Best Camping Science Experiments – For Kids’ Camps / Scouts

Here we go with the spectacular round-up that highlights unique and creative camping activities. In addition, these science experiments are specially designed for camping and works great for children who are bored of regular camping themes. Let us get started!

So, are you ready to grab your tent and pitch it in your favorite camping site in order to explore learning adventures?

Camping Science Experiments for Pre-Schoolers

All the camping science activities included here are simple, easy and quick to finish. They are perfect for family or school camping events and offers great camping experience.

1. Investigating Heart Rate Fun Science Experiment

I don’t think there is a child who does not show interest to learn about heart! Not only children, even adults are curious to learn how fast their heart beats? Well, this is a fun science experiment that helps pre-schoolers to learn about circulation of blood happening inside the heart. It just requires two ingredients to explore the heart function and how exercises impact pulse rate. As it asks for very less supplies, children can perform this investigation right away!

Check out the super cool camping science activity to grab complete information about heart functioning: Investigating Heart Rate Fun Science Experiment

2. The Exploding Lunch Bag Science Experiment

Exploding lunch bag is another great experiment perfect for camping fun! Easy to collect the supplies required for this experiment and leaves no mess! Easy, simple, and fun-filled science activity that teaches about the chemical reactions happening between vinegar and baking soda. Also, this simple science activity is also used as a prank to scare your friends. What are you waiting for! Just go and grab the easily available supplies and get prepared to make your child’s camping event fun-filled and educational.

Do you want to scare your friends with this wonderful science activity? You are just a click away to get full instructions on how to perform this camping activity: The Exploding Lunch Bag Science Experiment

3. Rainbow Bubble Snakes Science Activity for Camping

Rainbow Bubble Snakes Science Activity is one of the most popular outdoor activity that teaches a lot of science in a fun and educational way. Pre-schoolers, kindergarten, and elementary children are perfect to do this fascinating experiment. Younger children enjoys watching and making bubbles whereas older children are able to understand the simple science. The positive thing about this simple activity is easy to grab supplies and experience a great camping holiday fun.

Are you excited to do your own rainbow bubbles science activity? Click here: Rainbow Bubble Snakes Science Activity for Camping

4. Fire Science Experiment for Pre-schoolers

Fire is sometimes fun and sometimes scary!! Are you looking for some simple activity that is perfect to introduce fire science to your pre-schooler? Then, here is another simple activity that requires very less ingredients but engages your child for hours. Well, this is an indoor camping science activity amazingly reveals how fire reacts to different chemicals and materials. This classic activity works as an extension to classroom lesson on ‘Fire Safety’!

Do you want to explore fire science in a safe way? Check out Fire Science Experiment for Pre-schoolers

5. Glow in the Dark Bowling Science activity

Glow in the Dark Bowling is more than an experiment because it is popular as a fun game. In fact, this perfect family camping trip science activity is a wonderful activity that brings giggles on your child’s face. Since this experiment reveals about glowing science, children need to perform this activity in the dark. What is that magical ingredient that makes things glow in the dark? Learn simple step-by-step instructions that lands you in a night filled with plenty of fun and smiles.

Check out for more information here: Glow in the Dark Bowling Science activity

6. Blow-Up Balloon Science Experiment

How to inflate a balloon without using your energy or pump or air? Wondering how? Here is the wonderful activity to do outdoors especially works as a perfect camping activity to amaze your friends and family. Well, this activity is otherwise known as self-inflating balloon science activity that combines both balloon play and science fun. Children will get a great opportunity to learn about different chemical reactions that inflate balloons easily.

Get ready with the supplies required to do this exciting science activity in your next camping trip: Click on Blow-Up Balloon Science Experiment

7. Viscosity Experiment for Camping

Viscosity is the science concept that shows how liquids flow. Here is the fun way to explore the basic properties of viscosity and a great way to introduce your pre-schooler to different liquids. Yes, this simple science activity teaches kids about viscosity as well as resistance to flowing viscosity using simple household items.

