Egg in Skittles and Vinegar Experiment: What Happens When You Put Egg in Skittles?

Check out how skittles and vinegar reacts with Egg Shell and how you can make a colorful bouncy egg using skittles.

Will you dare to make an egg dance on hard surfaces? No right! But in this post, I will teach you an experiment that amazingly makes an egg naked and bounce. Egg in Skittles and Vinegar is a quick, easy, mess-free, and fun experiment involved with many simple science concepts.

This is a simple variation of our previous experiments where we created a simple naked egg & rainbow bouncy eggs.

Continue reading if you are interested in exploring this classic fun science experiment! Here we go!

Egg in Skittles and vinegar Experiment

Supplies Required

1) Raw Eggs

2) Skittles

3) Vinegar

4) Transparent Glass Jars (Pick the ones that are good enough to fit the egg)

Things we need
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Egg in Skittles & Vinegar Experiment Steps

Step-1: Take a clear and transparent glass jar and fill it with a good amount of vinegar. Ensure the jar is wide, open, and able to provide enough space for the egg even in its expanded form. Because when you put the egg in vinegar and skittle, it starts expanding with time.

Put egg in vinegar and skittles

Step-2: Drop some skittles like 4-5 of the same color into the glass jar. And then place the raw egg into it.

Step-3: Let the egg sit in the set up for 2-3 days. For this, you need to place the glass jar set up in a safe place where there won’t be any disturbance.

Egg in skittles and vinegar - Chemical reaction

Step-4: That’s it! Now ask your children to observe every couple of hours to explore the changes happening to the egg placed in skittles and vinegar. 

Note: Instruct your child to change the vinegar every 24 hours! But it is very important not to disturb the eggshell at any cost because it may negatively result from bouncing eggs. And let it sit for another couple of days.

Take an egg from vinegar

Step-5 (Optional): You can try with different colors of skittles by taking different glass jars, such that kids will have a lot of fun and learn about color densities in a fun way. Just repeat steps 1-4 for the rest of the skittles as well.

Result: You will observe the egg slowly decaying its eggshell, which can be observed in the form of bubbles. And also, the egg starts floating, getting dyed from the color of skittles, becoming smaller or bigger or expanding, etc.

After 3-4 days, remove the egg from the glass jar and place it on tissue paper. Let it dry and try to hit it to the hard surface. Your experimented egg bounces like a ball because it loses its hard outer membrane.

Skittles and vinegar egg experiment - Result

Let us find out the science that made the egg bouncy and naked!

Calcium carbonate is the key mineral that makes the eggshell so strong and hard by nature. In the experiment, as soon as you drop a raw egg in a good amount of vinegar, the reaction between eggshell and vinegar happens chemically.

You can observe this chemical reaction in the form of bubbles, which makes the calcium carbonate eggshell dissolve slowly. Here is the chemical reaction between vinegar and eggshell:

CaCO3 (s) + 2 HC2H3O2 (aq)  → Ca(C2H3O2)2 (aq) + H2O (l) + CO2 (g)

The acetic acid in vinegar reacts with the calcium carbonate in the eggshell and releases carbon dioxide gas in the form of bubbles.

Although the hard outer membrane of the egg dissolves, the inside contents of the egg remain intact because of the presence of the other two layers of the egg membrane.

The egg appears to expand after some time once placed in the vinegar. This is because of the semi-permeable property of the eggshell membrane. Yes, this membrane allows the vinegar solution to get observed inside it and expand.

Hope it is a fun and exciting science experiment for your kids!

Colored egg experiment
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