and activities!

Symbolab:If you are searching for a lifetime solution for your kid to excel at solving trigonometric equations and algebraic calculations, then explore symbolab.

Quizlet: Use a variety of tools in the Quizlet app and conquer any type of math challenge! Makes your study fun and productive. A good reference app to anyone!

Microsoft Math Solver:Getdetailed explanations and step-by-step calculations to solve your math challenges! The best app to engage your children with fast learning programs like ‘Try Math Solver’!

Photo Math:The photo Math app is a superpower application that scans the math problems using the phone’s camera and gives solutions with an explanation. So, download it immediately!

Socratic by Google:Socratic is a mobile application that works by catching text and speech instructions. It finds a solution to your math challenge and displays the useful and related resources on that particular math concept. 

ACT Prep: This is another math mobile application that can be downloaded from Google Play Store! Here you will find practice tests, flashcards, and preparation tips absolutely for free. Check the link to download Act Prep: https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=com.varsitytutors.learningtools.act&hl=en_US&gl=US

Basic Engineering Resources

Engineering ToolBox: Would you like to know the skills you required to excel in the branch of engineering? If so, explore the engineering toolbox and enjoy learning high-level engineering principles and techniques from basic skills.

Roymech: Explore everything about engineering in the form of tables, formulas, techniques, visual demonstrations through ‘Roy Mech’. Also, get free access to detailed information about the engineering designing process and equipment.

British Standards Institute: British Standards Institute offers up-to-date data related to industries and huge engineering equipment on their website. So, students who want to excel in the engineering equipment designing process can benefit from the data, which is helpful for their academic careers.

International Council on Systems Engineering: Browsing this website is the best approach to explore systems engineering. The main goal of the site is to provide advanced engineering techniques and knowledge to the engineering students out there!

Engineering.com: Get free access to live seminars, research tools, reports, and core engineering aspects at engineering.com! Dive into the latest advances in engineering and build a smart career in engineering.

Engineer Girl: Is your girl child is into engineering? Then, this website is handy for you to explore various streams of engineering with career guide instructions. Girls can have access to relate with other engineering websites and can receive the required information.

Eng-Tips.com: This website is a forum where many engineering professionals discuss high-level and advanced engineering subjects. This forum highlights job listings, engineering subject information useful for students, and demonstrations.

MIT Open Course Ware: MIT Open Course Ware is a great support to the tutors and educators in the field of engineering. Because they get free access to study materials from the Massachusetts Institute of Technology.

EESC: EESC website offers its service to educate engineering students by providing workshops, demonstrations, and visual presentations. Also, the site features classroom lessons supported by study materials and various engineering projects.

Engineering ToolBox: Engineering ToolBox allows students to apply their engineering knowledge in analyzing and designing innovative equipment. Students are also able to design and conduct real-time experiments by interpreting the data available on the website.

Electronic Design: This website is a one-stop solution for various emerging engineering technologies and designing program challenges. Also, students can gain the confidence to face professional challenges while designing new techniques.

EnggJobs.com: EnggJobs.com is a job website that works along with other job websites and makes job finding easy for all engineering students. Here, you will find a variety of job openings in various fields.

Engineering Jobs: Engineering Jobs is another wonderful job website for all engineering students where they can find several job opportunities. Even technical professionals can easily access the job listings on this website.

Engineering Central: Engineering central features the information on job openings in the field of chemical, mechanical, industrial, electrical, civil, and manufacturing engineering. Get ready to find the best for you as well!

EngWare: EngWare highlights the e-materials, e-solutions, e-seminars, and e-courses based on fundamental engineering skills. The best thing is that anyone can optimize this website through desktop, laptop, TV, Tablet, and even mobile phones.  

Progressive Engineer: Progressive Engineer is an online magazine website that highlights the key information about engineering subjects around the U.S. continental. The best informational site for engineers and related professionals.

The Structural Engineering Channel: The channel covers the trending and innovative engineering techniques up-to-date and explains the subject clearly to the professionals in engineering.

IEEE REACH: The best educational resource that helps engineering students and teachers to explore the life history of engineer techniques. It features hands-on activities, inquiry units, and multimedia sources to rule out the science of engineering with the other subjects. 

Edx.org: Explore all the engineer-related courses online such as aeronautical, electrical, software, and structural engineering for free! 

Try Engineering: Try engineering makes online learning accessible to students and teachers easily through its mind-blowing data and information about engineering subjects. Also, this website helps to do new creations in the field of science and engineering. 

EdHeads: Edheads is an online website for all engineers to develop their critical thinking skills and furtherly in developing advanced machines. This website offers its data in the form of games, activities, and hands-on learning experience programs. 

Wondervilla: An incredible website for engineering students as they discover innovative game ideas plus experiment lesson plans and video demonstrations! Also, this website helps to understand engineering concepts to other material scientific subjects like chemistry.

Wallace and Gromit: Excellent website that offers all the technical information about engineering concepts! This information encourages students to learn through creating, designing, and experimenting.