If you want to see how this experiment works out well for your camping trip, check out here: Viscosity Experiment for Camping

8. Magnet Maze Science Activity

Design your own magnet maze game

Playing with magnets is a fun activity for kids. Let us turn the regular magnet play in to a science activity. In fact, this activity is perfect for your summer, outdoor, and camping events. Magnets involve a plenty of fascinating science that keeps children engaged to learn the concept behind magnets.

Find more information about magnet maze play here: Magnet Maze Science Activity

9. Dancing Raisins Science Experiment

Raisins act as a main ingredient to offer a great visual demonstration to establish the principles of buoyancy and density. In order to make raisins dance, this experiment is in need of kitchen hold items easily available around the home. This simple science activity is perfect for pre-schoolers, kindergarten and elementary school children.

Make raisins hip-hoppin dancers using simple ingredients: Click on Dancing Raisins Science Experiment

10. Pick up an Ice cube using String Science Activity

Easy to clean, no mess work, do not demand for fancy items, etc. makes this experiment a perfect simple experiment to investigate during camping trip. This easy experiment makes children enthusiastic because at the end they are going to witness magical results in a fun and educational way. By conducting this activity, children learn skills to improve their problem solving nature, builds confidence, and develops patience levels.

What a cool experiment? Check out here for full information: Pick up an Ice cube using String Science Activity

11. Leak Proof Bag Science Experiment

Include this wonderful science activity to your list of to do things during Camping and make your summer camping trip much more exciting than ever before. Kids are more excited to do things in which water play is involved. So, this simple and easy camping science experiment is a perfect addition to experience an awesome learning. Kids of all ages can enjoy this experiment but only middle and high school children can understand the science.

Explore the science involved in Leak Proof Bag Science Experiment

12. Rainbow Walking Water Science Experiment

Walking Water Science Experiment for Kids

Another amazing science activity for a rainbow themed camping trip! This activity is easy and simple because it requires easily available supplies and a few minutes to witness the magical results. Also, this activity offers a great opportunity to explore different colors. In addition, Rainbow walking water science experiment is a great experiment to introduce your child to the science of color mixing.

Do you want to learn what exactly happens when primary colors are mixed up? Chick here: Rainbow Walking Water Science Experiment

13. Make Sugar Crystals on a Stick Science Experiment

Growing sugar crystals is a fascinating activity and is a perfect summer camping activity. Kids will love to do this activity again and again because this is so simple to do and enjoys watching the magical end result. By conducting this easy camping science activity, kids will get a great opportunity to learn about different substances and their properties when heated and cooled.

Are you also excited to grow crystals on a stick on your own? Browse Make Sugar Crystals on a Stick Science Experiment to learn more about this cool science experiment.

14. Magic Milk Science Experiment

Making swirling milk using pipe cleaners in dish soap

Magic Milk Science Experiment is one of the most popular science activities for your camping trip as well. This camping science activity is great for kindergarten, pre-schoolers, and elementary children who needs to get introduced to chemical reactions. Also, an awesome activity that offers a lot of fun and science for children doing outdoor events. After conducting this activity, children will enjoy doing it again and again because the results are so fascinating.

Red on to learn to explore the science involved in magic milk experiment: Click on Magic Milk Science Experiment

15. Diet Coke and Mentos Science Experiment

Are you looking for some cool science experiment that teaches kids about chemical reactions? Then, here is a great opportunity to investigate diet coke ad Mentos reaction. This is perfect demonstration to explain exothermic chemical reactions. Also, works as an extension to science classroom lesson about chemical reactions and their properties. Children of all ages can learn the science involved in this activity.

Check out the amazing chemical reaction between Mentos and Diet Coke: Click on Diet Coke and Mentos Science Experiment

Now, you have got a handful of camping science experiments. And it is your turn to make your child’s boring and regular camping trip to something exciting and interesting. So, get ready with the supplies to pitch the tent at your camping site and to make it a super exciting camping. Happy Experimenting!!

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