Best Coding Toys for Kids : Develop Child’s Confidence

Today’s world is much advanced in technology and says there are many opportunities that deny “coding is the most demanding language of 21st century”. And of course teaching kids or introducing them to the world of algorithms, ABC’s, and 123’s has become more complex. Why don’t we try exploring coding toys that are available on the market that promise to educate children completely in a fun way?

Best Coding Toys For Kids

If you are you looking for some coding toys that works as tools for developing children’s learning skills. Then you’ve come to the right place. The following is the great list of best coding toys that will help introduce or develop your child’s knowledge and confidence with coding. The coding toys we have referring here are the good selection among the toys that are really designed to entertain and educate children and also helps you to tick off the products that are only created and live up to the hype. Here we go!

Best Coding Toys for Kids

1. Learning Resources Botley The Coding Robot 2.0 Activity Set

Coding Robot 2.0 Activity Set is a STEM toy that works with robot mechanism, teaches children as young as 5 years old on how to do coding without screens. Kids of 5 year old will love this coding STEM toy because it is easy for them to build a basic coding screen-free without the help of any adult. Get ready to code from the first go with the next generation of our award-winning remote control coding Botley the Coding Robot Activity Set, a high quality STEM toy engages your child’s imagination in open-ended play, teaches them useful STEM concepts and is fun enough to keep your little ones coming back.


  • Screen-free coding helps kids learn coding and STEM skills without a tablet or phone – coding for kids has never been easier
  • Botley comes with a remote programmer, 40 coding cards, detachable robot arms, 27 obstacle building pieces, six double-sided tiles, and a starter guide with coding challenges which makes coding robots are great at learning new things
  • Little coders are able to build coding sequences of up to 150 steps, and even try for adventures using a built-in sensor that lights up Botley 2. 0 in the dark. This sounds amazing!! With the help of Botley 2. 0’s 77-piece activity set, kids will be solving their first coding and STEM challenges in just minutes.
  • Botley 2.0 is such a fun and inventive way for kids to learn about coding! Coding is straight forward and makes children able to program different codes.

Learn coding in an easy and educational way with this wonderful Learning Resources Botley The Coding Robot 2.0 Activity Set

2. Dash – Coding Robot for Kids 6+

Dash Robots are extremely popular and always in use that could have really gone in either age category. This award-winning robot is designed for kids aging 6 and up, but offers a lot of play-ability for all ages with interactive surprises. For coding it includes draw coding and block coding options which help children as they prepare for middle and high school while also helping to develop their critical thinking skills. Apart from THE technology it offers, Dash Robots are so engaging and interactive even teachers love to get involved with it as much as kids does. Even parents can’t resist keeping Dash Robot through their paces. Hence, it is a perfect gift for today’s children. Here are the reasons that made Dash Robot won dozens of educational and toy awards are being used in over 20,000 classrooms worldwide. 

  • Learn: Dash robot is perfect coding tool that come in use effectively either in a classroom or at home with family and friends, letting kids work solo or come together for group coding projects making tech knowledge simple and easily accessible which eventually helps children grow into confident creative architects.  
  • Grow: Children can extend the possibilities of learning even further using Building Block Connectors, Sketch Kit, and more from Wonder Workshop. 
  • Playtime- Up to 5 hours, Charging- via Micro USB, Standby Time- Up to 30 days, Connectivity-Bluetooth Smart 4 / LE are the special features that make Dash an open-ended learning platform.
  • Collaborate: Wonder League and Wonder Workshop are a challenging and encouraging community where kids can share ideas to bring team work into action and build confidence to learn and evolve.
  • Create: Dash offers many opportunities for kids to become creative as it lets children to give Dash Robot voice commands and encourages them to explore various loops, conditions, events, and sequences with the five free apps that come with Dash Robot. Hence, it is proved as the one which is more than learning to code.