National Geographic Education: At National Geographic Education, engineers can find user-generated projects that require the concepts of maths and engineering. It is a great approach for engineer students to develop their scientific and critical thinking.

Interesting Engineering: This website has a separate section where all your doubts regarding engineering subjects and concepts can be cleared by experienced professors. Also, you will find study materials and research information for free. 

W3Schools: W3 Schools is the perfect website for students who want to excel in engineering as it provides everything you need for engineering. Right from programming learning to coding languages, W3 is handy to enjoy in-depth tutorials. 

Arduino: Arduino is a must Bookmark website on your laptop or desktop for an engineering student! Students in electrical and electronics engineering can have hands-on experience through an open-source prototyping platform and online free resources. 

Code Academy: Code Academy helps you to understand coding language while designing new equipment and motivates you to think creatively! Fun engineering coursework lays a strong computing basic foundation with less investment. 

Efunda: Efunda is the treasure of engineering science concepts, technical information, and designing principles! The magazine section offers you all the data of various engineering subjects up-to-date with good explanation. 

Academic Earth: Academic Earth is an online platform that offers free learning programs from the top engineering universities. An engineering student can get information on any subject related to engineering!

Internet Archive: Internet Archive is an online library of videos, books, books, etc. sourced from top universities. Students can find anything related to engineering through millions of sources available here and build a beautiful academic career. 

Coursera: Coursera offers long-term and temporary courses for engineering students through multiple learning programs free of cost. 

Bright Storm: Bright Storm is a great source for engineer students who are ready to appear for engineering exams! Students can have detailed information on core subjects of engineering such as trigonometry, calculus, algebra, etc. 

Future Engineering: Future Engineering highlights the easy-to-understand engineering concepts through hands-on activities and lesson plans. Best site to explore budding engineers.

Future Engineering: Future Engineering highlights the easy-to-understand engineering concepts through hands-on activities and lesson plans. Best site to explore budding engineers.

National Academy of Engineering: Is there any engineering student around you struggling to face his/her academic career? Then, this is the website you can refer to them to unlock the biggest treasure of engineer concepts. 

Codeacadmey: Are you confused in choosing the best approach to learn coding languages like Html, JQuery, JavaScript, etc.? Codeacadmey is your one-stop solution as it offers an e-learning practice platform that is for beginners and experts as well. 

Udemy: Are you engineering students and looking to expand your career opportunities through online courses? Then, here is the website which offers several courses with video courses, group learning, and individual pursuits.

SkillShare: On this e-learning website, you will find a separate section for the engineering community where students find a variety of online tutorials, learning programs, etc. But this is not a free website, you need to pay a little amount to access the active learning policy of SkillShare. 

Udacity: Udacity highlights several learning opportunities for engineering and computer science students including study courses and materials. Students can even attain a certificate after successfully finishing the learning course. 

Class Central: Discover online learning courses along with materials that suit your interests needed in the field of engineering! The materials available here are collected from Harvard, MIT, and Stanford. 

Team Treehouse: Team Treehouse is the best approach to learn coding techniques. This website also offers a variety of courses to make you write a code on your own and makes you an aspiring developer. 

General Assembly: Invest your time at the General Assembly where you will find intensive training courses and a hiring pipeline in the fields of designing, coding, and digital marketing. This is a great help to engineering students who want to excel in coding through programming skills. 

Engineer4free: Explore and discover a variety of engineering concepts for free! This tutorial website offers free online video classes with real-time examples and good explanations. Best choice to learn engineering for students. 

Patrick: ‘Patrick Just Math Tutorials’, an e-learning platform that mainly focuses on offering free video tutorials to students interested in maths. Students can find mathematical resources in the form of practical sessions and free videos and gain supremacy in maths. 

Design Squad Nation: Ease your academic challenges in the field of engineering through practical knowledge and skills! You are at the right place to discover engineering principles through tutorials and videos. 

Engineering for Kids: Inspire the next generation of engineers in your home by introducing them to ‘Engineering for Kids’. Here you will find fun concepts virtual experiment learning programs, loving activities, and more. 

Engineering Summer Camps: Are you get bored of regular summer camps and looking for some ideas to make your next summer camp educational? You have come to the right place where you will discover a list of engineering summer camps state-by-state.  

Vision Tech Camps: Vision Tech Camps is the best website that offers plenty of camp ideas focussing on engineering and other subjects. Kids of 7-17 years old can also explore robotics and the designing process of creating new games. 

Discover E: Discover engineering resources, hands-on activities, and video demonstrations that prepare your child for his/her engineering career. Engineering students can also find research schools and colleges in the field of engineering. 

Intel International Science and Engineering (ISEF): ISEF is the king of science fairs. Here you will find a chance to participate in the science fair events concerning your engineering knowledge. You can also grab awards and scholarships for your talent in the science fair events. 

IEEE Try Engineering: Are you planning your career in engineering? Then, this website is the right place to find out the best universities, and colleges. In addition, you can also find the links to various websites that offer camps, scholarships, internships, and more suitable for engineering students. 

