200+ Fun & Entertaining Scavenger Hunt Riddles for Kids

Checkout the fun and entertaining collection of 200+ Scavenger Hunt Riddles for Kids. These riddles will come in handy to engage bored children during vacations. Interested? keep reading!

What is the best way to keep children active throughout the scavenger hunt? If you ask me, I say: ‘Riddles’.

Yes, riddles engage children for hours while thought-provoking their minds and improves critical thinking. Also, riddles help children to be active and occupied while hunting.

That is the reason, today I came up with 200+ fun Scavenger Hunt Riddles under different sub categories like indoor, outdoor, etc

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Scavenger Hunt Riddles

Check out these Scavenger Hunt categories to pick your riddle collection.

Scavenger Hunt Riddles
  1. Indoor Scavenger Hunt Riddles
  2. Outdoor Scavenger Hunt Riddles
  3. Hard Scavenger Hunt Riddles
  4. Mall Scavenger Hunt Riddles
  5. Birthday Scavenger Hunt Riddles
  6. Christmas Scavenger Hunt Riddles
  7. Easter Egg Scavenger Hunt Riddles
  8. Riddles for Around the House Hunt
  9. Valentine’s Day Scavenger Hunt Riddles
  10. Bible Scavenger Hunt Riddles
  11. Camping Scavenger Hunt Riddles
  12. Park Scavenger Hunt Riddles
  13. Witch Scavenger Hunt Riddles
  14. Zoo Scavenger Hunt Riddles

Indoor Scavenger Hunt Riddles for Kids

Q.1: I am the four-legged thing but without feet. Also, I am very much useful during your meals time.

A: Dining Table

Q.2: Sometimes I am fully loaded with things and sometimes I am not. I am not a vehicle. You will find me in your cooking area as a great assistant.

A: Dishwasher

Q.3: I come in handy when you become dirty and give froths with water.

A: Soap or Soap Dispenser

Q.4: Give me just some quantity of water, I will give you ice cubes. Also, I keep your desserts fresh and cold for long hours.

A: Freezer

Q.5: You will like me in different colors. I am beautiful and attractive. But I get dusty when placed outdoors and stay fresh when I am indoors.

A: Flowers (Potted)

Q.6: I protect you on a rainy, snowy, and hot sunny day. But do not keep me down because I will flew away with wind.

A: Umbrella

Q.7: I take away the stains like grass marks, mud spots, ketch-up stains, etc. Also I work hard along with detergents to remove the tough stains.

A: Washing Machine

Q.8: I am a metal thing used to flatten and keep the clothes crisp. I use heat and a chemical compound also shares my name.

A: Iron Box

Q.9: I am a great entertaining thing in your home. Kids love to watch me for hours. But watching me for long hours is not entertained by adults.

A: Television

Q.10: I will brighten up your dark room when switched on. I am typically come in use during nights but also comes handy during daytime if required.

A: Lamp

Q.11: I tell you a lot of stories and proverbs but I do not have tongue to speak. I do have spine but still I cannot walk.

A: Book

 Q.12: I am the perfect place to store a variety of things. Big things go on top of me while small things go inside me. I have many racks to store.

A: Desk

Q.13: I print many words, pictures, cartoons, etc. on paper. I do magic of taking empty paper inside and giving out printed paper outside.

 A: Printer

Q.14: I am the most important thing in your dressing room. When you stand in front of me, I give your reflection. You will find me in different places like car windows, balconies, etc. You find me sometimes round and sometimes tall.

A: Mirror

Q.15: You use me sometimes during daytime and sometimes during evenings and I am full of water. You can make me hotter or colder.

A: Shower

Outdoor Scavenger Hunt Riddles for Kids

If you prefer to do it in an outdoor setup, might as well add an extra challenge by getting everyone to learn how to start a fire in a fire pit safely, gather the children around and continue spending one lovely evening with your family!

Here are some wonderful riddles that you can use to make it interesting outdoor event.

Scavenger Hunt Riddles for Kids

Q.1: You see me up in the sky and cannot catch me. My name is the word typically used to describe popular celebrities. I also go on a Christmas tree to make it look more beautiful.

A: Star

Q.2: I give you hot water during hot water. I use up the heat provided by sun and stay at your terrace.

