Free Blank Check Templates for Kids (Activities for Kids Included)

In this article we will get to know the importance, uses and methods of teaching our kids  to fill a blank check and of-course, set of wonderful Blank check templates as well.

Teaching your kids about filling the blank checks will also improve their math skills at a young age.

Free Blank Check Templates for Kids
Are you a parent who is interested  in teaching your kids about filling a blank check? Are you a teacher looking for beautiful and most attractive blank check templates to teach your students? Well, then you are on the right page.

Yes, we have designed and created wonderful set of blank check templates that will attract your kids and they would willingly learn to fill it. 

Also we would discuss about few activities that will help to teach the kids and few to make them get involved in writing the checks.

blank check template for kids


blank check template for kids


Black Check Templates for Kids

fillable blank check template


First of all let us see what is Blank check and what are the important component in it to be filled. As you are aware, these help in money transactions instead of involving the real cash. Below are the important fields that you must teach and ensure your kids to fill while they use it.

  • Name and Address(Payor) – Name and address of the Account holder at the upper left. Ensure while teaching them, to write the correct name as mentioned in the Account details. Try to let them know the correct case in which it has to be written. For example: Marry William Smith should not be written as marry william smith or Marry william smith.
  • Check number – Check number at the upper right corner.
  • Date – Date on which the check is issued or when it can be used for withdrawal. Make them understand and write the correct date format. (MM/DD/YYYY)free blank check template

  • Pay To the order of(Payee) – Name of the person or organization to whom you are paying. Again, correct Name with spell check needs to be taught to your kids in order not to get rejected.
  • Amount – Write the check amount in Numerals with correct decimals. For example: 290.50. Ensure to teach them draw a line after the amount without any space and make them understand it may lead to mishaps.
  • Amount in words – Enter the check amount in words. For example: Two Hundred ninety and 50/100. It is advisable to denote the decimal as a fraction of 100.
  • Memo – This is a optional field, where you can mention for what purpose this check is issued.
  • Signature – Most importantly teach them to put their correct signature. Also teach them not to sign an empty check.

blank cheque template editable


How to make DIY Check Template?

Feeling excited to teach your kids with the blank template? Wondering how to make one by yourself for your kids? Well, we have paved way for that as well. All you have to do is to just chose your template and download it for free. As we have designed it for your ease, you can just edit the template as per your need by changing the font, background, borderline of the template etc and create/make your own Blank Check templates within seconds without spending even a single penny from your pocket. Sounds awesome right? Create one right away and teach your kids 🙂

Fillable blank business check template


blank cheque template printable


Uses of Blank check template?

Let us see below the uses of teaching these blank check templates for your kinds.

  • Will improve and enhance their math skills
  • Will help them learn and handle their money transactions on their own.
  • Helps improve their way of handling the numeric values
  • Most importantly you can send them on picnic or vacation by giving them checks instead of real money to spend on their expenses, as it is really unsafe for them to carry cash.

These are few of the benefits in teaching them to fill checks. Apart from these it was personally improve their self-confidence of handling their own accounts and many more.

free printable check pdf


How to use – blank check template for teaching

free blank check template pdf



Activities that you can do with blank check template for classrooms

In order to help teachers who would like to teach and make use of using these blank check template in classroom, we have listed few activities as below to make their work easy:

  • Way to Practice writing large numbers – This is one of the best way in which you can teach them practice large numbers both in standard form and written form. You can orally ask them to fill a particular amount and check if they have written it correctly or not. For example: if you say Rs.1,05,000, ensure to check if they are able to write it in the correct denotation with proper zeros and commas. At the same time writing the Amount in words with perfect spelling and cursive.
  • Money Math skill with Blank checks – You can provide these blank check to improve the addition and subtracting skill of your students. Assume they go to a store for purchase of books. Provide them the list of books they would purchase and the cost of each. You can provide an imaginary amount they have in their account. Ask them to add the cost of all the books and fill the check based on their Account balance. For example : you can download the blank checks from our page as per your need and provide 2 each for a student and explain the scenario for them to fill the check and learn.
  • Filling blank check for classroom – Instead of using direct money for the classroom expenses, you can use checks for and assign the task of filling the checks for classroom related expenses to the students and train them on how to fill the blank checks.
  • Blank checks for events – When you conduct any events or competition in the classroom you can make different student every time to write the checks for the items purchased and the various expenses involved during the event.
  • Classroom Economy Blank Check – Download these blank check templates as per your needs and make booklets from it. Issue a booklet to each student. Pay them monthly, weekly or as and when you want encourage them or when they do things on time etc. Make them pay fines and expenses from the earned credits. Do this activity for a month or year. Assign a classroom leader to monitor the over all activity. At the end of the year cross check all the checks and ask the student to tally the income and expense and provide a final account balance. This will really help the students to manage their money and encourage to earn credits.