Society of Women Engineers (SWE): Women engineers, get ready to explore a handful of resources regarding the engineering career plus activities, competition events, scholarship institutions, and more. 

Students with Potential and Interest, Considering Engineering (S.P.I.C.E): Become an aspiring engineer by learning the engineering concepts through projects, tutorials, and videos available at SPICE. All the information available here is from the University of Maryland, College Park!

The Smith Summer Science and Engineering Programs (SSEP): Enjoy the incredible experience of engineering research courses and programs available at Massachusetts University.  

Best Electrical Resources

Electrical Construction & Maintenance (EC&M): Looking for the best approach to excel in electrical construction, operations, design, and more? EC&M is a great help for electrical students as it provides up-to-date detailed technical information, forecast reports, and comprehensive material.

EEWeb: EEWeb is an online electrical community where electrical students can find in-depth subject information along with video tutorials. Also, students can find a section of the forum to ask and clear their doubts regarding the subject.

Digi-Key Electronics: Explore the electrical engineering concepts through articles and reference resources at Digi-Key Electronics. Get all the information required to build a strong foundation for your career in the electrical department.

Electrical Marketing: Electrical marketing is a website specially designed for manufacturing distributors in the electrical department. Electrical students can benefit from the economic information and news update on the website for developing an electrical marketing business.

Evaluation Engineering (EE): EE highlights the articles about the test engineering market written by expert engineers. This information is very much useful for electrical engineer students to build their careers in electronic product systems.

In-Compliance Magazine: This magazine website helps electrical students by offering the latest technical updates and information along with perfect guidance rules. Also, you will find resource articles that cover basic to advance level electrical engineering concepts.

IEEE: IEEE features information on technology standards, educational activities, professional stories on infographics, product features, etc.

Mouser Electronics: Mouser Electronics is a company website where electrical students can find technical information about services and tool functioning. This information might help students to explore more about various types of semiconductors and resistors.

MIT Open Library: MIT offers an open library that encompasses research documents, articles, in-depth information related to electrical engineering subjects. The resource information available on this website is from the Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT).

Electronics: Are you looking for the best website that works as your classroom extension source to learn electrical subjects? You are at the right place. Here, electrical students discover audio presentations and detailed explanations about electronic and industrial systems.

All About Circuits: This website is about providing technical information on circuits in the form of online video lectures, worksheets, and articles. The Tool Section in the website lets students perform various calculations and equipment testing opportunities.

Virtual Labs: Get the real-time experience on how diving works on this website through the science and engineering techniques available here! This site is a boon for students at any type of educational level as it offers free web resources and electronic books on every engineering concept.

Wolfram Demonstrations Project: The web resources, demonstrations, and data on this website are not only for electrical engineer students but also for other career students as well!

MIT Open Course Ware: If you are willing to choose electrical engineering as your career, then you must go through this website! This website offers virtual learning programs and courses for free to build your electrical engineering skills.

Electronics Weekly: Find all the industry-based business and designing news related to the electrical engineering field! You just need to create an account to learn job opportunities that are open and related to your field.

Makezine: An amazing website for engineer students to find the best DIY fun projects and study guides! Students who are interested in tools and electronic devices can improve their knowledge through data demonstrations.

Circuit Lab: Are you looking for some interactive sites to improve your electrical engineering skills? Then, Circuit Lab is your cup of tea as it features easy-to-use schematic platforms! Using this platform, students can design professional schematic diagrams and PDFs.  

Tutorials Point: Tutorials Point is an excellent tool that solves the problems in electrical engineering like career-building ideas and doubts in the subjects! This website contains a student and teachers community, where there are a lot of educational tools with official certificates.

Hackaday: Explore the website Hacaday and connect with hundreds of engineers worldwide plus get 24/7 community support to resolve your project challenges! Also, discover the latest information on electronics in the blogs and webinars available here.

Electrical 4 U: This is a company website where you will find information regarding power distribution, renewable energy, and electric power. Here, students and teachers can also find solutions for their doubts in an electrical engineering subject.

Open Electrical Blog: An excellent tool for students and teachers in the field of electrical engineering as it offers technical skills to design modern electrical tools!

UltimationEE: Ultimation EE is a blog website for students! This highlights the current projects on electrical subjects, guides a student towards his best career, and reviews electronic systems.

Bandwidth Banter: Engineering students from any field or subject can visit this website to find solutions for their technological issues. Also, explore various electronic devices from different companies.  

3D Electrical Services: At 3D Electrical Services, electrical students can discover troubleshooting tips and practical data on electrical projects.

Mentor Graphics: Mentor Graphics is a great tool for electrical engineers as they get the opportunity to learn the subject by testing new products.

One Per Cent: Are you an electrical student and also interested in scientific discovery? Then this website is perfect for you as it features interesting and scientific videos and news about scientific discoveries.

Electrical Engineering Forum-Topix: This is a forum page absolutely for electrical engineers! Here, one can question, answer, rise a doubt, comment and get solutions for any type of technical issues.

