100 Fun Science Experiments / Science Fair Projects for Kids

Amazing collection of science experiments and science fair projects that you can try with your kids and students at home or at school.

Enjoy the huge collection of Fun and Interesting Experiments / Science Fair projects for all Kids!

In this ever-changing world, simply knowledge is not enough! The only way to bridge the gap between knowledge and real-time application is by performing experiments.

The school does a great job in inculcating practical skills in children by arranging projects and exhibitions.

So, we decided to help your child come up with some amazing experiments and impress their teachers and peers.

100 Science Experiments for Kids

Crystal-based Experiments 

Crystals are fun to play with but the fact that kids can make crystals of their own using some basic chemicals is all the more interesting!

They can make their own snowflakes and add customized crystals to their favourite objects. Not worrying about them melting, they can hang it up on their Christmas tree and show it off.

The below-mentioned experiments will help them venture into the magical world of crystals and the process of making them.

Crystal based experiments
  1. Learn how to Make Snow Crystals at Home!
  2. Make your own Crystal Snowman!
  3. Learn how to make a Borax Crystal Flower!
  4. DIY a Crystal Candy Cane
  5. Make your own Crystal Hearts!
  6. How to Make Crystal Snowflakes

Atmospheric Pressure-based Experiments

We humans cannot quite tell the effects of atmospheric pressure on our body because the effect has been there since the day we were born.

Kids can study the effect of atmospheric pressure by experimenting with different objects.

From inflating a balloon to building a balloon-powered car, kids can study the pushing and pulling of air and the motion it causes to an object near it.

Your child will be able to raise up the water level thereby going against gravity. The following experiments are going to spark a light in the minds of your kids.

Atmospheric Pressure based Experiments
  1. Learn how to Put an Egg in a Bottle Without Touching it
  2. Make a DIY Car Launcher!
  3. Launch your Paper Cup in the Air!
  4. Can you Crush a Can Without Actually Crushing it?
  5. Make Water go Against Gravity!
  6. Make a Multi-Layered Fountain Using Just a Bottle!
  7. Make your very own Balloon Powered Car
  8. Blow Balloon in a Bottle!
  9. Fizzy Bottle Rocket Thruster
  10. Build a Fast Balloon Car in Minutes!
  11. Importance of Oxygen for Burning
  12. DIY a Locker with Number a Password

Surface Tension-based Experiments

Surface tension is a phenomenon that every liquid, up to some extent, shows.

It is nothing but the sticky effect liquids show on the walls of the container or any boundary as such.

Surface tension is a very interesting concept and hence, by performing the experiments given below, kids will not only grasp it well but also start to notice its day-to-day applications.

The purpose of performing experiments on surface tension is to make the children aware of its wide range of applications.

Using this concept, kids can form bubbles of different shapes and sizes. They can also build soap powered boats. All the possible, and fun, applications of surface tension are mentioned below.

Surface Tension Based Experiments
  1. Pierce a Skewer and Watch the Balloon not Pop at all!
  2. DIY your Square Bubble
  3. Make a Soap Powered Boat!
  4. The Bubble Tree Wand
  5. Cute Heart Shaped Bubble Wands
  6. Cute Easter Egg Bubble Wands

Electricity and Magnetism

The world is governed by the phenomenon of electricity and magnetism. Electricity can produce magnetism and magnetism can produce electricity.

Static electricity works on the concept of friction. Friction causes the exchange of electrons, hence cause a small amount of electricity.

How are we supposed to make the kids understand such complex terms?  Simply, ask them to perform activities and experiments that are mentioned below.

These experiments are going to help them grasp concepts at a faster rate. From questions like why do paper pieces stick to the comb, to making their very first electromagnet, we will guide them through our experiments and make them jr. geniuses.

Electricity and Magnetism
  1. DIY Fridge Magnet Runner
  2. Simple Way to Turn a Non-magnet to a Magnet
  3. How to Make Balloons Stick to your Hair
  4. Use Science to Bend Water!
  5. Attract Salt and Pepper with Static Electricity!
  6. DIY Magnet Maze Runner
  7. Build your own Magnet Maze
  8. Identify Magnets with Us!

Biology-Based Experiments

Kids are curious beings. What if, out of the blue, they ask you the lifecycle of a ladybug or a silkworm? Why and how do plants breathe? Why is brushing teeth so important? Won’t it be a little overwhelming to tell them the entire process verbally?

That is exactly why performing experiments is very much important. The purpose of the below-mentioned experiments is to build in them the biological terms and their application in real life.

These experiments teach your kids important life processes like respiration, absorption and bacterial growth. Each experiment is aimed toward complete understanding and application of concepts.

Biology Based Experiments
  1. Make your own Mushroom Spore Monkey!
  2. Have Fun and Learn about Different Seeds!
  3. Learn how Absorption Changes Color of Flowers
  4. A Fun Way to Learn Respiration in Plants!
  5. Walking Water Experiment
  6. What is the Chlorophyll Effect?
  7. DIY Model of Lifecycle of a Ladybug
  8. Learn how Important Brushing your Teeth is
  9. 3D Model of Life Cycle of a Silkworm
  10. Steps to Clean and Dissect Owl Pellets
  11. Learn how to Bend a Bone Using just Vinegar

Luminance-based Experiments

Children love working with lasers. The light that emits from lasers mesmerizes them. It’s so much fun to walk with a fluorescent stick at night!