A: Solar System

Q.3: I stay at your main door gate to help your visitors find your home quickly. Even delivery services use me to deliver your goods.

A: House Number

Q.4: Just fill me up with some nuts and seeds and hang high in your balcony. I bring visitors that fly in the sky to your home.

A: Bird Feeder

Q.5: I help you during nights and in the dark to find way. I have a face and trunk part.

A: Porch light/Torch light

Q.6: I grow bigger when I eat but with drinks I become weaker. I keep you warmer when you feel chilled.

A: Fire Pit

Q.7: I offer you a comfortable place to rest and relax but it is a little tricky business to go in and come out of me. You use me mostly near beaches.

A: Hammock

Q.8: I give an awesome bath to my feathered friends. I am full of water but I do not take a sip.

A: Birdbath

Q.9: I am your friend while cleaning dirt and dust around your yard. I have two legs and hands and carry loads.

A: Wheel Barrow

Q.10: I am the device find in every house and commercial building to measure the power consumed. Electrical utilities use me for monitoring and billing purposes.  

A: Electric Meter

Q.11: I am a handy device in your parties or special dinners. I give you tasty foods but with a lot of smoke.

A: Grill

Q.12: I have a bark but not a dog. Kids love to climb over me because I give fruits and flowers. But climbing on me is sometimes difficult and even hurts.

A: Tree

Q.13: I am the house but you cannot live in. I am the home for tools and gadgets.

A: Tool Shed

Q.14: I am a box but not for storing your things and objects. But I do transfer your messages to your near and dears in the form of text.

A: Mail Box

Q.15: I am a ring but you cannot wear me. I give very loud sounds to call people inside the home.

A: Door Bell

Hard Scavenger Hunt Riddles for Kids

Q.1: I make sound and open up things locked. You make sure to keep me with you all the time safely. You will use me before you lock something.

A: Keys

Q.2: I store a lot of stuff of yours. I have many good collection in good colors of your choice. Sometimes, you look at me with happy face but sometimes not because you do not buy new stuff.

A: Closet

Q.3: I am your best friend and give company during your bad and good moods. You feel ‘a sip of me is a great energy’.

A: Coffee

Q.4: I collect all the dust and stomp away. Just rub away with me and I will keep your indoors and outdoors away from each other.

A: Welcome Rug

Q.5: I never walk but always run. I never talk but sometimes I can sing. I have a face, and hands to decide your pace.

A: Clock

Q.6: I stay in your pockets and hand bags. I become fat when you fill me up. You can buy a lot of things with what you put in me.

A: Wallet

Q.7: I make your lives more interesting by sending messages and playing games with your dear ones. You will get upset if I give poor signals.

A: Wi-Fi Router

Q.8: I am something soft and comfy stuff in your living and bed room area. I sometimes come in feathers and different shapes. I am the place you lay your head and rest.

A: Pillow

Q.9: I am an electronic device flip to open and clap to device. Now-a-days, the whole world use me as I can almost do anything. I can show you the whole world in front of your eyes.

A: Laptop

Q.10: I have a yellow treasure inside me. You need to break it if you want collect my treasure. People handle me gently and I am present mostly in kitchens.

A: Egg

Q.11: I am long and short made of a variety of textiles. I keep the sunlight coming through windows away from your rooms. In the mornings, you pull me back and in evenings you spread me out through windows.

A: Curtains

Q.12: I come in different shapes and sizes. You can paint on me and create some art stuff. You use me for a variety of decoration purposes. You find me on the ground.

A: Rock

Mall Scavenger Hunt Riddles for Kids

Q.1: I am the kid’s favorite place because I offer them yummy food along with a toy. You can win gold if you bring back the container with company’s gold logo.

A: Mc Donald

Q.2: I am a perfect and fun place to find stuff for kids with special needs. I give a multi-sensory experience and kids make a lot of friends

A: Build a Bear

Q.3: I offer outstanding wireless experience to your data and voice communication services. I start with the 20th English alphabet letter.

A: T-Mobile

Q.4: I am home for delicious salads, beverages, and specialised in submarine sandwiches. You can see male celebrity’s logo on the cup from this company.

A: Subway

Q.5: I am the place where you can find sexy lingerie and clothing. Also, I am the one stop for your personal care, beauty products, etc. with a logo of its company.