Physics for Kids

PBS Learning Media: Bring the world of physical science in front of you through PBS Learning programs like lesson plans, interactive videos, and more! A must-try website for your K-12 student!

IPPEX (The Interactive Plasma Physics Experience): IPPEX highlights a wide range of physics concepts such as electricity, fusion, energy, and magnetism. Students can have interactive and animated video classes plus get the opportunity to take part in scientific research. Sounds cool, right!?

ASPIRE (Astrophysics Science Project Integrating Research and Education): ASPIRE offers an overview of physical concepts via hands-on activities, lesson plans, and interactive sessions. This website is suitable for students of middle and high school plus teachers.

K-12 Curriculum Physics: This website features a lot many engaging activities that reveal simple physics concepts in a fun and educational way! “Physics of Roller Coasters” and “Kinetic and Potential Energy of Motion” are the two popular subjects discussed in detail!

Atomic Archive: Are you interested in exploring more facts about atomic physics and what happens with atomic bombs? If so, you are welcome to this site to learn complete information right from basic to advanced information about nuclear fissions.

American ComPADRE: Discover a variety of research-based resources for astronomic education and physics via images and good explanation data at American ComPADRE.  

Institute of Physics: This website helps you out in finding the best resources that support your academic career in physics. Also, find educational research information about different aspects of physics concepts.

Top Marks: Exploring Top Marks is a great approach if you want to introduce simple physics concepts to your kids by engaging them with fun games and activities. Mainly, the games are concentrated on the topic, states of matter.

School Physics: Find out key physical science concepts through beautiful illustrations and video demonstrations. The students of 11-18 years old can find important information about physics and its principle laws at the university level.

My Physics: My physics is an interactive website that focuses on GCSE physics! Here you will find the best courses for physics chapter-wise with clear explanations.

Physics Classroom: Have you ever gone through concept builder concepts? Innovatively discover physics at Physics Classroom through classroom tutorials, physics simulations, and video demonstrations.

Discovery Education: Let your child or student become an aspiring physicist by introducing him/her to Discovery Education. This website focuses on real-world experiments and offers the student an amazing learning experience.

GCSE.com: Are you appearing for the GCSE physics exam and looking for the best websites that offer the best study material? Then, you need to browse GCSE.com! Here you will find old question papers plus an informative study guide that covers up all the content through illustrations.

Khan Academy: Khan Academy is a kind of library for every student and every subject around the world with expert tutors. In regards to physics, students can get access to browse videos, advanced and up-to-date material, exercises, and data.

Physics4kids.com: Physics4kids.com welcomes you to the world of physics with the basic information and covers up to advance level physics concepts. Even kids can test their knowledge by trying out a physics quiz program online!

Websites for Science Fair Projects

Internet Public Library: Browse IPL to explore several websites that guide you to experience a successful science fair project! This website is suitable for students of pre-k to grade 4.

Science Fair Idea Exchange: This website includes a detailed explanation and step-by-step information necessary to perform a great science fair project! Students can even discuss with other students or tutors about the science fair project they are dealing with!

Try Science: If you are looking for the best online resource that helps you to start with the best science fair projects, then Try Science is perfect for you. Kids can explore many classic science experiments that give you project ideas along with video demonstrations.

Science Fair Central: Discover the STEAM-powered Science fair projects by searching hundreds of project ideas at Science Fair Central! Get benefit from the presentation tips and clear instructions and excel in your next educational event.

Science Fair Primer: Science Fair Primer offers a detailed description and demonstration of necessary steps to a successful science fair project! An amazing website to explore resources that are useful for students, looking for experiment-based science experiments.

All Science Fair Projects: Incredible website for children of all grades as this site offers hundreds of science fair project ideas from basic to advanced levels. Students can develop a great project on their own and for every science subject like astronomy, physics, etc.

Science Fair Idea Exchange: Find out innovative and creative ideas for your child from basic to advanced level science fair projects at Science Fair Idea Exchange! Let your child be creative in the real world by investigating actual experiment-based projects.

Mini Science: An excellent introductory-level guide to a successful science fair project and suitable for students of all ages! Educators can order science kits and education and technology products online, which adds additional support to a good science fair project.

NeuroScience for Kids: At NeuroScience, kids will find science fair project ideas that are easy to perform and inexpensive! Also, get a detailed description of how to display a science project with images.

Science Buddies: Try different hands-on science fair projects and get the opportunity to select the best one for your event! This website includes resources that have a complete analysis of the project and prepares you perfectly to exhibit the project!

Juliantrubin.com: This website helps teachers, students, and parents in finding an inspiring and enjoyable science fair project! Just follow the links attached to explore three basic types of science fair projects! Click the resource section to discover the sample projects at the academic level and start your scientific search.

Science Project: Get a membership at science project.com and get free access to hundreds of science fair projects that come with good explanations and images. A good source for students, teachers, and tutors to explore different types of science fair projects that build the academic career of a child.

Science Made Simple: With Science Made Simple, make your life easier by collecting the biggest resource of science experiments that work effectively as science fair projects as well. All the science fair projects included here are simple and done using the things available around you.