Can you believe what impact would it have on their minds if we told them they can illuminate ice cubes? How about emitting light off of water?

Performing the below experiments, the child will know exactly what superpowers, simply to put it, chemicals, he/she needs to emit light out of any object.

They can create customized lamps by using home ingredients. Here are some experiments kids can perform to see the magic of science!

Luminance Based Experiments
  1. Use Science to Make Water Glow!
  2. Make your Own Glow Water Beads!
  3. How to Make Edible Glowing Ice Cubes
  4. How to Make a Customized Lava Lamp

Test your Touch Senses!

Wouldn’t it be amazing for children to know that a substance can neither be solid nor be liquid? Imagine creating a customized substance that doesn’t flow but slip right through your fingers when you pick it up.

Test Your Touch Science

Kids are going to love it! Through these experiments, they will become more aware of their touch.

  1. Learn how to Make a Solid that Acts as a Liquid!
  2. Test your Touch Sense with Jelly

Density-based Experiments

Why do you think ice-cream floats above your smoothie? Why are air conditioners installed up on the wall and heaters next to the floor? Why are cold fluids denser than hot fluid?

You might have the answer but the learning doesn’t stop at knowing, it requires the application of knowledge too. 

The experiments mentioned below help kids to grasp the importance of the density of the different fluid and gives them enough knowledge of whether an object is going to sink or float.

Density based Experiments
  1. Learn how to Make your Ice-Cream Float!
  2. Analyze Balloon Behavior in Cold and Hot Water
  3. Can you Make an Egg Float?
  4. Watch Color Spread in Slow Motion because of Density
  5. Build a 9 Layer Density Tower using Science!
  6. Can Change in Density Resists Mixing of Water?
  7. Draw Figures that Float in Water!
  8. Can Candles Play See-Saw?

Some Fun Experiments and Small Concepts

Play and Learn Concepts:

These experiments are easy going and focus more on the concept than on the application.

They help kids to test their knowledge and to gain some more!

The purpose of these experiments is to teach kids to be good observers and analyzers.

Play and learn concept
  1. Learn Moon Phases with Oreo!
  2. How Strong Can an Egg be?
  3. Test the Strength of Eggshells
  4. The Behavior of Water at Triple Point
  5. Learn how Baking Soda Changes the Temperature of Water
  6. Play and Learn about the Refraction of Light!

Become an Inventor:

Let your child go crazy with his/her creative skills. The list of activities below will inspire them to be the creators of the next generation. Let them build catapults, hot air balloons and their very own anemometer.

Building objects from scratch helps the child’s imagination power to grow. The child will be able to read and apply instantly and build up the patience to finally produce the end product.

Become an inventor
  1. Easy Way to Make Baking Soda & Vinegar Powdered Boat!
  2. Natural Dye your Fabrics, Eggs and Papers with Home Ingredients
  3. Naturally Dye your Easter Eggs in Few Minutes
  4. Build your very own Anemometer!
  5. An Easy Way to Build a Hovercraft
  6. Easily build a Construction set with Cardboard Slots!
  7. Build a Fun Pulley
  8. Build a Robotic Arm in Few Easy Steps
  9. Build 3D Structures with Clay!
  10. Easy Steps to Build a Catapult
  11. Upcycled DIY Catapult
  12. Build Balance Scales for Toddlers
  13. Hacks to Make a Mini Hot Air Balloon
  14. How to Create World’s Fastest Paper Airplane
  15. Hacks to Make Your own Electric Newton’s Disc
  16. Write a Secret Message Using Simple Science!
  17. Where did the water go?
  18. Make your own Mini Tornado
  19. How to Create a Customized Bouncy Ball
  20. Make a Mini Volcano Mountain Erupt!
  21. Start a Fire using Magnifying glass

Experiment with Foodstuffs:

Eggs, sugar, jellies, you name it we can give you an experiment on it. Through these experiments, you will learn how science is present in the smallest of the smallest things.

Change the colour of your rainbow, use orange peels to make fireworks, isn’t that crazy?

Experiment with foodstuffs

Go through the list of experiments and pick up your favourite foodstuff to start. You will be amazed how science can turn a simple item into a masterpiece!

  1. Have you Heard of Edible Sugar Glass?
  2. Making Homemade Butter!
  3. Easy Steps for Kids to Make Curd!
  4. Learn how to make Fizzy Sherbet!
  5. Create and Customize your Skittle Rainbow
  6. How to DIY your Crackers Using Orange Peels, at Home
  7. How to Change the Color of your Egg to Silver
  8. Customize your Rainbow with Sugar!
  9. Make your Own Rainbow Rubber Egg
  10. Can you Dissolve Eggshells?
  11. Home made pH paper using Red Cabbage
 100 Science Experiments For Kids

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