 A: Victoria-Secret

Q.6: I am the place targets young ones to explore widely fashioned accessories and apparel. You can find me all over the U.S.A. to get stuff with my logo on each and every item.

A: Aeropostale

Q.7: I am the place where you will find premium-quality chocolates, cookies, ice creams, and flavored coffees. I am famous for artisanal chocolate.

A: Godiva Chocolatier

Q.8: If you like grilled food, visit this place that offer patty royalty.

A: Burger King

Q.9: I am the place like Pandora box where you can find a lot of items. You can find an online company on my name that offer music to stream.

A: Pandora

Q.10: I am the combination of a fruit and a country’s name. I create versatile clothing designs.

A: Pandora

Birthday Scavenger Hunt Riddles for Kids

Q.1: I have many numbers and gives ring to call you. I do not ask you a question but always answer me.

A: Telephone

Q.2: I am a bird with two wings but I cannot fly. Cold and icy is the place where I live and swim through water.

A: Penguin

Q.3: I become wet to make you dry. You use me every day to clean yourself. I can also wipe off tears that you roll.

A: Towel

Q.4: I am the first guest to be invited for any of your events, special occasions, and parties. I taste awesome and come in different creative shapes. I am a sweet treat.

A: Cake

Q.5: I give a lot of sound to create fun atmosphere in your special occasion. I shoot but I am not an explosive.

A: Party Poppers

Q.6: I blow up with air but not a tire. I float up in the sky because of helium filled inside me. I sometimes come with a string but not a kite.

A: Balloon

Q.7: I stay alive without breathing unlike humans. I do not feel thirsty but still drink always. I swim, eat in water and offer tasty starters to you when I am caught up.  

A: Fish

Q.8: I am the color you see on the sprite and kid’s favorite hero, Hulk.

A: Green

Q.9: Why you don’t get hurt when hit by Coca-cola drink?

A: Because it is a soft drink

Q.10: I am young when I am tall and become old when short. I melt and glow to offer light to you. But I die with wind.

A: Candle

Q.11: Sometimes you see me as a bar, sometimes as a chip and sometimes as a block. I taste sweet with different flavors. I am kid’s best friend.

A: Chocolates

Q.12: I invite you for parties and also communicates your personal messages from one place to any other place. I folds but unfolds a lot of text.

A: Envelope

Q.13: I have four legs with a flat body to offer you a good place for your meals time. I am the beginning word to a famous sport.

A: Table

Q.14: I play not a sport. I have several white and black keys but not used for unlocking things. I am an instrument.

A: Piano

Q.15: I am a stick but not made of wood. I am a combination of oil and wax. I come in different colors to make kid’s art beautiful and attractive.

A: Crayons

Christmas Scavenger Hunt Riddles for Kids  

Q.1: I arrive first to your home for Christmas celebrations. You decorate me with stars, bells, Christmas balls, etc.

A: Christmas tree

Q.2: Shake me and I will ring. I am metallic and shiny. You hear me on the Christmas night as Santa’s sleigh.

A: Christmas Bells

Q.3: I am a pretty green plant found during Christmas festive season. People kiss their loved ones under me.  

A: Mistletoe

Q.4: I am a ring decorated with beautiful flowers, tiny fruits, pine cones, and twigs. You see me on the front door during Christmas season.

A: Christmas Wreath

Q.5: You make me during Christmas. I have four walls with a roof top. I am an edible stuff surrounded with icing and candy.

A: Gingerbread House

Q.6: You need me to make your Christmas tree decors shine. You also see me in every house during Christmas to light up things.

A: Christmas Lights

Q.7: I am oversized with plenty of presents that bring smile on your face. I am hung above the fire place.

A: Stockings

Q.8: I am a sweet dessert in different flavors like oatmeal, banana, chocolate, etc. Choco chip is the favorite flavor of mine for children.

A: Cookies

Q.9: I have a large head with tender heart. I am an ancient vegetable and characterizes harmony, faith, and prosperity.

A: Artichokes

Q.10: I am black in color by birth. I turn into red to give your tasty food and warmth during cold days. I turn into ash after use.

A: Burning Charcoal

Easter Egg Scavenger Hunt Riddles for Kids

Q.1: I am the place where heat happen to meet the meat. I store charcoal in my tummy. I give you tasty food when my body gets red due to fire.