blank check template for teaching kids


How to use – blank check template for students

Making students fill the blank checks by themselves is a great way to make them understand how it can be used. Having said that let us see few activities  that will help them learn it:

  • Activity with characters – You can assign a real character to each student, where each character will have an occupation, their monthly income, annual income, expenses and their like style. Each student can be paid weekly or every two weeks. And they need to use their checks to pay their expenses based on their income. May be after a month u can imply few other expenses like medical, accident, repair charges and ask them to tally the income and expenses for the month through checks.
  • Activity with a Grocery Store – You can provide a worksheet with few grocery items for the students to purchase with different categories like dairy, vegetables, fruits etc. Each student can shop under 3 categories and need to fill three different blank checks for the items purchased under each category. This is make them get exposed to the shopping world, will help them understand on the prices of different items, will improve their addition, subtraction, multiplication and different math skills in a quick turn-around time. We can also get to know if they are able to squeeze their expenses with in the income.
  • Activity with scenario – Before starting the activity issue 2 blank checks for the students. Provide them a scenario which they need to analyse and fill the check. For example: Write a check on July 10th, 2019 to the school for Rs.2500 for a Dress purchases for the school event. This activity will help them analyse the sentence and fill a blank check accordingly.
  • Activity through saving concept – This activity can be used for a higher grade students were they will get to know on how to save money and the calculation of interests while saving money. Provide them the blank checks to fill. Here goes a sample scenario, Assume the student is issued with a check of Rs.25,000, which is deposited in a bank under savings account for 5 years. 5% Interest every year gets added for 5 years. Now ask the students to write a check to withdraw the amount after 5 years along with the interest amount. This will help the students improve their interest calculations.
  • Activity with real fun – This activity will get to know the students about the stock Market. You can do it precisely in as many days a you want. To explain I have considered it for a week. First make them understand about the stock market and introduce it to them. Secondly, make them invest, say Rs. 14,000 on 5 different companies through checks later based on the increase and decrease in stocks prepare them to write checks to withdraw the investment.

All the activities sounds interesting right? Waiting to make your kids understand and develop there math skills as well? You are provided here with the enormous number of various styled blank checks, which you can download for free and may your kids/students practice and teach them.

Learn Science using Blank Check Templates

In order to make students develop their interest towards the nature of science you can conduct a simple story telling activity related to science. Wondering how? here it goes.

Material you would need is the filled checks with different date, fonts and names. You can make few small groups and provide each group with a envelop with set of six checks , of which three are common for all the groups.

Throw them a scenario(For example – Relate the increase in cost of leaving with science) and ask them to write stories based on the given checks. Since there are three common checks placed in every envelop, we will get to know the scientific knowledge of the student and how they relate it to the reality.

Later you can have a group discussion with all the stories and have it narrated by a student from each group. Science is  not constant but tentative. This will help students to improve their thinking ability, creativity and predict their observations. Logical thinking and imaginative skills will also get developed.

Do’s and Dont’s of a blank check Template

Having discussed in details on how to write a check and assuming the kids are ready to write on their own, let us quickly teach the do’s and dont’s while filling it.

  • Make them fill the check clearly and legible to all.
  • Insist them clearly that they should not cross anywhere while writing a check.
  • They need to cross-verify the details entered and ensure they have sufficient balance to withdraw the amount
  • Try to place it inside an envelop
  • Do not issue a blank check to anyone.
  • Sign the check with proper size and style as in the bank records.
  • Avoid writing anything extract apart from the required fields

Enjoy downloading our free printable blank checks and enjoy teaching your kids 🙂 

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