Polymer Search: An excellent website for budding scientists as it helps in selecting the best science fair project by conducting trials at home. Learn science with practical ideas and hands-on activities at Polymer Search.

SCIFAIR: Check out the free and ultimate website where you will find links to several best resources that reveal the best science fair projects subject-wise! Sign up to receive a free weekly newsletter that encompasses cool science tricks and hands-on experiments.

Science Bob: Are you in need of great science fair ideas for your kids? You are at the right place to find science fair projects with video demonstrations and easy instructions. Also, kids can get help from the ‘Research Help’ section to have a complete idea about your science fairs.

STEM Contests

STEM Fair from A2ZHomeSchooling – Check out the STEM Fair page to participate in the most excited STEM Fair competition. You can upload your own version of a STEM project that you did at home and you might win the challenge while learning.

Nsbe.org: NSBE brings the talent of your child by encouraging him/her to participate in STEM contests and competitions! At nsbe.org, students who show their amazing STEM knowledge and solve specific challenges will be awarded prizes.

Firstinspires.org: Enjoy the advanced level STEM education by making your kids participate in exciting STEM contests at Firstinspires.org. Students will improve their critical thinking by exploring the STEM data on the website and get inspired to find innovative solutions.

Perennial Math: Perennial Math highlights STEM learning by conducting online competitions and virtual tournaments by grade level. The other highlights include providing free materials, team and individual membership, cool awards, and online testing options.

iDTech: iDTech is the best destination for your child to unlock his/her STEM talent by participating in various STEM competitions and contests. Students who want to participate in the contests can get free materials based on the subject they chose and win skill certifications.

Institute of Competition Sciences: Build your child’s academic and career opportunities to the next level by exploring the arena of STEM competitions on this website. Take membership in a global network of academic competitions and enhance your STEM education through exciting learning programs.

Iste.org: The best website to test your STEM knowledge by attending several competitions available! Benefit from the site by downloading free resources of materials of different subjects.

TAME: Are you a teacher or parent and searching for the best website that teaches STEM and guides your student or child to a great STEM career? TAME is the right place for you to discover several STEM competitions along with various learning opportunities.    

Link Engineering: The main goal of Link Engineering is to inspire young engineering students to build the best STEM careers by participating in academic STEM contests. Explore more STEM tips and ideas for successful engineering education.

Snapology: Discover the interactive STEM learning programs and contests in different formats like after-school, summer camps, etc. Let your kids excel IN STEM learning through exciting and instructive play.

We Can Change: At We Can Change, your child can discover many opportunities to prove his STEM talent world-wise. Winners can grab several precious gifts from the management.

Explora Vision: With ExploraVision, students can connect to real-world experiences by solving the specific challenges given in the STEM contests and competitions! Discover the innovative way of exploring STEM!

National STEM League (NSL):At NSL, gather up your team and explore several online competitions, specially designed forSTEM learning K-12 students. Check the links attached to find the curriculum information for competitions held in three different ways.

NSBE Jr. Explorer Technical Innovation Competition:Are you a middle school and high school student and looking for head-to-head competitions? Then join as a member at NSBE Jr., which encourages students to learn STEM in a fun and educational way.

Discovery Channel Young Scientist Challenge:Are you a K-12 student from America and interested in building your career as a scientist? Then, this website offers you a great opportunity to turn your ideas into reality. Make a video on innovative ideas to solve everyday challenges and win 25,000 dollars plus 3M mentorship.

National Video Game STEM Challenge:Get the opportunity to win a laptop with a game design software plus two thousand dollars by designing a game using Scratch, Kodu, and Gamester Mechanic!

Future City Competition:Enjoy the fun and exciting experience during the competitions conducted at Future City. All you need to do is to construct table-top scale models using SimCity™ software and recycled supplies.

Ecybermission:Ecybermission offers the great opportunity to explore real-life applications for students through friendly competitions with the support of teachers and volunteers.

MATHCOUNTS Competition Series:At MATHCOUNTS, students get the chance to participate in the competitions at state and nationwide.

U.S.A Mathematical Talent Search (USAMTS):USAMTS is offering a wide range of competitions absolutely for free for students of middle and high school! Get ready to show your problem-solving skills in the competitions.

AMC 8:AMC 8 strives for supporting mathematical skills in the students of middle school by conducting simple multiple-choice examinations. Students can develop their problem-solving skills in such low stress and friendly environmental competitions.

MATHCOUNTS Math Video Challenge:A great opportunity to show your math skills along with your friends as a team in the competitions at MATHCOUNT. Also, win the college scholarship award if you are exceptional in showing your knowledge.

Rock City Math League:The Rock City Math League is open for all local and international students from middle school to +2 college students. Students will win the awards when they compete and be the best at different levels mentioned on the website.

NASA Dropping in a Microgravity Environment (DIME):The learning programs offered at DIME are a great approach to learn basic to advance level space knowledge through experiments. Winners get the chance to perform their further experiments at Glenn Research Centre.