A: BBQ Grill

Q.2: I safeguard your house borders by running around it. I run but I never try to move. In some houses, I am made of wood and at some houses I am made of metal but makes good neighbors.

A: Fence

Q.3: I am baked by my mother to get life. I am with feathers, two legs, and a tail but cannot fly much higher in to the sky. My house is known as a coop.

A: Chicken

Q.4: I am long eared with fluffy body. I am the most favorite pet for many children. My nick name is bunny. I run across the fields for food but do not be rude to flies.

A: Rabbit

Q.5: I am a container typically used to store things like flowers, fruits, eggs. You see me often in your backyards and kitchen. I make your Easter egg collection time easy.

A: Basket

Q.6: I have a trunk, body and a tail but no feet. Still I can carry you from one place to another place. You need license to drive me. I am a three letter word and go as junk when I get older.

A: Car

Q.7: I am something that animals feed on. I have blades but do not harm you. I am totally covered in green. I get food from the ground and grow bigger. I turn into hay when you let me dry out.

A: Green Grass

Q.8: I am useful to water your plants and trees in and around your home. You need to fill me up to use me.

A: Watering Can

Q.9: You use me when you want to cool down the hot backyard. I am very long by appearance and gives effective performance.

A: Water Hose

Q.10: Just give me a plain bread, I will turn it into a tasty and crispy toast. I am an electronic device occupies a little space on your kitchen table. I come in use every morning.

A: Toaster

Scavenger Hunt Riddles for kids Around the House

Q.1: Do you want to know a word in different languages? Then, you need me. I help you in learning words and their meanings with spellings as well.

A: Dictionary

Q.2: Without me you cannot smell and breathe. Everyone has me but overlooked. I have a soft back bone and run but cannot walk.

A: Nose

Q.3: Sometimes I am blank and sometimes I come with lines. I am so light that I cannot die even if you drop me from heights. But I die in water. I am made from a tree.  

A: Paper

Q.4: I know what to do when you suffer from cold and sneeze. I am handy for you to clean up your face any time. I stay on your dining table, living area, and even in your cars.

A: Tissue Box

Q.5: I am a flat surface offer you a good rest and a night’s sleep. You will see a room in every house on my name.

A: Bed Room

Q.6: I stay in your kitchen in different shapes. I provide heat if you offer me power or simply gas. I help you in cooking food.

A: Stove

Q.7: I keep your kitchen stuff fresh for days. I give you light when opened. I offer you fresh juices and food.

A: Refrigerator

Q.8: I am the home for beautiful flowers and plants.

A: Flower Bed

Q.9: I have enough room to fit your vehicle. The home of a pirate ship is cove but what is the home for your vehicle to have a nice sleep.

A: Garage

Q.10: I am a piece of furniture and is a pair of a table. I have four legs and a back with no arm pit. I offer you seat to sit and relax.

A: Chair

Q.11: I stay in one corner but travels all over the world.

A: Stamp

Q.12: I am a single eyed thing used to mend your torn clothes. Though I have a single eye, I cannot see. I have a pointed tip and blunt back.

A: Needle

Q.13: I do not have life as humans but I die when you use me for long hours. Without me you cannot operate your electronic devices.

A: Battery

Q.14: I have a lot of holes but still I can hold a lot of water. You need to collect water by squeezing me. I am handy for cleaning purposes.

A: Sponge

Q.15: I have a lot of area but no room. I offer you many keys with no locks. I have a home but not a family. I make many words but I cannot speak.

A: Key Board

Valentine’s Day Scavenger Hunt Riddles for Kids

Q.1: I am a Santa’s reindeer. People witness me only on Valentine’s Day.

A: Cupid

Q.2: I am a play card in a game. I have many brothers. I have a heart with no beats and a home but no sleep.

A: The King of Hearts in a deck of cards

Q.3: I am the symbol of love. I am one of the internal organs of your body. Lovers use me to propose their partners on Valentine’s Day.

A: Heart

Q.4: I am a beautiful flower but I sting you if you touch me to pluck. I am useful for many purposes like decorations, love proposals, flower bouquets, etc.

A: Roses

Q.5: I am the precious word that everyone feels at any point of time. People stay happy sometimes and at times become sad because of me. I am a great feel and gives amazing experience.  