An amazing and fascinating coding toy for kids over six years old available at lower prices here: Dash – Coding Robot for Kids 6+

3. Fisher-Price Think & Learn Code-a-pillar Twist, Preschool Toy 

Fisher-Price Think & Learn Code-a-pillar Twist, Preschool Toy is a perfect coding toy for pre-schoolers as it encourages children to have a lot of fun while coding using the unique features installed in it such as problem-solving and sequencing skills to code a path for their buddy to follow. All they need to do is just twist the dials on the caterpillar’s segments to program a path and watch how a Code-a-pillar Twist go! This amazing and friendly learning toy encourages your home schooler and pre-schooler to learn or explore:

  • To perform various investigations and experiments while playing and also helps to build grip over exercising important skills like problem solving, sequencing, and planning, and more.
  • The special features include 1 motorized head and 5 permanently attached segments (Each segment has a dial for kids to turn to program a path for Code-a-pillar Twist), 1,000+ possible combinations plus light-up eyes, volume control, and fun sound & light effects.
  • In addition, Fisher-Price Think & Learn toys offer kids freedom to explore things in different ways of doing something, figure out how things work, ask questions and make connections. So they’re not just for learning, but for learning how to think.

Do you want gift a perfect toy that teaches coding for your child or friends? Then, this is the perfect coding toy and find it here: Fisher-Price Think & Learn Code-a-pillar Twist, Preschool Toy 

4. Kano Star Wars the Force Coding Kit 

 Are your kids curious about galaxies, stars, planets, etc.? Then, you are on right page to find a great coding toy, Kano Star Wars the Force Coding Kit. Yes, Kano Star Wars the Force Coding Kit let your kid to create their own Star Wars adventures with iconic characters, star-ships, creatures, sounds, and planets. To put simple: it is a toy Simple for beginners, expansive for experts! The step-by-step challenges provided by Kano Star Wars the Force Coding Kit offer a lot of learning opportunities to explore various logics, loops, and variables.

Advantages include

  • The main advantage of playing with Kano Star Wars the Force Coding Kit is to investigate and explore the Force. Kids can play with force powers using Swing light sabres, pilot X-wings, and force push Storm troopers.
  • Children learn to code beats, sound effects, melodies, and music inspired by the films with this amazing stem toy-making your child a great musician.
  • Beyond that, The Kano system has bagged the red dot design award, innovation by design award, German design award, cannes gold Lion, and stood as a fast second most innovative company in consumer electronics (second only to Apple)-Making it most award-winning STEM company.
  • Customer Satisfaction: Guaranteed customer satisfaction since the toy requires no coding skills but some reading skills, recommended for kids aged 6 years+ and as an added bonus, the company offers one year warranty.
  • The software provides a great framework that starts fast so kids can see cool results from their code quickly. Super kids-friendly and requires no tablet.

Are you also interested in trying out the challenges and puzzles through this kit? Check out here: Kano Star Wars the Force Coding Kit

5. WowWee COJI The Coding Robot Toy

Learn to code using Emoji’s!! Yes, emoji’s are so fun and exciting to use and especially for kids, it is even more fun and offers a great learning experience. WowWee COJI The Coding Robot Toy is one such coding tool for kids to explore different skill-testing games that encourage critical thinking.


  • Put the smartphone aside: WowWee COJI The Coding Robot Toy steals the hearts of children because the toy comes with pre-programmed responses and will have fun using the Coji app on their smart device to control Coji. As this is a pre-programed toy and when screen time is over, your child can also interact directly with Coji.  This is an adorable robot works even to physical stimulation such as shaking and tilting.
  • Laugh and learn: Coji robot makes your child chuckle with his hilarious and fascinating reactions while playing trial and error problem solving and will help your child turn their mistakes into future success. When lesson time is over, kids can drive Coji around for fun using a compatible tablet or smartphone as a remote control.
  • Send Coji commands: The little junior coders will have fun controlling Coji1 Yes, they can send Coji a set of pre-recorded commands and the toy will react to the commands by making funny sounds, moving around, and displaying different emoji’s on his screen.
  • Smiley faces and other emoticons are familiar to kids and adults alike. With Coji, you can string emoji’s together with arrows and images and you have a set of commands that kids all over the world can learn to use, regardless of their language or reading level.