Air Force Association (AFA) Cyber Patriot Competition:  AFA aims to conduct friendly competitions to inspire and bring out the knowledge in STEM and cybersecurity of K-12 students.Face the real-life cybersecurity challenges in the virtual atmosphere and find the best solutions for them.

Envirothon:Are you outshine in the fields of natural resource management and environmental sciences? Then, exhibit your talent in a variety of competitions at Envirothon and be the winner to grab surprising awards.

Intel International Science and Engineering Fair (ISEF):ISEF, conducts the biggest competition events at a pre-college level for science students globally. Engineers, scientists, and entrepreneurs compete with millions of students to win 5 million dollars and scholarship prizes.

Zero Robotics High School Tournament:The main motto of Zero Robotics is to improve critical engineering and coding skills for high school students. This website offers world-class research services which help them to get an opportunity to run their code to run a satellite in space.

Team America Rocketry Challenge (TARC):TARC is the only aerospace-specific platform that conducts STEM competitions organized by Aerospace Industries Association. Do not miss the opportunity to win and grab more than ten thousand dollars in the competition.

STEM Awards

The NEED Project’s Annual Youth Awards Program for Energy Achievement:Awards and Prizes from NEED are absolutely for the students who show their brilliance and talent in energy education. K-12 students are most suitable for these awards!

The Gloria Barron Prize for Young Heroes:The young scientists who are aging between 8 years and 18 years and are good at serving the environment, are eligible to grab a $5000 cash award. Also, students who use their educational knowledge to bring change in the life of people can get the chance to win the prize.

President’s Environmental Youth Award (PEYA):PEYA identifies K-12 students, those who show their exceptional performance in the Environmental project. The main motto of PEYAis to support the protection of natural resources in the nation.

NSTA Angela Award:Students of fifth to eighth grade are suitable to compete in these awards given by The National Science Teachers Association.

SciTech:Are you a teacher and aware of students who work hard to excel at their education? Then, it is time to celebrate their accomplishments through some awards. Explore SCITECH to grab such inspirational awards by just applying on the site.

Government STEM Resources

Australian Government: Department of Education, Skills, and Employment:Australian government is providing many learning opportunities to achieve quality education, which results in well-being. The learning programs include early childhood, higher education, employment, and even international education.

I-STEM:I-STEM, the ideology of the Indian Government aims to provide good opportunities for the students who are well-established in research education. The qualified ones will get the chance to utilize the government resources for their research work.

Florida State University Libraries:This website itself is a great library to explore whatever subject information you require! Get the complete research information by subject and topic-wise.

NASA.gov:Are you interested in exploring space and want to bring the Universe home? Just browse this website, NASA provides whatever information you want about space in minutes.

Educate to Innovate:Educate to Innovate is an innovative program launched in 2009 to provide support to middle school students to grab higher education in science and mathematics. Under the same website, you can find plenty of other opportunities for women and students to participate in science fairs.

Science Games- Online

PBS Kids:PBS offers plenty of game activities that encourage and inspire students to love science more. Enjoy learning science in a fun and exciting environment and build Science careers in a meaningful way.

Mr.Nussbaum:Explore the gaming center, where kids learn science through online games that are available at discount prices around the year.

Turtle Dairy:Introduce science concepts to your child right from basic to advanced level subject information by engaging them with stimulating activities. 

Sheppard Software:Looking for a unique way to introduce science concepts to your child or student? This website is perfect for you to discover innovative educational programs with excellent conventional teaching aid.

Abcya:Find out the vast collection of games subject-wise, topic wise and grade-wise at Abcya. Try the IXL section on the website if you want to be the best in science.

Science Kids:Get a wide range of online game activities that are free at science kids! All the variety of games are designed to support your child’s classroom learning while offering a handful of fun.

Legends of Learning:Legends of Learning is a modern approach to learning science in this globalized world. It is a great help for teachers as it provides curriculum-based science games which create a productive learning experience for students.

Kids Activities:Kids Activities make learning fun through captivating games for students. And even assist teachers by providing different ways of learning opportunities i.e. distance learning and hybrid learning.

Jump Start: Find the set of thousands of online games for young scientists at Jumpstart that are categorized based on different age groups and grade levels.

Space Place:Introduce your child to different theories of science i.e. space through educational games that make kids learning experience fun and exciting. Space Place is a great place to enjoy such a learning experience.

STEM Works:Inspire your child to love science and develop interesting science research skills by introducing him/her to STEM Works, where there are plenty of game activities. Game activities are great for making science fun adventures and available at different grade levels too.  

Science Channel:Science channel highlights a variety of games, quizzes, and videos that teach students science in unique and fun ways.

The Kid’s Science Channel (KSC):At KSC, students will discover hundreds of science interactive games that engage them with a variety of science concepts.

Every Body Has a Brain:Explore the interesting facts of science through interactive and fun-filled games available for free on this website.

Math Games-Online

Brain Pop Jr.:Encourage your child to excel at mathematics and its principles by just letting them spend some time at Brain [Pop Jr. Because it offers a lot of unique games that make their learning experience more interesting.