A: Love

Q.6: I bring two hearts together with a ring. I am a holy thing that happen to young boys and girls. Once you have it, you are bound to your partner for life.

A: Marriage

Q.7: I shine brightly on your neck and ears. I grow in the dark place and come from deep waters. I am a delight to women.  

A: A Pearl

Q.8: I am a shiny and precious metal in this world. You get me when you win Olympics. I am measured in carats but I am not a carrot.  

A: Gold

Q.9: What do you think the reason behind when two lovers get prisoned when they start loving each other?

A: Because they stole their hearts each other

Q.10: What did an iron metal feel about a magnet when they meet?

A: Attractive

Bible Scavenger Hunt Riddles for Kids

Q.1: I am the person in the bible. I do not have father.

A: Joshua (I am the son of nun)

Q.2: I am the fast land animal and the native of Africa. I am not trusted by Noah in bible.  

A: Cheetah

Q.3: I am the beautiful phenomenon up in the sky. I form when the sun and rain meet each other. You see me immediately after Noah flood.

A: A Rainbow

Q.4: I am the Old Testament bible, designating the children of the patriarchs like Abraham, Jacob, and Isaac. Moses make coffee using me.

A: Hebrews

Q.5: You see my story in Hebrew Bible and I am the tenth and last pre-flood patriarchs. I am the financier in bible.

A: The Noah

Q.6: I am born in Land of Goshen, known as significant forecaster of Christianity.

A: Moses

Q.7: I am in the bible, denoting the symbol of strength. I have many locks without keys.

A: Samson’s long hair

Q.8: I am the small alphabet letter ‘t’. I am the icon of Christianity. I go on key chains, neck chains, hand chains, etc.

A: The Cross

Q.9: A jobless man looked at his bible and got thrilled. What is the reason?

A: He thought he saw a job

Q.10: I am present in the town of Aksum, St. Mary of Zion cathedral. You can carry me but you cannot touch me. You cannot capture the sight of me as I stay out of your sight.

A: The Ark of Covenant

Q.11: I was the eldest son of Nabonidus. I was the ruler of Babylonia. I was troubled while writing Belshazzar’s feast. I was finally killed by Persians.

A: Belshazzar

Q.12: I always stay with the Poor. You will die when consumed it. I am greater than God and eviler than mischievous sprite.  

A: Nothing

Q.13: I have got the keys of kingdom of the heaven. I am the Jesus’s best disciple and recognized as the first pope.

A: Peter

Q.14: Eve wants to leave Terrestrial Paradise and wish to go to New York. What could be the reason?

A: For the reason that Eve fell for Big Apple

Q.15: I have different tunes and catchy lyrics mostly sung during Christmas Eve. I offer 12 great Christmas gifts to bring smile on your face.

A: 12 day Christmas Song

Camping Scavenger Hunt Riddles for Kids

Q.1: I will give shelter and protect you from insects, rains, and sun light when you are outdoors. I have a sleeping bag and held by small poles.

A: Tent

Q.2: I am around your head to help you in finding way in the dark. I am adjustable, washable, and detachable to improve your visibility during nights.

A: Head Lamps

Q.3: Having meals outside is fun but messy. I am helpful to give you hassle-free experience to your meals time. I have four legs and a flat body. You see me outdoors.

A: CampTable

Q.4: I follow wherever you go but you can see me only under sun light. I am nowhere when the day is nearing to become dark.

A: Shadow

Q.5: I go all around you up and down and within you. I run up and down without stairs.

A: Rug

Q.6: I make your sleeping time happy and great. You can wrap me up to save your boot space. I am very much useful during your camping trips.

A: Sleeping Bag

Q.7: I go up year by year but never comes back. I give you wrinkles and take away elasticity from your skin.

A: Age

Q.8: I am a tiny telescope and give a great visibility. I bring distant items into clear view. I am useful for bird watching, hiking, marine observation, etc. I am a great relief if you are a wild life enthusiast or nature explorer.

A: Binoculars

Q.9: I am waster container but I collect all the trash in your home to keep it clean and fresh. Sometimes I come in plastic and sometimes I come in metal.

A: Trash Bin

Q.10: You put me on when you need to go out during rainy days. I am water-proof and water resistant. I am a suit.

