What {or Not} To Buy

Doing science experiments cost you much? No, Not at all. Yes, there is no need to buy things for doing these simple experiments. Most of the things we discuss here can be done with the things available at home. All you need to do is, get them in one table and start playing (teaching) your kids.

Check out here to find the list of experiments that you can do at home with things available at home. They are indeed called as common household items.

However, if you want to make a small science lab at home for reasons like teaching kids at your neighborhood, or start a playschool, then you need to have more items at one go. Also, you can think of gifting little older kids with such useful things to encourage them to do the experiments on their own. You can find my recommendations and reviews here.

Science Lab Supplies and Suggestions

I have listed the basic things we use for our experiment quite often and given the US and UK affiliate* links. You can feel free to purchase from there based on your need.

  1. Baking Soda – Commonly referred to as cooking soda, bread soda, bicarb, bicarbonate of soda, etc. It is a mandatory ingredient for all baking recipes. In our page, we have used it for the following experiments
    1. Fizzy Sherbet
    2. Violet Crumble
    3. Erupting Volcano
    4. Anzac Biscuits
    5. Castle in the clouds

Affiliate links to purchase Baking Soda US and UK

  1. Black Light – Glow in the dark in black light will add fun to kids and here you can choose the UV-A light emitting black lights. You may normally find it difficult to choose the right one from stores. However, you can get it in less than USD 20 in online stores. In our page, we have used it for the following experiments
    1. Glowing slime
    2. Glowing ice
    3. Glowing water beads

Affiliate links to purchase Black Light US and UK

  1. Borax – It is chemically referred to as sodium tetraborate, sodium borate, or disodium tetraborate. You can find this in the laundry section in the stores. It is a mineral that occurs naturally and is used to clean clothes. Also, it can be used in science activities to make realistic crystals. In our page, we have used it for the following experiments
    1. Crystal flowers
    2. Crystal candy canes
    3. Crystal hearts


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  1. Pipettes– These are best suited to measure quantities. Even you can use to transfer liquids. Kids motor skill will be activated by learning to use pipettes.


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  1. Safety Glasses – To protect kids eyes while doing experiments like DIY rockets it is advisable to use goggles. Even while doing experiments with borax one can choose to use this for kids. We have these ones which we altered slightly.


Affiliate links to purchase safety glasses US or UK


  1. Vinegar- This is used for cleaning and must be available in every house. It is also available in grocery stores. We used it in the following experiments to create a mild acidic effect.


  1. dissolve the eggshell off an egg
  2. homemade curds and whey
  3. erupting volcano
  4. foamy clouds

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I will keep on adding more to this list as and when I use them in more experiments. 

We welcome you to provide us with recommendations as well and we can include them to the list.

* This post does have some affiliate links. An affiliate link means that when you purchase using the link provided in this page, I would get a small referral fees without any extra cost to you. I high appreciate your understanding and support.