Cool Math 4Kids:The hundreds of interactive games available at CoolMath4Kids lays a strong and basic math foundation for children’s education. Also, supports in developing the understanding levels of students while learning maths.

Bent Castle Workshops:Bent Castle is a safe online platform that offers scientifically proven math games and activities for children in middle and high school.

Mystery World Town: Mystery World town of interactive apps offers plenty of fun-filled and educational games and hands-on activities. Best suitable for middle and high school students and also teachers.

Umigo:Are you worried about your child’s poor mathematical skills? Umigo is the best solution for your worry! As it is the bank of hundreds of math games that develop problem-solving and critical skills

Nick Jr:At Nick Jr., discover fun game activities that help parents to strengthen their child’s math skills in a positive and meaningful way. Children from preschool to grade 5 can get access to these amazing math game libraries.

Math Playground:Discover hundreds of fun learning games that reveal mathematical concepts from basics to advanced levels. Each game is created by expert teachers and comes in use for classroom extended lesson plans.

Math Games:At Math Games, hundreds of interactive games are available for free and focusses mainly on making the math learning experience fun and exciting. A great way to encourage children to become successful and professional math educators.

Splash Learn: Splash learns aims to provide a comprehensive learning experience that supports your child’s education-related evolving skills.

Prodigy Game: Connect classroom and home learning of mathematics through virtual and effective learning programs available at Prodigy Games.

Juni Learning:Take free membership with Juni and become a professional math educator along with the best University instructors.

Online Math Learning:Learning Math is easy now with the fun games and other learning activities offered at Online Math Learning! You will find games categorized at grade level.

Math Game Time:If you are searching for math help resources or fun games that teach maths in a fun way, then Math Game Time is your one-stop solution. On this website, you will discover a lot of games, videos, and worksheets that support your lath learning program.

The Cat in the Hat Knows a lot about That:This website features Pre-K STEM activities and games that support continuous education for little minds during holiday breaks.

Geometry Quest App:The app comes with fun and interactive games that provide innovative solutions to your geometrical challenges.

Math Blaster:Free online games are awaiting on this website for you to build your career in the field of maths.

Motion Math:Explore the simple mathematical calculations around you by playing math-filled games right from your home.

Math Board App:Math Board App is good at making children easily understand basic mathematical concepts like addition, subtraction, division, and multiplication.

Math Moves U:Best suitable for middle school students to improve their math skills through free online games and friendly competitions.

Chi Alpha Mu:Chi Alpha Mu is a library of mathematical concepts, where kids can grab plenty of opportunities to excel in their interests or topic.

mathematics Mental Math Tricks:Is maths your favorite subject and looking for maths magical tricks to impress your friends during an event? Browse this site and find hundreds of logical and magical mathematic tricks that also develop your problem-solving skills.

Dimension U Games:Dimension U Games is a wonderful website with different online games that helps you to solve math challenges on your own.

STEM Camps

Zero Robotics:The five-week STEM learning program at Zero Robotics is a fun and exciting program for middle school children as it introduces basic science concepts hands-on.

National Flight Academy Program:At National Flight Academy, let your child engage with the aviation-themed learning experience, which other children are not aware of.

YEA:Is your child aging between 11 and 18 years old and interested in exploring the world around him/her? If so, this website is perfect to discover many workshops like Planetary Problem Puzzles to learn about the world.

Northern Illinois University STEM Camps:Students find extended lesson plans that support classroom lessons, hands-on activities, and many more that make their summer camp an amazing experience.

Digital Media Academy:At Digital Media Academy, students from K-12 enjoy applied technology courses and virtual tech camps with full lesson plans.

Cosmosphere Camps:Children will explore, learn, develop their skills and make their academic career a great success at Cosmosphere. Also, experience the thrilling concepts of space.

Earth Camp:Are you interested in discovering the adventures happening in Arizona’s Sonora Desert? If so, browse Earth Camp and get professional in solving the water resource challenges.

STEM Summer Institute at MIT:MIT is open for fourth to seventh-grade children to build their mechanical and robotic skills related to synthetic biology. Encourage your children to experience national summer programs.

Youth Digital Summer Camp:This website is best suitable for children of 5-15 years old and provides opportunities to them to explore digital technology at virtual camps.

Vision Tech Camps:Vision Tech highlights the subjects in the field of Science, Engineering, robotics, and game design during its camp events. Students of 6-16 years age do not miss exploring these camps. 

Camp Euclid: A Mathematics Research Camp:Best Summer and virtual Camps available at Euclid for young children and teenagers. During these camps, students can explore research information and be offered several activities to discover maths in detail.

American Camp Association: Find a wide range of summer camps, game activities, learning programs at ACA to thrive good communication and positive attitude in children.

Summer Camp Programming:Browse here to find all sorts of camping learning programs and lesson plans! The virtual camping programs available here are online and suitable for young children and teenagers.