A: Rain Coat

Kids Scavenger Hunt Riddles for the Park

Q.1: I am not a regular chair but offer you a seat that takes you to new heights. I give a lot of fun when you sit on me.

A: Swing

Q.2: I shoot water into the air. I make beautiful architecture in front of hotels, event halls, etc.

A: Fountain

Q.3: You see me in the children’s park and I give a lot of fun. I take you up towards the sky and bring you down to the ground. I need two players to give you fun.

A: See-Saw

Q.:4: I am a flat thing where you can sit and rest, but I am not useful to lie down and sleep. Who am I?

A: Bench

Q.5: I am a thing green in color and children play on it in parks. I am available naturally and artificially.  You see me in fields, parks, lawns, etc.

A: Grass

Q.6: I can bring you down very quickly but I cannot help you climb up as fast as I brought you down. Playing with me is a fun-filled activity.

A: Slide

Q.7: I am the place where dogs take rest. I am like a small house provides shelter to dogs from various climatic conditions. I am made of different materials like plastic, wood, hardboard, and resin.

A: Dog’s House

Q.8: I represent and symbolize a country. I come in different colors and designs. I fly with the air. I am also useful as a signal to various sports.

A: Flag

Q.9: I am a motor powered vehicle with two wheels. The person who drives me is known as a bicyclist or a cyclist.

A: Bicycle

Q.10: I keep the lawn clean and neat but I need to use blades. I eat grass and feed my body. I have small engine but I also work with gas.

A: Lawnmower

Witch Scavenger Hunt Riddles for Kids

Q.1: I give spells and does magic. I have a crooked nose and a scary laugh. I usually wear black hat. Children dress up like me during Halloween party season.  

A: A Witch

Q.2: I am a house-hold thing that keeps your house clean. I am a vehicle for witches so that they can fly and ride to any place.

A: Broom Stick

Q.3: I am a ghost and I take my children on elevator every day. Why?

A: To raise my children

Q.4: Why do ghosts visit a health care medical officer?

A: To get booster shots

Q.5: A father ghost say something to his ghostly children. What is that?

A: Secure your sheet belt

Q.6: What did children ghosts call their parents? Where does they learn to shout ‘Boo’?

A: Transparent and in nosier school

Q.7: I am the favorite direction of ghosts? What am i?

A: Horror-zontal

Q.8: Why do children ghosts run to home after school?

A: To watch an after ghoul special program on TV

Q.9: I shield the shores where witches live?

A: The Ghost Guard

Q.10: You see me if you cross a cocker spaniel, a French poodle, and a ghost?

A: A Cocker-Poodle-Boo

Zoo Scavenger Hunt Riddles for Kids

Q.1: I am a bird but not a hawk. You can hear my beautiful voice around your house. I stay on the pirate’s shoulder. I look beautiful in different colors.

A: Parrot

Q.2: I am a giant crawling animal and my pet name is ‘Man Eater’. I am also a popular programming language.

A: Anaconda

Q.3: I jump while walking and sit while standing. I have a pouch on my tummy to hold my baby.

A: Kangaroo

Q.4: I have four legs and usually jump. I am green in color. I do noise during nights. What am I?

A: Frog

Q.5: I am a farm animal and gives enough meat to you. I give tasty bacon and also known as a swine.

A: Pig

Q.6: I am a tiny insect and I live in a hive. I always stay in groups. I feed on pollen and make tasty sweet.

A: Bee

Q.7: I am a little bug with bulgy eyes. I weave a web and make my home. I trap tiny insects and flies. Some people afraid to come near me and the name given for this fear is arachnophobia.

A: Spider

Q.8: I have a big trunk like a tree. I have thick skin in dark grey color. Everyone loves me but as I am big, I cannot stay as your pet.

A: An Elephant

Q.9: I am an ape but without a tail. I live in groups and known as the largest living primate. I feel shy towards you.

A: Gorilla

Q.10: I am the smallest bird among all other birds. But I can fly very fast in all directions and even hover during flight.

A: Humming Bird

Now that you are having around 200 scavenger hunt riddles in your hand to plan your next scavenger game completely in a fun way.

All the riddles you see in this post are the best and unique ones across the web.

Have a look and give it a try! Do not forget to follow safety measures while planning your next creative and unique scavenger hunt game.

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