Check out here to grab your own WowWee COJI The Coding Robot Toy

6. Code and Go Robot Mouse Activity Set

A great coding toy that teaches basic coding to children and it doesn’t ask for a computer or Wi-Fi. Code and Go Robot Mouse Activity Set is an effective coding toy that comes with mazes depicted on so-called ‘activity cards’ with which your child gets to build a maze. Or, of course, your child can design their own. And the coding technology require no reading skills but involves basic direction commands or ‘actions’ like lighting up or making a sound. 


  • Develops Coding Skills, Critical Thinking, and Problem Solving
  • As kids learn to program they build key skills that include critical thinking, problem solving, sequencing, and programming fundamentals
  • For easy programming and sequencing, the toy is specially designed with special features such as Colby lights-up, makes sounds, and features 2 speeds along with colorful buttons, 16 maze grids create a 20″ X 20″, 22 maze walls, 3 tunnels, 30 double-sided coding cards, 10 double-sided activity cards, cheese wedge, and activity guide to provide a hands-on introduction to coding concepts.
  • It is perfect for use in home and classroom and is suitable for kids aging 4+.
  • This activity set introduces the idea of solving a problem with a well-thought-out, step-by-step approach. And kids will enjoy doing it because it is just fun.

Own a Code and Go Robot Mouse Activity Set for your family here: Code and Go Robot Mouse Activity Set

7. Osmo – Coding Starter Kit for iPad

When it comes to coding toys and pre-schoolers, Osmo – Coding Starter Kit for iPad is a great choice. The design of the Osmo-Coding Starter Kit for iPad is highly durable and easy to use. It offers a lot of fun playing by creating new challenges and activities keeping children engaged and entertained for hours. Best suits for children aged 5-10+. This is an iPad based technology used to learn code, coding basics, and coding puzzles.

There are a lot many advantages gained through exploring Osmo – Coding Starter Kit for iPad. Let us see:

  • Comes with Fun-filled & award winning learning games! Children above 4+ will love to interact with actual hand held pieces & an iPad, which actually bringing a child’s game pieces & actions to life. The exciting thing for children is it requires No Wi-Fi for game play.
  • Used to solve advanced side-by-side coding puzzles solo or in team, helps to play at their own level, using teamwork & developing new strategies to unlock to the new worlds & coding 60+ puzzles (Coding Duo).
  • Codin Awbie, an innovative introduction to coding works by hands-on physical blocks and coding commands.
  • Logic, basics of programming, coding fundamentals, solve coding puzzles, teamwork, listening, observation, creative problem solving, critical thinking, music creation & pattern recognition are the skills learned through Osmo – Coding Starter Kit for iPad.
  • The amazing thing is that Osmo reacts and sees to real-life experiences and movements.
  • Osmo enables the continuation of learning. Real-time audio and visual feedback lets children learn through experimentation in a stress-free environment.

Disadvantages:  All iPads except Generation 1, iPad Pro 11-inch and iPad Pro 12.9-inch. The minimum iOS version needed is iOS 9.

Gift this amazing toy to your child and amaze him/her to the fullest: Browse here, Osmo – Coding Starter Kit for iPad

8. Piper Computer Kit

This is another wonderful coding toy that blasts kids mind with its unique features, teaching young coders to learn about how things work, what are the basics to do coding, what and why coding does!! Today’s children spend a lot of their free time with various gadgets like tablets, mobiles, etc. but they actually do not aware of how things work in gadgets. And of course, it is critical to understand how actually technology works in order to make sense of our environment and invent the future. That is the reason, The Piper computer kit came with everything you need to assemble your own computer.

The kit comes with the following amazing features:

  • wooden computer case with LCD display
  • Raspberry Pi 3 Project board. 1GB RAM. 1200 MHz quad core CPU
  • 8GB SD card that holds your game progress and keeps your creations safe
  • cables to connect the screen, Pi and 6600 mah Power bank together and electronic gadgets including LED lights, buzzers, buttons, switches, sensors and more
  • 8 sq Ft laminated blueprint for assembly
  • USB Mouse
  • raspberry Pi edition of Mine craft
  • Wi-Fi enabled to download new levels and sharing capabilities