Funtech:Funtech is a great help for kids and teens to find various camp activities like games, crafts, and more. Also, discover ideas to enjoy joyful and educational tea-time and holiday camp courses for 7-17-year-olds.

Varsity Tutors:Varsity offers smarter ways to have summer and holiday vacations full of fun and education. Children get the chance to communicate with other students and learn from expert tutors.

Tech Camp: Tech Camps are handy to plan a fun-filled summer camp both residential and non-residential around Abingdon, Chelsea, Winchester, and Harrow. Campers learn about physics by using robots, quadcopters, laser tag, and more.

Virtual 4-H Camp:At 4-H Camp, parents and teachers can find a wide range of multiple activities offered at the virtual camps with the latest curriculum and resource information.

AppCampforGirls:Learn the camps available for 8-18-year-old girls designed based on software development around Seatle and Southern California.

Camp Kinda:Camp kinda is a boon to keep your kids engaged and educated during vacations through virtual camps right from your home. Weekly activities are available on the website for students up to K-8 grade.

Emagination Summer Camps:Explore the summer camps where kids get to meet technology and coding through online classes by grade and age level.

Outschool:Discover fun and social online learning experience for young learners and passionate teachers. The virtual camps available on the site help children to understand the world of technology.

Wave Learning Festival:Get the taste of learning festival through free online three-week courses presented by student masters around the nation.

Tinkergarten:Set Up a summer Camp in your own outdoor space with the help of gaming activities, different themes offered at Tinkergarten. Explore an innovative way to give an amazing camping experience!

Khan Academy Kids:Camp Khan kids offer a unique learning experience through camping and let kids explore the world around us in an educational way.

Alaska Summer Research Academy (ASRA):Work at ASRA along with your friends as a team and enjoy project-based learning on weekly basis.

Game Camp Nation:Encourage your child’s interest in playing video games by introducing video gaming coding skills available at Game Camp Nation.

STEM Career Websites

Science Buddies:Make your little one a professional scientist or engineer or coding master by just introducing your kid to Science Buddies. This website builds your child’s academic career by providing a variety of skills required for many careers.

STEM Jobs:STEM Jobs offer several job opportunities in the fields of Science, Technology, Engineering, and Math. Browse and explore unique ways to find your STEM career easily!

Career Cornerstone:Career Cornerstone highlights the ideas to build STEM careers and help students in choosing the best career paths by offering ever-expanding resources. Discover 150+ degree fields and detailed information about salaries, educational courses, and career planning resources.

STEM Career:Browse through STEM Careers and explore the innovative and useful information on STEM careers categorized for counselors, parents, students, and educators.

American Institute of Chemical Engineers:Are you in the field of chemical engineering and searching for better opportunities that build your career? Here is the best site for you to explore articles and videos related to your career in chemical engineering.

Careers in Biological Sciences:On this website, browsers can learn about career opportunities, educational resources, and professional challenges related to the field of biological sciences.

Engineer Your Life:A great source for high school girls as it inspires them through a variety of educational sources from inspiring women. Northrop Grumman Foundation and The National Science Foundation are the main funding sources for this website.

Engineer Girl:Engineer Girl is a great help for empowering girls in the engineering field. On this website, girls find career descriptions and interviews of other female engineers, which are helpful for young girls to build their careers.

We Use Math:Discover over 30+ career opportunities and job offers in the mathematics field at We Use Math. Also, find complete information about the job instructions and other related career information.

Try Engineering:Try Engineering is another great website that helps engineering students build their careers successfully and academically. The website helps by providing unique educational programs, games, and other resources.

The Society for Industrial and Applied Mathematics:This website is specially designed to provide detailed information on mathematical job opportunities along with an online guide.

International Union of Operating Engineers:Find detailed information on engineering job opportunities along with educational information and training options.

American Mathematical Society:This website is designed by mathematical researchers and scholars to help students in their career building! Also, check out the information about educational resources and employment opportunities.

American Society for Clinical Laboratory Science (ASCLS):The best resource to find complete information about Medical Laboratory Science.

Computer Science:Let your child connect to the real-world experiences in this increasingly globalized world using computer knowledge and skills. Create programming by yourself and conquer the rapidly growing fields of computer science.

Laboratory Science Careers:Are you interested in learning your opportunities in the laboratory sciences? Best website to browse and check your career guide and information along with job opportunities.

Careers with STEM:You are just a click away from finding the right STEM career path for you!

American Statistical Association: Become a professional educator in statistics by browsing this website for detailed information on statistics.

Actuarial Careers:Actuarial careers are professionals in helping students find the right job and career path! Every day the website gets updated with hundreds of new job openings.

Careers in Physics:Support your little champs to excel atphysical sciences and help in finding the perfect job opening at Careers in Physics.

American Mathematical Society:A non-profit organization that supports students of high school and graduate students.

Career Kids:Career Kids feature Career exploration ideas, life lesson skills, STEM careers and provides a guide to career paths by subject and grade levels.

STEM Careers: Get all the information regarding your college study, employment opportunities, and other related information from anywhere around the world at STEM Careers.

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