  • Build: Assembling the very first computer is challenging and fun!! As the kit comes with full scale blueprint instructions, your budding little coder and inventor can bring together the 50+ puzzle-like pieces to make a beautiful wood case and power-up boxes.
  • Code: Each kit from PIPER comes with the amazing technology of Piper learning system that teaches kids about engineering and programming through an excellent combination of physical building, engaging storyline, and Raspberry Pi Edition of Mine craft challenges. The increasingly challenging levels help children learn new electronics and programming concepts easily and step by step.
  • Create: Up on using Piper Computer Kit, kids are able to assemble simple and complex electronic circuits making programmable modules interact with your Raspberry Pi Edition of Mine craft world. Beyond that, kids can also be able to build real, physical electronics such as LED lights, buttons, switches, sensors, buzzers and more to design your own Raspberry Pi Edition of Mine craft dashboard which allows you to better control your character in the game.

Are you also interested in trying out the challenges and puzzles through this kit? Check out here: Piper Computer Kit

9. ThinkFun Gravity Maze Marble Run Brain Game and STEM Toy 

This challenging Gravity Maze Marble Run STEM Toy puts your child’s visual and logic skills together in order to wake up the little coder and inventor in them. The main objective of creating this mind-blogging coding toy is to create a maze that carries a marble from the starting point to the targeted tower. This is the most popular and probably the best coding toy on the market that assures all-round family fun. This best suits for kids aging 8 years and over while adults can also have super fun while putting problem solving and critical thinking skills to task and puzzles.


  • What you get: Gravity Maze Marble Run STEM toy is a great combination logic game, marble run, and STEM toy, these features makes it a wonderful gift for the little boys and girls age 8 and up. The toy kit encompasses of 60 challenges from beginner to expert, a game grid, 1 target piece, 9 towers, and 3 marbles
  • Clear instructions: Easy to learn and interactive with a clear, high quality instruction manual. Kids can start playing and solving puzzles right away without the need of adults.
  • Develops critical skills: Playing with this toy on their own way and solving the challenges builds spatial reasoning and planning skills. In addition, this is partly an engineering and building toy offering a great stealth learning experience for young inventors.
  • Comes with multi-level challenges: Gravity Maze comes with 60 beginner to expert challenges that become increasingly difficult as you play through them.
  • Trusted by Families Worldwide: With over 50 million sold, Think Fun is the world’s leading manufacturer of brain games and mind challenging puzzles.

Check out here to own one Gravity Maze for your children at home and for best price: Think Fun Gravity Maze Marble Run Brain Game and STEM Toy 

10. Sphero Mini (Blue) App-Enabled Programmable Robot Ball – STEM Educational Toy

This is an amazing and fascinating robot ball STEM toy, best suited for children of a diverse range of ages as it offers drag and drop block coding, draw coding, plus learning JavaScript code. The amazing added bonus of this toy is that it comes with a great feature i.e. water proof. Yes, it is water proof, opens up many opportunities to explore the creative ideas.


  • Play Games: Use Sphero Mini as a game controller for arcade-style games in the Sphero Play app. Perfect for playing on the go or with limited space! Kids can get the opportunity to play games in three different ways, which include: shoot through space, speed through a tunnel, or smash a polygon of bricks. All the three games allows one hour of fun filled play time.
  • Learn to Code: To give their own coding robot basic drag and drop coding commands, kids need to use the Blocks drive mode. If you are interested for more of a challenge activities, just download the Sphero Edu app for more ways to program your educational bot, including JavaScript and Swift.
  • Directions to Drive Mode: The best part of this amazing toy is your child can control the robot toy any way they like with the Sphero Play app. Drag and drive with Joystick mode, pull back and release with Slingshot mode or tip and rotate your mobile device with Tilt mode. Included with Sphero Mini are 3 traffic cones and 6 bowling pins to inspire obstacle course fun right out of the box.

Get the most worthy coding toy for the cheapest price at Click on Sphero Mini (Blue) App-Enabled Programmable Robot Ball – STEM Educational Toy

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  1. All the toys which you have shared to teach coding for kids sounds so much fun. Perfect way to educate kids about the fundamentals of coding with the help of such amazing toys. Such activities not only keep kids entertained for long hours but also develop their creative minds to learn new skills. Thanks for sharing such a wonderful list of coding toys for kids.

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